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Pet King

Author:Jie Po

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Updates:Chapter 683: The Willing Shall Take the Bait

1. Download a suspicious game 2. Catch a few magical pets as partners 3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level 宠物天王
《Pet King》 Text
Chapter 1: Amazing Fate Pet Shop
Chapter 2: Pet Hunter
Chapter 3: Beginner Tutorial
Chapter 4: Nulla Luctus Felis
Chapter 5: Lottery
Chapter 6: Breeding Base
Chapter 7: The Pet’s Home
Chapter 8: The Meaning of The Pet Shop
Chapter 9: The Release
Chapter 10: Naming
Chapter 11: Ready for Business
Chapter 12: Grand Opening
Chapter 13: Favorability Mission
Chapter 14: Loser in Hide and Seek
Chapter 15: The Observer of Destiny
Chapter 16: Morning Exercises
Chapter 17: Look Forward to the Future
Chapter 18: The Real Guest
Chapter 19: The First One!
Chapter 20: The Falling of the First Domino
Chapter 21: Showing Off
Chapter 22: Wang Haige Forum
Chapter 23: Cyber War
Chapter 24: The Second Mythical Creature Appears
Chapter 25: Searching for the Target
Chapter 26: Longfeng Jewelry Store
Chapter 27: The Diamond Ring
Chapter 28: Maneki-Neko
Chapter 29: Two Customers
Chapter 30: One More Customer
Chapter 31: A Siamese Cat for Sale
Chapter 32: An Unfinished Business Deal
Chapter 33: One by One
Chapter 34: Shi Shi
Chapter 35: The Computer Geek
Chapter 36: Small Gambling was Entertaining
Chapter 37: What a Paranoid Cat
Chapter 38: Shining Little Stones
Chapter 39: Is This the Best Era?
Chapter 40: Developing New Business
Chapter 41: A Pair of Good Friends
Chapter 42: The Advanced Animal-Taming Skills
Chapter 43: The Big Door of a New World
Chapter 44: Momentary Crisis
Chapter 45: A Hard-to-Please Cat
Chapter 46: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You
Chapter 47: Eating, Drinking, and Having Fun in Binhai
Chapter 48: Tuhao[1] Versus Hillbilly
Chapter 49: Why Are You So Awesome
Chapter 50: Kittens Doing Stunts
Chapter 51: Pilfering Doesn’t Count as Stealing
Chapter 52: Two Became One
Chapter 53: Damn Single
Chapter 54: End of Friendship
Chapter 55: Mineral Spring Water, I Only Drink Evian
Chapter 56: Baking a Fish
Chapter 57: People Are Inferior to Cats
Chapter 58: Uncle Jin, The Dog Walking Man
Chapter 59: What the F*ck
Chapter 60: Increase Friendliness
Chapter 61: Occupational Illness
Chapter 62: The Best Customer
Chapter 63: Su Min’s Decision
Chapter 64: Missing A Huge Deal!
