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Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Author:Jiong Jiong You Yao

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UpdateTime:9/16/2019 6:05:54 PM

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“This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly). Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after hav...
《Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet》 Volume 1
1 Still leaving?
2 He could tolerate it all
3 Ex-Fiance
4 Dying under a peony
5 An acquired taste
6 Be herself again
7 What did you do last night?
8 Stepped over by her
9 You're a fool!
10 Make up for the ugliness
11 Did I scare all of you?
12 Did I starve you?
13 Eating Sweet Melons
14 Rotten Melons
15 Insomnia
16 Won't this prick your conscience?
17 Stop teasing me or you'll regret it!
18 Study hard
19 My rightful place
20 Expulsion
21 Her ability to remember everything
22 A slacker has no right to complain
23 A love letter to Si Ye Han
24 Mushy to death
25 Food for though
26 Eternal kisses
27 Oh, math...
28 What if I end up at the top of the class?
29 She dared not and could not!
30 Class ranking: Number One!
31 Slap their faces with full marks
32 You're absolutely delusional!
33 Let us share rain and dew!
34 Goodbye my ass!
35 I. Really. Want. To. Chop. That. Arm. Off!!
36 This woman has a boyfriend?!
37 The great devil has arrived!
38 A rewarding kiss
39 It's so soft and comfortable here~
40 Two kisses
41 Is it my fault for looking this good?
42 Stay with me for six hours
43 The literal meaning, please!
44 The relationship between us
45 Falling for Si Xia?
46 Not even a tenth as dashing as you~
47 Never seen him smile
48 9th master, in love?
49 As if he was the one about to be abused
50 Do we really have to kiss?
51 Grandma wants to meet you
52 How can you be so shabby?
53 Marry a wife for her virtues
54 His actions tell it all
55 A sense of relief
56 The little couple hand in hand
57 He wouldn't be so childish, right?
58 Fast asleep
59 How did he fall asleep?
60 Wan Wan: a sleeping potion?
61 A piece of starligh
62 Aren't you going to keep Your Majesty company?
63 You're amazing!
64 Her cover would be blown!
65 Let's have some fun...
66 The calm before the storm
67 Here comes the wolf
68 You're out of chances!
69 It was all a misunderstanding
70 How could she not be disgusted?
71 At least comfort her a little
72 His true face, revealed!
73 Love at first sigh
74 A hero to the rescue
75 One of my people
76 Not a fight... but a date!
77 Boyfriend material
78 More like he's blind
79 Do I look single?
80 Ruining the picturesque view
81 Shouldn't you know best?
82 She reveals her true nature!
83 You need two hands to clap
84 Treat him as my own brother
85 Took advantage of him
86 I am no god
87 The boy chasing after Wan Wan
88 Top notch suck up
89 Because my boyfriend likes i
90 Girlfriend snatcher
91 Put her down!!
92 The master's secre
93 My handsome boyfriend
94 Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han?
