Phantasia: The Princess Knight
215 A New Beginning! Part Two
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Phantasia: The Princess Knight
Author :invayne
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215 A New Beginning! Part Two

It has been a year since the war and Alicia never forgot the day she felt her mother's presence. But Old Mu, who Alicia respectfully calls Grandpa Mu, explained to her that in a few hundred years her mother will come to this planet. Alicia was happy about this but at the same time a little sad that she did not get to speak to her mother at the time.

With Grandpa Mu's help, Alicia was starting to learn to control her Celestial power gradually as she learned exactly what the power was. She found that Celestial power worked differently than magic power and that her current reserves of Celestial power were rather weak. She also learned that her current body had two reserves. She had the Magi Sack which contained her Magic power. Then there was what Grandpa Mu called a Celestial Sea that her Magi Sack was currently floating upon. 

Grandpa Mu said she was what was called a dual user like her mother. A Magi Sack allowed a person to use Magic Power of the elements but did not strengthen the body permanently. A Celestial Sea could be cultivated to help strengthen the body, making it stronger and tougher. Once the Magic Domain is created it will merge with the Celestial Sea creating a Star Domain. One of the most powerful domains any Celestial could have. A Celestial without a Magi Sack would never be able to form a Star Domain.

"Grandpa Mu, After I form a Star Domain is there anything else after that, or does it end at the domain?" Alicia asked. 

"After you form your Star Domain you will have to form your chaos core. Until your Chaos Core is formed the power of your Star Domain will be extremely weak. For now, just concentrate on expanding your celestial sea. It has only been a year since you officially started cultivating it alongside your Magi Sack. To be honest I am surprised that your current Celestial sea is so big without proper direction on how to cultivate it. This might have something to do with your other bloodline..."Grandpa Mu explained.

"My other bloodline? What do you mean? Because I am half human?" Alicia asked. She never heard of having a second bloodline before? 

"Haha… Forget I said anything for now. I will let your mother explain." Grandpa Mu didn't dare reveal anything about her second bloodline just yet. It could get her in a lot of trouble. She needed to be strong enough before she knew of her other origins. "Alright, that ends today's lesson. You are supposed to go out today and start taking missions again from the Adventurers Guild. 

"You were promoted to a SS Rank Adventure so you will need to go out alone from now on. Your little husband was also promoted which is why he is out and about roaming the world now. This will be a good experience for you. It is time for you to expand your horizons. I have talked to your father and we both decided that you will start a two year journey. Going between each area, taking missions from the Adventurers guilds there. Go pack your things. You can only bring your space with your daughter and the little dragon girl. Everyone else has to stay. So make sure you say your goodbyes. Oh and take this." Grandpa Mu took out a pendant attached to a silver chain.

"This is?" Alicia asked.

"When you are ready to leave, put it on. It will change your appearance to that of a young boy. This way people will not recognize you while you are out and about. It's for your own protection and so that powerful people of this world can not use you to harm the kingdom you love so much." Grandpa Mu planned to secretly follow her to make sure she would not die. But he was not about to tell Alicia that. The pendant he gave her was a very powerful item that actually changed the gender of a person and did not use illusion magic to mask one's appearance. It would make it almost impossible for anyone to know that Alicia was a girl.

Alicia took the pendant and smiled. She gave Grandpa Mu a bow and said: "Thank you Grandpa Mu!"

Alicia was quite excited, she had been working hard this past year under Grandpa Mu's tutelage. She had learned a lot about her own family's history and about her mother. Now she would finally get to explore Phantasia. She had two years before she had to return. She wondered what lands she would get to see in her upcoming travels and what kind of people and races she would encounter as well. Phantasia was a large world bigger than she had ever expected with only one continent that took up half the world itself. So there were many, many lands out there that Alicia had never even heard of. She hoped one day she would get to visit all of these places.

Alicia packed her things and said her goodbyes. Frey sat on her shoulder and Loeri stood next to her as she hugged King Augustus and her sisters one last time. "Alicia, remember, be here before you turn fifteen. Your coming of age ceremony will be held then. The bronze mirror I gave you will let you contact me if anything goes wrong. Oh, and the most important thing. All of us here love you. So make sure you return to us safe and sound. "

"I will! I love you all as well! I am off and I will be back in two years!" Alicia said as she turned and wiped the tears in her eyes. She loved her new family very much and hoped when she returned that they would all be safe. Luckily she could translocate back at any time. So she could wander as far as she wanted without worry about getting back on time. 

Five houses passed and a young boy's scream could be heard coming from a nearby inn. "What is that between my legs!"


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