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Poison Genius Consort

Author:Jie Mo

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Updates:Chapter 1073: Waiting to be buried with Han Yunxi

Easily cowed and bullied, she was the useless, ugly woman with no talent in medical skills. Supported by millions, he was Tianning’s most respected duke with the power to move all under Heaven. On their wedding day the bridal sedan was carried to the front doors, but the Duke of Qin’s gates were shut tight. They told her, ‘Come back tomorrow.’ All alone,...
《Poison Genius Consort》 Text
Chapter 1: Surprise, she’s getting married
Chapter 2: Shameful, come back tomorrow
Chapter 3: Not leaving, this sister’s no pushover
Chapter 4: Then let her keep waiting
Chapter 5: A familiar warning
Chapter 6: The auspicious hour’s arrived
Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country?
Chapter 8: Into the nuptial chambers
Chapter 9: Mysterious man
Chapter 10: Take off your clothes
Chapter 11: Where do you want his lordship to go?
Chapter 12: A clever bribe
Chapter 13: A drop of red on the white handkerchief
Chapter 14: No confidence at heart
Chapter 15: Rather interesting, rather righteous
Chapter 16: Sending you off like a rushing river[1]
Chapter 17: The close and intimate empress dowager
Chapter 18: Most respected man
Chapter 19: Formula for the antidote
Chapter 20: Urgent rescue
Chapter 21: The useless trash speaks for herself
Chapter 22: Counterattack, using needles on the acupoints
Chapter 23: Suspicions without evidence
Chapter 24: It takes backbone to ask for money
Chapter 25: Unexpectedly, the patient condition’s changed
Chapter 26: Humiliation, an aggressive lesson
Chapter 27: Unyielding before illegal punishment (1)
Chapter 28: Unyielding before illegal punishment (2)
Chapter 29: Relying on your warmth
Chapter 30: Giving you a chance to escape
Chapter 31: In for a penny, in for a pound
Chapter 32: Rescue effort, racing against time
Chapter 33: Savior, just wait obediently
Chapter 34: Anxious, awaiting the results
Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tiger’s might
Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look
Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness
Chapter 38: Grand Concubine Yi returns
Chapter 39: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s big quarrel
Chapter 40: Vicious, she wants to kill
Chapter 41: Urgent business, her countermeasure
Chapter 42: Incomparably anxious, a life for a life
Chapter 43: Demanding medicine for treatment
Chapter 44: Vent your anger to your heart’s content
Chapter 45: Warmth of an angel’s wings
Chapter 46: Your lordship forbids you from being scared
Chapter 47: But I’m still really scared
Chapter 48: Because she wanted to wed you
Chapter 49: The white lotus suffers a defeat
Chapter 50: Emperor’s decree, a frightful thing
Chapter 51: Courage, going all out
Chapter 52: Strange illness, a pregnant man
Chapter 53: With certainty, he’s wrong
Chapter 54: Hope, a method for treatment
Chapter 55: The truth must be concealed
Chapter 56: Forceful, go with your lordship
Chapter 57: Snake fight, formidable strength
Chapter 58: A fall and his choice
Chapter 59: Rival in love, the white-robed female
Chapter 60: Unforeseen, senior brother and junior sister
Chapter 61: Competition between women
Chapter 62: A threat, Pill Fiend remembers a grudge
Chapter 63: The useless trash defies the natural order
Chapter 64: I won’t stop you from admitting defeat
Chapter 65: Obtained, meeting again in the future
Chapter 66: Anxious, the critical moment
Chapter 67: Disturbance, who’s the most certain one?
Chapter 68: Definite diagnosis, three generations’ death penalty
Chapter 69: Close questioning, is this it?
Chapter 70: Startled, to go so far as bribery
Chapter 71: Acrid encounter with a poisoned tongue
Chapter 72: Prosperity, buying popular support
Chapter 73: Saving a life, father and daughter negotiate
Chapter 74: The truth exceeds expectations (1)
Chapter 75: The truth exceeds expectations (2)
Chapter 76: A peerless young lord
Chapter 77: Guilty conscience, why is wangfei hiding?
Chapter 78: Bet with huge stakes
Chapter 79: The clues must be accurate
Chapter 80: Han Family’s presumptuous young master
Chapter 81: Storehouse key, grab it if you have the guts
Chapter 82: Stay strong, well done!
Chapter 83: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (1)
Chapter 84: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (2)
Chapter 85: The low-profile Madame Li
Chapter 86: Status of the storehouse
Chapter 87: Your lordship will take care of the snake poison
Chapter 88: Drinking tea, each with her own thoughts
Chapter 89: Madame Li’s many secrets
Chapter 90: Tea leaves, results of the investigation
Chapter 91: A chance encounter, a glib tongue
Chapter 92: Oath, I’ll protect you when I grow up
Chapter 93: Demanding with ample reason
Chapter 94: Forced to answer, Madame Li speaks up
Chapter 95: Unforeseen, surprise appearance of snake venom
Chapter 96: A promise, ten days later
Chapter 97: There’s matters to attend to, there really are
Chapter 98: Living in fortune without knowing fortune
Chapter 99: Hold it, let’s make a deal
Chapter 100: Domineering, one of his people
Chapter 101: Unmasking the secret, expert behind the scenes
Chapter 102: Interrogation, fiendish tactics
Chapter 103: Unexpectedly, she’s the one in most danger
Chapter 104: Night visit, life hanging by a thread
Chapter 105: Teashop, another clue appears
Chapter 106: Close questioning, locking onto the target
Chapter 107: An extremely comfortable technique
Chapter 108: Most likely suspect
Chapter 109: Shared hopes
Chapter 110: The assassin exceeds all expectations
Chapter 111: Poison Human, a fierce foe
Chapter 112: Terrified, to confess or not confess
Chapter 113: Fortune amidst misfortune
Chapter 114: Vigil, waiting for what?
Chapter 115: His name is Gu Qishao
Chapter 116: Lair, late by one step
Chapter 117: You didn’t disappoint your lordship
Chapter 118: Unforeseen, the master appears
Chapter 119: Your daddy doesn’t like the looks of you
Chapter 120: Danger, a thousand pounds hangs by a thread
Chapter 121: Disappointment, so that’s how it is
Chapter 122: Piqued, the wangfei pardons
Chapter 123: Feeding medicine, on the edge of losing control
Chapter 124: Going back, an unfortunate turn of events
Chapter 125: Havoc at the Duke of Qin’s estate
Chapter 126: Argument, who wins the counter?