95 So handsome he could turn me gay!
96 I can teach you
97 Do you miss me?
98 A kiss from the hunk
99 It's my responsibility
100 Sacrificing my image without hesitation
101 I'll reject him only when heaven and earth collide
102 Twisting the facts
103 Gossip Porter
104 The video that spoke the truth
105 A ticking time bomb
106 You’ve never loved me?
107 You were the one who created the post?
108 Let’s team up!
109 9th master wants to see you
110 The broken taboo
111 A time for reconciliation
112 Stuffed
113 Sucking up to the right person
114 My feelings for you
115 Flashback
116 A day of jubilation for everybody
117 I'll work with you!
118 Call off the engagement!
119 Take swift action
120 Recruiting talen
121 Complaints
122 What a joke!
123 Cruel and wicked
124 My boyfriend's skills
125 Remarkably effective
126 Why don't you broaden your horizons?
127 Transformation
128 Isn't he silly?
129 You're the embarrassed one
130 I won't let you be bullied
131 Your concentration's too weak, boy
132 Over-excited
133 He stole my wife!!
134 Where is this place, who am I?
135 You'll find out very soon
136 Did you drink chicken's blood?!
137 Big brother's gif
138 Going back to feed the great devil
139 A surprise turned into a scare
140 Are you hungry?
141 Are you scared?
142 Wasn't easy to put up a strong front!
143 A late night call
144 So stupid... is she retarded?
145 Isn't that for me?
146 Great White is so cute~
147 Speechless
148 There's no such thing as a free lunch
149 Wooing girls
150 The hideous face behind the mask
151 You're too weak
152 Of course I'll forgive her
153 Seeking death
154 Recovered losses
155 Fiery rage
156 Ask your dear son
157 Incredibly shameless
158 Who hasn't fallen for a few scumbags before?
159 Revenge
160 Devoted?
161 Twisting the facts
162 Avoiding responsibility?
163 Made a fool out of you
164 My woman
165 Refusing to give up
166 Confrontation
167 Capsized
168 Daddy Jiang to the rescue
169 An idiot or two
170 Pouncing on the great devil
171 Dignity
172 I'm just pure and innocen
173 Finally, they meet again
174 Embrace the golden thigh
175 Please feed me
176 Captivated by your sex appeal
177 The way a fatuous ruler acts
178 His master couldn't be horny, could he?!
179 Become so strong that she could be his rival
180 Unparalleled
181 Come at me a hundred more times!
182 I'm waiting for you
183 Trampled on
184 At worst, she'd get makeup remover splashed in her face
185 She's a beauty
186 That unnerving stare
187 Implicated even when she's lying in the coffin
188 She's not an ugly freak
189 Why won't he listen?!
190 Can't satisfy your reques
191 Perform the way you are
192 An outstanding performance
193 Kill her! She's hurting our eyes!
194 The true image of Snow White
195 The definition of a beauty
196 Satisfied with what you saw?
197 A change in the school beauty
198 Go back to pacify him
199 Miss you to the point where I can't sleep
200 Do I look good?
201 You're old and disrespectful!
202 Call me big brother and I'll teach you
203 I really have to hand it to you
204 Attracting tons of hatred
205 A lovely feas
206 Destroy every living creature
207 Don't make me take my pants off as well, ya?
208 The great devil's delivering some warmth?
209 Si Ye Han's woman
210 Choke this bastard to death
211 Totally a Daddy with a capital D
212 What if you snatch my boyfriend too?
213 Did I just get hit on?
214 What a fool
215 Can't you please a woman yourself?
216 Dumb humans!
217 Compete for attention
218 Sleep with me every nigh
219 This exorbitant tuition fee isn't bad
220 Sounds like he just got dumped
221 You doubt my abilities?
222 Failed attemp
223 Wealthy families are as complicated as the seas
224 The evidence that destroyed their family
225 Do you still want your wife or not?
226 Her pulse
227 Soft, comfortable and sooo nice!
228 Open 3000 harems
229 The bribed imperial butler
230 Outsiders
231 Charity for idlers
232 The kind of wealth fit for an entire nation
233 Monitor me closely
234 As fat as a pig
235 Do whatever she pleases
236 Why are you so annoying?
237 I love you the mos
238 Girlfriend's exams
239 The final tuition fee
240 Omnipotent survival skills
241 Give me some of that domineering spirit!
242 Contorted from grievance
243 It must be fake!
244 What goes around comes around
245 Harassed to death
246 I won't give you a single cen
247 What right do you have?
248 How beautiful is your girlfriend?
249 It's a sunny day if master doesn't get jealous
250 The significance of an idol
251 Reasoning with these people
252 Confidence in winning
253 His fate
254 What's your solution?
255 Make a deal
256 Watch a show
257 Success in our cooperation!
258 Indeed a beauty
259 Fetching her boyfriend
260 Getting drunk admiring the beautiful flowers
261 A man turns evil when he's rich
262 Private court session
263 It's him...
264 Still trying to steal the limelight?
265 Latest gossip
266 The prey has entered the trap
267 Slapping your own mouth
268 The full truth comes out!!!
269 Won't give up till you see the grave
270 Pressed him hard
271 A complete turn in events
272 Giving him a taste of his own medicine
《Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet》 Volume 2
273 A strategy like this
274 Using violence to curb violence
275 A stranger's call
276 The truth comes to ligh
277 A woman???
278 The sly old fox's trap
279 Pick whoever you wan
280 I want him
281 Your BOSS is being difficul
282 I want to celebrate with you
283 Worried that you won't be used to living here
284 I hope he doesn't explode
285 Introduce a girlfriend
286 More beautiful than any woman
287 So strict?
288 Can't clear her name even if she jumps into the Yellow River
289 Settle all scores
