2135 Too terrible

When Madam Nie heard that, her eyes turned red instantly. \"Child… why did you go through so much trouble? If you wanted to eat that, we could've made it at home!\"

Ye Wanwan hugged Madam Nie by the arm and cutely said, \"It's different! I found it tasty when I ate it, so I especially wanted you and Dad to taste it too! Hurry and see if you like it! If it's good, I will buy it again next time…\"

Madam Nie was instantly moved. \"My baby daughter is so thoughtful.\"

\"Good good good, Dad will try it now!\" Patriarch Nie couldn't be any happier. As though he was faced with some exotic delicacies, he carefully picked up a bamboo skewer of barbecued meat.

Nie Linglong watched how Madam and Patriarch Nie surrounded Ye Wanwan's cheap skewers like they were a treasure and glanced at the supplements she bought for them sitting on the side, a chilly feeling leaking from her eyes.

Nameless Nie was speechless. \"Dad, Mom, aren't you too hypocritical? Last time I ate something like this, you chased after me and scolded me for several days, saying I was eating junk food! Now, you're praising this girl into outer space? Did you get amnesia?\"

Madam Nie glared at him. \"Shut up, what do you know? Stop spouting nonsense!\"

Nameless Nie: \"…\"

I'm spouting nonsense?

It's clearly this girl who's spouting nonsense!

She had to stand in line to buy something? When the owner saw her, he probably wanted nothing more than to give her the entire store!

Ye Wanwan humorously glanced at Nameless Nie, who looked like he ate sh*t, and provokingly made a face at him before turning to her parents and asking, \"Dad, Mom, you called me back in such a hurry. Did something happen?\"

Patriarch Nie replied with a gentle expression, \"Your mother and I have some business in Jin City in two days, so we're hoping you can help us manage the Nie family while we're gone.\"

Madam Nie meaningfully said, \"The Nie family will definitely be passed onto your hands in the future, so consider this as a learning opportunity.\"

When Nie Linglong heard this from behind them, she abruptly raised her head.

They had just phonily asked her to look after the Nie family but were now leaving all the power in the hands of that piece of trash, Worriless Nie.

In the end, regardless of how long she had been with the Nie family, she was nothing but a servant.

Ye Wanwan imperceptibly glanced at Nie Linglong and happened to catch a remaining tinge of darkness on the woman's face. She replied with a calm smile, \"Dad, Mom, don't worry. I'll take good care of the family.\"

Nie Linglong quickly regained her composure and quickly replied, \"Dad, Mom, Sister and I will be home, so there won't be any problems. I will help Sister from the side.\"

Patriarch Nie nodded. \"Mn, let's go. The elders are waiting.\"

In the conference room:

All the higher-ups and elders from the direct line and collateral branches of the Nie family were sitting in the room.

Patriarch Nie cleared his throat before solemnly beginning, \"While I'm in Jin City, Worriless will act as the family head. I hope everyone will assist Worriless by working as one and taking good care of the Nie family together.\"

Everyone had differing thoughts about this newly-found Second Miss of the Nie family who also held a position as the President of the Fearless Alliance.

However, in front of the patriarch, none of them revealed anything on their faces and all agreed.

\"Don't worry, Patriarch. Us old fossils are still here, so nothing will happen to the Nie family.\"

Patriarch Nie nodded and turned to Ye Wanwan. He gently said, \"Wanwan, this is your Second Great Uncle. If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask him.\"