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Chapter 377 - A scheme within a scheme

Despite the morning rays peeking out with a cold breeze, the tattered house couldn’t block out the pungent stench coming from outside.

Xia Yu had already looked into Old Mai and Ole Third, and found out that the two of them weren’t clean.

Old Mai was the owner of this garbage dump, and he had been stationed here with Ole Third after the first owner mysteriously disappeared.

The two of them were from the Medicine King Valley, and that meant they were once physicians. But due to a medical incident a decade ago, their lives changed.

Rather than calling it a medical incident, it was more like a disguised murder. After Old Mai and Ole Third took over a patient, Xu Tiande told them that they would be able to obtain ¥3,000,000 from his family as a reward if they managed to kill the patient, since the family members wanted to split the patient’s inheritance.

It was a massive sum of money, and Xu Tiande secretly incited his disciples to play a show. But soon after, there was a dispute with the inheritance which exposed the entire matter. Hence, Xu Tiande could only resort to hiding the two of them.

The garbage dump was far from any household residence, and it’s situated in a remote location. So, usually, there wouldn’t be anyone passing by, not to mention that the two of them even sloppily disguised their appearances, so no one would come to look for them.

The reason why Bai Fan chose this location was due to its remoteness. However, he never imagined that Su Tao would make his way over.

Bai Fan and Wang Guofeng both kept their silence. They had suffered quite a bit earlier when Liu Jianwei smashed a hole in the Range Rover. Facing such a ferocious person, they knew that any struggle would just make them suffer more.

Walking towards Bai Fan, Su Tao lifted the former’s chin and greeted, “Bai Fan, we meet again!”

Spitting out a mouthful of saliva, Bai Fan coldly sneered, “Brat, what can you do to me?”

Su Tao swiftly reacted and dodged the spit that nearly landed on his face.

Standing beside him, Liu Jianwei snorted and lashed a kick at Bai Fan’s abdomen, which the latter felt that his internals were in turmoil and couldn’t straighten his body for a long time.

“How arrogant!” Liu Jianwei then turned to sweep his glance at Wang Guofeng.

Being stared by Liu Jianwei, Wang Guofeng felt a chill down his spine. He might be cunning, but he has never experienced this sort of situation.

“Old Liu, there’s no need to be so fierce with them. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I want to chat with the two gentlemen.” Su Tao’s gaze was cold. He had no compassion for Bai Fan. If he was in Bai Fan’s position, the latter would surely humiliate him more.

Bending his body down, Su Tao searched Bai Fan and retrieved the glassware before storing it. “Remember, my name is Su Tao, and if you have any grievances down there, you can come to look for me anytime!”

Bai Fan widened his eyes in disbelief as he looked at Su Tao. From the latter’s tone and gaze, he could smell a faint scent of death that made his heart tremble. He knew that Su Tao’s origin wasn’t simple, and he must have surely taken lives in the past.

“I’ll leave him to you!” Su Tao gave an eye signal to Liu Jianwei.

Nodding his head, Liu Jianwei dragged Bai Fan into the house. In just a brief moment, Bai Fan’s painful howls could be heard echoing out.

Hearing those howls, Wang Guofeng’s legs started to tremble, which made Su Tao lock his brows together. When he glanced at the former’s crotch, he noticed a dampen patch. This fellow was actually frightened to the point that he has lost control over his bowels.

With a ridiculing smile, Su Tao mocked, “I always considered you to be a figure, but I never expected that you’re just a coward.”

Once again, Bai Fan’s horrified howls continued to resonate out from the house.

At this moment, Su Tao knew that Liu Jianwei’s method of torturing wasn’t simple. Bai Fan was a tough bone, and he could only imagine how brutal the torture for Bai Fan was to issue such howls.

Since Wang Guofeng’s legs have already turned soft, he instantly fell to the ground and started kowtowing to Su Tao. “Please, let me go! I promise that I will not go against you anymore!”

“Do you think I’ll be fooled by your act like Sun’er?” Su Tao trampled on Wang Guofeng’s face and the latter felt a foul taste in his mouth. His head was buried in his own urine.

Su Tao also wasn’t doing it on purpose; it was pure coincidence. But at this moment, he was filled with detest for Wang Guofeng.

Suddenly, Wang Guofeng felt the pressure on his head being lifted and he knew that Su Tao had retracted his feet. He waited for a brief moment before he slowly raised his head. But just when he wanted to look at Su Tao, a silhouette flashed by his eyes with a huge force that blew on his face. His entire body was lifted off the ground and smashed into a tattered mirror on the right. Due to the impact, the mirror was covered in cracks. But when Wang Guofeng tried to stand up, he could sense the pain in his five viscera and six bowels. He subconsciously knew that he had suffered internal injuries.

Mo Sun’er might be foolish and stupid, but Wang Guofeng was the source of evil.

Wang Guofeng made use of her kindness to lay a trap and lured her in.

The three slaps that Su Tao gave to Mo Sun’er was his disappointment in her.

By beating up Wang Guofeng, Su Tao wanted to tell him that persisting in evil brings only self-destruction.

While Wang Guofeng was still in a daze, he was dragged to his original spot before he felt pain on his cheeks once more. Another foul taste came into his mouth. Su Tao had stepped his head on the ground once more.

As Wang Guofeng gasped for breath, he didn’t dare to raise his head again, fearing that Su Tao might repeat the whole process once more. He’s a wise man, and he knew that a man had to be flexible when required. At this moment, he couldn’t afford to go against Su Tao. Thus, he could only bear with it for now and set up an arrangement again. After all, ten years wasn’t too late for a gentleman to take his revenge.

