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After the continent of the nine clouds, the continent of the gods, Lin Feng, a proud cultivator, journeys to exciting new worlds. There is more trouble on the horizon, will he be strong enough? Wait and see…
《Peerless Martial God 2》 Chapter 0001-1000
Chapter 1: Lonely On the Path of Cultivation
Chapter 2: The World Outside the Continent of the Nine Clouds
Chapter 3: Arriving in the Continent of the Gods
Chapter 4: Piss Off!
Chapter 5: The Old Ox’ Master?
Chapter 6: Going to the Supranatural Region
Chapter 7: Prince Tian Qiong
Chapter 8: Three Clans’ Exam
Chapter 9: Top-Level Gathering
Chapter 10: Humiliating Lin Feng!
Chapter 11: Little Buffoon Intoxicated By Success
Chapter 12: Luo Ze’s Banque
Chapter 13: If You Continue Being Arrogant, I’ll Have to Kill You!
Chapter 14: Fighting Against Cheng Mo
Chapter 15: Unfinished Battle
Chapter 16: Old Ox’ Strength
Chapter 17: Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell
Chapter 18: Luo Ze’s Provocations
Chapter 19: Next Time, Nobody Will Be Able to Save You
Chapter 20: Xuan Yuan Mu Is Acting Weird
Chapter 21: Lin Feng’s Real Skills
Chapter 22: If You Want to Steal, Then Find The Right Opponents!
Chapter 23: Soliciting Other Influential Groups
Chapter 24: Patriarch Zi Jian
Chapter 25: The Continent of the Gods is More Mysterious Than Expected!
Chapter 26: Cheng Shan’s Punishmen
Chapter 27: Betrothal
Chapter 28: Leveling Up While Fighting
Chapter 29: Godly Weapon’s birth?
Chapter 30: Red Lights!
Chapter 31: Entering the Passageway
Chapter 32: Mirror Space!
Chapter 33: Crystal Lenses!
Chapter 34: My Wives Want to Gain Experience!
Chapter 35: Killing Luo Ze
Chapter 36: Going to the Central Part of the Supranatural Region
Chapter 37: Destroying the Deployment Spell!
Chapter 38: Instantly Destroyed!
Chapter 39: Exam!
Chapter 40: Who’s The Murderer?
Chapter 41: Try and Punish Me…
Chapter 42: Bodhidharma’s Chief Disciple
Chapter 43: Accepting Challenges
Chapter 44: Han Xianzi
Chapter 45: Mystery of the Lens
Chapter 46: Level Two Time Dao
Chapter 47: Broken Soul Di
Chapter 48: The Continent of the Nine Clouds Might Be in Danger!
Chapter 49: Prince Unicorn
Chapter 50: Provocation? Trouble?
Chapter 51: Holy Fourth
Chapter 52: Someone Keeps Humiliating Meng Qing!!!
Chapter 53: A Good Lesson!!!!
Chapter 54: Lin Feng’s Influence
Chapter 55: Teaching a Good Lesson To Tian Qiong!!
Chapter 56: Who’s Song Zhuang?
Chapter 57: Using A Dark Weapon
Chapter 58: Fighting Against Holy Fourth
Chapter 59: Song Zhuang’s Strange Suppor
Chapter 60: Tian Qiong Doesn’t Stop!
Chapter 61: Stolen
Chapter 62: Tian Qiong Dies, Luo Chen Laughs
Chapter 63: First-Class Mission
Chapter 64: How Difficul
Chapter 65: Imprisoned
Chapter 66: Supreme Demon Corpse
Chapter 67: Good Time to Break Through
Chapter 68: Becoming the Leader of Demon Corpses Hill
Chapter 69: Making the Seven Generals Submi
Chapter 70: Getting Ready to Go Back
Chapter 71: Mocking
Chapter 72: Great Meri
Chapter 73: Grand Ceremony
Chapter 74: Attacking Lin Feng?
Chapter 75: Chosen One, Di Shu!
Chapter 76: Di Shu’s Murderous Intentions
Chapter 77: Nightly Discussion!
Chapter 78: Song Zhuang’s Strength!
Chapter 79: Going Back to the Godly Grave!
Chapter 80: Sect’s Meeting!
Chapter 81: Unceasing Questions
Chapter 82: You Are Not Qualified to Make Me Commit Suicide!
