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2137 Formatted max-level main accoun

The location was a bit far, so the group drove for a long time before stopping in front of an extensive factory.

When they arrived, the chauffeur immediately sprinted out of the car and opened the door for Ye Wanwan.

However, the second Ye Wanwan exited the car, the chauffeur abruptly attacked Ye Wanwan like a ghost.

The fierce wind from his palm slashed across Ye Wanwan's neck like a blade, creating a bloody line instantaneously.

A little more force and her neck would've been forcefully snapped broken by him.

\"Who are you?!\" Ye Wanwan narrowly dodged his attack, but the man was too fast and launched attack after attack toward her like a tornado, each strike fiercer than the previous.

This man's martial arts skills were extremely strong! He absolutely wasn't an ordinary assassin!

\"D*mn!\" Ye Wanwan narrowly dodged his attack again.

\"Sister Worriless, be careful! Who are you? How dare you attack a member of our Nie family?!\" Nie Linglong quickly rushed over and struck the assassin with her hand.

Nie Linglong's palm reached perfection in both strength and speed, and she managed to strike the assassin back with a mere hit.

\"PFF!\" The assassin spat out a mouthful of blood, evidently injured. He hastily turned around and escaped.

Ye Wanwan reflexively looked at Nie Linglong. The other woman managed to repel the assassin with a mere strike of her palm, which meant Nie Linglong's martial arts skills were probably better than she expected.

A group of Nie family guards quickly chased after the assassin while the higher-ups and elders from the car behind them also rushed forward.

\"Who is he? He's rather gutsy to dare to assassinate our Second Miss!\"

\"That was simply lawless! We must thoroughly investigate this matter!\"

\"Miss, are you okay?!\"

The elders and higher-ups spoke one after another.

Ye Wanwan massaged her palm, which had turned numb from fending off that man's attack. \"I'm fine.\"

Amidst this sea of indignant voices, a soft voice was suddenly heard. \"Second Miss, with your strength, that assassin probably shouldn't have even approached you, so how did he…?\"

The person didn't finish the rest of their sentence, but its meaning spoke for itself.

Everyone instantly looked at Ye Wanwan strangely.

That was right. Second Miss's martial talents stunned the entire Independent State back then. She was the legend of the mercenary world, so how did she lose to an assassin, requiring that assassin to be struck back by Nie Linglong?

When faced with those higher-ups and elders' questioning and suspicious gazes, Ye Wanwan's face darkened.

Her martial strength really hadn't recovered completely still. Even though she had been sparing no efforts in her training lately, she only managed to recover 30-40% at best. If she was drunk and lost her rationality, she might be able to recover 50-60%, but she was still a ways away from her previous strength.

When it came to something like martial arts, the closer you were to the top tier, the wider the chasm between each degree of strength.

Some people might not be able to cross that chasm their whole lives.

Ye Wanwan's current state was like a formatted max-level main account. She originally passed all the stages already but now had to level up all over again. Although her progress was faster than the average person's, it was still difficult the more she advanced.

Something like comprehension couldn't be solely obtained through training.

No matter how hard she worked, she still felt very clumsy and her body couldn't coordinate with her mind. This would undoubtedly be fatal in a match with a true expert.