Chapter 127: Confrontation, everyone gathers
Chapter 128: Intense, the true situation
Chapter 129: A choice at the critical moment
Chapter 130: No mercy for a bad end
Chapter 131: Behind the scenes, just one step short
Chapter 132: Lofty words, rectifying her name
Chapter 133: Unreconciled, publicizing the bet
Chapter 134: Conviction, putting one’s all into the fight
Chapter 135: Anxiety, is there poison?
Chapter 136: Look quickly, something’s happened
Chapter 137: His Highness Duke of Qin personally appears
Chapter 138: Attacked
Chapter 139: Asking for help, I’ll play you a round
Chapter 140: Heart moved, accepting you
Chapter 141: Han Yunxi gets taken advantage of
Chapter 142: Stifled, not to one’s liking
Chapter 143: A chance encounter, brushing past
Chapter 144: The chronically-ill Imperial Physician
Chapter 145: Opportune, formidable
Chapter 146: On this matter, the emperor reaches a compromise
Chapter 147: Keeping silent, no one asks
Chapter 148: Marriage talks are so suffocating
Chapter 149: Secret, carefree spirits
Chapter 150: This wangfei is just that outrageous
Chapter 151: Drinking contest, no end of trouble
Chapter 152: The rules are set, the stakes are huge
Chapter 153: Time’s up, the winners and losers decided
Chapter 154: Dirty tactics
Chapter 155: Wrath, meeting a plot with a plot
Chapter 156: The flavor of suffering in silence
Chapter 157: The rice is cooked
Chapter 158: Keeping silent, she’s self-aware
Chapter 159: A show of strength, you asked for it
Chapter 160: Entanglements, his stance
Chapter 161: No chance to make concessions
Chapter 162: New Year’s Eve, shielding shortcomings at the family banquet
Chapter 163: Frightened, this is a corpse
Chapter 164: Poisoned, it has to be you
Chapter 165: Cruel torture, hanging by a hair
Chapter 166: The Duke of Qin’s heavy price
Chapter 167: The domineering Duke of Qin
Chapter 168: What’s happened to you, Empress?
Chapter 169: Because your lordship does as he pleases
Chapter 170: Misfortune, what a beastly bully
Chapter 171: Refusing the decree, all because of you
Chapter 172: Pestilence, popular anxiety
Chapter 173: A threat he’ll understand
Chapter 174: Eager, I’m here to save you
Chapter 175: Mufei, I’ve returned
Chapter 176: Peeping, a guilty conscience
Chapter 177: Very convenient, very fishy
Chapter 178: Medicine City, splitting up
Chapter 179: Restricted area, terrifying poison
Chapter 180: Bewildered, he’s not poisoned
Chapter 181: Identity, so it was him
Chapter 182: Oddity, safely in storage
Chapter 183: Mockery finally fails
Chapter 184: Misfortune, the Han family’s difficulties
Chapter 185: Doubts, but so what?
Chapter 186: Argument, overreaching oneself
Chapter 187: Wrath, investigate to the end
Chapter 188: Who did it better?
Chapter 189: Hatred, it’s all because of you
Chapter 190: Surprisingly, he’s returned
Chapter 191: Poisoning, he’s a bit impatient
Chapter 192: Just what does he want to do?
Chapter 193: Trial, he’s very pleased
Chapter 194: Leave it with her
Chapter 195: Do you have connections with the Tang Clan?
Chapter 196: Fury, he takes offence
Chapter 197: No rush, who’s begging whom?
Chapter 198: Unexpectedly, he’s here to help
Chapter 199: Older ginger is spicier
Chapter 200: Interrogation, implicating the Tang Clan
Chapter 201: Peeking at her secret
Chapter 202: It actually upgrades
Chapter 203: In the end, she still didn’t birth her
Chapter 204: Hand strength, judged as a waste
Chapter 205: Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, exclusivity
Chapter 206: Murderous intentions, nobody knows
Chapter 207: Stunned, a secret as large as the Heavens
Chapter 208: Consequences too ghastly to contemplate
Chapter 209: So foolish, so naive
Chapter 210: Weighty information
Chapter 211: Conditions, coming to terms is necessary
Chapter 212: Status, name matching reality
Chapter 213: Move back for your lordship
Chapter 214: Cultivating plants, powerful function
Chapter 215: Answer, it can go to hell
Chapter 216: Take a trip with your lordship
Chapter 217: Wangfei didn’t lose face
Chapter 218: Angering you to stomp your feet
Chapter 219: You ignorant woman
Chapter 220: Wangfei’s life is priceless
Chapter 221: Your lordship’s matters have nothing to do with you
Chapter 222: Chronic complaint, sixth-rank doctor
Chapter 223: This is authoritative might
Chapter 224: Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling at the justice courts
Chapter 225: The actual motive is to protect
Chapter 226: Unexpected situation
Chapter 227: Favored protection, overthinking things
Chapter 228: Abnormal kidnapping
Chapter 229: Truth, just who is he
Chapter 230: Silence, is he taking liberties with her?
Chapter 231: Sweet nothings, so not domineering
Chapter 232: Sickness, substitution
Chapter 233: Staying behind, what business have you tonight?
Chapter 234: The unreliable Qishao
Chapter 235: Chaos, the real and fake crown prince
Chapter 236: Sticking to one’s guns, a pessimistic situation
Chapter 237: Antidote, heheheh
Chapter 238: Han Yunxi sheds her morals
Chapter 239: Does your husband know?
Chapter 240: Suddenly, I miss you so much
Chapter 241: A hopeless answer
Chapter 242: She has the right to be provocative
Chapter 243: Do you two plan on eloping?
Chapter 244: Tomorrow night, I’ll take you with me
Chapter 245: The final hope appears
Chapter 246: Just who’s leading the way?
Chapter 247: Settling accounts, killing without pardon
Chapter 248: Tang Li’s suspicions
Chapter 249: This old fellow would sure like to die
Chapter 250: Protection from the Shadow Clan
Chapter 251: Anxious, promptly sitting down
Chapter 252: A married couple’s show of affection
Chapter 253: He admits it
Chapter 254: Going together without prior consultation
Chapter 255: Someone got there first
Chapter 256: Someone disappeared
Chapter 257: Never would have thought
Chapter 258: Strange, a detour around them
Chapter 259: Not unless I’m dead
Chapter 260: Yunxi, hurry and go
Chapter 261: A chowhound appears
Chapter 262: Receiving without refusing the offer
Chapter 263: Midnight, who’s arrived?
