Peerless Battle Spirit
Chapter 1554 - Slaying a Heaven God, Part One
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Peerless Battle Spirit
Author :Supreme Villain
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Chapter 1554 - Slaying a Heaven God, Part One

"Blood-Eye Sky Fiend!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God quickly recovered. His eyes emitted a blood glow, followed by a strong demonic presence that summoned countless demons forming several demonic formations.

"Golden eyes of the Divine God of Battle!"

Qin Nan backed off with a kick while his eyes unleashed a brilliant golden glow. A strong buff was applied to the demons to strengthen them.

"A mere first-layer Earth God possesses such a remarkable ability? It seems like that old man Drought Demon has found quite an impressive successor. I can't let you go today!"

The old man in a black robe was astonished, yet it also made him more determined to kill Qin Nan.

"Sword of Evil Ghost Buddha!"

The old man in a black robe performed a hand seal, summoning countless ghosts to a spot and formed a terrifying, giant sword. It thrust at the demons and slashed in Qin Nan's direction.

The old man had mastered three of the Four Extremities. The strength of the sword was enough to kill a peak Earth God.

"Not today!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God's aura skyrocketed once again. Wisps of pure, blood glow descended from the sky and encapsulated his figure, turning him into a sacred God of Blood.


He threw a fist forward. The terrifying might stopped the sword in its track, preventing it from moving any further.

He had obtained a succession left by Empress Feiyue, allowing him to master various powerful Immortal Arts. On top of that, his mastery of his own Blood Eye improved dramatically too.


The rift in the surroundings rippled like water.

The two figures turned into a black ray and a red ray respectively and crashed into one another fiercely. Even Qin Nan had to unleash his God Force to protect himself from the strong gusts.

However, even though the old man in a black robe was able to secure the upper hand, the Blood-Eye Earth God was able to hold his ground. It was hard to decide the outcome in a short period of time.


Qin Nan's strength rose to its limit as he disappeared from his spot. He raised the Destruction Battle Saber and slashed at the old man's head.

The third form of the Divine God of Battle, the Sky-Stride Blow!

"How did you..."

The old man in a black robe was startled. He did not expect Qin Nan to appear in front of him. However, he immediately reacted in the blink of an eye and withdrew rapidly to dodge the slash.

However, Qin Nan too had predicted his movement. He immediately executed another slash.

Rays of black light burst out of the old man's figure trying to defend against the attack. However, he uttered a deep groan as his chest was left with a giant cut, inflicting quite a serious damage to him.

The fourth form of the Divine God of Battle, Death Upon the Area!

That being said, the difference between the cultivation of Qin Nan and the old man was too far apart. Otherwise, the old man would have lost eight-tenths of his fighting capacity even if he managed to survive it.

"Very well! A mere first-layer Earth God managed to hurt me. I swear I'm going to make you suffer today!"

The incredible pain totally enraged the old man. His figure suddenly expanded into a pitch-black illusionary figure over a hundred zhang tall.


The illusionary figure reached out his hand and slapped in Qin Nan's direction like an immortal mountain.

"Blood Fire Realm Halberd!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God was ready for it. He grabbed a halberd burning in a blood-red flame from the rift and lunged at the giant hand.

However, a bizarre scene took place in the next moment.

It seemed like the pitch-black hand did not really exist. As the halberd penetrated it, it did not dissipate as expected. Its strength had only weakened slightly.

The hand continued to slap in Qin Nan's direction.

"Unstoppable Step, Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan immediately executed his movement technique to barely dodge the attack. However, he ended up being hit by the gust following the hand. A line of fresh blood ran down from his lips.

Luckily, his flesh was relatively strong. Otherwise, any other first-layer Earth God would be severely injured by now.

"Destroy it!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God utilized all his blood force and merged it with the halberd. It unleashed a tremendous glow while slashing at the illusionary figure.

Similar as before, the illusionary figure only weakened slightly instead of being shattered by the force.

"HAHAHA! Blood-Eye, stop wasting your energy. Even though I can't hurt you, you won't be able to destroy my ghost form either."

The old man burst into laughter.

"Senior Blood-Eye, use this saber!"

Qin Nan's right arm exploded and turned into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

"Blood Friend Saber Art!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God was clearly aware of how extraordinary the saber was. He gladly accepted the offer and grabbed the saber before executing a terrifying saber art. Streams of blood-colored saber intents lunged forward.

"Humph, you really think that saber is enough to destroy my ghost form? You will now..."

The old man wore a disdainful look. The saber might have a chance to destroy his ghost form if it was an Immortal Weapon.

He did not sense any aura from the saber. How could it be an Immortal Weapon?

However, before he could finish, his expression froze.

The streams of blood-colored saber intents cut through his arms rather easily.


The old man was stunned. What kind of saber could it be?


The blood-colored saber intents continued to swept forward.

Even though the Blood-Eye Earth God was unable to utilize the Heaven-Shattering Saber's full strength, it was still able to slash through everything around him.


In just two breaths, the illusionary figure was slashed into pieces, forcing the old man to retake his initial form. He screamed out in pain as his figure was covered in blood.

If anyone managed to destroy the art, he would suffer severe injuries too, as any damage he received would be multiplied.

"Primordial Spirit Burrow!"

The old man was a half-Heave God after all. As he collected his thoughts, he immediately executed an impressive escaping art, turning himself into a puff of ghost flame flying into the distance.

"Blood Friend Slash!"

The Blood-Eye Earth God waved the saber and gathered countless blood-colored saber intents at its tip to execute the strongest attack.

"Blood-Eye! That slash won't be able to kill me. I'm going to tell Senior Long Xuanling everything that happened today. Your death is near!"

The old man in a black robe groaned.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan pushed his hand forward in the nick of time, directing a brilliant Dao glow into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

" that..."

The old man's heart was filled with shock.

He had once seen the same Dao glow, thus he was rather familiar with it.

He would not be so surprised if it was a Peerless Ruler unleashing the Dao glow, yet how was it possible that a mere young man in the Earth God Realm had already achieved the Dao Realm?

Don't tell me he's the successor of a Nine Heavens Supreme?


The Heaven-Shattering Saber slashed forward. The terrifying saber intent immediately shattered the old man into pieces. Even his Primordial Spirit was unable to escape.

He could never find the answer to his questions.
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