Peerless Battle Spirit
Chapter 1448 - It“s Been a While
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Peerless Battle Spirit
Author :Supreme Villain
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Chapter 1448 - It“s Been a While

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The moment they made their move, enormous beasts appeared from the mountains in all directions and the vast ocean under them, each flying forward with a formidable aura.

The Dragon Necropolis had always been treated with respect by the whole beast tribe.

Whenever it was choosing its new successor, those who were qualified regardless of their bloodline and race would participate in the selection.

A few tens of breaths later, Qin Nan and Little Worm, and a group of beasts arrived at the foot of a giant mountain that was covered in wisps of God Beast glow.

An ancient dojo over thirteen thousand zhang long was floating at the bottom of the mountain.

Although the beasts that were present had transformed into their human forms, it was still fairly crowded.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan's attention was soon attracted by the scene at the waist of the mountain.

If Little Worm was paying attention, he would discover that Qin Nan's figure had just shuddered.

At the mountain waist stood an ancient palace over a hundred zhang tall.

Standing in front of the palace were several young men and women, each emitting wisps of Martial Monarch aura, whose cultivation was between the third-layer and sixth-layer Martial Monarch Realm.

Each of the young cultivators had between two to three authorities of the beast tribe standing beside them, whose cultivation was between the eighth and peak Martial Monarch Realm.

However, among these people, one of them in particular stood out.

The man had a pair of icy dragon horns flickering with lightning. His left and right arms were each hugging a glamorous, pale-skinned young woman who looked rather similar to one another. The man was shamelessly teasing the two women under the crowd's gaze, making them blush in front of the crowd.

On top of that, the man's aura was only at the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

"What an asshole, acting so wildly at such a serious event. Once I reclaim the God Beast Forbidden Ground, I'll surely teach him a lesson!"

Little Worm was infuriated upon seeing this.

Even as the God Dragon's spirit, it had been thousands of years since he last enjoyed such pleasure, yet a mere Martial Progenitor dared to flirt with two women at the same time in front of him. How would he feel enraged?

"Everyone, I'll now explain the rules in details."

Following a loud voice, a middle-aged man covered in wisps of godly glow and an extraordinary aura stepped forward at the top of the mountain.

"Greetings, senior Li Long!"

The few thousand Martial Progenitors and the Martial Monarchs at the palace greeted.

"Forget the etiquette."

Martial God Lilong waved his hand and said, "For the rules of the selection, the God Beast Forbidden Ground has decided to let Senior God Beast, Senior Zhenghai, Senior Jinlong to select nine beast nobles to enter the Dragon Necropolis without competing for the badges."

"On top of that, these nine beast nobles would obtain the assistance of two to three Beast Monarchs."

Every competition in the God Beast Forbidden Ground was never fair, as those with strong bloodlines would usually in a favorable spot.

The beast nobles were referring to those among the God Beast Forbidden Ground who were given titles after their bloodline had reached a certain height.

For example, Xiao Yunjue was ranked first on the Beast Noble Ranking.

"Who would have thought that our Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Tribe would only occupy a spot among the three Beast Gods, and not a single Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon is among the nine beast nobles..."

Little Worm wore a self-mocking grin.

Their Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon had declined by too much.

That being said, if he knew that only a tenth of the Senior Jinlong's influence in the God Beast Forbidden Ground was left after the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and Dragon Emperor's betrayal, if he knew that the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon Tribe had to recruit geniuses of the other tribes to strengthen themselves, Little Worm would feel even worse.

"Senior Li Long, I don't agree!"

Suddenly, a loud voice spoke among the beasts, grabbing the crowd's attention.

The man speaking was a Beast Progenitor.

"Oh? Tell me, what don't you agree!"

Martial God Lilong squinted. His eyes flickered coldly.

There existed an important rule in the beast tribe, those lower in status were not allowed to disrespect those with a higher status.

"I don't mind the rule, as it's perfectly reasonable for Senior Xiao Yunshui, Senior Jie Huiling and Senior Wu Chengli to enter the Dragon Necropolis without competing for the badges and be given extra help, but..."

The Beast Progenitor withheld his fear and said boldly.

Two men and one woman at the ancient palace wore a complimentary gaze as their lips curled upward into a faint grin.

"For someone like Longhu who's only a Beast Progenitor that had yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, why is he treated the same way as Senior Xiao Yunshui and the others?"

The words immediately brought anger to the face of many Beast Progenitors.

"That's right, Longhu isn't worthy to receive such special treatment!"

"Yeah, his bloodline is only ranked above twenty among the beast nobles!"

"Besides, that guy keeps teasing the girls from the Nine Tail tribe and the Flower Deer tribe!"

Several voices appeared on the dojo. It was obvious that they had been holding a grudge against this Longhu for a long time.


Martial God Lilong was stunned.

"Cough cough, Senior Martial God Lilong, since they are not convinced of my right, allow me to say a few things."

Longhu let out a cough without any sign of panic. He rose to his feet under the furious gazes.

"Let's see how you're going to deal with this."

Xiao Yunshui, Jie Huiling, and Wu Chengli uttered hollow laughs in their hearts.

Longhu had always abused the fact that he was under the protection of Senior Jinlong to pick on them, hence they had always wanted to get rid of him.

"Junior Brother..."

The three Martial Monarchs behind Longhu immediately tried to stop him. There were things that they would not want the others to know so soon.

"First, I must tell you weaklings that my bloodline can easily be ranked second among the beast nobles!"

The three authorities did not stop him in time. Longhu's words immediately took the crowd by surprise. A formidable aura of the Sky-Dragon burst out from his body.

Even though his cultivation was only at the Martial Progenitor Realm, many beasts were startled.

Even the beast nobles including Xiao Yunshui and the others reacted the same way.

"His Sky-Dragon bloodline has been awakened?"

The beasts among the crowd immediately wore an astounded look.

They never thought Longhu who treated all things indecorously and did not cultivate much would be able to come so far.

"He still said it."

The three authorities immediately felt hopeless.

Once everything came to an end, their master Jinlong would greatly rebuke them again.

"On top of that, I have to warn you, if anyone is still not convinced, you better suck it up, or else I won't mind visiting your sisters."

Longhu said slowly.


Many beasts snapped furiously, yet they subconsciously backed off.

Longhu's status would surely rise significantly with his bloodline. Judging from his behavior, it was very likely that he would do what he said.

"A bunch of weaklings dares to challenge me."

Longhu's eyes flickered with disdain. He reached out his hands and tugged the two women into his arms.

"What a surprise, you are a lot shameless now, to threaten that you'll visit their sisters."

A voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

"Mm? Who's there?"

Longhu frowned. The ancient word 'emperor' vaguely surfaced on his forehead.

Someone still dared to mock him after he had revealed his bloodline?

"Qin Clan, Longhu Mountain Range."

The voice added.

"Qin Clan? Longhu Mountain Range?"

Longhu's eyes widened. His body began to tremble.

No one in the God Beast Forbidden Ground knew he had come from Longhu Mountain Range, not even his master Martial God Jinlong.

Longhu Mountain Range was one of the deepest secrets in his heart. Only two people knew about it.

Princess Miao Miao was still in seclusion. She had yet to show herself, which meant...

"F**k me!"

Longhu subconsciously cursed with joy.

That guy, did he come to the God Beast Forbidden Ground?

However, his joyful face stiffened as he recalled something.

What right did he have to be joyful?

He had stabbed the guy, which almost killed him...

"Brother, it's been a while."
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