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Power Up, Artist Yang!


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At 24 years old, Yang Yujia is an unemployed art major, living off heavy debt and instant noodles, both of her irresponsible parents refusing to support her. During a high-school reunion, Yujia gets drunk, does stupid things, and when she wakes up again, Yujia is no longer in the correct world, time-period, or body.

Unfortunately, as a transmigrator, Yujia does not seem to have much luc...
《Power Up, Artist Yang!》 Volume 1
1 Starry Nights, Dreamy Alcohol, and Lovely Pain
2 Fourth Miss, Who?
3 The Intoxicated and Clearly Hungover Fourth Miss
4 This Fourth Miss Will Not, Can Not, Must Not.
5 When Did the Fourth Miss Learn How to Draw?
6 The Fourth Miss’s Game Plan To Conquer the Markets
7 The Fourth Miss is a Fraud?
8 When the Fourth Miss Searches for Alternatives
9 Taels For the Fourth Miss
10 More Taels For the Fourth Miss
11 Is the Fourth Miss Getting a Vacation?
12 The Fourth Miss Gives Up
13 The Young Master Paints
14 The Fourth Miss Goes On a Shopping Spree
15 Which Imbecile Dares to Steal From the Fourth Miss?
16 To Suffer the Angry Wrath of the Fourth Miss
17 To Suffer More of the Angry Wrath of the Fourth Miss
18 The Fourth Miss Pathetically Runs Away
19 A Dilemma For the Fourth Miss
20 The Crown Prince Drinks Tea
21 Teaching the Fourth Miss Lessons
22 Master of Imitation: the Fourth Miss
23 The Fourth Miss Never Liked Walking
24 Lessons of Modesty For the Fourth Miss
25 Exchanging Apologies With the Fourth Miss
26 The Fourth Miss Meets Her Dear Family
27 Confrontations From the Fourth Miss
28 The Fourth Miss Learns of the Yang Family
29 Pencils and the Fourth Miss
30 The Crown Prince Finds Something Familiar
31 More Pencils and the Fourth Miss
32 Fitting Wedding Robes For the Fourth Miss
33 The Fourth Miss Realizes the Truth
34 Dinner and Pencils For the Fourth Miss
35 When the Fourth Miss Visits the Kitchens In the Middle of the Nigh
36 The Fourth Miss Learns Under Hui’er
37 The Fourth Miss Finishes Her Gif
38 Hui’er Meets the First Miss Again
39 Talking to the Fourth Miss’s Commissioner
40 The Fourth Miss Begins Her Persuasion
41 The Commissioner and His Thoughts
42 The Fourth Miss Picks Up Painting Again
43 Fourth Miss, What’s a Portrait?
44 A Simple Evening for the Fourth Miss
45 The Fourth Miss Seeks for a Reason
46 Revealing the Truth to the Fourth Miss
47 Announcement 04/03/2019
47 The Fourth Miss Learns Both Sides of the Story
48 A Final Decision From the Fourth Miss
49 The Fourth Miss Ponders Over Life
50 To Go Commission-Painting With the Fourth Miss
51 The Fourth Miss Starts Her Commission
52 The Fourth Miss Remembers Old Memories
53 A Miserable Fourth Miss
54 The Fourth Miss Counts Her Taels
55 Hui’er and Her Troubles
56 Hui'er Explains Herself
57 Fourth Miss, Do You Paint?
58 In Which the Fourth Miss Demonstrates Her Painting Skills
59 The Unbelievable Fourth Miss
60 The Fourth Miss Reveals Her True Feelings
61 A New Plan of the Fourth Miss
62 The Fourth Miss Asks Her Questions
63 A Solid Disguise For the Fourth Miss
64 An Attempt of the Fourth Miss to Enter the Academy
65 Taking the Exam Along the Fourth Miss
66 The Fourth Miss Proceeds to the Rest of the Exam
67 A Final Score For the Fourth Miss
68 The Fourth Miss Takes a Leisurely Walk
69 A Struggle of the Fourth Miss To Think of Excuses
70 The Fourth Miss Has a Nice Conversation
71 More and More Planning From the Fourth Miss
72 The Fourth Miss Becomes a Teacher
73 A Stressed Out Fourth Miss
74 When the Fourth Miss Learns of the Past Once More
75 Trust Issues and the Fourth Miss
76 The Fourth Miss Explores the Marketplace