“It won’t benefit you if you kill me! If you let me go, I’ll promise you anything!” Wang Guofeng laid on the ground as he promised. “I can facilitate the cooperation with the Medical Dao Sect and Three Flavour Hall. If the Three Flavour Hall wants to develop, you will need talents, and if the Medical Dao Sect’s blockage is removed and their talents are at the Three Flavour Hall, the Three Flavour Hall will be able to swiftly develop!”

Hence, Wang Guofeng resorted to another method to deal with the current situation.

Just when Wang Guofeng was guessing Su Tao’s response, his body lifted from the ground again. Su Tao had unleashed a hook to his chin, which made him fly three to four meters away before he weakly rolled on the ground.

He still had some consciousness left, but he was already going insane in his heart. Su Tao didn’t accept any of his offers, the latter was simply a demon!

“I will be asking you questions, and I want the complete truth. Otherwise, you will only suffer. You’re a physician, so you should know that I have many methods to torture the hell out of someone.” Su Tao’s cold voice resounded.

“Alright!” Wang Guofeng did not dare to utter another word. He was afraid of provoking this demon before him.

Through the entire beating, Su Tao made Wang Guofeng know the meaning of terror!

As long as fear was accumulated to a level, the person’s brain would collapse. At that time, getting the truth out of someone was easy!

Although Su Tao could use another method like the Finger of Hell, it wasn’t as satisfying as burying his fist in Wang Guofeng’s face.

Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan caused trouble for him over the past few months, and if he wasn’t strong enough, he would have been finished by now.

He won’t offend others if he’s not offended; if others offend him, he will repay it ten-fold!

Su Tao has never lacked any demonic traits in his body, so he could only relieve the fury in his heart by using his fist against Wang Guofeng.

“Why did you lure Mo Sun’er?” Su Tao coldly questioned.

“Because she’s pure and has feelings for me. So I felt that it would be easy for me to obtain her trust!” Wang Guofeng could only answer the truth to save his life.

“So, do you have any feelings for her?” Su Tao continued.

“Feelings? Ever since Liu Ruochen rejected me, I have lost feelings for any woman in the world! They’re all ungrateful and fickle-minded!” Wang Guofeng spoke in agitation.

“Does the Medical Dao Sect have any scheme for the Aqua Cloud Stream?” Su Tao threw out his third question.

When Wang Guofeng was replying to this question, he was somewhat slow. But facing Su Tao’s ruthless means, he could only swiftly organise his words, “The Medical Dao Sect is an elite TCM sect, and the Aqua Cloud Stream is the first sect that we intend to devour, which the entire plan lied in the marriage between Liu Ruochen and I. It cannot be considered as a scheme since we need to connect together for TCM to rise as a whole. Although the Aqua Cloud Stream has been progressing well under Liu Ruochen’s management, it still pales when compared to the Medical Dao Sect’s foundation for the past thousands of years. But the plan fell out when Liu Ruochen cancelled the engagement!”

Hearing those words, Su Tao sighed. He never expected that there would be such internal struggles between sects.

The reputable Medical Dao Sect actually has the ambition to devour the other TCM sects.

All of a sudden, Su Tao noticed that Wang Guofeng was nothing as an opponent, his real enemy was the Medical Dao Sect.

Wang Guofeng was a leader amongst the younger generations nurtured by the Medical Dao Sect. If his reputation was tarnished, the Medical Dao Sect could just choose someone else, which meant that Su Tao would have a new opponent.

Last night, Song Sichen had already told him about the severity of the blockade that the Medical Dao Sect issued to the Three Flavour Hall. Even with the TCM Alliance as a foundation, it’s still pale when compared to the Medical Dao Sect, who was acknowledged as the leader within the TCM industry since the alliance was just created half a year ago.

“Is there anything else you want to ask?” Wang Guofeng took the initiation to ask, seeing that Su Tao went silent.

“Nope!” Letting out a sigh, Su Tao stood up. “Ruochen, you guys have heard that, right? You guys can come out now!”

Shock flickered in Wang Guofeng’s eyes, since he instantly figured it out. Su Tao must have a device on him, which would allow Liu Ruochen to tap in on their conversation through that device.

A few minutes later, Liu Ruochen walked out with a woman in her fifties.

Looking at that woman, Wang Guofeng had shock flash in his eyes as he stuttered, “M-Martial Aunt… Pan… w-why are you here?!”

That woman was naturally Liu Ruochen and Mo Sun’er’s master, the previous Sect Master of the Aqua Cloud Stream — Pan Zhuyun. She initially wanted to follow Liu Ruochen to Hanzhou City to gain an understanding of Su Tao, but she never expected that she would witness such an exciting show.

Turning to Su Tao, Pan Zhuyuan apologised, “I’m sorry for hiding my identity from you!” She had concealed her identity and claimed to be an elder of Liu Ruochen’s to gain an understanding of Su Tao.

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, “Senior Pan, you’re too modest. Actually, Liu Ruochen has already told me about your identity, and even if she didn’t, I would have still been able to recognise you. After all, you’re a divine physician of this generation, and there are many photos of you on the internet.”

With a wry smile creeping on her lips, Pan Zhuyun responded, “So I’ve made a fool out of myself! But I have to thank you for today. Otherwise, I would still be in the dark about this matter. When we grow older, we tend to be muddled. In the future, I will not interfere with Ruochen’s matters anymore!”

When she finished, she turned to look at Wang Guofeng before sighing out in disdain, “Guofeng, I’m very disappointed in you!”
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