290 Really good mood
291 Why are you here?
292 He belongs to me
293 A switch
294 Switch him with Gong Xu
295 Are you sure you want to follow him?
296 Are you dating anyone?
297 Why must it be him
298 Sexual orientation
299 Pool party
300 A man's dignity
301 Not going for a swim?
302 You only want to bed him
303 Drunk
304 Flirting with men
305 Sleep with me once
306 I slept around??
307 You even hit on me
308 Your beloved darling
309 He's our senior after all
310 Go around barking
311 First attack
312 Retake of a classic
313 The training begins
314 Abandoned by the entire world
315 Made him cry
316 A lion never turns its head to a dog's barking
317 Well-hidden
318 Destroy this universe
319 Right time at the right place with the right people
320 Time to review the outcomes of his teaching
321 Mustn't stop pacifying him
322 Done looking?
323 I am Nameless Nie
324 Unprecedented grand occasion
325 A crooked stick forms a crooked shadow
326 A perfect couple
327 Offer birthday greetings
《Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet》 Volume 3
328 Can't see you now
329 Done our best to help
330 Completely opposing
331 Unable to put up with i
332 Remarkably beautiful
333 Ugly girl Ye Wanwan?
334 A pigeon living in a magpie's nes
335 Things you've given away
336 My parents aren't used to living there
337 This granddaughter of yours is outstanding
338 Fighting over a studen
339 I listen to grandpa
340 Who's your grandpa?
341 Her stage
342 An inauspicious birthday gif
343 It's a gem!
344 Who's the expert?
345 A family reunion
346 This time, I'll protect the both of you
347 A breathtaking birthday gif
348 Overwhelmed with honor
349 Requested by little friend Wanwan
350 Could it be Si Ye Han?
351 Where's your respect for Wanwan?
352 Turn my nose up
353 None of your business
354 An announcement!
355 In love with someone else
356 Give Si Ye Han a call
357 Bring him home to meet you
358 He's just a normal guy
359 Pretended to be mistreated after gaining a favor
360 Never forsake me
361 Such an annoying person actually exists?
362 So handsome even when he's mad
363 Who's this group of people looking for?
364 This money-making scheme is amazing...
365 Legend in this world
366 Luck in your love life in the future
367 Take your shirt off
368 So frightened that his little heart trembled
369 Your BOSS is too charming
370 Am I too shameful for you to bring home?
371 A game gone too far
372 Unless you're a girl
373 Are you appeased now?
374 Stay the nigh
375 Si Ye Han's amulet for a hastened death
376 I'm not here to have fun
377 Feeding you would be fine, righ
378 You're the one on your period
379 Shut your eyes and sleep
380 Unless I'm drunk, stay away from me
381 Your only chance for a comeback
382 Inflicting an injury on oneself to trick the enemy
383 You're not allowed to leave!
384 Beauty trap
385 Not gentle at all
386 My boyfriend will take care of me
387 Severe danger
388 I want a deep kiss
389 Fortune telling god
390 Young man, you'll encounter a romantic calamity soon!
391 A hug
392 Destroying his chrysanthemum flower
393 Si Ye Han's gravely ill
394 Feeding medications
395 An existence that can't be provoked
396 Escape alone
397 Trap
398 Thought of the consequences
399 Give you the honor
400 Impasse
401 A sudden voice
402 Mysterious woman
403 Met with a formidable enemy
404 Only one outcome
405 A better-looking gigolo than Si Ye Han
406 Raised suspicion
407 Leave without his life
408 Have some fun with them
409 Master was "tainted"
410 Unbelievable
411 Danger as predicted
412 Truly unlike any other
413 Since when did she become a fortune teller?
414 Xu Yi's fate
415 They're back
416 She's an outsider afterall
417 Just a lesson
418 Saved everyone's lives
419 The mastermind
420 Thorough investigation
421 Evidence
422 The dead cannot testify
423 No need for further investigation
424 A thief within the family is the hardest to guard agains
425 Break both his legs
426 I believe him
427 Mental problem
428 Evidence - of course I have them
429 Stop the assassination
430 9th master's awake
431 Help me over
432 Do you still have any problems?
433 Saved him
434 Just leave for a couple of minutes
435 Left with half a year
436 Will he get better?
437 I don't want to be a widow
438 How could I not care?
439 Not bitter at all
440 Shocking news
441 Reap the benefits
442 The grandmaster of beast tamers
443 Will definitely back you up
444 Money-crushing strength
445 Inspect his homework
446 I'll go over and pounce on him right now
447 Maybe he's some superstar?
448 I think I'm in love
449 She has stolen my hear
450 Bros, let's beat him to death
451 Illnesses go away slowly
452 You're sweeter than candied plums
453 Ill-fated encounter!
454 Go to hell!
455 A terrifying intuition
456 Casting
457 Initial show of strength
458 A dare
459 If I win
460 Wasn't that rapport between us?
461 Be at a disadvantage
462 To surpass oneself
463 The master shows how it's done
464 Successfully secured
465 Replaced
466 Spit it back out the way you snatched it away
467 Isn't this his Little Candied Plum?
468 I'll see who dares to touch him
469 This must be a misunderstanding
470 Are you trying to ruin my reputation?
471 Get someone else to do i
472 Just take me in!
473 A double-edged sword
474 I belong to you now
475 There's a chance
476 You already have me
477 Darling, praise me!
478 Obviously we're going on a date!
479 9th uncle in love
480 Can't bear i
481 I want to play and you have to go with me
482 How did you even guess?
483 Learning how to flir
484 Final set of images
485 Telepathy?
486 Unusual
487 I don't plan on having kids
488 Can consider having one
489 Health condition
490 Organ transplan