Chapter 65: Cultivated Immortality Last Night Again
Chapter 66: Shiny Things
Chapter 67: Aunt Liu, Who Loves to Take Advantage
Chapter 68: Self-service Cat Bathing
Chapter 69: The Lonely Illustrator
Chapter 70: Difference in Value
Chapter 71: Bathe
Chapter 72: Witty Aunt Liu
Chapter 73: The Issue of Marriage
Chapter 74: First Time in Stars Pet Chain Supermarket
Chapter 75: Tricky City
Chapter 76: A Deal Stealer
Chapter 77: The Issue of Market Share
Chapter 78: Fighting for Your Rights
Chapter 79: Second Group Starts, Sending message if come
Chapter 80: The Hottie
Chapter 81: Never Have Seen Such a Brazen Person
Chapter 82: Bathing Cage (1)
Chapter 83: Cat Washing Cages (Part 2)
Chapter 84: Same Dog as the British Queen
Chapter 85: Until Death Do You Guys Apart
Chapter 86: The Guard From Ancient Egypt
Chapter 87: The Problem with Returning Customers
Chapter 88: The New Direction
Chapter 89: A Dream of Two Thousand Years
Chapter 90: The Horn of War
Chapter 91: Collaboration Proposal
Chapter 92: Victoria’s Secret
Chapter 93: Mr. Liar
Chapter 94: The Third Elfin
Chapter 95: Running into an Acquaintance
Chapter 96: Appreciate Life
Chapter 97: Teahouse in the Hidden Fog
Chapter 98: The Benevolent & Righteous Cat
Chapter 99: Ice Water
Chapter 100: Mr. Pretend-To-Know-It-All
Chapter 101: A Rainy Day
Chapter 102: The Male Owner
Chapter 103: RPG
Chapter 104: No Kneeling Down
Chapter 105: A Good Girl
Chapter 106: Rancor
Chapter 107: A Temporary Staff Member
Chapter 108: No Way Out
Chapter 109: The Survey
Chapter 110: Glamour Beauty Salon
Chapter 111: Suggestions and Warnings (1)
Chapter 112: Suggestions and Warnings (2)
Chapter 113: The Membership System
Chapter 114: The Diorama
Chapter 115: The Pet Food Problem
Chapter 116: The Returned Samoya
Chapter 117: The Real Cause
Chapter 118: A Naughty Kid
Chapter 119: Divine!
Chapter 120: The Desired Benevolence
Chapter 121: The Dead End
Chapter 122: The Family Secret Method
Chapter 123: The Dream of Glorious Age
Chapter 124: The Lonely Illustrator
Chapter 125: UFO
Chapter 126: The Depressed Show Host
Chapter 127: Not Only A RPG Game
Chapter 128: People of The Same Trade
Chapter 129: The Ragdoll
Chapter 130: Running Away
Chapter 131: Tit for Tat!
Chapter 132: Ready for The Fight
Chapter 133: The Empty City Strategy
Chapter 134: Qing Ren Lane
Chapter 135: Qing Ren
Chapter 136: A Small Deal
Chapter 137: The Dream of the Glorious Age
Chapter 138: Rainbow Warriors
Chapter 139: The Dream of the Glorious Age was Gone
Chapter 140: The Breakfast Vendor
Chapter 141: Guinea Pig
Chapter 142: An Undistinguished Hero
Chapter 143: A Strange Signal
Chapter 144: The Benevolence
Chapter 145: The Ocean’s Roar
Chapter 146: Learn Kung Fu To Get Girls
Chapter 147: The Fairy Cat
Chapter 148: Illusions
Chapter 149: The Real Fight
Chapter 150: A Trip For Righteousness
Chapter 151: A Trip For More Righteousness
Chapter 152: It Would Become Popular
Chapter 153: A New Start
Chapter 154: I Want to Read a Poem
Chapter 155: Raising Pets on The Internet
Chapter 156: The Cutest Dog
Chapter 157: A Lolita Complex
Chapter 158: The Fate of Two Dogs
Chapter 159: Starting A New Restaurant
Chapter 160: Visit
Chapter 161: The Wrong Generation
Chapter 162: Bitten
Chapter 163: No Raw Food
Chapter 164: A Door in Galaxy’s Heart
Chapter 165: Feeding the Cats
Chapter 166: Compensation Exchanged for Commutation
Chapter 167: A School Student
Chapter 168: Pet King War
Chapter 169: Extra Worries
