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Chapter 185 - On Wits’ End

Su Tao gave Jin Guoxiang a massage using the slapping technique that he was proficient with after acupuncture. His hand was semi-clenched, and his thumbs straightened out as he slapped the latter’s leg with a rhythm. Jin Guoxiang also swiftly felt a heat surging from his injuries, like rain descending upon the desert or spring coming upon a withered tree.

By the time he finished the massage, Jin Guoxiang was covered in sweat and he smiled. “Although I’ve tried massages in the past, it never felt as satisfying as today.”

Su Tao wiped his hands with a towel and smiled. “Massage is profound, and it’s also an important technique to treat and prevent illnesses. However, many people have categorised TCM massage with those ordinary massages. TCM massage emphasises on circulating the blood flow, so not only can it ease the tension in muscles and bones, but it can also strengthen the body.”

Jin Guoxiang slowly got down from the bed and tried to move his leg. He felt a soft flow of energy through his leg. Taking a glance at his watch, he smiled. “It’s not early now, why don’t you take a rest and lunch before we pay a visit to the Old Head?”

Nodding his head, Su Tao responded, “I’ll follow your arrangement!”

The more Jin Guoxiang looked at Su Tao, the more he felt that Su Tao was a talent. Despite his young age, he’s steady when it came to handling matters. There’s a sharpness in him that’s concealed most of the time, like a sheathed sword. He gave off a comfortable feeling. After a brief, casual chat in the living room, an aromatic wave drifted out from the dining room and Jin Guoxiang brought Su Tao over. Since Su Tao had another patient to treat, there wasn’t any alcohol on the table, and Jin Guoxiang had used tea instead of wine to toast with Su Tao. Naturally, Su Tao also responded accordingly with indifference.

Su Tao wasn't arrogant, and he was just acting under the rules of physicians. Jin Guoxiang might be a significant figure in the eyes of others, but he’s just a patient to Su Tao. So if Su Tao had replied with flattery, not only would he lose the dignity of a physician, he would also sprout distrust in his patient. TCM treatment emphasised more on the readjustment of the patient’s mentality, by raising the healing factor of the body and immunity to achieve treatment.

Although the meal was sumptuous, there were also more condiments and oil used. Su Tao stood up and rearranged the dishes’ positions with a smile. “You just finished your acupuncture and massage session, so you can’t eat so heavily.”

Shaking his head, Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled. “I was prepared to be hospitable to Divine Physician Su, which is why I got these dishes prepared. I normally eat rather lightly.” When he finished speaking, he picked up a leaf of spinach and put it in his mouth.

How could Su Tao not tell Jin Guoxiang’s diet? He just didn’t want to expose the latter, so he continued, “Not only does your diet have to be light, but you also have to cut down on alcohol intake.”

Jin Guoxiang awkwardly smiled. He knew that Su Tao had seen through his love for alcohol, so he responded, “I’ll listen to the doctor’s advice.”

Jin Guoxiang was also a person with a noble status, so out of consideration for him, Su Tao smiled. “Speaking of alcohol, let me tell you a story. A drunkard had an odd inspiration when he was drunk, to fish on ice. Thus, he brought his tools along and found a huge patch of ice and started to dig a hole. Suddenly, a voice sounded out, telling him that there isn’t any fish beneath the ice. The drunkard looked around, but he couldn’t find that person who was speaking to him before he continued to dig. For the second time, the voice sounded out again, reminding him once again that there isn’t any fish below. Looking around, the drunkard still couldn’t find anyone. On the third time when the reminder resounded, the drunkard was furious and refuted, ‘How do you know that there isn’t any fish below? Are you a god?’ That voice replied calmly, ‘I’m not a god, but the manager of this ice rink.’”

When Jin Guoxiang heard that story, he couldn’t help smiling. “An interesting story, but there’s a warning behind it.”

Su Tao nodded his head and smiled. “Alcohol in low quantities can stimulate the flow of blood, but excessive alcohol intake would only bring harm to your liver. Heavy drinking will also cause a serious toll on the body, which is the reason why I advised you not to drink. Otherwise, it’d take at least two to three years for your injury to be completely healed.”

Jin Guoxiang widened his mouth after being intimidated by Su Tao, then he immediately shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll not touch alcohol anymore. Actually, drinking too much alcohol doesn’t taste good, and most of the time we’re drinking for our face. With Divine Physician Su’s advice, I’ll have a good excuse to be exempted from alcohol now.”

Su Tao smiled upon hearing that. As long as anyone cherished their lives, the doctor’s instructions generally held authority.

After lunch, he followed Jin Guoxiang to the Recuperation Section. Despite driving at a pretty high speed, it was steady, and they arrived at their destination roughly half an hour later. When they came to the courtyard, they saw an old man who was at least in his seventies lying on a folding chair with a small wooden table beside him. Aside from the tea set, there’s also a birdcage on the table.

