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The smell of food woke me up from my exhaustion induced sleep as I got out of my bed, I once again thanked whatever deity was listening for giving me such a high regeneration power.

Otherwise I did not wanted to know how the numerous wounds, created by claws and fangs would fester.

'Yeah, and there's always Netra's medicines to be grateful for as well.' I thought with a chuckle as I got out of the hut and followed the smell of the food.

There, in the clearing near the river bank, Netra had created some kind of large scale barbecue and was cooking large stacks of meat on top of it.

And she was humming a song while doing it.

God her voice.

Makes me think about my absolute lack of talent in singing.

'But at least I could appreciate a good song.' I thought and stopped on my feet to listen to her gentle and warm voice.

I knew that she was aware of my presence, but she didn't stop cooking, or singing which was something that I was immensely grateful for.

If anything, the moment I came here, she stared swaying her hips just a bit more.

And I wondered if she was doing it subconsciously. And if she knew what that did to me.

I took a deep breath to cool my head and just enjoy the moment, instead of thinking about what most men think when they see a beautiful woman swaying her hips.

Yes, I am not going to outright admit my thoughts.

But yeah, once I got over my flushed cheeks, I realized just how peaceful and relaxing this whole atmosphere was.

And before I could stop myself, the words had already left my mouth.

"Thank you." The sound of my voice was venerated even more because of her abrupt silence.

She slowly turned to look at me and then cocked her head to the side with an inquiring gaze that made her look adorable.

"What for?" she asked, and for a moment I almost believed that she didn't know what I was talking about. And then she would burst out laughing saying that there's no need for thanks or that it's good I'm grateful. Or something just like that.

But moments passed, and when she maintained her inquiring gaze for a bit too long, I realized that she was not faking it.

She really did not feel that she did anything that would warrant a sincere compliment.

'Or that she has never received much recognition from other people.' A dark voice reverberated in my mind and I clamped it before it could ruin the moment for me.

But the words had already entered my mind. And not for the first time, I wondered what kind of life she has lived so far.

"For everything." I finally said, breaking the silence. At her inquiring gaze, I continued with a warm smile

"For saving me from dying at the roots of the mutant tree. For nursing me back to health. For giving me food. For helping me hunt yesterday. For cooking food for me. For singing is such a gentle voice. Thank you for everything."

We maintained eye contact for a moment before she finally digested my words after which her face turned beet red and she abruptly turned away and went back to cooking the meat once again.

Just that this time, her whole posture was erect and her movements stiff.

I wondered if I said too much. And if I should stop, but the sadistic side of me was enjoying this too much and before I knew it, I got up and went ahead to stand just behind her.

"You know. I enjoy it when you tease me from time to time but I don't think I mind this shy and timid version of you very much either." I whispered in her eyes and her hands suddenly stopped moving and I wondered if I had stepped out of the line.

But then she started turning over the meat and I realized that she was just that shy.

At that moment, I wanted to grab hold of her. Take in her smell and just get lost in the moment.

But I didn't want to take advantage of her either.

For some reason, she had some really deep emotional issues within herself that made her act in very different manner from time to time.

While hunting, I saw a side of her that was so much different that the one I was seeing now.

If her smell was not the same as yesterday, I would have assumed that I was talking with two different girls.

As it stood, I removed my presence from behind her and took another stick to move the meat kept on top of the fire and we both stood side by side in silence.

"You have a beautiful voice." I said, trying to sound as nonchalant about it as possible. So that she would not revert back to her shy self.

So that she would not shut herself away from me.

"Where did you learn how to sing like that." I asked in the same tone you'd ask a person what he ate for dinner, and was rewarded when she did not turned red with embarrassment and answered in a neutral tone.

"My mother taught me how to sing." She said. And by her voice, I understood that I have once again shot myself on my foot.

And despite all the warning blaring in my mind, I couldn't stop myself from asking. I couldn't stop myself from trying to know more about her.

"Your mother must have been a very good singer." I said in a low voice. I was walking on a thin line here. I did not know her well enough and I wanted to. But at the same time, I didn't wanted to make her feel uncomfortable.

But as soon as she heard my question, a deep sorrowful expression marred her face and I wondered what had happened to this girl to show such an expression.

"I don't want to talk about it." She said in such a small voice that I would not have picked it up without my enhanced hearing.

But I did pick it up. And understood that family was a sore subject for her.

And that I just made her very uncomfortable by asking her about it.

"I'm sorry." I said in a soft voice and when she didn't show any change in expression, I realized that I won't be able to learn anything more from her this time. And that it would be better to give her some space before trying anything else.

"I'll… go make my bed." I cursed myself for the lame excuse but was glad when she nodded at my words.

I quickly left the area and went to a solitary location to kick myself for my foolishness.

'You really are a stupid person. Aren't you.' Lily giggled in my mind and I wondered if there was an option in my black watch that would enable me to hit the AI on her head.