Chapter 170: Going Out For a Walk
Chapter 171: A Hero Protects Three Villages
Chapter 172: Promise Made After Three Cups of Tea
Chapter 173: Release Power Like a Cat
Chapter 174: An Official Settlement
Chapter 175: An Artistic Designer
Chapter 176: The Fourth Elfin
Chapter 177: A Special Ratio
Chapter 178: Missing Each Other
Chapter 179: The War Between Two Maneki-nekos
Chapter 180: Condition to Appear Invisible
Chapter 181: Calling Its Real Name
Chapter 182: A Special Experience
Chapter 183: Planned Route
Chapter 184: Search Along the Route
Chapter 185: On the Observatory
Chapter 186: Life and Death
Chapter 187: Finish What You Start
Chapter 188: The Elfin in Class
Chapter 189: A B*tch Bird Elfin
Chapter 190: A Safe Move
Chapter 191: Captain Sheng’s Visit
Chapter 192: A Stolen Luxury Watch
Chapter 193: Surveillance Camera
Chapter 194: Mission Accepted
Chapter 195: The Blooming Flowers and Full Moon
Chapter 196: Understanding the Bird
Chapter 197: Get a Fashionable Name
Chapter 198: A Temporizer
Chapter 199: A Bird that Finds Destined Love for People
Chapter 200: Apprehension
Chapter 201: In the Name of Decoding Words
Chapter 202: A Fitness Plan
Chapter 203: Going Out for a Field Trip
Chapter 204: Testing the water
Chapter 205: Life in the Past
Chapter 206: Clue Search
Chapter 207: Haste Makes Waste
Chapter 208: A Forever Tie
Chapter 209: the Maze
Chapter 210: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 211: Seeking the Elfin
Chapter 212: Linqing Lion Cat
Chapter 213: Fina Loses Control
Chapter 214: Ill-gotten Wealth
Chapter 215: The Cat from the Book
Chapter 216: The Cat Training Ancestor
Chapter 217: Mysteries Unsolved
Chapter 218: Giving A Name
Chapter 219: Two-Way Apprehension
Chapter 220: Little Celery
Chapter 221: Talking with Pets
Chapter 222: Apprehension
Chapter 223: Richard Deserves Rewards
Chapter 224: The Super-rich and the Parrot
Chapter 225: The Renovation Plan
Chapter 226: “My Mom Doesn’t Recognize Me.”
Chapter 227: Sickness Comes on Horseback
Chapter 228: The Fading Memories
Chapter 229: Psittacosis
Chapter 230: An Important Mission
Chapter 231: The Perfect Dubbing
Chapter 232: Raising A Parrot Legally
Chapter 233: English Idiot
Chapter 234: Repaying Mom’s Love
Chapter 235: A Cry from Deep Inside the Soul
Chapter 236: The Power of Habit
Chapter 237: Who am I?
Chapter 238: Whistles
Chapter 239: Phoenix House
Chapter 240: Rejected from Entry
Chapter 241: Academic Significance
Chapter 242: The Designer’s Insights
Chapter 243: Lovebirds
Chapter 244: The Black-Collared Love Bird
Chapter 245: Red-headed Lovebirds
Chapter 246: The Famous Nature Magazine
Chapter 247: Lessons Learned from Previous Mistakes
Chapter 248: Cosplay
Chapter 249: Never Lend My Wife or Cats
Chapter 250: The Tall, Wealthy and Handsome Guy
Chapter 251: Whiskers
Chapter 252: There Is No Choice
Chapter 253: The Unemployed Cat
Chapter 254: In Search of True Love
Chapter 255: Three-legged Cat
Chapter 256: A Seesaw to Friendship
Chapter 257: Breakdown
Chapter 258: A Bird Lover
Chapter 259: Goddess’s Messenger
Chapter 260: The Picky Snowy Lionet
Chapter 261: Gap Moe
Chapter 262: The So-Called Tsundere
Chapter 263: Masterpiece
Chapter 264: Decoding and Encoding
Chapter 265: You Can, You Up
Chapter 266: Needs Help
Chapter 267: Crow Like a Cock and Snatch Like a Dog
Chapter 268: As Lazy as I am
Chapter 269: Different Ways
Chapter 270: A Plan to Play Pranks
Chapter 271: True Language
Chapter 272: Warmth in the Old Days