Chapter 264: His lordship is willing to lose face
Chapter 265: He’d probably kill you
Chapter 266: Cross at the sight of her
Chapter 267: Too embarrassing
Chapter 268: The real bully
Chapter 269: Balancing sides, to say or not to say
Chapter 270: Doing your best to help is a must
Chapter 271: She’s domineering, too
Chapter 272: The thing that disappointed Qishao
Chapter 273: Meeting a gentleman upon his return
Chapter 274: Lil Thing’s secret
Chapter 275: A little something extra
Chapter 276: Kill her if she’s useless
Chapter 277: I’ll walk in the front with you
Chapter 278: The expert won’t let her say
Chapter 279: One vs. one
Chapter 280: So you know that I have cares, too
Chapter 281: Pay the price for fooling around
Chapter 282: Little Genius Pet
Chapter 283: Asking him outright
Chapter 284: Before irresolution
Chapter 285: Forcibly kept, regardless of yes or no
Chapter 286: Tianxin, Mu Xin
Chapter 287: Wrath, reward offers all over
Chapter 288: The Long Clan’s prize for capture
Chapter 289: Lil Thing accomplishes great deeds
Chapter 290: Fine, I’ll wait until he comes
Chapter 291: Mute Granny’s tears
Chapter 292: Impending tempest
Chapter 293: Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move?
Chapter 294: A cold duke can be warm hearted, too
Chapter 295: It’s enough if your lordship has you
Chapter 296: She’ll never be it
Chapter 297: Alarmed, the person’s disappeared
Chapter 298: I didn’t mean it
Chapter 299: Both treasures are wanted
Chapter 300: Where to move house?
Chapter 301: An ice-cold warning
Chapter 302: Overthinking things?
Chapter 303: His Highness Duke of Qin loses his temper
Chapter 304: Why investigate Gu Beiyue?
Chapter 305: Three women on one stage
Chapter 306: Actually, she saved her
Chapter 307: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (1)
Chapter 308: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (2)
Chapter 309: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (3)
Chapter 310: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (4)
Chapter 311: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (5)
Chapter 312: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (6)
Chapter 313: Respectable, winning without playing
Chapter 314: Monarch’s Word, the sound of the qin is like the sound of your voice
Chapter 315: You were sent to poison
Chapter 316: You can’t die, keep living
Chapter 317: Medical supplement, hard to tell true from false
Chapter 318: The purpose of the uncle’s visit
Chapter 319: The world is bigger than you think
Chapter 320: A good mama atones for her crimes with good deeds
Chapter 321: Someone feels distress for her sake
Chapter 322: She can’t be helped
Chapter 323: Voyeurism, what does she want to see?
Chapter 324: Let this fellow have a kick
Chapter 325: Wouldn’t you profit then?
Chapter 326: Homicide, the empress dowager’s invitation
Chapter 327: The person that Emperor Tianhui fancies
Chapter 328: With regards to being biased
Chapter 329: No need for the original arrangements
Chapter 330: Still pleased and unrestrained?
Chapter 331: He laughed
Chapter 332: Warmth like an April spring breeze
Chapter 333: So many things she doesn’t know
Chapter 334: For the estate’s matters, you decide
Chapter 335: Distressed to the point of rage
Chapter 336: Asking you ’til you’re speechless
Chapter 337: Unexpected appearance of the Serpent Frui
Chapter 338: The pattern of a nightmare emerges
Chapter 339: Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness
Chapter 340: The disappointing final conclusion
Chapter 341: Truth of the Medicine Fan
Chapter 342: Beiyue, you’re the only one left
Chapter 343: What was the motive?
Chapter 344: A big disaster
Chapter 345: Truly unhappy
Chapter 346: I’m happy because you’re unhappy
Chapter 347: Your Highness, you took offense
Chapter 348: Wedding, big news
Chapter 349: Never going back
Chapter 350: Has his feelings changed?
Chapter 351: Why wouldn’t she take revenge?
Chapter 352: Flaunting wealth ahead of the marriage
Chapter 353: Outwardly docile, inwardly devious
Chapter 354: A feeling of admiration surges like a river
Chapter 355: The Duke of Qin is the worst (1)
Chapter 356: The Duke of Qin is the worst (2)
Chapter 357: The Duke of Qin is the worst (3)
Chapter 358: Your lordship will remember
Chapter 359: Is there anything more tragic than this?
Chapter 360: Constantly protecting you
Chapter 361: Results bear fruit
Chapter 362: Concern for the chaos
Chapter 363: The most formidable man
Chapter 364: Gu Beiyue’s worries
Chapter 365: Long Feiye, I missed you so much
Chapter 366: How about serving by your side?
Chapter 367: It’ll just be you for the future
Chapter 368: Not even going to the disaster area
Chapter 369: Black market, Yunxi’s brilliant scheme
Chapter 370: The first riot in black market history
Chapter 371: Who’s the one who can’t help it?
Chapter 372: Then let’s use my feet
Chapter 373: I like that perfect cunning
Chapter 374: Hopeless, dragging Northern Li underwater
Chapter 375: Haggling, who’s the most ruthless one?
Chapter 376: Cut, cut, cut
Chapter 377: Reward, I want your everything
Chapter 378: His Highness Duke of Qin embezzles
Chapter 379: You can afford to cause a scourge with your lordship
Chapter 380: Crash…for your lordship
Chapter 381: Long Feiye’s methods
Chapter 382: Someone wants to trap His Highness Duke of Qin
Chapter 383: Time to give up the grain
Chapter 384: Are you done pretending yet?
Chapter 385: Esteemed wangfei is impressive
Chapter 386: But he’s not willing
Chapter 387: Emperor Tianhui is so vexed
Chapter 388: Anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when you can
Chapter 389: Wangfei can’t know
Chapter 390: A white-robed gentleman comes for tea
Chapter 391: His lies, her honesty
Chapter 392: Yunxi’s intuition
Chapter 393: Qi gege
Chapter 393: Qi gege
Chapter 394: Only he’s allowed to bully
Chapter 395: Is Your Highness planning a surprise?