491 Family clan meeting
492 Determine his life or death
493 Give me three months
494 If I die
495 I'll give you whatever you wan
496 Consult the lady boss
497 I'll take over
498 Vying
499 How did you feed me previously
500 I know very well what I'm doing
501 Is it that hard to say something swee
502 You teach me
503 Walk into it one more time for me to see
504 Meeting a guy or a girl
505 Amputate his "third leg"
506 Not fully qualified
507 Grab her
508 Force alcohol down her throa
509 Awakening of power!!!
510 Get her! All of you!
511 Is it thrilling enough?
512 Sorry about that, got carried away
513 One-sided abuse
514 Lost control completely
515 Not allowed to figh
516 I'm not the one who changed
517 Is she very scary?
518 Who took the chance to hit me while I wasn't paying attention?
519 How could she be an ordinary person?
520 Removal of power
521 How could he win
522 You're single now
523 Don't do it again
524 Luckily you're a sister
525 I'll get it back for sure
526 Date
527 So swee
528 A chance encounter
529 Failed flirtation
530 High IQ to offset the low EQ
531 Date once every week
532 His girlfriend is too cute
533 Can't you tell that someone couldn't bear to let her suffer?
534 As long as you're within my line of sigh
535 Sounds formidable
536 Left speechless
537 An agonizing coaching session
538 Spotted his flaws
539 Could it be that I'm a kung fu master?
540 Please take me as your disciple
541 If things go wrong
542 We'll talk after you're dressed
543 Award ceremony
544 Not her usual self
545 I'm afraid he wouldn't be getting both crowns
546 A bet with a kiss
547 I really wish to win an award
548 I really want to work under you
549 Got it right again
550 Too lucky
551 Grandmaster's standards
552 Why don't we honor the bet now?
553 I'm afraid you'll die before I do
554 Lost all standing and reputation
555 Amazing Little ge ge
556 I'm into the domineering type
557 Glow of a firefly
558 He must have his reasons
559 Teacher is righ
560 Counterattack
561 Head captain assessmen
562 Extremely strong
563 Challenge
564 Hit me
565 I don't hit women
566 Checks and balances
567 I would like to challenge you
568 I shall let you attack firs
569 Good-for-nothing
570 Do not insult her
571 Roll down from this ring
572 Life and death are determined by fate
573 Tyrannical!!!
574 Can 9th master stand it?
575 An unexpected outcome
576 Indeed a little hardcore
577 Legendary exper
578 With his master's EQ
579 Can't run away from meeting the parents
580 Absolutely wouldn't mind if he's ugly
581 Don't you know how good looking you are?
582 Great White is just fluffy
583 Fingers interwined
584 This is your son-in-law
585 Bring misfortune to the entire nation
586 Not scientific at all
587 He can definitely provide for me
588 Protect her for an eternity
589 Kissed me all of a sudden
590 I only want you
591 A little empty and lonely
592 So what if I'm coming out of the closet?
593 Who is this guy
594 Why must there always be someone competing for my manager's attention
595 The whereabouts of big missy
596 Where is my younger sister?
597 I'll read more fortunes
598 Had a baby with a wild man
599 The little devil was born
600 Went over obediently
601 Sit uprigh
602 Multi-level marketing?
603 What a big bully
604 Can't afford to offend
605 I have a son, yet I didn't know about it?
606 I'm really starving
607 Took the initiative to ask her ou
608 Have a boyfriend?
609 Is there something wrong in your head?
610 A piece of cake
611 Hasn't touched my hand before
612 Hopeless
613 So what if he sees us
614 Nothing to do with you
615 There must be a mole
616 This is for you
617 Must be more brutal
618 Guess what I found
619 Gave you too many chances
620 Leave the rest to me
621 Downright stupid
622 Bring me here to watch this sort of thing
623 Depends on your performance
624 He's an idiot!
625 Sudden realization
626 Do as I say
627 Overuse her brain
628 As long as you're shameless enough
629 Let's see who's more shameless
630 Please begin your performance
631 That's me?
632 I feel so wronged
633 Take the reins
634 Lost the bait along with the fish
635 Seek justice for me
636 Come to my side, I'll let you soar
637 Is he really that terrifying?
638 The director personally invited me over
639 The attitude of a first wife
640 You're biased
641 Success in our work
642 What is it, ge ge?
643 My younger sister couldn't possibly be so amazing
644 Am I such an unprincipled person?
645 A hundred times of yours
646 I have a boyfriend
647 Returning on a stormy nigh
648 You can't sleep when I'm not around?
649 An angry 9th master
650 This gold mountain is hard to dig!
651 Why are you so cute?
652 Life after marriage
653 Wealth and beauty
654 Show my sincerity
655 Have fun waiting then
656 Come here, I'll tell you
657 Sis, you won
658 Affects the image of the city
659 Not going there to stir up trouble
660 Mistake
661 Stirring trouble on purpose
662 I was wondering who was the one
663 More unreasonable and bigger bully
664 Failed threa
665 Young master is fearless
666 So... so cute!
667 Remember that feeling just now?
668 A desire to marry him
669 Very close
670 Bring me wherever he goes
671 Little dimple your father
672 You might be gay, y'know that?
673 Who exactly do you choose
674 Extremely honored
675 Played to death
676 He needs a beating, that's all
677 Prove he's straigh
678 Try kissing
679 The real love rival...
680 You two big fat liars!
681 There must be something fishy
682 Unconventional
683 Distorted heartbea
684 Let me give you a kiss
685 You have a lot of guts
686 Nine dragons wouldn't be able to hold him back
687 Big bro, please let me off!
688 Who gave you the confidence
689 Come back
690 Seek justice
