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Peerless Martial God 2


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After the continent of the nine clouds, the continent of the gods, Lin Feng, a proud cultivator, journeys to exciting new worlds. There is more trouble on the horizon, will he be strong enough? Wait and see…
《Peerless Martial God 2》 Chapter 0001-1000
Chapter 1: Lonely On the Path of Cultivation
Chapter 2: The World Outside the Continent of the Nine Clouds
Chapter 3: Arriving in the Continent of the Gods
Chapter 4: Piss Off!
Chapter 5: The Old Ox’ Master?
Chapter 6: Going to the Supranatural Region
Chapter 7: Prince Tian Qiong
Chapter 8: Three Clans’ Exam
Chapter 9: Top-Level Gathering
Chapter 10: Humiliating Lin Feng!
Chapter 11: Little Buffoon Intoxicated By Success
Chapter 12: Luo Ze’s Banque
Chapter 13: If You Continue Being Arrogant, I’ll Have to Kill You!
Chapter 14: Fighting Against Cheng Mo
Chapter 15: Unfinished Battle
Chapter 16: Old Ox’ Strength
Chapter 17: Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell
Chapter 18: Luo Ze’s Provocations
Chapter 19: Next Time, Nobody Will Be Able to Save You
Chapter 20: Xuan Yuan Mu Is Acting Weird
Chapter 21: Lin Feng’s Real Skills
Chapter 22: If You Want to Steal, Then Find The Right Opponents!
Chapter 23: Soliciting Other Influential Groups
Chapter 24: Patriarch Zi Jian
Chapter 25: The Continent of the Gods is More Mysterious Than Expected!
Chapter 26: Cheng Shan’s Punishmen
Chapter 27: Betrothal
Chapter 28: Leveling Up While Fighting
Chapter 29: Godly Weapon’s birth?
Chapter 30: Red Lights!
Chapter 31: Entering the Passageway
Chapter 32: Mirror Space!
Chapter 33: Crystal Lenses!
Chapter 34: My Wives Want to Gain Experience!
Chapter 35: Killing Luo Ze
Chapter 36: Going to the Central Part of the Supranatural Region
Chapter 37: Destroying the Deployment Spell!
Chapter 38: Instantly Destroyed!
Chapter 39: Exam!
Chapter 40: Who’s The Murderer?
Chapter 41: Try and Punish Me…
Chapter 42: Bodhidharma’s Chief Disciple
Chapter 43: Accepting Challenges
Chapter 44: Han Xianzi
Chapter 45: Mystery of the Lens
Chapter 46: Level Two Time Dao
Chapter 47: Broken Soul Di
Chapter 48: The Continent of the Nine Clouds Might Be in Danger!
Chapter 49: Prince Unicorn
Chapter 50: Provocation? Trouble?
Chapter 51: Holy Fourth
Chapter 52: Someone Keeps Humiliating Meng Qing!!!
Chapter 53: A Good Lesson!!!!
Chapter 54: Lin Feng’s Influence
Chapter 55: Teaching a Good Lesson To Tian Qiong!!
Chapter 56: Who’s Song Zhuang?
Chapter 57: Using A Dark Weapon
Chapter 58: Fighting Against Holy Fourth
Chapter 59: Song Zhuang’s Strange Suppor
Chapter 60: Tian Qiong Doesn’t Stop!
Chapter 61: Stolen
Chapter 62: Tian Qiong Dies, Luo Chen Laughs
Chapter 63: First-Class Mission
Chapter 64: How Difficul
Chapter 65: Imprisoned
Chapter 66: Supreme Demon Corpse
Chapter 67: Good Time to Break Through
Chapter 68: Becoming the Leader of Demon Corpses Hill
Chapter 69: Making the Seven Generals Submi
Chapter 70: Getting Ready to Go Back
Chapter 71: Mocking
Chapter 72: Great Meri
Chapter 73: Grand Ceremony
Chapter 74: Attacking Lin Feng?
Chapter 75: Chosen One, Di Shu!
Chapter 76: Di Shu’s Murderous Intentions
Chapter 77: Nightly Discussion!
Chapter 78: Song Zhuang’s Strength!
Chapter 79: Going Back to the Godly Grave!
Chapter 80: Sect’s Meeting!