Chapter 396: A sincere heart
Chapter 397: Unexpectedly, it’s her
Chapter 398: Overwhelming victory
Chapter 399: Trade consortium, taking a step back
Chapter 400: A pretty good mood
Chapter 401: Intense rivalry
Chapter 402: They actually found it
Chapter 403: Satisfactory retaliation
Chapter 404: Wangfei’s wrath
Chapter 405: Bristling rage on her pretty face
Chapter 406: The duke’s rage dashes to the skies
Chapter 407: Bloodstain, accidental discovery
Chapter 408: A storm is coming, yet you’re still at ease
Chapter 409: Definitely taking liberties
Chapter 410: Pride of the Duke of Qin
Chapter 411: Guess your lordship’s thoughts
Chapter 412: The Duke of Qin reveals his weak spot
Chapter 413: Have him bring it over
Chapter 414: What’s there to talk about?
Chapter 415: Qishao’s out of the loop
Chapter 416: I’ll serve you for a lifetime
Chapter 417: It doesn’t have anything to do with you
Chapter 418: Unexpectedly, the situation turns urgent
Chapter 419: We have to find Gu Qi Sha
Chapter 420: I’ll give you a piece of my loyal heart
Chapter 421: Does this count as protecting you?
Chapter 422: Awarding a drink of water
Chapter 423: A status she dislikes
Chapter 424: Deliver the Buddha to the west
Chapter 425: His Highness Duke of Qin has his little moods too
Chapter 426: A complicated situation
Chapter 427: Cheap shots from cheap shots
Chapter 428: Han Yunxi finally stumbles
Chapter 429: He dotes on a woman so well
Chapter 430: Everyone admires, envies, and hates
Chapter 431: Very beautiful
Chapter 432: A tender heart severs itself from the gentleman
Chapter 433: Something big happens at the estate
Chapter 434: An accident, or premeditated?
Chapter 435: This fellow wants you dead
Chapter 436: A fellow brother and His Excellency
Chapter 437: This young master kills without mercy
Chapter 438: Careful, there’s a high-level expert
Chapter 439: Losing him massive face
Chapter 440: Descendants of nobility
Chapter 441: Already fed up with it
Chapter 442: Long time no see
Chapter 443: Completely soaked
Chapter 444: Is there, isn’t there
Chapter 445: What did she see?
Chapter 446: The Seven Noble Families’ Nether Clan
Chapter 447: Does he really not want her anymore?
Chapter 448: Fiendish genius leaves a move
Chapter 449: With regards to happiness
Chapter 450: The facts are like so
Chapter 451: Establishing a new imperial clan
Chapter 452: So comfortable
Chapter 453: Are you closing the distance to me?
Chapter 454: You’re your lordship’s wangfei
Chapter 455: Indignant, wanting to claim damages
Chapter 456: Giving her a thorough lesson
Chapter 457: A human heart must have compassion
Chapter 458: Unexpected situation
Chapter 459: I’ll boil them to death
Chapter 460: Your lordship rather likes wine red
Chapter 461: Hand over Mute Granny
Chapter 462: No way to refute
Chapter 463: An angry wangfei
Chapter 464: Contesting over quantities
Chapter 465: A very provoking sight
Chapter 466: Han Yunxi’s serious side
Chapter 467: The exact same move aimed for the heart
Chapter 468: If you want me, then you can have me
Chapter 469: We need to find Qishao to help
Chapter 470: Lie to me once, I’ll count it as 100 times
Chapter 471: What the white-robed gentleman detests
Chapter 472: Busy, bustling Han Yunxi
Chapter 473: Is this a villain doing dirty to a villain?
Chapter 474: Han Yunxi says one thing and means another
Chapter 475: Sarcastically prodding into action, wanting to cry but having no tears
Chapter 476: Wait until we find it first
Chapter 477: Lil Thing’s miraculous help
Chapter 478: The Duke of Qin’s generous piece of work
Chapter 479: Who moved into the Duke of Qin’s estate?
Chapter 480: The aftermath of bribing the Duke of Qin
Chapter 481: Halfway through the slaughter, a girl appears
Chapter 482: Extremely sour
Chapter 483: So, Imperial Physician Gu knows how to joke
Chapter 484: Unexpected turncoats
Chapter 485: This fellow won’t die
Chapter 486: Lass, just repay me with your body
Chapter 487: Do you want them to catch adulterers in the act?
Chapter 488: Who kept the Duke of Qin behind?
Chapter 489: Searching in all eight directions
Chapter 490: Try and yell at her again
Chapter 491: Her medical pouch
Chapter 492: The gentleman finds out
Chapter 493: Do I need to explain my actions to you?
Chapter 494: She doesn’t dare to consider the truth
Chapter 495: The start of unrest
Chapter 496: Obsession
Chapter 497: The scales tip
Chapter 498: A summons, His Highness personally arrives
Chapter 499: The Duke of Qin’s instigation
Chapter 500: Antidote, do you believe him or me?
Chapter 501: The Duke of Qin is the first to leave the city
Chapter 502: Getting the greatest gains
Chapter 503: Drink your medicine
Chapter 504: Pretending for a lifetime
Chapter 505: He’s the most suspect
Chapter 506: Why don’t you leave?
Chapter 507: We’ll be cooperating long-term
Chapter 508: Mu Yingdong, you’re simply robbing us outright
Chapter 509: Han Yunxi, you’re the one robbing us outright
Chapter 510: Raising a ruckus all the way home
Chapter 511: Will he show up?
Chapter 512: Do as you please, you’re in charge
Chapter 513: Willing or unwilling?
Chapter 514: Will he come?
Chapter 515: Perfectly justified to capture her
Chapter 516: Gu Qi Sha, wait for me
Chapter 517: Su Xiaoyu finds her out
Chapter 518: Men, duke it out
Chapter 519: Two men discuss their terms
Chapter 520: Mu Linger’s marriage affairs
Chapter 521: Ouyang Ningnuo’s thoughts
Chapter 522: Never let her know
Chapter 523: The beginning of unrest at Medicine City
Chapter 524: Meat on the chopping block
Chapter 525: Do you know? I like him
Chapter 526: No one received them as guests
Chapter 527: Teaching with words and personal examples
Chapter 528: Substitute for the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 529: Trumping up countercharges at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 530: Unforeseen circumstances at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 531: Competing at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 532: Admitting defeat at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 533: Cheating at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 534: Exposé at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 535: Pill King at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 536: Willing to pledge loyalty for generations
Chapter 537: His Highness Duke of Qin’s been tamed
Chapter 538: A joke, claiming ties of kinship
Chapter 539: Men, make a vow
Chapter 540: Obtaining a piece of evidence
Chapter 541: Who has the most tragic end?