691 Apologize to Gong Xu
692 Truth of the matter
693 Drastic reversal
694 Have some sense of shame!
695 I'll marry you for sure
696 Raging sea of jealousy
697 Can only use the ultimate move
698 You're not seeing things - I'm into men
699 Want to be held captive by you for life
700 Quick, kiss me
701 He was really very calm already
702 Dark red mark
703 Do you like kids?
704 The world is beautiful because of you
705 Considered acquaintances for now
706 Very honest and legal
707 Pacifis
708 First transaction of the day
709 Greatest financial backer
710 Screwed over again
711 Why can't you play by the book?
712 Who is he going to be fronting for?
713 Who does he think he is?
714 We must hire him
715 Depends on our luck
716 You've been well since we last me
717 Definitely be the pretties
718 Misappropriation of work
719 Who did you say he is?
720 Paranoia
721 Switched personality within seconds
722 Too biased
723 I am the one with ulterior motives
724 Hubby, look here
725 The type of girls he likes
726 Why is she here again
727 Please keep your clothes on!
728 You were all I saw
729 Great at acting
730 You'll be satisfied for sure
731 Little bra
732 An atrocious encounter
733 City of gambling on stones
734 How dare you hit me?
735 A surprising outcome
736 Mistress of the household
737 Building forces
738 Hired a group of five
739 Little devil's video call
740 Are you my mother?
741 Having a son all of a sudden?
742 Haggle
743 Do you have an illegitimate child?
744 The abandoned little devil
745 The great merger of the group of six
746 It's most important for a family to stick together!
747 Burst into tears and fainted in the toile
748 Treated as a decoration
749 Brutal
750 Lose her life savings
751 Who said I wanted it?
752 I have the final say
753 Never woke up later
754 I think I'm pretty lucky
755 The short skit of the group of five
756 The person she had been waiting for has appeared
757 Treat it as charity
758 This is awkward
759 Backing of the great devil
760 Quite pleasing to the eye
761 Why don't we make a bet?
762 Don't need to consider anymore
763 A cut poorer, a cut richer
764 Seems like you're not lucky
765 Drastic increase?
766 One last piece lef
767 The true high quality imperial jade
768 Truly an immortal
769 His master's main concern
770 Smeared some dog food on my face
771 A great opportunity
772 Put on an ac
773 No Rose of Death?
774 Who exactly is he?
775 We can talk things through
776 Get up right now
777 Choose a way to die
778 This isn't about the money
779 Unrealistic acting
780 Did you just hit me?
781 Amazing, big bro
782 Didn't control my strength properly
783 The queen's boy toy
784 The little devil has new tricks
785 This kid is easy to take care of
786 Did you take advantage of him?
787 There's a woman in there?
788 Been cheated on
789 Since when did I seduce him?
790 Liking you more
791 Knocked into someone?
792 A moving corpse?
793 Car accident scam
794 Do you need help?
795 So shameless
796 I'm special and gifted
797 Hope you get to bed him soon
798 Must get it back
799 Aren't you ashamed at all
800 I will never let you suffer
801 So what if I hit you?
802 Simply out of this world
803 Get him drunk
804 I have you by my side
805 Life is too beautiful
806 Let's sleep together, alright?
807 The great devil uses the ultimate move!
808 Why don't we do something meaningful
809 Not allowed to hurt others
810 Can't get out of bed
811 It's not something you can learn
812 Who has the guts to replace the manager
813 Stealing her success
814 Freeload off his fame
815 To smooth cooperation
816 Stained integrity
817 Explode in fury
818 Force me to sleep with her
819 What sort of new trick is this?
820 Two guys fighting for a girl?
821 In a challenging situation
822 Jealous my a**
823 First kiss on screen
824 Just here to take my own people away
825 The time of our lives
826 Met with a tough opponen
827 Premeditated long ago
828 So cool that I nearly turned gay
829 Young master is the true swan
830 You're only responsible for looking as dashing as a flower
831 Pretty good luck
832 The name matches the reality
833 Giving out red packets
834 Prepared a big feas
835 Play any games you like
836 Call me anytime
837 Might not be suitable for kids
838 Leveled up coaxing skill
839 Only charmed by you
840 Special theme
841 Feast for the eyes
842 Four people group sho
843 Pleasing to the eyes
844 Unable to restore its former glory
845 An exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities
846 Not necessarily so
847 Beg to return?
848 Let me show you guys some good stuff
849 Explosive popularity
850 Inconsistent with her image
851 Why's my phone so dirty
852 By your side forever
853 The price for being stupid
854 The birth of a new CP
855 Get out of the company
856 Too manly!
857 A gift for you
858 Another one vying for favor
859 Your concubine, I, can't do i
860 Best-looking person!
861 Showing off
862 Truly... a huge surprise!?
863 She's in despair too!
864 What are you so darn good looking for?
865 Most afraid of the air turning still
866 Then you're not afraid of scaring me?
867 I like the adrenaline
868 The point of equilibrium in Si Ye Han's life
869 Do you want to go?
870 May not be a bad thing
871 Wait till Ah-jiu is awake
872 Those people won't let you off
873 You're useless
874 Bear all the consequences
875 Wouldn't beg me to come ou
876 Do you guys need me to teach you?
877 He wasn't dead
878 Why is fourth uncle being so ceremonious suddenly?
879 Get her out immediately
880 Sorry, I'm not done having fun
881 It's easier to invite a devil than to send it away
882 I make the rules
883 Live till your coffin rots
884 9th master, I was wronged!