Chapter 273: The New Nurse
Chapter 274: Trick Succeeded
Chapter 275: Niche Dog
Chapter 276: All Alone in a Foreign Land
Chapter 277: Genetic Disease
Chapter 278: Free Labor
Chapter 279: Sound in the Kitchen
Chapter 280: Yesterday Once More
Chapter 281: Poor Little Thing
Chapter 282: Hide and Seek Experiment
Chapter 283: Goodbye, Doctor
Chapter 284: Difficult Business
Chapter 285: Dog in Shorts
Chapter 286: Great Decision
Chapter 287: To Stay or To Go
Chapter 288: Coughing
Chapter 289: The Painful Husky
Chapter 290: Dork
Chapter 291: Ask for Help
Chapter 292: Invitation to Stepping into the Jar
Chapter 293: Emergency
Chapter 294: Critical Condition
Chapter 295: Knowledgeable about both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 296: Everyone Performs Their Own Duties
Chapter 297: Need For Speed
Chapter 298: Racing Legend of Akina Mountain
Chapter 299: Heaven is in his Favor
Chapter 300: The Unbearable Heaviness of Being
Chapter 301: Where I Should Go
Chapter 302: Away from My Love
Chapter 303: Here She Comes Again
Chapter 304: Vlogger
Chapter 305: Three Forms of Unfilial Conduct
Chapter 306: Looking Back in the Past
Chapter 307: New Stunts
Chapter 308: Will Go Viral
Chapter 309: Absolute Foreigners
Chapter 310: Over the Great Wall
Chapter 311: Quoting from Classics
Chapter 312: Teenage Syndromes
Chapter 313: Getting into Trouble again
Chapter 314: Basic Wing Chun Kung Fu Wears Away Rock with Water
Chapter 315: Conditions of Speaking
Chapter 316: Magic of Languages
Chapter 317: Confession
Chapter 318: No Offense
Chapter 319: A Driver that Wasn’t Driving
Chapter 320: Asking for Opinions
Chapter 321: Back to the Old Days
Chapter 322: Gayer-Anderson Cat
Chapter 323: I Will Take Anything
Chapter 324: Gift for Reopening Ceremony
Chapter 325: Item from Ancient Times
Chapter 326: Amazing Fate Hook Shop
Chapter 327: A Returned Customer
Chapter 328: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
Chapter 329: Avi Display Quality
Chapter 330: Job Posting
Chapter 331: Not Publicly Displaying Affection
Chapter 332: Mystery in History
Chapter 333: Fortune Telling
Chapter 334: YouTube Partnership
Chapter 335: Unexpected Competitor
Chapter 336: Blue Climax
Chapter 337: Strive for Cooperation
Chapter 338: Over A Great Distance
Chapter 339: Friends Visiting from Afar
Chapter 340: Good Teamwork
Chapter 341: Origin of the Name
Chapter 342: Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 343: Blooming Flower
Chapter 344: Showing Support
Chapter 345: Issuing Certificates
Chapter 346: Across the Ocean
Chapter 347: The Time I Thought Happiness Came So Naturally
Chapter 348: Qi
Chapter 349: Astonishing Techniques
Chapter 350: Into the Wilderness
Chapter 351: Nightwish
Chapter 352: A Recent Incident
Chapter 353: A Match for House Cats
Chapter 354: Exclusive Interview
Chapter 355: Old Friends
Chapter 356: Entering the Venue
Chapter 357: Always Waiting
Chapter 358: Heading to Hollywood
Chapter 359: The Fifth Elfin
Chapter 360: A Place Where Magic Happened
Chapter 361: Kung Fu Superstar
Chapter 362: A Momentary Tenderness
Chapter 363: Never Lost Herself
Chapter 364: Angel in this World
Chapter 365: Dawn
Chapter 366: Reincarnated Dog
Chapter 367: Bakeneko
Chapter 368: Returning Home
Chapter 369: Ten Years After Its Death
Chapter 370: Famous
Chapter 371: Lygophobia
Chapter 372: New Employee
Chapter 373: Firm Opposition
Chapter 374: Safety Guarantee
Chapter 375: Desire for Freedom
