Peerless Battle Spirit
Chapter 1450 - The Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis
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Peerless Battle Spirit
Author :Supreme Villain
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Chapter 1450 - The Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis

Time gradually passed. Five hours were gone in the blink of an eye...

During this period, Qin Nan and his crew encountered quite a number of beasts. However, when they saw Longhu among them, they immediately fled, not daring to bother them.

It did save Qin Nan lots of troubles.

Qin Nan and Longhu both chatted about the past, and the things that Longhu went through after he left the Eastern Continent. His talking style significantly lifted the mood and eased the group from the tension.

It felt like Qin Nan had gone back in time, when he was still going on adventures with Longhu and Princess Miao Miao, it brought a great warmth into his heart.

Everything had changed now, yet the friendship between them never did.

"That's the Door of the Dragons."

Little Worm said, who slowly withdrew the smile on his face.

Qin Nan and Longhu raised their heads glancing ahead. In front of them was a deep, huge ravine, in which an ancient door which seemed to be constructed by countless of Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon circling it stood amid the darkness.

Even without an aura, one could sense the terrifying force inside it.

"I'm afraid that even with my cultivation, I still can't open the door with brute force."

Qin Nan's heart shuddered.

"Qin Nan, three breaths after I unleash the Dragon God Qi, unleash your monarch force."

Little Worm said. He placed his claws together and performed a magical seal, "Remember, three breaths!"

Saying this, the hand seal was completed. Little Worm opened his mouth and spat out wisps of magnificent Dragon God Qi which flowed toward the Door of Dragons like a tremendous river.

At that instant, the enormous dragons on the door emitted an ancient glow from their eyes as if they had come to life.

A strange presence swept the surroundings, causing the ground within a few hundred li to tremble.


Qin Nan saw Little Worm's face turning pale. He did not ask about it. As soon as three breaths' time passed, he uttered a groan and unleashed the vast monarch force inside his body.

"Damn, is this still monarch force?"

Longhu's face gradually turned pale.

Even the aura of Martial God Lilong from before was not as terrifying as Qin Nan's monarch force.


A few tens of breaths later, the Door of Dragons began to vibrate vigorously, as ancient, obscure runes spread rapidly from beneath the door like a huge spider web.

The deadly silent dragon corpses in the entire Dragon Necropolis rose as if they were answering someone's call. It gave many beasts a great fright.


Sometime later, following a loud blast, the tightly-shut door slowly opened with a great gust of wind bursting out from the gap.

Those with cultivation lower than the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm would be shattered into pieces by the gust of wind.

On top of that, the dragon corpses fell back to the ground. The entire Dragon Necropolis shuddered as if it had just received a tremendous blow, leaving the beasts with blank faces.

What on Earth is happening to the Dragon Necropolis?


Qin Nan did not hesitate further. His figure unleashed wisps of destruction glow encapsulating Little Worm and Longhu, before they flew into the Door of Dragons.


As soon as they entered the door, Qin Nan and Longhu were stunned.

The scent of blood and foul odor of rotting flesh were a few hundred times stronger than the outside. It felt like they had arrived in a bloody world.

The ground had turned utterly pitch-black. Glancing into the distance, there were no ravines, but enormous mountains like giant beasts lying still across the place.

Each giant beast had an overwhelming monarch aura.

"Are they all...corpses of Monarch Dragons?"

Longhu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The two icy horns on his forehead emitted a brighter lightning flicker.

"These are not all."

Qin Nan fixed his gaze into the distance.

He clearly saw twenty-three terrifying figures toward the end of the place, who were supporting the space like twenty-three titans.

Even though they had been dead for countless years, the glow emitting from their corpses was still stunning, dying the place with various colors.

These twenty-three dragon corpses used to be Martial Gods.

"Qin Nan, Longhu, hurry up and retrieve the dragon corpses we need. Don't waste any time, and please remember, don't attack regardless of what happened. You can only dodge the incoming attacks. Otherwise, you'll awaken the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis!"

Little Worm wore a stern look. He endured the fatigue he was experiencing and unleashed wisps of Dragon God Qi into the surroundings.

If the people of the God Beast Forbidden Ground found out what they were up to, they would surely interfere with everything they had. Time was precious.

On top of that, the force of the Dragon Necropolis was something that even the South-Heaven Gate did not dare to underestimate. If the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis was startled, and considering the conflict he once shared with the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis, they were most likely going to die.

"Got it!"

Qin Nan and Longhu nodded. They proceeded forward with a kick and summoned giant hands grabbing at the dragon corpses, tossing them into their storage bags.


Sometime later, wisps of tremendous forces gathered from the dragon corpses into illusionary figures attacking the two.

The Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis was fast asleep most of the time.

These traps existed to prevent someone from stealing the dragon corpses.

"Three steps left, four steps up, eight steps right..."

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Longhu while he used his movement alone to avoid triggering the traps.

He could easily avoid traps set up by Martial Gods now, let alone these traps.

"I almost forgot, the kid's eye-technique is quite remarkable."

Little Worm let out a relieved sigh. With his capabilities, the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis would not be aware of their presence.


However, at that instant, a thunderous blast came from deep inside the place.

Wisps of pitch-black glow came from all directions and gathered at a spot, which immediately formed a magnificent figure in the blink of an eye.

A terrifying aura burst out of the figure, which shattered the rift within a few thousand li into pieces.

"Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis?"

Qin Nan was startled.

The aura had at least achieved the peak Martial God Realm. It had even surpassed that of ordinary peak Martial Gods.


Little Worm was astounded as a great chill ran down his spine.

"Qin Nan, we have to go!"

Even if they had yet to retrieve enough dragon corpses, they had to leave right away.

"Senior Ao Que...why are you in a rush to leave now that you're here?"

An ancient voice echoed in the place. The magnificent figure lowered his head and glanced down at them with a pair of hollow eyes.

A terrifying force immediately lingered in the surroundings.

Qin Nan sharply discovered that the space around them was sealed with brute force.

Even with his cultivation and the Heaven-Shattering Saber, he still could not break free from the seal.


Little Worm uttered a hollow laugh, trying his best to stay calm, "Old man, I'm very weak now, so I'm not in the mood to fight with you. Don't you always insist to have fair fights? Why don't you wait until I recover my cultivation before having a fight with you?"

"I don't want to fight with you now," the voice of the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis echoed in the surroundings expressionlessly, "And I'm not too fussed about fairness either."


The smile on Little Worm's face stiffened.

As he had predicted, the guy would definitely want to kill them.

"Qin Nan, send a message to the master of Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain and the others immediately, I'll think of some way to keep this guy busy."

Little Worm clenched his teeth and transmitted a message.

He had no choice but to go all out. He could not afford to die here.

"Senior Ao Que, there's no need to fight with me, or ask for backup," the magnificent figure's eyes seemed to be staring at Little Worm as he spoke, "I won't kill you, frankly speaking..."

"I'm glad that you've returned safely."

"I have always been waiting for you."
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