885 Master, you're really playing along with her, huh?
886 Little young master is missing
887 In whose hands will the deer die?
888 Wanwan, if you try hard
889 Fulfill your reques
890 It's too dangerous!
891 Speak of the devil
892 So this is what uncle thinks
893 Give my mother a surprise
894 Little life is in your hands
895 What do you want to do
896 Secret family clan
897 Held her in high regard
898 I'm terrified
899 What hatred, what grudges?
900 People in the same profession
901 This is simply a living hell
902 My nephew would never be so cute
903 Provoked someone you shouldn't have
904 Have him wrapped around his fingers
905 Come over and ea
906 I'll double i
907 The child who suddenly appeared
908 Wish you belonged to my family
909 Too bad I can't have one
910 My surname is Nie
911 So what if his surname is Nie?
912 Death knocking at the door
913 I'll accept this mission
914 Who exactly are they?
915 The little crown prince of the Nie clan
916 Scared them to death
917 Mommy, nice to meet you
918 I can visit mommy
919 Character is like his daddy
920 Who would mock their own child like that?
921 Nameless Nie, get out right now!
922 You've got to be kidding me
923 Will you abandon me again?
924 Which would you like to hear first?
925 Did you hear someone calling mommy?
926 So well-behaved that one's heart would mel
927 Mommy did really well
928 Unconditional trus
929 Are you out of your mind?
930 Restoring the previous regime?
931 Hen-pecked brother
932 A reasonable explanation
933 Courting death
934 Shouldn't air one's dirty laundry in public
935 The longest route
936 This is preposterous
937 Make a clean sweep
938 The biggest winner
939 Expert at digging pits
940 Who do you want to marry
941 Master, help!
942 Spit everything ou
943 Did she get the wrong child?
944 Simply a little angel
945 He's like that from the star
946 Mommy's grea
947 I'll go wherever mommy goes
948 Lost his mind from missing his sister
949 Should we have a baby?
950 Candidates to be the real dad
951 Am I your really your child?
952 This is Worriless?
953 I'm the one who's most intimate with her!
954 Who does Mommy love the most?
955 Master, help!
956 Today, you look very handsome!
957 I'm giving it to you
958 Calm down a bi
959 Definitely is super beautiful
960 Pitch Dark
961 Where were you last night?
962 Are you kidding me?
963 Your son
964 Do I look like a homewrecker
965 Officially recognized as daddy
966 I've only ever liked you
967 How about we sleep together?
968 It's one of a kind
969 The wind was too loud so I didn't hear anything
970 Baby, Good Morning!
971 The great devil that was kicked into the cold palace
972 A complete family of three
973 Special date
974 Witnessing a miracle
975 I had him with Ah-Jiu
976 A greeting gif
977 Consider signing me?
978 Who has a crush on whom?
979 Aesthetic gap
980 I'm really okay
981 Let's see how wild you can still be
982 I know a few masters
983 As you command, Master
984 When my boss comes, you're dead
985 Massacring the Beginner Village
986 If you have the capability, then beat him to death
987 Someone's going to die
988 A one-sided figh
989 Stabilized into a wreck
990 I belong to Master
991 Beaten up until they peed themselves
992 So obedient and docile
993 Wouldn't he know best?
994 This time, he was really surprised
995 Great White is so cute~
996 Cute and vicious
997 Captivating everyone
998 A unique method of making money
999 Handsome to another level
1000 A unique way of expressing
1001 Outbreak of good acting
1002 He's really a genius
1003 Can't relax at all
1004 Other people's fans
1005 So what if she’s good-looking?
1006 Being mentioned by name
1007 Give us some room for survival
1008 An epic level master pacifier
1009 Very willing to fulfill
1010 Why do I feel like you're catching your partner cheating?
1011 Spoiled beyond belief
1012 What would you do if I got kidnapped
1013 Risk of Exposure!!!
1014 Calm down, my little angel Xianyu!
1015 Most important person
1016 I knew you wouldn't bear i
1017 How to prove
1018 I merely changed gender
1019 Not that calm
1020 Was discovered
1021 Tricked by the great devil
1022 Need to be more careful
1023 The one who stole your man
1024 I heard
1025 Most enthusiastic for fighting
1026 Great White brand nanny!
1027 Truly extraordinary
1028 Swing until it flies
1029 Professional blame-taker, Tangtang
1030 What was different between this and robbery
1031 Little Angel Tangtang
1032 Sister-in-law's taste is superb
1033 I guarantee I'll finish the mission
1034 Humiliating us along with her
1035 Came to increase her knowledge
1036 Go up as you please
1037 It's me who should say excuse me
1038 Too weak
1039 Wouldn't be lenien
1040 You're competing with me on stage!
1041 Can't go on stage
1042 Throwing the match
1043 Dumbstruck?
1044 Don't be courteous
1045 Mustn't be agitated
1046 How could I tolerate that?
1047 A bunch of garbage
1048 You can try
1049 You're too weak
1050 A tyrannical thrashing
1051 So secretive
1052 Since I've broken the rules already
1053 Wasn't it you who wanted me to give you pointers?
1054 Absolutely a man-eating flower
1055 Is there really a place like that?
1056 Truly too strong
1057 Completely unexpected “dog food”!
1058 Elaborate ways of “abusing dogs” without any repetition
1059 If this is punishmen
1060 Relationship exposed
1061 Such an awful friend
1062 The instinct of a wild animal
1063 Then you're super awesome
1064 Return without any success
1065 Help me change
1066 Never cause trouble
1067 How could she possibly be bullied
1068 The wrong mode
1069 That's not necessarily true, is i
1070 An unreasonable accusation
1071 Why should she cooperate with you
1072 Be responsible for your own consequences
1073 Leave a little face
1074 Such good acting skills
1075 You started it, so I'll finish i
1076 Nothing I can do to clear my name
1077 I’m obviously the one who’s being taugh
1078 You deceived even me
1079 It's not like I can't afford to raise him
1080 Baby's style of honeyed words
1081 Can I hit on you?
1082 Strict upbringing, huh?
1083 Cherish little animals
1084 Look at my abs, look!
1085 Your concubine can't do i
1086 Still a baby
1087 Bite him to death
1088 Steal a child for some fun
1089 He's my future husband
1090 Mommy and Tangtang's hearts are linked
1091 Docile Great White
1092 The little devil was indulging in pleasure and forgot everything else
1093 Tailored
1094 Want to always be together
1095 My mind would be completely focused on you
1096 Our new wall is super handsome
1097 Where do you want the autograph
1098 Two dumbfounded faces
1099 A dress, it's pink
1100 I'm willing to allow i
1101 Hiding a woman inside?
1102 Not as pretty as you