Chapter 83: Space and Time Cage
Chapter 84: Fan Tian Gang!
Chapter 85: Astonishing
Chapter 86: Bodhidharma’s Face!
Chapter 87: Princess Huo
Chapter 88: You’re Humiliating Yourself!
Chapter 89: Holy Heroes’ Stone Plate
Chapter 90: Do You Understand?!
Chapter 91: What Makes You Think You’re Qualified to Talk to Me That Way?
Chapter 92: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 93: Going Into the All-Embracing Varu?a!
Chapter 94: You Lost!
Chapter 95: Holy Fifth Selection
Chapter 96: Spectacular Even
Chapter 97: Familiar People
Chapter 98: Jian Ya!
Chapter 99: Lin Feng’s Authority
Chapter 100: Lin Feng’s Second Disciple!!
Chapter 101: Luo Chen’s Surprising Level
Chapter 102: Cheng Shan is Too Mysterious
Chapter 103: Fighting Against Di Shu!
Chapter 104: Di Shu Loses Control!
Chapter 105: Princess Huo Wu!
Chapter 106: Qualified for the Final
Chapter 107: Surprise after Surprise
Chapter 108: Trying to Kill Lin Feng!
Chapter 109: Luo Chen wants to escape!
Chapter 110: Sage Jin’s Ulterior Motives
Chapter 111: Will You Death Battle To the Death, Though?
Chapter 112: Even Without Godly Imperial Weapons, I Can Kill You…
Chapter 113: I Killed Him!
Chapter 114: Leader
Chapter 115: Breaking Through!
Chapter 116: Demon King Ox’s Real Body!
Chapter 117: Danger in the Continent of the Nine Clouds
Chapter 118: Mister Time, A Future Opponent?
Chapter 119: Competing
Chapter 120: Godly Sons
Chapter 121: Long Time No See!
Chapter 122: Vengeance!
Chapter 123: Lin Feng’s Severe Injuries!
Chapter 124: Hou Qing Lin Is Captured
Chapter 125: Two Women’s Whereabouts
Chapter 126: Lin Feng Wants to Leave NOW!
Chapter 127: You Can’t Compete with Me Anymore
Chapter 128: Desiccation and Desolation Sea
Chapter 129: Lin Feng’s Craziness
Chapter 130: The World Under the Sea!
Chapter 131: Arriving in the Silver Region
Chapter 132: Yan Du
Chapter 133: Xue Baguio
Chapter 134: Danger Lurks!
Chapter 135: Nobody Can Stop Me, Including the Godly Leader…
Chapter 136: Silver Sect’s Banquet!
Chapter 137: Godly Son Hao’s Beauty!
Chapter 138: Seeing Each Other Again!
Chapter 139: Causing Trouble
Chapter 140: Black Dragon’s Strength!
Chapter 141: Stabbed from Behind
Chapter 142: Four Wives’ Reunion
Chapter 143: Danger Lurks Part One
Chapter 144: Danger Lurks Part Two
Chapter 145: Fight to Win Or Die
Chapter 146: Tile Pills, You Owe Me!
Chapter 147: Hou Qing Lin’s Struggles
Chapter 148: Silver Region’s Holy Shrine
Chapter 149: Apologize to the Godly Son?!
Chapter 150: Suddenly Turning Hostile
Chapter 151: Huge Changes!
Chapter 152: Savage Desert!
Chapter 153: Amnesia
Chapter 154: Kidnapping
Chapter 155: Savage Desert’s Legend!
Chapter 156: Savage Town
Chapter 157: Shameless Yao Clan Edited by RED
Chapter 158: Humiliated By a Father and His Son
Chapter 159: The Death of the Yao Clan’s Leader
Chapter 160: Qualified to Kill You?
Chapter 161: Secre
Chapter 162: The Probable Existence of a God
Chapter 163: Sword Sect’s Chief Disciple, Ling Tian!
Chapter 164: But I’m Not Afraid!
Chapter 165: Trouble During the Registration!
Chapter 166: Now You Can Register!
Chapter 167: We’re Being Observed?
Chapter 168: Beginning of the Great Ceremony
Chapter 169: Winning Without Fighting!
Chapter 170: I Have an Objection
Chapter 171: Who Do You Think You Are To Sermonize Others?
Chapter 172: The Strongest One?
