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198 The Rise Of Alastine Part One

The next day Alicia spent her time learning the ins and outs of how to rule a kingdom. Under Prime Minister Charles's watchful eyes all the nobles who came to give Alicia guidance had done so without steering her in the wrong direction. 

A few weeks passed and Alicia was now sitting in a meeting with all the top advisors of Alastine. Most of them had an astonished look on their faces. During the past few weeks, Alicia had successfully brought in over five million Alastine citizens into the capital. With the help of the Magi Masters' Hall, she was able to erect a large barrier that spaned a three days journey outside the capital allowing for them to have land for farming. But none this was the reason for the look in the advisor's eyes.

"Your Highness are you saying the entire area will be…" Military Advisor Harlow did not finish his words. Because Alicia's idea was just too crazy!

"Yes, the entire area. Here see this map..." Alicia pointed to the area that encircled the entire capital. "The green circle is the barrier that is now in place around the capital. It is also the cutoff point on which I plan to lift off the ground. I had wanted to know why the Beast Kingdom was so bent on attacking Alastine and found that there is something hidden under the capital that seems to be their goal. 

"If we leave things as is by the time they get here they could very well try to burrow underground, while keeping us busy, and steal whatever this object is. But by lifting the entire area into the sky not only can we protect the citizens of Alastine better, we can also strengthen the barrier on the under half of the capital and run less of a risk of any more deaths. "

Seeing the faces of the advisor seemingly not willing to undergo such a feat Prime MInister Charles stepped forward and continued to explain. " Basically what her Highness is trying to do is retain our military, protect the objective the enemy wants to get a hold of and at the same time make it easy to destroy our enemies. "

Alicia smiled and Prime Minister Charles and continued where he left off. "As Prime Minister Charles has said, we are doing this for many reasons, the main reason is our food supply can only last so long. We have already lost a large number of farmlands. We have millions of people in the capital that require the items produced on the farmlands to eat and work. 

" This was the main reason why I had such a big barrier put up even if it was a daunting task. The lands that we have now can at least be used for farming but they will most likely not show a yield for months. And we can not expect the barrier to hold on if it has to be extended so far out. With raising the area into the sky, we only have to worry about reinforcing the underside of the floating landmass. A small thinner barrier that requires little to no power can be used for the top half."

Alicia looked at all the nobles who seemed to be lost in thought. Military Advisor Harlow was the first to speak up again as he said: "This plan might work well. I was worried about what we would do once the enemies broke our barriers but if we can consolidate and strengthen the barrier in a central area it would be almost impossible to break from the ground. I am in!" 

With Military Advisor Harlow consent the rest of the advisor followed. With all the advisor consents Alicia began giving out orders once again. While she was working with the Magi Masters, she had the rest of the advisor oversee the tying down of landmarks in order to secure them enough so they would not get destroyed in the process of the landmass rising.

"I did not think you would come up with such an idea." Blake said quietly as the two walked side by side.

"I do not want to risk my powers going out of control again. Although I am angered that the people in the outer areas of Alastine are more than likely either dead or suffering. I do not want that to happen to those who I can save. Because I know that if the capital ever did fall under attack I think I would lose my mind and not even a kiss from you would be able to bring me back. Blake... " Alicia stopped her steps and turned around and looked at Blake. "I lost my home once. I do not want to lose it again. Once the enemy shows their faces I plan to wipe them from Alastine lands, after I retrieve my Royal Father. If they do not return Royal Father to me then I will have no choice but to hold their countries hostage in exchange for him. "

"You mean, like how you destroyed Fernalia?" Blake asked as he pulled Alicia into a hug.

"What I did to Fernalia will be the last resort. I will only threaten them. Unless it is absolutely necessary I do not want to kill innocent people again." What she did to Fernalia, was something she will never forget and will always regret. She wished she had better control of her emotions and did not let her power go out of her control. But what was done was now done there was no turning back. 


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