1103 Absolutely won't climb a wall
1104 Only understand human-ese
1105 Well-grounded
1106 I'll completely listen to her
1107 Make it for sure
1108 Is my boyfriend handsome?
1109 Face is beaten swollen
1110 Everything you say is righ
1111 This doesn't look too safe
1112 Strong willed but disabled physically
1113 Somewhat Similar
1114 Whose little sister
1115 There's still my son
1116 Rapid Progress
1117 Even more handsome now
1118 Getting a dog behind our backs
1119 Be a bit more vicious
1120 He has issues with his way of thinking
1121 How could you be afraid of your own wife?
1122 Miss Wanwan drank?
1123 Igniting my hear
1124 My behavior when I'm drunk isn't too good
1125 Mom! HELP!!!
1126 Help tell your fortune
1127 Do you have a wife?
1128 Did he drink fake alcohol?
1129 Would your heart hurt?
1130 Return to our home
1131 You’re not sleeping with me?
1132 What do you like?
1133 You're cute, so I'll agree to anything you say
1134 Horses can run on the grass field above my head
1135 Don't come over here!
1136 I haven't reached the point of being starving and unselective
1137 The true exper
1138 Enemies inevitably clashed
1139 Handsome enough already
1140 His acting skills are illogical
1141 Be steady and don't go crazy
1142 A wooden club that's breaking apart an affectionate couple
1143 After some rounding off
1144 In quite a good mood
1145 If our luck was good
1146 Their fate
1147 The heavenly group of breathtaking beauties
1148 Of course it's my boyfriend that's more importan
1149 A hug for you
1150 Are you feeling nervous?
1151 Simply true love
1152 Not enough time
1153 Simply devilishly gorgeous
1154 Guarantee it'll cure all illnesses
1155 Why is it so gentle
1156 Unshakably confiden
1157 I'm also nervous
1158 It felt especially safe
1159 I didn't disappoint you
1160 Unprecedented!
1161 Happily abused
1162 Brushed past 100 million yuan!
1163 Why are you paying so much attention to it?
1164 Defies the heavens!
1165 Intense figh
1166 Especially thank one person
1167 Shock to the whole audience
1168 An utter freak
1169 Can't you see my head has turned green?
1170 Age of the Immortals!
1171 Changed something rotten into something magical
1172 Will let you see tonigh
1173 Then I'll be married to you
1174 What's the difference between that and a sheep entering a tiger's den?
1175 Whoever wins an award first is a dog
1176 Did she want to seduce "him"?
1177 If you're so capable, poach even the cooking pots!
1178 Then don't I look more like a troublemaker?
1179 You probably can't afford i
1180 Accompany my man and son
1181 Fulfill your first wish now
1182 Truly very educated
1183 Eye-stinging taste
1184 Elder brother-in-law?
1185 I didn't change a brain
1186 Possessed by Brother Ye?
1187 You went to seduce men?
1188 Truly does like men
1189 What a large face
1190 Nearly didn't recognize you
1191 Explosive scoop
1192 Drunk an entire ton of fake liquor
1193 Afraid enough already
1194 My sister likes them good-looking
1195 Quite a good resul
1196 I can't soften
1197 His timing was too opportune
1198 Tangtang-brand floral pruner
1199 You lose based on your looks alone
1200 What, did you think I liked men?
1201 Captivate the whole world
1202 One is marked by the company one keeps
1203 Why did you like me?
1204 A real piece of work
1205 The position will be held by whoever is capable
1206 Very accurate
1207 Don't walk the normal path
1208 Pick up your master
1209 Know how to charm girls
1210 What if I don't relinquish him
1211 You're handsome, you go first!
1212 Return to where he should be
1213 I have a reques
1214 I'll immediately go and find your mom!
1215 You don't want Tangtang anymore?
1216 That face is too powerful
1217 Want to be with Mommy and Daddy
1218 Distant Goal
1219 Do whatever she wishes
1220 About to lose control
1221 When will you break up?
1222 Wouldn't abandon her
1223 Heavy Fog
1224 Mysterious briefcase
1225 Touched by someone
1226 Doesn't belong to herself
1227 Who was she?
1228 Finding a gap
1229 Is that really all?
1230 Get the love letter
1231 Become another person
1232 Belong to her original self
1233 But you have the money
1234 A bigger scheme
1235 Important clue
1236 This owner is too dishones
1237 Is Mommy doing well
1238 Try saying it again
1239 He'll beat anyone except for himself
1240 Is she actually my sister
1241 Eat or no
1242 Just remarry
1243 Forgot her own self
1244 It's not like it's me who wanted to listen to i
1245 Suddenly so gentle
1246 Drink the strongest liquor, love the prettiest person
1247 A song just for you
1248 Breaking up is impossible
1249 Fragmented Memories
1250 Murdered
1251 Hidden secrets
1252 Accusation
1252 Natural-Born Original Sin!
1253 Premeditated long ago
1254 Eventually give herself away
1255 Arranged Ahead of Time
1256 I, your father, am fearless
1257 Maybe she partied herself to death
1258 The missing president?
1259 A troublesome person
1260 A waste of feelings
1261 You're lucky
1262 Both internal and external trouble
1263 All the clues point to one place
1264 Emperor Ji
1265 What’s fake can't become genuine
1266 Have to leave for some time
1267 A special kind of existence
1268 New Journey
1269 Long time no see
1270 Too weak
1271 I'm special and gifted
1272 She has a fiancé?
1273 Bro Flattop returns to the great grassland
1274 Tyrannical patrician family
1275 Are they all so friendly?
1276 I've been in the Independent State since I was in my mom's womb
1277 Came here to find someone
1278 Four great clans
1279 Meeting Fearless Alliance again
1280 Don't spare a single person
1281 Danger
1282 She's not a member of the Zhou family
1283 I don't freaking have children
1284 Not my rules
1285 Is this woman a freak?
1286 This feeling of being beaten is too familiar
1287 You're really Sister?
1288 Welcome back, Presiden
1289 A sheep entering a tiger's den
1290 Infiltrating the main camp
1291 Smiling on the outside, cursing on the inside
1292 Swim back through the sea?
1293 Sworn brothers who'd give up their lives for each other
1294 A bunch of garbage
1295 Actually so shameless
1296 Crazy
1297 Very good looking
1298 Most likely an admirer
1299 The most dangerous man in the Independent State
1300 Bro Flattop's fiancé
1301 With another man
1302 Two possibilities
1303 Truly angered
1304 Another tes
1305 Your brain was bitten by a dog
1306 Dug a hole for her
1307 Taste is too weird
1308 It's better to deal with painful things quickly
1309 Are you planning to revolt?
1310 This feud was established
1311 Am I that respected?
1312 Had to find him
1313 Let's add some excitemen
1314 Beat you to death
1315 An extremely savage big boss
1316 Did I say you could leave?
1317 Have you been well recently?
1318 Getting more ballsy