Chapter 173: Who’s Stronger Than Whom?
Chapter 174: Savage Mountain
Chapter 175: The Painting of the Teacher’s Teacher?
Chapter 176: Mister Savage
Chapter 177: It Was All Fake
Chapter 178: Farewell
Chapter 179: The Battle of the Gods
Chapter 180: The Battle of the Gods Part Two
Chapter 181: Lin Feng’s Frenzy
Chapter 182: Mara-Deva
Chapter 183: Lin Feng, Godly Son?”
Chapter 184: Bodhidharma Imprisoned
Chapter 185: Losing and Leaving!
Chapter 186: I Will Destroy the Sky if You Continue
Chapter 187: Traveling the World!
Chapter 188: Hu Ba
Chapter 189: A Key to the Beast Region
Chapter 190: Chaos in the Beast Region
Chapter 191: Elf’s Stone Statue
Chapter 192: Encircling!
Chapter 193: Hu Ba’s Real Body!
Chapter 194: Forcing Himself To Break Through!
Chapter 195: The King Is Back
Chapter 196: Beast King’s Palace!
Chapter 197: Old King’s Requests!
Chapter 198: Spiritual Region’s Great Elder
Chapter 199: Safe from Danger
Chapter 200: Mercenary Exam
Chapter 201: Astonishing!
Chapter 202: Meeting
Chapter 203: Tang You You’s Transformation
Chapter 204: Meeting with Feng Mo Again!
Chapter 205: Mister Time’s Real Identity!
Chapter 206: That’s the Man You Like? Hehe!
Chapter 207: Feng Mo’s Display of Strength!
Chapter 208: Lin Feng vs. Feng Mo!
Chapter 209: Last Attack!
Chapter 210: Dark Palace’s People?
Chapter 211: Just Want To Teach You A Good Lesson
Chapter 212: Invitation Talisman
Chapter 213: Three Kamikaze Beasts
Chapter 214: Fighting Against Ling Tu Zi
Chapter 215: A Painful Victory!
Chapter 216: Breaking Through!
Chapter 217: Back in the Supranatural Region!
Chapter 218: Quick Changes!
Chapter 219: Danger in the Snow Region!
Chapter 220: Kill Them All!
Chapter 221: Mysterious Influential Group?
Chapter 222: Meng Qing Breaks Through, Two Supreme Cultivators Fall!
Chapter 223: Chaos!
Chapter 224: Massacre in the Spiritual Region!
Chapter 225: Evil Soul Sect!
Chapter 226: Yan Di’s Strength!
Chapter 227: Spiritual Region’s Complete Destruction
Chapter 228: What the Continent of the Gods Really Is!
Chapter 229: Snow Region’s Garbage
Chapter 230: Cleaning!
Chapter 231: Old Friends Reunite
Chapter 232: Sword Sect in Danger!
Chapter 233: Evil Soul Sect’s Territory
Chapter 234: No Need To Continue!
Chapter 235: Joining the Evil Soul Sect!
Chapter 236: A Bit Too Weak!
Chapter 237: Destruction of the Evil Soul Sect!
Chapter 238: Meeting with Jian Mang Again!
Chapter 239: Imminent Beginning of the Great Competition
Chapter 240: Let Lin Feng Decide!
Chapter 241: Going to the Dark Palace!
Chapter 242: Forcing Their Path Through!
Chapter 243: Wait and See, Lin Feng!
Chapter 244: Lu Li’s Arrogance?
Chapter 245: You Think You’re Strong?
Chapter 246: Lu Li’s Murderous Intentions
Chapter 247: Arriving in the Dark Palace
Chapter 248: If You Have a Problem, Come and Fight!
Chapter 249: Dark Temple!
Chapter 250: Yuan Kui’s True Colors!
Chapter 251: Killing Yuan Kui, Bringing Di Back To Life
Chapter 252: Shui Di’s Background
Chapter 253: Breaking Through!
Chapter 254: Insane Provocations!
Chapter 255: Beginning of the Great Competition!
Chapter 256: Nobody Can Stop Him!
Chapter 257: Duan Zhe Dao’s Insanity
Chapter 258: Lin Feng VS. Duan Zhe Dao!
Chapter 259: Intimidating Strength!
Chapter 260: Shocking News!
Chapter 261: Great Competition Rankings!
Chapter 262: End of the Great Competition!
