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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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2136 It will definitely be mine

\"Second Great Uncle!\" Ye Wanwan politely greeted him.

This elderly man who was about 30-40% similar to Grandpa in appearance was Grandpa's real younger brother.

While seated, the august, healthy-looking elderly man said, \"Back then, Eldest Brother willfully took you with him, and you've had an uneasy time all these years on the outside. However, it's good you're back. It's also time for you to shoulder this responsibility…\"

The incident regarding the previous patriarch of the Nie family, who was Ye Wanwan's grandfather, leaving the Nie family because he was displeased his daughter got married to the descendant of his sworn enemy from the Ling family was a taboo topic in the Nie family. Hence, the elderly man merely looked morose and didn't delve too deeply into it, only giving Ye Wanwan a few words of encouragement.

\"It's good that Second Miss has safely returned. I believe the Nie family will definitely flourish under the leadership of the Second Miss,\" another higher-up piped in.

The clan meeting quickly ended. Patriarch Nie finished with all his arrangements and left Yun City with Madam Nie two days later, heading to Jin City.

After Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie left, Ye Wanwan took advantage of her parent's absence and sent Tangtang to Si Yehan, telling him to take Tangtang on a trip by themselves for a few days. This was the quickest method to foster a deep relationship.

Then Ye Wanwan focused on learning how to manage a clan from her great uncles and the elders.

Thankfully, she had picked up some things from Si Yehan back in China for a long time, so she was familiar with these affairs already and conducted them rather smoothly.

As for what to do with Nie Linglong, Ye Wanwan planned to keep thinking of a way to investigate the power backing her.

Late at night, in a secret manor located in the city outskirts:

An elderly man dressed in black walked out from the hidden room and looked at Nie Linglong darkly, who was sitting on the sofa and playing a game of chess. \"How's the progress with the Nie family?\"

Nie Linglong looked confident. \"Everything is within my grasp.\"

The elderly man in black snorted. \"I don't think that's completely true, right? The real Worriless Nie has returned to the Nie family and is fairly trusted, having even taken up the position as the acting family head.\"

Nie Linglong looked disdainful. \"You're overestimating her. She's merely a piece of trash. From what I know, Worriless Nie's current martial strength has dropped greatly and she isn't even 30 or 40 percent of what she used to be.\"

The elderly man in black was taken aback. \"Truly?\"

In the Independent State, which prohibited firearms and revered martial arts above all, a person's martial strength represented everything.

When it came to someone like Piece of Sh*t, he could solely be compared to a killing machine who could destroy more than half of their experts. No one dared to provoke such an entity.

If Worriless Nie's martial strength had truly plunged, then she might not even be qualified to be the head of the Nie family.

The Independent State revered martial arts above all and the Nie family from the four great clans was even more so. The Nie family was the clan with the strongest martial strength out of all the clans, and the previous patriarch of the Nie family was once the most outstanding martial expert in the Independent State. Hence, martial strength was vitally important for the family head.

Nie Linglong lightly set down a black piece and took out all the white pieces. The corners of her lips curled up as she said, \"Don't worry. The position of the Nie family head will definitely be mine.\"

Since that impostor had died, there didn't need to be so much hassle. She'd obtain that position herself.

\"That better be the case.\"

Several days later, Ye Wanwan followed a group of clan elders and higher-ups to a Nie property for observation.

Nie Linglong was also in the car and fulfilled the role of secretary dutifully and responsibly, diligently reporting business to Ye Wanwan. She stayed strictly within her boundaries these past few days, making it impossible for Ye Wanwan to snatch a single piece of useful information.

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