1319 Kill him of course
1320 No difference
1321 A white tiger
1322 She has another name
1323 Cuckolded Emperor Ji
1324 I can't beat him?
1325 Courting great disaster!
1326 Bro Flattop's adorable pet?
1327 Recognize only one owner in your life
1328 Inexplicable closeness
1329 Doomsday
1330 I hope you've been well
1331 Really plan to take them in?
1332 Life’s like a play and completely relies on one's acting skills
1333 Realization
1334 Your pet as well
1335 Why the heck are we getting married?!
1336 Be good, don't be angry!
1337 No thanks, I'm uninterested
1338 Truly became a professional scapegoa
1339 Tell her who I am!
1340 Can't say things carelessly
1341 Pig teammates
1342 Why must you be so serious
1343 Do you still remember Asura?
1344 What benefit do I get?
1345 Demanding an exorbitant price
1346 So good at bragging
1347 A while since we've partied
1348 An unbelievable phone call
1349 Let's go to my house
1350 Found the wrong place
1351 Not the same level
1352 Do you want to drink?
1353 Even boasting is so risky
1354 Visiting a Nightclub
1355 Emperor Ji's good looks
1356 Who do you think you are?
1357 Caught at the scene by her fiancé
1358 Can't be jealous, righ
1359 No one can save you
1360 Come to my house
1361 The lord inside is Lord Asura!
1362 Why are you here?
1363 Absolutely impossible
1364 Sheltered by Lord Asura
1365 If it was really Si Yehan
1366 People you shouldn't long for
1367 Your grandfather is here
1368 Is he a monster?
1369 Clingiest Beas
1370 Hold your horses
1371 It's all mine
1372 Take them down a notch
1373 We don't have money
1374 Do I look like someone that immoral?
1375 Fight to the death with Asura
1376 Didn't say I won't attack Asura
1377 Don't want to do anything, alright!
1378 Acting to the point of numbness
1379 Done playing with you
1380 You should thank me
1381 80% Credibility
1382 Paying Tribute
1383 Mesmerized by your beauty, Ninth Brother
1384 Disguises running amok
1385 Couldn't offend a single person
1386 I know, you're the bes
1387 Exposing the fake
1388 Which Nie family?
1389 Is his captain blind?
1390 Where did he get the face?
1391 I have business for you
1392 Is Tangtang doing well?
1393 How was baby bad?
1394 The ancient Si clan
1395 Is he really that strong?
1396 This was too crazy
1397 Give an "I owe you"
1398 He was too crafty
1399 The Nie family's Little Young Master
1400 Aren't we all bandits?
1401 Explosive news
1402 Wasn't she seeking death?
1403 Lord Asura's wife
1404 Still have the face to demand money
1405 Truly poor
1406 Too arrogan
1407 Leave an escape
1408 Swords drawn
1409 Striking glance
1410 Probably will have major activity
1411 What kind of sin did she commi
1412 Seek justice
1413 What does she have to do with me?
1414 Telling a bare-faced lie
1415 Zealous wife protector is online
1416 Biased beyond limits
1417 Causing trouble by herself?
1418 Come! Flaunt your acting skills!
1419 You're not amazing just 'cause you're good-looking!
1420 Cursed imbecile
1421 Could it be that you regret it already?
1422 Pick up my fiancée
1423 I didn't do anything to him
1424 Isn't this too absurd?!
1425 Be more complian
1426 Follow me home
1427 Took a liking?
1428 Freebie parents-in-law
1429 Still inferior to Worriless
1430 Wouldn't she be exposed?
1431 I wonder who he resembles
1432 How was this woman capable?
1433 Eat less mea
1434 Scarlet Flames Academy's legend
1435 A new boss alias is online
1436 You dare to steal something like this?
1437 Emperor Ji gave it to me
1438 Not to be trifled with
1439 Probing
1440 Don't be a coward and just do i
1441 When have we ever been scared?
1442 Please give a five-star rating, Boss
1443 Eat it yourself!
1444 Is there really something like that?
1445 Retreat for now
1446 Let's fight if we must!
1447 Attack already
1448 Eating from both sides?
1449 The cursed Nameless Nie
1450 There aren't fathers and sons on the battlefield
1451 Your mother, I, can't do i
1452 My good sister
1453 Mutually-in-love gu
1454 It has to be with someone I like
1455 You're about to die, so why are you still being picky?
1456 Who said the one I like is Emperor Ji?
1457 There's a knife above the character "Sex"
1458 Both roads lead to death!
1459 Invite him for sleeping
1460 That scene was unimaginable
1461 All I see is Lord Asura
1462 Seal the door superglued shu
1463 Sleep for a while before talking?
1464 Came to help you cure the poison
1465 We can use another method if you wan
1466 The first person she had intimate contact with
1467 I didn't lose control!
1468 Naturally a great beauty
1469 A raging sea of jealousy
1470 Die for sure? Not necessarily.
1471 He's rather cute
1472 Need your help
1473 Do you have proof?
1474 It really was alcohol
1475 Who do you think you are?
1476 Wrong focus poin
1477 Actually still alive
1478 A terrifying power
1479 Who's afraid of that son of a b*tch?!
1480 Too terrifying
1481 How could she not be drunk?
1482 This smile was familiar
1483 Truly the president of the Fearless Alliance
1484 You're back
1485 Transform into a super exper
1486 What wrong medication did they take
1487 Offend some powerful figure?
1488 Am I so terrifying?
1489 Executed on the spo
1490 No return for him
1491 What? Old but vigorous?
1492 I'm saying you're the one digging pits
1493 Can you bring Tangtang outside?
1494 Got into a figh
1495 Deep hypnotism
1496 You're nothing
1497 Give you two paths
1498 Help me order a bouquet of flowers
1499 999 White Roses
1500 Sima Zhao's trick is obvious
1501 Want to cause trouble again?
1502 I really like i
1503 Wouldn't do anything to Emperor Ji, right?
1504 I've always been so free
1505 Night attack
1506 Please respect yourself
1507 Rest well and replenish her strength
1508 A type of romantic game
1509 Fight to the death
1510 Aren't young anymore
1511 Blood is thicker than water
1512 Insult the sky, insult the earth, insult the air
1513 Always replaced
1514 Could it be that I’m the real Worriless Nie?
1515 Adopt as a foster daughter
1516 The landlord's foolish son
1517 Watch your words
1518 Don’t want Tangtang to be cold-blooded
1519 Take Tangtang out to run errands
1520 He's the President's illegitimate son
1521 Mommy's worked hard
1522 The landlord's foolish son is visiting again
1523 All famous big shots
1524 One for you, one for me
1525 Ask for your help with something
1526 Pick up two people
1527 In a better mood
1528 Very beautiful
1529 A girl will doll herself up for a man who loves her
1530 I wish you a happy break-up
1531 Wow, this is very extravagan
1532 Deeply attracted
1533 I agree to your marriage
1534 Eat with all you've got!
1535 Couldn't stomach losing this face
1536 If they wanted to play, she could stay to the end