The old man had closed his eyes and was sunbathing. His mood seemed pretty good with an old-fashioned radio by his side. Although the sound wasn’t tuned exceptionally high, it was playing a piece of opera music and his fingers continuously tapped on the armrest. Standing behind him was a lady who seemed to be in her twenties. She wore a navy-knitted coat with brown knee-length boots and her glistering black hair was draped over her shoulders. Just from her silhouette alone, it made one wonder what kind of woman she was.

Jin Guoxiang gently coughed, and the lady turned around. Her brows were detailed with a touch of shine and brightly illuminated eyes. Her figure wasn’t considered ample, and it was leaning towards a skinny figure. But looking at her from the side, she looked tender and pure, like a lotus in a lake.

“Grandfather, Uncle Jin is here.” The lady spoke in the ears of the old man.

The old man opened his eyes and straightened his back, waving his hand as he nodded his head with a smile in the direction of Jin Guoxiang. The latter also turned to Su Tao. “Let’s head over.”

When Jin Guoxiang went over, he first greeted the lady, “Junzhuo, why are you here today?”

Shui Junzhuo briefly cast a glance at Su Tao, who was standing behind Jin Guoxiang, before she replied with a smile, “I just happen to be on holiday, so I came to visit grandfather.”

With a trace of helpless flashing in Jin Guoxiang’s eyes, he lowered his voice, “Sire, how are you?”

Shui Junzhuo helplessly shook her head with a bitter smile. “Still the same as always.” When she finished speaking, she placed her finger by her lips and shook them twice with a bitter expression.

Jin Guoxiang sighed, and just when he wanted to introduce Su Tao, a Physician wearing a white coat and a nurse came over. The Physician looked roughly in his thirties. He said from afar, “The weather is cold, and the Head can’t catch a cold. Let’s return to the house.”

An awkward expression appeared on Shui Junzhuo’s face as she said, “Physician Guan, my grandfather was feeling bored, so he came out to have some fresh air.”

Guan Yang sighed, “Let’s return to the house; I have to perform a full body checkup for him.”

Shui Junzhuo was also helpless against the instruction of the doctor. Thus, she moved towards the old man to convince him. The old man gently snorted, then walked towards the house. Su Tao was looking at the old man’s complexion while maintaining his silence.

When they entered the ward, Guan Yang performed a full body checkup with the nurse, while Jin Guoxiang introduced Su Tao to Shui Junzhuo with a smile on his face, “This is Su Tao. Although he looks young, he’s a brilliant doctor. I brought him here to take a look at the Head.”

Shui Junzhuo turned to look at Su Tao after hearing Jin Guoxiang’s words. Although she trusted Jin Guoxiang, it was hard to believe that Su Tao, someone so young, would possess any brilliant medical skills, so she helplessly said, “Grandfather has lost his voice for nearly a month now. We’ve also tried getting a few famous doctors, but they were all helpless because there’s nothing wrong with grandfather’s checkups. They all said that he would recover after resting for a while.”

As they spoke, Guan Yang had already completed his checkup and came out. He looked at Shui Junzhuo and sighed at her beauty, thinking how fortunate he would be if she could be his girlfriend.

Concerned about her grandfather’s situation, Shui Junzhuo asked, “Doctor, how’s my grandfather’s situation?”

With the intention to flaunt his authority, Guan Yang knitted his brows and sighed before shaking his head, “This is hard to say.” Guan Yang wasn’t wrong in giving such an evaluation, but it would also mislead the patient’s kin to think that something significant has occurred.

Shui Junzhuo’s brows were tightly knitted as she replied, “You don’t have to hide it from me. You can tell me what’s wrong with my grandfather.”

Su Tao, who was standing on the side, knitted his brows and felt that it would be a pity if Guan Yang didn’t go and become an actor.

Guan Yang coughed and helplessly said, “Why don’t we talk in my office about your grandfather’s situation?”

Out of concern for her grandfather’s situation, Shui Junzhuo straightforwardly nodded her head. “Sure, I’ll follow you to your office.”

In his heart, Guan Yang rejoiced. He felt his heart throbbing the first time he met Shui Junzhuo. Although he came from a good family, he had always thought of advancing further. Despite the Shui Family not interfering in politics, they still held an authoritative status in the Eastern Military Camp, and Guan Yang had his own ambition. The pay in the camp’s Recuperation Section wasn’t bad, but he still wished to find a springboard to leap into the sky!

Su Tao shook his head and watched Shui Junzhuo leave. Sensing that, Jin Guoxiang misunderstood, thinking that Su Tao had discovered Old Head’s situation, which was most likely troublesome and solemnly said, “Divine Physician Su, even you’re on your wits’ end about this situation?”
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