Chapter 542: Toxic teardrops again
Chapter 543: Accompany His Highness Duke of Qin for a meal
Chapter 544: It was there from the start
Chapter 545: Beiyue’s doting ways
Chapter 546: Travesty, stripped of noble titles
Chapter 547: Would it hurt him?
Chapter 548: Successfully taken in
Chapter 549: Critical juncture, he’s going to jump off a cliff
Chapter 550: Can you be any stupider?
Chapter 551: I won’t forgive you the second time around
Chapter 552: She said, we’ll stand by your side
Chapter 553: Strange, who put out the fire?
Chapter 554: Fighting back after being oppressed (1)
Chapter 555: Fighting back after being oppressed (2)
Chapter 556: Go back and tell her
Chapter 557: Is it that great to live forever?
Chapter 558: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (1)
Chapter 559: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (2)
Chapter 560: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (3)
Chapter 561: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (4)
Chapter 562: Words appear on the blank stele
Chapter 563: Interrogation, Wood of Ten-Thousand Poisons
Chapter 564: Interrogation, playing wicked
Chapter 565: Who’s the ultimate winner?
Chapter 566: Agree or disagree?
Chapter 567: Inferior to a femme fatale
Chapter 568: Secret, the whole world knows
Chapter 569: First battle, the price of a sharp tongue
Chapter 570: From interrogation to seduction
Chapter 571: Trying too hard, doing too much
Chapter 572: Paying a massive price
Chapter 573: Sowing discord, the Duke of Qin’s huge stakes
Chapter 574: A promise, forever and ever
Chapter 575: Even the mother is jealous
Chapter 576: Who has the better move?
Chapter 577: Definitely won’t hold back
Chapter 578: The Chu Clan has to have a plot
Chapter 579: Shocking, who’s been held under duress?
Chapter 580: Feigning, real or pretend?
Chapter 581: Trust thrown to the dogs
Chapter 582: Earthshaking, a contest of strength between titans
Chapter 583: Fierce yet mysterious people
Chapter 584: Noble Consort Ning has no son
Chapter 585: The history of the protectors
Chapter 586: So breezy and carefree
Chapter 587: Golden aura, birth of a sage emperor
Chapter 588: Blood siblings of the Di Clan
Chapter 589: Coming on their own initiative
Chapter 590: A bet with 50 percent success
Chapter 591: First time meeting the general
Chapter 592: Does it taste sour?
Chapter 593: A certain man and woman team up
Chapter 594: Specifically asking for Gu Beiyue
Chapter 595: Then let’s destroy him
Chapter 596: The imperial clan orphan still exists
Chapter 597: War beings, Cloud Realm Continent in chaos
Chapter 598: Riding on the same horse, the woman who’s the source of all troubles
Chapter 599: Panic, a quick battle to force a decision
Chapter 600: Costing you an arm
Chapter 601: When the hostage appeared
Chapter 602: Abrupt change, Tianhui passes away
Chapter 603: A hug owed
Chapter 604: Difficulties, the Chu Clan’s choice
Chapter 605: We can’t owe him
Chapter 606: Where is Gu Beiyue?
Chapter 607: Gentleman…
Chapter 608: Comparing the Qin and Ning lords
Chapter 609: Qin Wangfei loses her temper
Chapter 610: He isn’t really angry
Chapter 611: Verifying one’s identity
Chapter 612: They come to a tacit understanding
Chapter 613: He really did take care of it in the past
Chapter 614: Concealing the facts, endless lies
Chapter 615: Concealing the facts, a big misunderstanding
Chapter 616: Celestial Mountain Sword Sect gets involved
Chapter 617: Qi gege eats vinegar
Chapter 618: A soft and gentle heart is the most vicious kind
Chapter 619: Pill King, a plot afoot
Chapter 620: Just who’s the idiot?
Chapter 621: Admitting defeat is the solution
Chapter 622: She fears that the spring breeze will never come again
Chapter 623: Hmph, I’ll bite you all to death
Chapter 624: The third trial (1)
Chapter 625: The third trial (2)
Chapter 626: The third trial (3)
Chapter 627: The third trial (4)
Chapter 628: Sharing in their secrets
Chapter 629: A heart-pounding event
Chapter 630: If force won’t get things done, use submission
Chapter 631: Good news and bad news
Chapter 632: What sort of person is the fiancée?
Chapter 633: Chance encounter, long farewells
Chapter 634: A successful scheme against Tang Li
Chapter 635: Just who bullied whom?
Chapter 636: The news breaks out
Chapter 637: Sister-in-law, do you have any drugs?
Chapter 638: Husband and wife’s professional inquiries
Chapter 639: Tang Clan, Yunxi’s coming
Chapter 640: Ye-Xi helps each other secure a definite victory
Chapter 641: Results of the negotiation
Chapter 642: I’m only responsible for you
Chapter 643: Yunxi knows how to be wicked, too
Chapter 644: Duanmu Yao is crippled
Chapter 645: Unexpected situation
Chapter 646: Why should he?
Chapter 647: Master is a pitiful figure too
Chapter 648: The accidental meeting at the door
Chapter 649: Who’s more wicked?
Chapter 650: If you have the skills, come steal i
Chapter 651: If you’re hard-hearted, I’ll be unfair
Chapter 652: Chu Qingge offers advice
Chapter 653: A warning from master
Chapter 654: Remember to return it to your lordship
Chapter 655: Thank goodness you like me too
Chapter 656: Defeat her with one move
Chapter 657: Who stole her things?
Chapter 658: This wangfei is nothing but magnanimous
Chapter 659: Long Feiye, are you saying it or no
Chapter 660: It’s too late for Duanmu Yao to repen
Chapter 661: You guys can go duke it ou
Chapter 662: Beiyue, there’s hope
Chapter 663: He’s useful
Chapter 664: Proposing marriage, another disturbance appears
Chapter 665: Can you marry her without a heart?
Chapter 666: Feel this, my heart is warm
Chapter 667: Who is the traitor?
Chapter 668: Aunt Ru, is it you?
Chapter 669: Base and despicable, luring the snake out of its hole
Chapter 670: What are the results?
Chapter 671: The Duke of Qin makes a major move
Chapter 672: The true plan to lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 673: You betrayed this crown prince
Chapter 674: Consequences
Chapter 675: In terms of taking liberties
Chapter 676: Tang Li’s wedding 1
Chapter 677: Tang Li’s wedding 2
Chapter 678: Tang Li’s wedding 3
Chapter 679: Take it easy, Tang Li
Chapter 680: Sister-in-law, where are you?