77 The Fourth Miss Sees Someone Familiar Again
78 A Product Pitch From the Fourth Miss
79 The Crown Prince Visits Some Old Acquaintances
80 A Possible Back-Up Plan For the Fourth Miss
81 The Fourth Miss Enjoys Herself At the Festival
82 A Master-Teacher for the Fourth Miss
83 Is it Fate, Fourth Miss?
84 Chats and the Such With the Fourth Miss
85 Settling the Fourth Miss’s Issue With a Drink
86 And the Winner of the Fourth Miss’s Drinking Competition Is…
87 Typical Mornings of the Fourth Miss
88 The Fourth Miss Begins to Believe in Fate
89 For the Fourth Miss To Meet Her Future Senior Brother
90 The Fourth Miss Greets Her Master
91 A Nice Portrait From the Fourth Miss
92 Is the Fourth Miss’s Invention Great Enough?
93 The Fourth Miss Gets Her Feas
94 Proving One’s Identity to the Fourth Miss
95 Negotiations and the Fourth Miss
96 Results of the Fourth Miss Negotiating
97 The Fourth Miss Starts a New Projec
98 The School Head and the Fourth Miss
99 Senior Brother Chats With Fourth Miss
100 Inner Thoughts of the Fourth Miss
101 Bonus: Power Up, Agent Yang!
102 The Fourth Miss, a Coward
103 Yang Villa Upgrades and the Fourth Miss
104 Meetings and Conventions For the Fourth Miss
105 Yes, The Fourth Miss Paints
106 Speed Painting and the Fourth Miss
107 Should the Fourth Miss Sell Her Work?
108 The Fourth Miss Blends in the Convention
109 The Fourth Miss Talks Things Ou
110 When the Fourth Miss Decides to Become a Tour Guide
111 A Matchmaker Fourth Miss
112 A Fourth Miss Searching For Information
113 Time Passes For the Fourth Miss
114 Shop Opening and the Fourth Miss
115 A Crowd Waiting For the Fourth Miss unedited
115 A Crowd Waiting For the Fourth Miss
116 The Final Truth For the Fourth Miss
117 The Fourth Miss Admits to the Truth
118 What the Fourth Miss Did For Some Time
119 The Fourth Miss Teaches Again
120 Avoidance From the Fourth Miss
121 The Fourth Miss Celebrates Birthdays
122 Walking By the River With the Fourth Miss
123 The Fourth Miss’s First Touch of Death
124 The Young Master, His Thoughts
125 Fear From the Fourth Miss
126 A Disappointing Conclusion To the Fourth Miss’s Day
127 Gift From the Crown Prince
128 Actions of Others During the Celebration
129 The Fourth Miss Picks Up the Pas
130 What Correlation Between Transmigration and the Fourth Miss?
131 The Fourth Miss is Not a Simple Beauty
132 The Fourth Miss Tries to Get It Over With
133 A Lot of Thoughts From the Fourth Miss
134 Dream Fragments of the Fourth Miss
135 The Fourth Miss In Red
136 Escape Plans of the Fourth Miss
137 Ah, the Fourth Miss is Truly Thankful
138 Love Advice, Mass Chaos, and the Fourth Miss
139 An Empty Sedan for the Fourth Miss
140 Finale of the Fourth Miss
141 The Artist Learns How to Pain
142 When the Artist Creates Trash
《Power Up, Artist Yang!》 Volume 2
143 A Long Conversation With the Artis
144 Games and the Artis
145 The Artist’s True Masterpiece
146 New Friends of the Artis
147 The Artist Becomes an Instructor
148 Painting Demonstration of the Artis
149 Beginning of the Artist’s Wise Words
150 The Artist, Drowning Once More
151 The Cruelest Memory of the Artis
152 Physician Diagnosis for the Artis
153 New Perils of the Artis
154 The Artist Goes to Buy a Drink
155 Wine Purchase of the Artis
156 A Drink With the Artist Under the Plum Blossoms
157 The Young Master Never Drinks
158 When the Young Master Runs Into the Master
159 Hangover For the Artist, Again
160 The Artist Sketches and Ponders
161 A Good Student: The Artis
162 Heart of the Artist Feels a Bit Heavy
163 More Cautious Ideas of the Artis
165 The Artist Gives Advice
166 A Challenge for the Artis
167 The Artist Screams A Lo
168 Curses From the Artis
169 The Artist Meets the Dog
170 Expedition of the Artis