Chapter 376: My Angel
Chapter 377: Questions about Imported Cat Food
Chapter 378: First Visit to Dog Market
Chapter 379: Identify Kittens Through Teeth
Chapter 380: Profiteers Everywhere
Chapter 381: Testing in Public
Chapter 382: Distant Relatives
Chapter 383: A Windfall
Chapter 384: The Incredible Brother Zhang
Chapter 385: Life and Death
Chapter 386: The Truth Has Come to Light
Chapter 387: Anticipate Opponents’ Intentions
Chapter 388: When All is Said and Done
Chapter 389: Help Issue Certificate
Chapter 390: Joint Enforcement
Chapter 391: A Heavy Mental Burden
Chapter 392: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 393: A Precious Legacy
Chapter 394: Farewell
Chapter 395: The Domineering Guard
Chapter 396: International Calls
Chapter 397: Airport Pickup
Chapter 398: Learning Without Thinking is Labor in Vain
Chapter 399: Qin Jing
Chapter 400: A Long Pedigree
Chapter 401: Scottish Fold Cats
Chapter 402: The Secret History of Lop-Eared Cats
Chapter 403: Reunion
Chapter 404: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 405: An Unexpected Visit
Chapter 406: Scalper
Chapter 407: Sheng Ke’s Notice
Chapter 408: Buying
Chapter 409: Four Little Swans
Chapter 410: Struggle to Make a Choice
Chapter 411: A Puppy That Needs Little Walking Outdoors
Chapter 412: Having Lunch Together
Chapter 413: A Bird Flying in the Strong Wind
Chapter 414: A Biting Dog
Chapter 415: An Overnight Sensation
Chapter 416: The Director
Chapter 417: The Audition
Chapter 418: Great Performance
Chapter 419: Harsh Test
Chapter 420: Pyrotechnician
Chapter 421: Crossing Fire
Chapter 422: Foreshadowing Crisis
Chapter 423: Protagonist Finalized
Chapter 424: A Dangerous Scene
Chapter 425: Nightmare
Chapter 426: Undercover
Chapter 427: Lie to Me
Chapter 428: Coercion
Chapter 429: Start Working
Chapter 430: Charlotte’s Troubles
Chapter 431: Hidden Dangers in Summer
Chapter 432: Effective Methods to Repel Mosquitoes
Chapter 433: Feng Xuan’s Strict Requirements
Chapter 434: Getting Lunchboxes
Chapter 435: Delicious Salty Food
Chapter 436: Relishing A Feast
Chapter 437: Compromise
Chapter 438: Anecdotes about Police Dogs
Chapter 439: Eavesdropping
Chapter 440: The Different Stewed Beef with Potato
Chapter 441: Understudy
Chapter 442: The Unexpected Answer
Chapter 443: Getting Benefits
Chapter 444: Outdoor Location
Chapter 445: Dark Cuisine
Chapter 446: Wrong Script
Chapter 447: Breaking Bad
Chapter 448: Pet Delivery
Chapter 449: Owing a Favor
Chapter 450: Getting the Casket and Returning the Pearl
Chapter 451: I Want a Cat
Chapter 452: The Model Father
Chapter 453: Guest Shows up
Chapter 454: A Needle Versus a Thorn
Chapter 455: The Tactful Snowy Lionet
Chapter 456: The Disappeared Chausie
Chapter 457: Association of the Pet Exchange Promotion
Chapter 458: Three Good Things About the kitten
Chapter 459: The Classic of Cats Appreciation
Chapter 460: Knitting Wool Ball
Chapter 461: Showtime
Chapter 462: The Adventure of Lu Yiyun
Chapter 463: Police Dog Training Base
Chapter 464: Degeneration
Chapter 465: Be with You for the Long Run
Chapter 466: Let the Right One in
Chapter 467: Beasts
Chapter 468: Tibetan Mastiff
Chapter 469: Nine Dogs and One Mastiff
Chapter 470: Capture the Ringleader First in Order to Capture All His Followers
Chapter 471: Proving Strength
Chapter 472: When You Find the Inner Peace
Chapter 473: Weird Cat
Chapter 474: Youth
Chapter 475: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Chapter 476: Hold Back Your Trick