Chapter 681: What does Han Yunxi like?
Chapter 682: He really put in a lot of though
Chapter 683: It’ll be an eventful autumn
Chapter 684: It really isn’t something minor
Chapter 685: Returning home, there are three suspec
Chapter 686: Just who is it?
Chapter 687: Public displays of affection
Chapter 688: Making an enemy out of others while displaying impressive migh
Chapter 689: Warmth, impossible to quarrel
Chapter 690: The Linger worthy of admiration
Chapter 691: Tenderhearted child, worried mother
Chapter 692: I’ll wait until he grows older
Chapter 693: Long Feiye, I’ll protect you
Chapter 694: Agitation, waiting for them to beg
Chapter 695: The perfect match, Ye-Xi 1
Chapter 696: The perfect match, Ye-Xi 2
Chapter 697: Reward, One Night Like One Year
Chapter 698: Be careful, it’s an ambush
Chapter 699: Extremely fierce enemies
Chapter 700: The Mermaid Clan’s Tears of Holding
Chapter 701: Yes, yes, that’s i
Chapter 702: Doubt is only expected
Chapter 703: My life is up to me, not the Heavens
Chapter 704: His Highness Duke of Qin’s reward 1
Chapter 705: His Highness Duke of Qin’s reward 2
Chapter 706: His Highness Duke of Qin’s reward 3
Chapter 707: Well matched in hundreds of ways, well loved in thousands of ways
Chapter 708: Who are those two?
Chapter 709: You’re my wife, ah
Chapter 710: What kind of feeling is it?
Chapter 711: Why won’t you?
Chapter 712: I can’t bear to see you suffer
Chapter 713: Don’t talk, kiss me
Chapter 714: Distinguished gathering at Celestial Mountain Sword Sec
Chapter 715: Feiye, you’re too callous
Chapter 716: Who was earlier than this wangfei?
Chapter 717: Poison, the greatest weak point O
Chapter 718: Don’t disappoint Long Feiye
Chapter 719: Duanmu Yao doesn’t have the guts
Chapter 720: Arrogance has its advantages
Chapter 721: Walk a dog often enough and you can tie him up
Chapter 722: Duanmu Yao reveals the truth
Chapter 723: So you finally want to make a move
Chapter 724: If you’re cruel, then I’m crueler
Chapter 725: Invite, who would you like to drink this?
Chapter 726: She wants to be like him, much stronger
Chapter 727: Enough to threaten Ning Cheng
Chapter 728: Missing a bit of something
Chapter 729: Proclaiming it across the city on purpose Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.
Chapter 730: I’ve grown so addicted to fooling you that I can’t stop
Chapter 731: Show of strength, struggle just for this day
Chapter 732: Discovering a huge secre
Chapter 733: Crimson fangs, identity exposed
Chapter 734: The descendent of the Poison Sect must be put to death
Chapter 735: I’m proud to die
Chapter 736: Jianxin, you’ll be the firs
Chapter 737: Disappointment, he can’t do i
Chapter 738: She has to wake up
Chapter 739: Li Jianxin has already los
Chapter 740: Does a person like that deserve to be saved?
Chapter 741: An unbridled life, quick to settle debts
Chapter 742: If Heaven had feelings, it too would age
Chapter 743: Even worse news
Chapter 744: All the plans of men cannot amount to Heaven’s will Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.
Chapter 745: Master…
Chapter 746: Hard to tell victory or defea
Chapter 747: A quick battle to force a quick decision
Chapter 748: Unexpected, hidden depths Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.
Chapter 748: Unexpected, hidden depths
Chapter 749: The Lord Master’s calculations
Chapter 750: One sword convinces all while protecting Celestial Mountain
Chapter 751: Why aren’t you saying anything?
Chapter 752: Otherwise, I’ll marry someone else
Chapter 753: Poison Sect, so that’s how it is
Chapter 754: I’m leaving, you don’t need to send me off
Chapter 755: That old fox
Chapter 756: Her life is very valuable
Chapter 757: Did you miss Qi gege?
Chapter 758: As free as the wind, as dazzling as the ligh
Chapter 759: Interest in Han Yunxi
Chapter 760: Gu Beiyue, long time no see
Chapter 761: Please save the children
Chapter 762: Baili Mingxiang's surprise
Chapter 763: For the sake of that vantage poin
Chapter 764: What did he reply?
Chapter 765: You and him are like fire and water, you can’t mix
Chapter 766: Real feelings, false feelings
Chapter 767: A spy's feelings are just like thus
Chapter 768: Mantis, who is the master
Chapter 769: As solemn as him
Chapter 770: On the eve of great changes, everyone expresses their views
Chapter 771: Three words: No Can Do
Chapter 772: His last name isn't "Gu"
Chapter 773: Abandon everything, including myself
Chapter 774: Medical City, horrific tactics
Chapter 775: Little Qi, so you're back
Chapter 776: Does mixing blood to prove relations work?
Chapter 777: This old man had innocent relations with your mother
Chapter 778: Insisting on stealing your thunder
Chapter 779: Provoking the authorities of Medical City
Chapter 780: Little Qi's slight smile
Chapter 781: Evidence, truth revealed
Chapter 782: He wants to destroy Medical City
Chapter 783: I'll leave my life here
Chapter 784: Please return my innocence
Chapter 785: Get rid of the bigger danger firs
Chapter 786: I thought you were leaving
Chapter 787: Are you a descendant of the Poison Sect too?
Chapter 788: Who's going to Medical City?
Chapter 789: Drawing lots, leave it to luck
Chapter 790: Urgent, a matter of life or death
Chapter 791: A miracle happens
Chapter 792: It wasn't just his efforts
Chapter 793: Otherwise, leave the medical world
Chapter 794: Everyone fears him now
Chapter 795: Levels, recovering without treatmen
Chapter 796: Abrupt rise, the most revered and respected
Chapter 797: War plans, caught unawares
Chapter 798: Little Qi, you shouldn't go
Chapter 799: Long Feiye's lies
Chapter 800: Esteemed wangfei leaves tonigh
Chapter 801: Old Fiend, don't fall for the trap
Chapter 802: There's something important to tell her
Chapter 803: Shadow arts, the Gu Clan gentleman
Chapter 804: The wound on the assassin's shoulder
Chapter 805: You have to admit to things you've done
Chapter 806: News to shock Cloud Realm
Chapter 807: Then what does she count for?