Chapter 263: Savage Desert’s Unforeseen Events!
Chapter 264: Reappearance of the Fake Cheng Shan!
Chapter 265: En Route For the Central Continent!
Chapter 266: Gods’ List?
Chapter 267: The Three Gods’ Meeting
Chapter 268: Step By Step Tes
Chapter 269: Killing Duan Zhe Dao!
Chapter 270: Studying Life and Death Dao
Chapter 271: You Refuse To Call Me Teacher?
Chapter 272: Get Down!
Chapter 273: Hand Your Talisman Over?
Chapter 274: When Someone Wants To Kill Me, I Kill Them!
Chapter 275: Birth of a Buddha Technique
Chapter 276: Already Famous in The City of Gods
Chapter 277: Going to Sword Mountain
Chapter 278: Humiliating Lin Feng
Chapter 279: I Am Lin Feng, You Have a Problem?
Chapter 280: Xie Chao Yu
Chapter 281: Lin Feng vs. Xie Chao Yu
Chapter 282: Elder of Punishments
Chapter 283: Three Days and Three Nights! Incredible!
Chapter 284: Curry Favor With Everybody!
Chapter 285: Lu Li Loses to Meng Qing!
Chapter 286: Elder Li Jian Is Done Meditating in Seclusion!
Chapter 287: Fate?
Chapter 288: The Thousand Frost Feather Fan!
Chapter 289: Breaking Through!
Chapter 290: Lin Zhe Tian’s Whereabouts?
Chapter 291: Lin Zhe Tian’s Depression!
Chapter 292: Father vs. Son, Great Battle!
Chapter 293: Best of the Top Disciples, Tu Su!
Chapter 294: Lin Zhe Tian’s Power!
Chapter 295: Astonishing Result!
Chapter 296: Lin Feng vs. Deng Jia
Chapter 297: Because… I Am Not Afraid of Death!
Chapter 298: Back Into the Sword Tower
Chapter 299: Mara Nirvana Formula!
Chapter 300: Leaving the Tower, Danger in Sword Mountain?
Chapter 301: Mysterious Men in Black
Chapter 302: Lin Feng vs. Mo Zi
Chapter 303: Deng Jia Pisses Everybody Off!
Chapter 304: Preparation for the Gods List Competition?
Chapter 305: Going to the Du Hu Governmen
Chapter 306: Attack!
Chapter 307: Meeting with Di Shu Again!
Chapter 308: Lin Zhe Tian Is Qualified!
Chapter 309: Xian Ling Er’s Power!
Chapter 310: I Am Lin Feng!
Chapter 311: Twenty Cultivators
Chapter 312: Mystic Deployment Spell
Chapter 313: Groups and Conflicts!
Chapter 314: The End of the Preparatory Competition
Chapter 315: Lin Zhe Tian vs. Lei Su
Chapter 316: Battle Date Agreemen
Chapter 317: Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor
Chapter 318: The Demon Emperor’s Story!
Chapter 319: Dark Abyss!
Chapter 320: Demon Emperor’s Essence Blood!
Chapter 321: Stealing the Demon Emperor’s Coffin
Chapter 322: Great Battle Against Ye Lü Qi!
Chapter 323: Opening the Coffin!
Chapter 324: Lin Feng Is Injured!
Chapter 325: Great Opportunity!
Chapter 326: Terrifying Short Old Man
Chapter 327: Inheriting Knowledge!
Chapter 328: Leveling Up!
Chapter 329: Before The Great Competition!
Chapter 330: Beginning of New Flourishing Times
Chapter 331: Gathering of Strong Cultivators
Chapter 332: Gods Government’s Female Godly Emperor?
Chapter 333: A Crushing Defeat!
Chapter 334: Beginning of the Great Competition!
Chapter 335: Chessboard Challenge!
Chapter 336: Competition on the Chessboard!
Chapter 337: Result!
Chapter 338: Fighting Abilities Score!
Chapter 339: Mockeries!
Chapter 340: Lin Feng Feels Powerless!
Chapter 341: Moving On to the Finals!
Chapter 342: Half a Month of Cruel Killings!
Chapter 343: Shiny Battle Plates!
Chapter 344: Reprisals!
Chapter 345: Killing ALL OF THEM!
Chapter 346: Killing, Killing, Killing!
Chapter 347: Di Shu’s Plot!