Chapter 477: Upholding Justice
Chapter 478: Let the Girl Go
Chapter 479: Being Grateful
Chapter 480: Propagate the Doctrine and Impart Professional Knowledge
Chapter 481: Enter the Mountain to Visit
Chapter 482: Classic Culture
Chapter 483: A Thrilling Night Deep in the Mountains
Chapter 484: Today, I Know Who I Am
Chapter 485: Time to Wake Up
Chapter 486: Defeat
Chapter 487: Guarantee Allocation
Chapter 488: Humanistic Care
Chapter 489: Imagined Landscape
Chapter 490: 1918
Chapter 491: The Problem of Providing for the Aged
Chapter 492: Dignity
Chapter 493: A Psalm of Life
Chapter 494: PTSD
Chapter 495: Take You Home
Chapter 496: Movie Dream
Chapter 497: Bring You Home
Chapter 498: A Homage to Youth
Chapter 499: Book a Whole Screening Room
Chapter 500: Movie Mate
Chapter 501: I Am the Protagonist
Chapter 502: Unbearable Memories
Chapter 503: Eleven Feet and Nine Inches
Chapter 504: Friday the Thirteenth
Chapter 505: Confronting the Devil Inside
Chapter 506: Only the Paranoid Survive
Chapter 507: Human Comedy
Chapter 508: The One Who Experienced Metempsychosis in the Imagined Landscape
Chapter 509: A Class on Animal Raising
Chapter 510: Holding A Rabbit
Chapter 511: Purebred and Hybrid
Chapter 512: Dogs Pulling A Sleigh
Chapter 513: Funny Games
Chapter 514: The Plan for the School Founding Anniversary
Chapter 515: Having a Girlfriend So Soon?
Chapter 516: The Final Rehearsal
Chapter 517: When Christmas Comes to Town
Chapter 518: The Best Performance
Chapter 519: Jingle Bells
Chapter 520: Dog Trapping
Chapter 521: Gang
Chapter 522: Danger
Chapter 523: Tracking
Chapter 524: Urban Village
Chapter 525: Ear Tag
Chapter 526: Disposal of the Stolen Goods
Chapter 527: The Ethereal Elfin
Chapter 528: Hidden Hints
Chapter 529: Binhai City Library
Chapter 530: Navigating the Mountain of Books
Chapter 531: Doing Good Deeds Without Asking for Reward
Chapter 532: Pi
Chapter 533: Speculation Over the Identity
Chapter 534: Chinese Room and Turing Test
Chapter 535: Life, the Universe and Everything
Chapter 536: Book of Elfins
Chapter 537: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 538: A Teenager
Chapter 539: The Blessing of Being Single
Chapter 540: Online Shopping
Chapter 541: Neighborhood Committee
Chapter 542: Come, Drink the Water Of The Ganges River
Chapter 543: The Correct Posture
Chapter 544: Difficult Chinese
Chapter 545: Life Is Finite While Knowledge Is Infinite
Chapter 546: The Power Of Reading
Chapter 547: All Is Fair In War
Chapter 548: The Limit Of Hide-and-Seek
Chapter 549: Interesting Story
Chapter 550: "Pet King"
Chapter 551: Support
Chapter 552: Numerator and Denominator
Chapter 553: Being A Bookworm For A Decade
Chapter 554: Pet Boarding
Chapter 555: Kennel Cough
Chapter 556: Strength of Faith
Chapter 557: The Morning Runner
Chapter 558: Mutual Flattering
Chapter 559: Allergic Reactions
Chapter 560: Sneaking Out
Chapter 561: New Interpretation of the Evolution Theory
Chapter 562: The Father and Son Who Lost Their Dog
Chapter 563: The Disturbing Dog
Chapter 564: How to Train a Dog
Chapter 565: Masanori Suzuhara In the Lab
Chapter 566: Life for Life Expectancy
Chapter 567: The Pleasure of Being A Cat Enthusiast
Chapter 568: Talents in Unthinkable Areas
Chapter 569: Return Home After Having A Blast
Chapter 570: Meeting Son of Heaven Again
Chapter 571: Dual Blade
Chapter 572: Pregnancy
Chapter 573: New Goal
Chapter 574: Gift of Congratulations