Chapter 808: The final trump card
Chapter 809: Han Yunxi's stance
Chapter 810: Cloud Realm Continent is boiling over
Chapter 811: She wants to ask him a question
Chapter 812: Getting the needle, finding you
Chapter 813: Sorry, I don't sell on credi
Chapter 814: I'd rather trample on that loyalty
Chapter 815: Han Yunxi's powerful rationality
Chapter 816: Long reached a common understanding
Chapter 817: His world has collapsed
Chapter 818: Empty-handed, Ning Jing reveals a trap
Chapter 819: What else can dissolve hate, besides love?
Chapter 820: Firm belief in the disaster of a pretty woman
Chapter 821: A'Li, I'm pregnan
Chapter 822: Really, really love him
Chapter 823: An intelligent Ning Cheng is like a wolf
Chapter 824: Crafty, convincing Ning An
Chapter 825: I'll tell you two secrets
Chapter 826: The princess's whereabouts are unknown
Chapter 827: The first step to exposure
Chapter 828: Take care of that surnamed Bai
Chapter 829: Han Yunxi, you won't dare to kill me
Chapter 830: I'll make you thoroughly convinced
Chapter 831: Heart towards the north, body towards the south
Chapter 832: Disgusted with oneself
Chapter 833: The faithful and affectionate must live on
Chapter 834: Does this count as a date?
Chapter 835: Returned wholeheartedly
Chapter 836: Han Yunxi, this fool
Chapter 837: Han Yunxi, scared to the point of tears
Chapter 838: This crown prince isn't interested in her
Chapter 839: Not an ounce of self preservation
Chapter 840: And not a whit of worry, either
Chapter 841: My heart delights in you
Chapter 842: That's really, really enough
Chapter 843: Han Yunxi, you're still not leaving?
Chapter 844: Be a hostage in my barracks
Chapter 845: Her confession, his attachments
Chapter 846: She doesn't belong to this world
Chapter 847: A hostage is not a prisoner
Chapter 848: Unreasonably making a scene--don’t provoke me
Chapter 849: Simply seeking your own humiliation
Chapter 850: I didn't dote on you lot for nothing
Chapter 851: This old servant is yours
Chapter 852: His pain, his ruthlessness
Chapter 853: Regret, confessing to one's crimes
Chapter 854: Bite, separated by a single partition
Chapter 855: Just what has he done?
Chapter 856: How could that side of him exist?
Chapter 857: Yet he has no scruples
Chapter 858: Afraid of being led astray by her
Chapter 859: Feeling played
Chapter 860: Where did this good show come from?
Chapter 861: Is this really a good show?
Chapter 862: Empress, she has no righ
Chapter 863: Asking for marriage, a life and death contrac
Chapter 864: Junior sister's dual cultivation
Chapter 865: Until it sees the ligh
Chapter 866: He's indomitable
Chapter 867: Bai Yanqing, just you wai
Chapter 868: Sinister motives, we'll wait for him
Chapter 869: From sweet to salty, eating without miss
Chapter 870: Sudden situation at the military barracks
Chapter 871: You don't have to go
Chapter 872: You sure you want to try?
Chapter 873: Leaving his line of sigh
Chapter 874: Truly disgusted
Chapter 875: You cannot think of the pas
Chapter 876: Biting the tiger's mouth, her scar
Chapter 877: Ignoring them
Chapter 878: You like children?
Chapter 879: You can't bully the crippled
Chapter 880: At wit's end with Han Yunxi
Chapter 881: If.....
Chapter 882: Don't ruin Qi gege's affairs
Chapter 883: Three-Way Black Market's powers
Chapter 884: We'll be together forever
Chapter 885: Just who took the bait?
Chapter 886: The whereabouts of Perplexing Butterfly Illusion
Chapter 887: Owe me, you'll have the right someday
Chapter 888: Assemble, staking a thousand pieces of gold on one throw
Chapter 889: Love of gambling, who has the advantage?
Chapter 890: They’re not allowed to leave
Chapter 891: Unexpected speed
Chapter 892: Ning Cheng takes a huge gamble
Chapter 893: Deciding to abandon him without a care
Chapter 894: Linger’s objection of affections
Chapter 895: Blacktower, who and whom reunites?
Chapter 896: Explosion, the crowd surprised
Chapter 897: Is this your disappointment?
Chapter 898: Narrow escape, fortune sure to follow
Chapter 899: Please preside over the conclusion
Chapter 900: Earning everything without any effor
Chapter 901: Ning Jing, you’ve won
Chapter 902: Ten days’ appointmen
Chapter 903: Silent struggles of two women
Chapter 904: Interrogation, finally here
Chapter 905: Ning Jing, you’ve los
Chapter 906: Both solitary wanderers at the ends of the earth
Chapter 907: Guts, the lion's maw
Chapter 908: Just who’s the despicable one?
Chapter 909: Tang Li, I want “peace and quiet”
Chapter 910: I've seen it all ages ago
Chapter 911: A loud cry of “sister-in-law”
Chapter 912: Tricked into a huge loss
Chapter 913: Black eats black, no making without breaking
Chapter 914: No matter what, I'll take her with me
Chapter 915: If it’s not enough, spare no efforts
Chapter 916: You can’t let down Long Feiye
Chapter 917: Hidden deeply without revealing the moneybags
Chapter 918: Efficiency, waiting to raise the price
Chapter 919: Akin to a birthmark
Chapter 920: Threatened by Manager Jin
Chapter 921: Gu Beiyue has disappeared
Chapter 922: Return the needle to me
Chapter 923: Jun Yixie’s heartache
Chapter 924: Black Clan, the truth revealed
Chapter 925: Asking for money
Chapter 926: Return, presented with a command token
Chapter 927: Has Long Feiye come?
Chapter 928: Long Feiye, accept your punishmen
Chapter 929: Gone, disappeared
Chapter 930: Such a beautiful confession
Chapter 931: Something she should know
Chapter 932: A cruel and ruthless decision
Chapter 933: I want it right now
Chapter 934: They’re heading north
Chapter 935: Strict teachers have outstanding students
Chapter 936: Who can provoke Gu Qishao?
Chapter 937: The kidnappers' true faces
Chapter 938: What's it to you?