Chapter 348: Let’s Cooperate!
Chapter 349: Forty-Three Victories!
Chapter 350: Lin Feng vs. Zhen Mo!
Chapter 351: Winning Again!
Chapter 352: The Terrifying Power of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill!!
Chapter 353: Lin Feng Is Poisoned!
Chapter 354: Profit by Misfortune!
Chapter 355: Final Rankings!
Chapter 356: Lin Feng Is Almost Invincible!
Chapter 357: You’re too Weak, and so are You!
Chapter 358: Last Battle!
Chapter 359: The Champion!
Chapter 360: A Traitor and Enemies!
Chapter 361: Happy Killings!
Chapter 362: Fighting Against Godly Emperor Lei!
Chapter 363: Dismember Him!
Chapter 364: Situation in the Continent of the Gods!
Chapter 365: Criminals’ Village!
Chapter 366: Mister Mo Zhang
Chapter 367: Recruiting Troops!
Chapter 368: Yin Territory!
Chapter 369: Godly Emperor Huang
Chapter 370: Going Through Dangers!
Chapter 371: Infuriated by Meng Tian!
Chapter 372: Paying a Visit to Godly Emperor Huang!
Chapter 373: Conditions and Price!
Chapter 374: Embarrassing!
Chapter 375: The Furious Desolate Plant!
Chapter 376: Godly Emperor Huang’s Daughter
Chapter 377: Ancient Godly Emperor Seed, Huang Teng Hua!
Chapter 378: Call For Battle! Let’s Fight Again!
Chapter 379: Fighting Against Officer Tie Xuan!
Chapter 380: Godly Emperor Jiu!
Chapter 381: Agreeing On A Future Battle!
Chapter 382: Your Body Can Be A Seed!
Chapter 383: Leveling Up During A Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 384: Godly Emperors’ Schemes!
Chapter 385: Unable To Withstand A Single Attack!
Chapter 386: Xuan Yuan Throne!
Chapter 387: Giving Orders!
Chapter 388: Yin Territory!
Chapter 389: The Yin Gate!
Chapter 390: The World Under the Ground!
Chapter 391: Altar!
Chapter 392: Two Small Films!
Chapter 393: Second Batch of Transmissions!
Chapter 394: Top of the Half-Godly Emperor Layer!
Chapter 395: Heart-To-Heart Talk!
Chapter 396: Before Leaving!
Chapter 397: Unforeseen Event in Criminals’ Village!
Chapter 398: Ya City’s Leader!
Chapter 399: Mo Fang in Danger!
Chapter 400: Face To Face!
Chapter 401: Qualified!
Chapter 402: Rescue By Force!
Chapter 403: Killing Yuan Xuan!
Chapter 404: Back to Gods City!
Chapter 405: That’s How Lin Feng Is!
Chapter 406: Killing Godly Emperor Tian!
Chapter 407: Changes in Sword Mountain!
Chapter 408: En Route For Godsland!
Chapter 409: Illusion Forest!
Chapter 410: Massacre!
Chapter 411: Chiliocosm of the Great Tao vs. Thousand Li Butcher!
Chapter 412: Insane Battle!
Chapter 413: The Five Great Factions!
Chapter 414: Let’s Collaborate!
Chapter 415: Chu Lian Feng’s Hesitation!
Chapter 416: Gods Government, the Chu Clan!
Chapter 417: En Route for the Gods Government!
Chapter 418: Bumping Into Dan Nü Again!
Chapter 419: Chu Lian Feng’s Decision!
Chapter 420: Harassing Dan Nü!
Chapter 421: Blood Soul Pelle
Chapter 422: Great Talisman of Desolation!
Chapter 423: Plotting!
Chapter 424: Kneel Down and Beg?
Chapter 425: When You Win Twice, You Can Win Twice!
Chapter 426: Godly Emperor Layer, Explosive Power!
Chapter 427: Pressure!
Chapter 428: Chu Lian Ying!
Chapter 429: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?
Chapter 430: Humiliate Her Again and I’ll Crush Your Head!
Chapter 431: Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s Son, Tian Fan!
Chapter 432: Tian Fan’s Invitation!
Chapter 433: Old Friend, Here I Am!
Chapter 434: Yan Hui!
Chapter 435: Old Bastard and Little Bastard!