Chapter 575: We Are the Champions
Chapter 576: The Moon and Sixpence
Chapter 577: Reward You A Bowl of Dog Food
Chapter 578: Winning with Virtue
Chapter 579: Serval
Chapter 580: Bodies Not for Sale
Chapter 581: Farewell, Balls
Chapter 582: Bedtime Rock and Roll
Chapter 583: The Night at the Pet Shop
Chapter 584: Dogs Jumping on Guests
Chapter 585: Comments
Chapter 586: Don't Forget Me
Chapter 587: Revenge Succeeded
Chapter 588: Pet Boarding
Chapter 589: Hyperwebster
Chapter 590: Infinity
Chapter 591: Triple Win
Chapter 592: Eternal Life
Chapter 593: Advertising
Chapter 594: A Huge Misunderstanding
Chapter 595: Kept Kittens
Chapter 596: Game Changer
Chapter 597: The Imperial Kitchen
Chapter 598: The Shocked Neighbor
Chapter 599: Another Bowl, Please
Chapter 600: Kneading
Chapter 601: Correcting Mistakes
Chapter 602: Raiding the Ladies' Residence at Night
Chapter 603: Motorcycle Riders
Chapter 604: The Malatang That Took Flight
Chapter 605: Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 606: Friend
Chapter 607: Upgrade
Chapter 608: Additional Effects
Chapter 609: Internal Alchemy
Chapter 610: The Prank Plan
Chapter 611: Waiting in Line
Chapter 612: Teacup Puppy
Chapter 613: Deformity
Chapter 614: Love Lovely Pets
Chapter 615: Holding Things in Both Hands
Chapter 616: Slander
Chapter 617: Defying All Conspiracies with Absolute Strength
Chapter 618: Chief
Chapter 619: Possessing No Evil Thought
Chapter 620: Fireworks
Chapter 621: Borrowing A Car
Chapter 622: Eavesdropping
Chapter 623: A Tricky Problem
Chapter 624: Growing Greenery, Fowls in the Air
Chapter 625: Name Calling
Chapter 626: Secret Infiltration
Chapter 627: Witnessing the Inside Story
Chapter 628: Skipping a Beat with Every Step
Chapter 629: Expensive Injections
Chapter 630: The Formulation
Chapter 631: Secretly Setting up a Trap
Chapter 632: A Successful Escape
Chapter 633: Sharing a Table
Chapter 634: Adopting Instead of Buying
Chapter 635: No Transactions, No Harm
Chapter 636: Rubbed the Wrong Way
Chapter 637: The Four Conditions
Chapter 638: The Odd Case of Adoption
Chapter 639: The Route of Adoption
Chapter 640: Reasonable Terms
Chapter 641: Scrambling for Loots
Chapter 643: Fight Poison with Poison
Chapter 644: A Distant Marriage
Chapter 645: Cause and Effect
Chapter 646: Amazing Fate
Chapter 647: Discussing the Fall of Love Lovely Pets
Chapter 648: Suspended Animation
Chapter 649: Hibernation
Chapter 650: Reviving the Hamsters
Chapter 651: Rekindled Life
Chapter 652: Red Packets
Chapter 653: Zhang Zian's Wife?
Chapter 655: Chopstick and Bowls
Chapter 656: Pure Chance
Chapter 657: The Probability Typist
Chapter 658: Going Premium
Chapter 659: Advancing into Berlin
Chapter 660: Famous in Despair
Chapter 661: Another Visit to the Police Dog Nursing Home
Chapter 662: Harassment, Delicious!
Chapter 663: Secret Investigation Visit
Chapter 664: Death
Chapter 665: Looking off into the Distance
Chapter 666: 666 Burial
Chapter 667: Postcard
Chapter 668: Firework
Chapter 669: The Unexpected Result
Chapter 670: Disturbance
Chapter 671: Delivery
Chapter 672: Birth
Chapter 673: One After Another
Chapter 674: Consecutive Dangers
Chapter 675: Leaving the Mountains
Chapter 676: Wedding
Chapter 677: Send Off
Chapter 678: Borrowing Fish
Chapter 679: New Year's Red Packet
Chapter 680: Ask for Fish and You Shall Find
Chapter 681: Little Sweetie and Madam Cow
Chapter 682: Ice Fishing
Chapter 683: The Willing Shall Take the Bait