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Chapter 1449 - Door of the Dragons

A simple sentence summed up what Qin Nan wanted to say.

The bumps and falls along the journey helped with their growth. Laughters of joy and curses of anger with blood and tears were the sign of real brothers.

"Qin Nan..."

Longhu's voice was trembling.

He never thought the scene he had always imagined would actually happen before him.

"I believe everyone is convinced of Longhu's bloodline. There's no need to explain it further. If anyone still wants to comment on it, I will not go easy on them!"

Martial God Lilong collected his thoughts and scanned the crowd coldly.

"I'll continue to explain the rules."

Martial God Lilong said, "Apart from the nine beast nobles, everyone would have to compete for the Dragon Necropolis Badges, there are three hundred and sixty-six of them. Only those with a badge can enter the Dragon Necropolis to compete for the succession."

"In addition to that, the Dragon Necropolis will only last for three days. The three people who acquired the highest number of Dragon Soul Stones would duel one another, and the winner will be the successor."

Martial God Lilong paused for a moment before adding, "Of course, those who did not become a successor can use the badges to refine the Dragon Soul Stones to improve your cultivation."

The trial was not fair to begin with, thus it was necessary to give the participants some other benefits.

"Last but not least, same as before, death is inevitable during the trial. Now, let us begin."

Martial Monarch Lilong flicked his finger without giving the crowd any time to prepare themselves. Three hundred and sixty-six badges covered in formidable beastly auras fell from the sky.


Following the words, powerful auras burst out from the dojo as the beasts who reacted quickly were the first to execute their Martial Arts.

"We'll talk again inside the Dragon Necropolis."

Qin Nan sent the thought and proceeded to make his move.

It would take him some effort to secure a badge among so many beasts without exposing his cultivation and attracting any attention.


Time gradually passed. The explosions kept on going.

Half an hour later, the messy battle finally came to an end.

At the very last moment, under the helpless gazes of many beasts, Qin Nan coincidentally obtained a badge.

"Now, let us welcome Senior God Beast, Senior Zhenghai and Senior Jinlong to open the entrance of the Dragon Necropolis!"

Martial God Lilong said excitedly.


Rays of light appeared from the deepest part of the mountain, the deepest part of the vast ocean below and deep into the sky above, followed by three formidable figures.

"The God Beast Forbidden Ground doesn't only consist of these mountains. There are also three different small worlds, no wonder I didn't notice their presence before..."

Qin Nan's left eye flickered with a blue-golden glow.

The capabilities of his left eye of the Divine God of Battle had reached a remarkable level. It could detect even the weakest energy ripple and inspect its source through it.


The three illusionary figures uttered thunderous roars and gathered, forming an enormous light door.

Gusts of wind filled with the aura of ancient dragons came out of the door.

"Hurry inside, once the successor is chosen, the door will open again!"

Martial God Lilong ordered.

"Let's go!"

Xiao Yunshui, Jie Huiling, Wu Chengli and the others exchanged glances with one another. Their eyes flickered coldly as they turned into rays of light disappearing into the door.

Longhu's bloodline had given them a great pressure.

They had to find a chance to cripple him inside the Dragon Necropolis.

"Let's go!"

Qin Nan and Longhu nodded at one another and entered the light door together with the rest of the beasts.



A few moments later, Qin Nan's figure appeared in the air.

A strong scent of blood and the foul odor of rotting flesh surged into his nose.

Glancing ahead, the land was crimson-red, covered in ravines of various sizes. Further into the distance were enormous, deadly-still dragons with scales like magical sabers.

Even though the dragons lacked any sign of life, a great presence still lingered in the air.

"Such a remarkable place."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

He could sense a great force in motion deep inside the place.

The force was obscure and extraordinary. It was comparable to the rules of cultivation of the Heavens and Earth.

"Dragon Necropolis is getting stronger."

Little Worm's eyes flickered coldly.

Although the growth of the Dragon Necropolis was good news for the beast tribe, as the Dragon God, it never wanted the Dragon Necropolis to grow stronger.

"Qin Nan, why did you come to the God Beast Forbidden Ground? Aren't you impressive, becoming the top one Martial Monarch of all times? Even I with the bloodline of the Sky-Dragon and Lightning-Tiger has yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm..."

Longhu approached Qin Nan on his own.

His tone and style returned to normal.

"Mm? And this is?"

Longhu's attention was soon attracted by Little Worm on Qin Nan's shoulder. His eyes flickered curiously.

He had sensed an overwhelming pressure from Little Worm.

"A freshly awakened bloodline of the Sky-Dragon, your talent is barely acceptable in the beast tribe. Give me a few kowtows, and I'll consider taking you as my disciple."

Little Worm cleared his thoughts and held his arms in front of his chest with a proud look.

Qin Nan had told Little Worm everything about Longhu when he was securing the Dragon Necropolis badge.

"Your disciple? A little worm like you wants to be my master?"

Longhu halted in his steps with a disdainful look.

"Little worm?" Little Worm was infuriated. A terrifying aura burst out from his body as he spoke, "I'm the Spirit of the Dragon God, Ao Que, and yet you mere Beast Progenitor dares to call me a little worm?"

"The Spirit of the Dragon God from eight thousand years ago?"

Longhu's eyes were filled with astonishment. He subconsciously glanced at Qin Nan and immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva when he saw Qin Nan nodding.

"Cough cough, so it's Senior Dragon God, I was being ignorant just then. Please forgive me, why don't I bring you to the famous Sky Spring Pavilion..."

Longhu rubbed his hands and said shamelessly.

"Are you serious?"

Little Worm's eyes glittered, before he quickly waved his claws and said sternly, "I'm not the kind of dragon you assumed I am. It all depends on your performance if you want me to be your master."

Little Worm could easily tell that the guy was exactly as shameless as Sima Kong.

The only difference between them was, one was lecherous, while the other one was greedy for money.

That being said, he was willing to take Longhu as his disciple not because of Qin Nan, but because of his rather impressive bloodline of the Sky-Dragon and Lightning-Tiger, granting him a great potential of growth.

He could train a disciple first before his return to the God Beast Forbidden Ground.

"Let's chat later, we'll need to hurry and find the Door of the Dragons."

Little Worm inhaled softly and performed an ancient hand seal. The ground began to tremble as wisps of pitch-black illusionary dragons appeared and flew forward.

"Follow them."

Little Worm said. Qin Nan nodded. His figure immediately turned into a ray of light. Meanwhile, he told Longhu their aim of coming to the Dragon Necropolis too.

He had no reason to doubt and be suspicious of his brother.

Currently, in the spacious Dragon Necropolis...

The beasts were busy searching for the Dragon Soul Stones. Meanwhile, Xiao Yunshui and the others were searching for Longhu with some secret techniques.

The three Martial Monarchs who were supposed to be following Longhu were searching for him with dark expressions too.

Meanwhile, deep inside the God Beast Forbidden Ground...

"Senior God Beast, how is the plan going?"

An ancient, imperious voice said inside the hall. If any other beasts were around, they would recognize the voice to be Martial God Zhenghai.

"Everything is going according to the plan. I've already inserted the God Beast's Seal into the Dragon Necropolis. I believe the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis is still unaware of it..."

"In just a few days, the God Beast's Seal will grow stronger and coordinate with the thing outside to refine the Spirit of the Dragon Necropolis..."

The God Beast paused for a moment before adding, "Go and prepare yourself. Failure is not acceptable. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences, that is all."

Saying this, his eyes emitted a cold flicker.