Chapter 436: Yan Di’s Situation!
Chapter 437: Causing Trouble!
Chapter 438: Tian Fan’s True Intentions!
Chapter 439: Huang Nü Breaks Through!
Chapter 440: Making Things Difficul
Chapter 441: Heroes’ Meeting!
Chapter 442: Slap! Slap!
Chapter 443: Bai Fu Nü!
Chapter 444: News from Qing Feng!
Chapter 445: Yan Di Slaps Some Cheeks!
Chapter 446: Rushing to be at the Front!
Chapter 447: Advancing Side by Side!
Chapter 448: Battle in The Sky
Chapter 449: You’ll Always Lose!
Chapter 450: Tian Fan Sets a New Record!
Chapter 451: All Eyes Tracking
Chapter 452: World-Shaking Accomplishment!
Chapter 453: Nobody Invited Lin Feng?!
Chapter 454: You Really Dare Humiliate Me?
Chapter 454: You Really Dare Humiliate Me?
Chapter 455: Kneel Down and Apologize!
Chapter 455: Kneel Down and Apologize!
Chapter 456: Invitation From Gods City!
Chapter 457: The List of Gods City!
Chapter 458: Celestial Evolution Battlefield!
Chapter 459: Mount Sumeru’s Tablet!
Chapter 460: Fighting Over the Talisman!
Chapter 461: Refining Shan Wen Beasts!
Chapter 462: Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation! Edited by RED
Chapter 463: Insane Team, Poor Beasts!
Chapter 464: Sudden Danger!
Chapter 465: Tortoise Godly Beast, Azure Dragon Godly Beast!
Chapter 466: Three Attacks and Lost!
Chapter 467: Deal?
Chapter 468: One Of the Four Dhammapalas, The Old Tortoise!
Chapter 469: Perfect Scheme!
Chapter 470: Last Thread of Qi!
Chapter 471: Primordial Spirit Severely Injured!
Chapter 472: Destruction of Lin Feng’s Primordial Spirit! Lin Feng Is Dead!
Chapter 473: Yan Di Kneels Down and Begs!
Chapter 474: Difficulty of Resuscitation!
Chapter 475: Two Women’s Request!
Chapter 476: Rebuilding His Soul, Recovering Memories!
Chapter 477: Reincarnation, Forbidden Body!
Chapter 478: Great Chaos in the Continent of the Gods!
Chapter 479: Failure!
Chapter 480: Meng Qing Is Back!
Chapter 481: Ancestor Kong!
Chapter 482: An Old Man and a Young Man!
Chapter 483: Preach, Knowledge, Doubts!
Chapter 484: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again!
Chapter 485: Beginning of the Great Competition!
Chapter 486: Xu Gan’s Power!
Chapter 487: Please, Young Master!
Chapter 488: Fight and Stop Talking Shit!
Chapter 489: Unfinished Battle!
Chapter 490: Disrespecting Tian Di the Celestial Emperor!
Chapter 491: Cultivation Makes You A Hero, Not Words!
Chapter 492: Proud and Elated!
Chapter 493: Fifteen Successive Victories!
Chapter 494: No Matter What You Do, I Recognize You!
Chapter 495: Xu Gan’s Plan!
Chapter 496: One Attack Is Enough!
Chapter 497: The Celestial Emperors Dynasty Sinks into Chaos!
Chapter 498: Killing Di Shu!
Chapter 499: Lin Feng Is Zhu Tian?!
Chapter 500: Meng Qing Is Different!
Chapter 501: Meng Qing Is Being Controlled!
Chapter 502: Yan Ran Xue? Yi Ren Lei?
Chapter 503: Yan Ran Xue’s Invitation!
Chapter 504: Forget About the Past!
Chapter 505: Waiting
Chapter 506: Therefore, Let’s Fight!
Chapter 507: The Battle of the Rivals!
Chapter 508: No More Love!
Chapter 509: Last Battle?
Chapter 510: The Continent of the Gods sinks into Chaos, and the Great Huang Dynasty Returns!
Chapter 511: Meng Qing Wakes Up!
Chapter 512: Resentment!
Chapter 513: Traveling to the New Snow Region!
Chapter 514: Evil Woman!
Chapter 515: A Woman Ready to do Anything
Chapter 516: Last Emotions!
Chapter 517: Breaking Through to the Fourth Godly Emperor Layer!