Chapter 939: Ning Cheng won’t pay ahead of time
Chapter 940: A man of action
Chapter 941: Cutting the line is based on one’s mood
Chapter 942: This subordinate has a duty
Chapter 943: Lil Thing tries hard
Chapter 944: Halfway to success
Chapter 945: Long Feiye is in a very bad mood
Chapter 946: Pre-show warmup
Chapter 947: The deeply hidden Mu Clan
Chapter 948: It’s not true love if there are limits
Chapter 949: Has Bai Yanqing come yet?
Chapter 950: You scared me again
Chapter 951: Long Feiye, let’s have a match
Chapter 952: Long Feiye’s trap
Chapter 953: Just who regrets it?
Chapter 954: The truth; who cares, let it die
Chapter 955: Terrifying reality
Chapter 956: Do you believe it or not?
Chapter 957: We want to be open and forthrigh
Chapter 958: The Di Clan will definitely rebel
Chapter 959: A single mountain cannot house two tigers
Chapter 960: Discovery of an undying human
Chapter 961: It’s enough if she has no regrets
Chapter 962: Love lost, friendship gone
Chapter 963: We’ll have to see Heaven’s will
Chapter 964: The jade ruyi is not as one desires
Chapter 965: The seventh slave
Chapter 966: The agony of living forever
Chapter 967: Secretly prepping something big
Chapter 968: New discovery at the sacrificial altar
Chapter 969: Enough to eat a lifetime
Chapter 970: A dream, yet not a dream
Chapter 971: Long Feiye and Gu Qishao argue
Chapter 972: There really is a door
Chapter 973: Han Yunxi, save me
Chapter 974: Gu Qishao gets yelled a
Chapter 975: Only the three of them
Chapter 976: Definitely fulfill one’s mission
Chapter 977: Underwater thrills
Chapter 978: The snow wolf and the Poison Sec
Chapter 979: The enigma of the Perplexing Butterfly Illusion
Chapter 980: Lass versus woman
Chapter 981: Wanting to stomp him to death
Chapter 982: What should they do?
Chapter 983: Sudden change in plans
Chapter 984: Extremely timely chance
Chapter 985: The faster and sooner, the better
Chapter 986: Will they make it in time?
Chapter 987: Until next year’s spring
Chapter 988: A dagger called “Qi Sha”
Chapter 989: Our Di Clan’s own affairs
Chapter 990: The first official alliance
Chapter 991: Desperation, Tang Li cries
Chapter 992: Mother of the child
Chapter 993: Protracted war, helping them
Chapter 994: Tiger’s Prison, hard to exit or enter
Chapter 995: Who set off the fire?
Chapter 996: Just where is Gu Qishao?
Chapter 997: The culprit is a woman
Chapter 998: Han Yunxi, do you dare to give?
Chapter 999: It’s all yours
Chapter 1000: A sword cast from human bones
《Poison Genius Consort》 1001-2000
Chapter 1001: Let Qishao shoulder the flames of fury
Chapter 1002: That’s why you have to live well
Chapter 1003: Why weren’t you burned to death?
Chapter 1004: The truth, Qishao tricks them
Chapter 1005: A person called Bai Shanqing
Chapter 1006: It’s not time to go back ye
Chapter 1007: No chance VS. seeking death
Chapter 1008: Mu Linger, aren’t you ashamed?
Chapter 1009: Is it that kind of feeling?
Chapter 1010: Owe me first and scram
Chapter 1011: Vanished, just like tha
Chapter 1012: Why does it have nothing to do with this old man?
Chapter 1013: It’s impossible for him to enter
Chapter 1014: A vexing fellow
Chapter 1015: Could the furnaces be a pair?
Chapter 1016: Very possible
Chapter 1017: He’s calmer than she is
Chapter 1018: How to vie with the Heavens?
Chapter 1019: The sky falls down
Chapter 1020: Allowing her one bou
Chapter 1021: Late reply from Celestial Mountain
Chapter 1022: Doing less stupid things
Chapter 1023: Dumb but cute
Chapter 1024: I’ll definitely make you all regret i
Chapter 1025: Are you coming with me or not?
Chapter 1026: Someone’s shielding you
Chapter 1027: Smash the pot, ask to the end
Chapter 1028: Don't look for him anymore
Chapter 1029: Tacit understanding, light clouds, soft breeze
Chapter 1030: Breaking your legs
Chapter 1031: Another level of respec
Chapter 1032: Gu Beiyue’s cruelty and calm
Chapter 1033: The path of a sovereign lies with choice
Chapter 1034: I want some peace and quie
Chapter 1035: Hold on, catch a turtle in a jar
Chapter 1036: Disturbing results
Chapter 1037: Just that domineering
Chapter 1038: If Ning Jing dies, I die
Chapter 1039: Drag him away
Chapter 1040: So it was ours all along
Chapter 1041: Dare to love, hate, and ac
Chapter 1042: It’s not so simple after all
Chapter 1043: Long Feiye’s choice wasn’t wrong
Chapter 1044: Hypertoxic poison, hurry and escape
Chapter 1045: The more you have, the more you fear
Chapter 1046: Midwives, unforeseen event in Tiger’s Den
Chapter 1047: Ning Jing, good on you!
Chapter 1048: A real scare
Chapter 1049: Don't reject us in the future
Chapter 1050: What happened?
Chapter 1051: Bai Yuqiao senses something amiss
Chapter 1052: Bloody puddles, where did the people go?
Chapter 1053: It was a female who died
Chapter 1054: Not betrayal, but persuasion
Chapter 1055: Who got the secret letters?
Chapter 1056: Poison pill, will you take it?
Chapter 1057: Intentions to destroy Celestial Mountain Sword Sect?
Chapter 1058: The first time traveling as a group of four
Chapter 1059: To see old age again
Chapter 1060: The true exper
Chapter 1061: The wildly arrogant man in red robes
Chapter 1062: Long Feiye, tear off his clothes
Chapter 1063: Fierce enough to force submission
Chapter 1064: Unfortunately, Long Feiye isn’t willing
Chapter 1065: Will a miracle happen?
Chapter 1066: Long Feiye refuses Han Yunxi
Chapter 1067: Very complicated feelings
Chapter 1068: He's a fake
Chapter 1069: A long time to take a pulse
Chapter 1070: Who will Han Yunxi take as master?
Chapter 1071: At most, destruction of good and bad alike
Chapter 1072: Those who deserve death will all die sooner or later
Chapter 1073: Waiting to be buried with Han Yunxi