Peerless Genius System
Chapter 193: A Narrow Way to Go.
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Peerless Genius System
Author :Straw Is Also Crazy 稻草也疯狂
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Chapter 193: A Narrow Way to Go.

hapter 193: A Narrow Way to Go.

Arriving at Guangming District People's Hospital, Xiao Luo saw Feng Ge.

"Brother Xiao!"

The five people respectfully gave him a cry.

"Have you found out recently that the dragon gang is against Ruyi?" Asked Xiao Luo.

"There is no dragon gang, but there is a rich second generation who does not know whether to live or die and often pesters her like a dogskin plaster." Feng Ge reported.

Xiao Luo frowned: "Rich Second Generation?"

His sister has already married Tang Ren. She is a married woman. People who will pester her are definitely not good birds.

Feng Ge nodded and glanced at the hospital gate: "Yes, I have already asked. The man is Hua Haifeng. He had a car accident while racing. He has been convalescing in the senior VIP ward. Now his injury is not serious but he still stays in the hospital and harasses Miss Ruyi every day."

He did not know that when someone offered 20,000 yuan to teach Xiao Luo a lesson, the real employer was actually Hua Haifeng.

Hua Haifeng? !

Xiao Luo sneered, this is really a narrow way to go, Hua Haifeng robbed Zhao Mengqi, he has nothing to bear grudges, after all, it was Zhao Mengqi's own choice. But now his idea is hitting on his sister who's married.

"I know."

Xiao Luo patted Feng Ge on the shoulder, "It's been a long time for you."

Holding fast day and night is not a simple and easy thing, on the contrary, it is a dull and boring job, even sleep is not steadfast.

"Brother Xiao is very kind." Feng Ge shake his head in an embarrassed way.

"I'm here today, so you can relax, you can come back at 8 o'clock in the evening." Xiao Luo laughed.

"Hey hey ..."

Hearing this, the five people immediately beamed with joy. It was indeed a bit difficult. This was a holiday to relax. This was exciting news for them.



In the hospital, a well-dressed man with a high forehead and a playboy charm was walking along the corridor with a bunch of flowers. A diamond ring worn on his finger stung the eyes of many hospital nurses. It was too bright as a gem. The woman who knew the goods naturally knew that it was valuable. As for the owner wearing it, it must be the son of a wealthy family.

"Saint Laurent's leather jacket, DIESEL BLACK GOLD pants and Ferragamo shoes will cost more than 100,000 yuan in this outfit alone. If anyone can stay with him, they will definitely have endless money." A female nurse said in a low voice, her eyes shining brightly, as if she saw a golden hill.

Such men, like the prince charming in their dreams, have magnificent palaces for these young nurses struggling in the bottom floor. If the prince can see them, they can immediately transform themselves into princesses on high.

However, one don't know how many women with such dreams this man has harmed.

He is none other than Hua Haifeng, the son of the boss of Hua Hai Group.

Hua Haifeng was accompanied by a man of about 50 years old, dressed in a gentleman's suit, who was the housekeeper of their family. His surname was Guan Mingzhong. After Hua Haifeng was injured, the boss of Hua Haifeng Group sent him to take care of Hua Haifeng all the time.

Guan Zhong was extremely disappointed with this young master. he liked beautiful girls who had not been developed before. Now, his taste has changed and he has become interested in married women. He sighed earnestly: "Young master, you should learn to grow up. The Huahai group will fall on your shoulder one day. But before that, you must have enough ability to bear its weight."

"Oh please, shut up. How dare you tell me what to do? You have to understand at all times that you are just a dog of our family and does a dog dares to take care of its owner's affairs? Are you crazy? " Hua Haifeng rapped out.

"I ..."

Guan Zhong opened his mouth and said nothing in the end.

Hua Haifeng ignored him, because he will soon arrive at the nurse's desk, Xiao Ruyi.

"Hey hey ... the woman in nurse's clothing is really sexy, it can let a person have the desire to conquer her..."

Looking at Xiao Ruyi, who was working at the nurse's desk, Hua Haifeng couldn't help swallowing saliva, showing obscene and evil expression on his face.

He tidied up and greeted her like a gentleman: "Beautiful Miss Ruyi, we have met again. This flower is for you!"

His handsome face showed eagerness and fervor.

Some female nurses' eyes were full of envy and jealousy, biting their lips.

Xiao Ruyi looked up at him and said coldly, "You may as well give this flowers to someone else. I don't want my husband to misunderstand."

When she was young, she might still be attracted by men like Hua Haifeng, but now she is not an ignorant little girl. She can see at a glance that Hua Haifeng is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Women who fall into his gentle will be gnawed to the bone. If it weren't for the fact that the other party is a patient, she would have told him to roll.

"This represents my gratitude to you. During the time lying in the hospital bed, you lit up my gloomy world and let me find the hope of life again. You are not only an angel in white, but also an apothecary in my heart, so please accept my gratitude to you."

Hua Haifeng is especially good at coaxing girls to be happy when he opens his mouth. As soon as these words come out, the female nurses and patients around her are envious, jealous and hate to the extreme. How they wish they were the object of Hua Haifeng's gratitude.

Xiao Ruyi shook her head contemptuously: "I am a nurse. It is my job to look after patients. You don't need to thank me. I have work to do. Please go. Don't stand here and delay my work."

"If Miss Ruyi agrees to have dinner with me today, I will leave. Dinner is also part of my thanks. I hope Miss Ruyi does not misunderstand." Hua Haifeng Road.

"You give me ..."

Xiao Ruyi's eyebrows furrowed, she almost called out the word "roll", then she realized that she had to have the image of a nurse, so she abruptly swallowed the word "roll" back.


At this moment, Tang Ren heard someone harassing his wife, and finally caught an empty moment to catch up with him from his department. Seeing the roses in Hua Haifeng's hand, he immediately understood all of them. He smiled and picked up the flowers and said politely, "You are here to thank my wife. Then I accept your thanks for my wife. Well, the flowers are quite fresh and have fragrance."

"Is it, husband?"

Xiao Ruyi deliberately, to Tang Ren, acted coquetry. She intimately took Tang Ren's arm. She did not believe Hua Hai-feng will be so thick-skinned enough to continue to pester her.

But she obviously underestimated the thickness of Hua Haifeng's face. His psychology has even been distorted. What he wants to conquer is not women, but the pleasure of robbing others. The more loving Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren are, the more excited he is to get Xiao Ruyi.
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