Chapter 518: The East Sinks into Chaos!
Chapter 519: Waiting Idly for Opportunities?
Chapter 520: Meeting Again!
Chapter 521: Retaliation!
Chapter 522: Massacre!
Chapter 523: Desperate Confrontation!
Chapter 524: Ultimate Counterattack!
Chapter 525: Let Them Go!
Chapter 526: Peace in the Supranatural Region!
Chapter 527: Tian Di Publishes a Decree!
Chapter 528: New Situation in the Continent of the Gods!
Chapter 529: Negotiate?
Chapter 530: Not Giving Face!
Chapter 531: The Evil Lake!
Chapter 532: Rescue!
Chapter 533: Chasing Over a Long Distance!
Chapter 534: Rushing Over to Rescue Lin Feng!
Chapter 535: Coming Back Safe and Sound!
Chapter 536: Tiantai’s Great Ceremony!
Chapter 537: Why Would I Listen to You?
Chapter 538: Witnessing Incredible Things!
Chapter 539: Who’s Afraid of Whom?
Chapter 540: Happy End!
Chapter 541: Job Done, Bye Bye!
Chapter 542: A New Leader for the Chu Clan?
Chapter 543: It Always Ends up in a Battle!
Chapter 544: Lin Feng Lost?
Chapter 545: Thank you for Helping me Break Through!
Chapter 546: True Identity!
Chapter 547: Wen Ao Xue’s Invitation!
Chapter 548: The Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds!
Chapter 549: Back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds!
Chapter 550: Unforeseen Events in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!
Chapter 551: Destroying the Statue!
Chapter 552: Kill! Kill Them All!
Chapter 553: Here We Meet Again!
Chapter 554: You Want to Play? I’ll Play With You!
Chapter 555: Revival of Champion University!
Chapter 556: Get the Hell Out of the University!
Chapter 557: Losing Again!
Chapter 558: Di Shu’s Postmortem Plot!
Chapter 559: Ye Chen Is Back!
Chapter 560: Instigating a Rebellion?
Chapter 561: Countering A Plot With A Plot!
Chapter 562: Extremely Bad News
Chapter 563: A Note!
Chapter 564: Did You Really Think I Wouldn’t Dare Kill You?
Chapter 565: Life Hangs by a Thread!
Chapter 566: Ji Clan’s Site
Chapter 567: Jeston
Chapter 568: A Global Plot?
Chapter 569: Solving Issues!
Chapter 570: New World Order in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!
Chapter 571: Danger After Leaving!
Chapter 572: Changes in the Continent of the Gods!
Chapter 573: Abnormally Calm!
Chapter 574: Slaughter!
Chapter 575: More Killings!
Chapter 576: Astonishing Things!
Chapter 577: Prelude of a Great War!
Chapter 578: Unimaginably Fantastic!
Chapter 579: Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty’s Internal Issues!
Chapter 580: Secret Alliance!
Chapter 581: A Call?
Chapter 582: A Brotherly Discussion!
Chapter 583: Godsland
Chapter 584: Strangers
Chapter 585: Who Lost Face?
Chapter 586: Three World Geniuses? Four Young Charming Noblemen?
Chapter 587: Liven Things Up!
Chapter 588: You’re Not Happy? Come Then!
Chapter 589: I Don’t Care About Your Favor!
Chapter 590: Bullying the Weak?
Chapter 591: Apologize?
Chapter 592: Negative Outcome!
Chapter 593: Two Disciples’ Battle!
Chapter 594: Patience Is Important!
Chapter 595: Accept the Challenge!
Chapter 596: Questions About My Path!
Chapter 597: Traveling Around the Continent!
Chapter 598: Two Worlds Mountain!
Chapter 599: The Invisible One!
Chapter 600: Lin Qiong Sheng’s Whereabouts?
Chapter 601: Half A Year!
Chapter 602: Where Is Lin Feng?
Chapter 603: Ling Xue
Chapter 604: Lin Feng’s Strength?
Chapter 605: Unmatched!
Chapter 606: A Battle, A King!
Chapter 607: Tian Di Loses, Lin Feng Becomes the King!
Chapter 608: Complex Relations!
Chapter 609: Chaos! Complete Chaos!
Chapter 610: Broken Forbidden Body!
Chapter 611: Ling Xue’s Strength!