Part Wolf
58 Chapter 58: The wish and the stone
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Part Wolf
Author :obsessedWithWolves
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58 Chapter 58: The wish and the stone

"Ugh." Elize grunted, rubbing the side of her head.

As she tried to get up, her feet swayed, the sudden blood rush making her dizzy. Elize groped around with closed eyes, hoping to lean on to a surface. Her hand came in contact with a cold wet surface. Leaning on to it, she took a deep breath, trying to regain her balance. Slowly, the throbbing in her head decreased. She could now hear the gurgling sound of water running from somewhere near. Confused, she opened her eyes and looked around.

It seemed as if she was inside some sort of a cave. She was leaning on to a huge wet boulder which was strangely of a pure white color. A faint glow seemed to come out of it. The entire cave was made of this very substance, illuminating the whole place in a warm glow. Elize looked around, wide eyed, unable to process the ethereal beauty of the place.

"Where am I?" She mused aloud.

Her voice echoed through the place, making it sound more melodious than it actually was. Elize thought back to what happened before. She looked down to her naked body. It still had dry spots of blood all over it. But most of it seemed to have been washed away. That's it! She fell down the stream with Zack! Did she die? Elize thought, alarmed.

'Chosen one...' A voice reverberated in her head just as she took a step forward.

Elize stilled, alarmed at the sudden intrusion. It seems that she was not dead. That would only mean one thing. She had fallen down into some sort of cave and now she was stuck with some one- or something. She quickly covered her nakedness with her hands and backed against the boulder. She glanced around the place with narrowed eyes, a worried look on her face. The first thing that came to her mind was wraiths. The wraith that was tied to Zack in Aileen's cellar had acknowledged her with the same eerie tone.

"Who's there?!" She asked aloud, unable to find anyone.

'You have the come at last.' The voice replied, a hint of joy in its tone. After pausing for a while, it continued in an amused tone. 'I see that you have the Dam Sehlah with you.'

Elize was surprised. This didn't sound like a wraith anymore. Wraiths didn't think much more than death and blood. Whoever was speaking to her, not only knew about her status as the chosen one but also seemed to know about her carrying the Dam Sehlah within her. Not many knew of it.

She gulped her saliva nervously. "Who- who's there?!" Elize stuttered.

'I am what is missing from you.' The voice replied, calmly.


Elize's brows furrowed in confusion at the reply. What sort of cheesy pick up line was that? She thought rolling her eyes. Her gaze traveled to every nook and cranny of the cavern. It didn't seem like anyone was hiding in there. Was it all in her head?

The voice spoke again, ignorant of what was going on in her mind.

'I am just a guide,

But our destinies are tied.

I am but the yang to the yin that you carry within.'

"I'm sorry but I'm not that great with riddles." Elize said in a bored tone.

Something was nagging at her mind for attention, as if she had forgotten an important thing. Elize didn't pay much attention to what the voice said. She was busy ransacking her own brain to find what she had forgotten.

'Since our time has not yet come to become one, why may I ask are you here?' The voice asked.

"I uh.." She said absentmindedly.

'Let us seal our bond with a wish, that I may accept you as my master.' The voice spoke with much enthusiasm.

"Bond?" She asked, confused. Yes! Her mate! She had fallen down with Zack! Elize recalled, her mind now wrought with worry. Where was he then if he fell down with her? She thought looking around. Zack's body was nowhere to be found.

"Did you see someone in the cave beside me?" She asked desperately.

'I don't see, I sense,

I don't take, I give.' The voice replied.

Elize rolled her eyes at the riddle. Wait did that mean that it couldn't see her?!

"Can you see me?" She asked suspicion laced in her voice.

'I sense you chosen one. Seeing is for mortals. I desire no such thing.' It replied.

Elize was relieved at the answer. She didn't have to hide anymore. She strode forward confidently and started searching every nook and cranny. But as luck would have it, there was no trace of Zack anywhere. The whole cavern was filled with huge pillars of the same white stone that made its walls. It looked like an archaic palace room.

There were stone slabs at the edge of the cave which looked wide enough for people to sleep on. Beside it, were smaller stone slabs which could act as tableware if one were to sit on the floor. Although the place was huge, there seemed to be no ventilation to it, yet the air inside was as fresh as inside a forest. The only source of light seemed to be the walls themselves.

"Hey!" She called out, frustrated. The beauty of the room was irritating her when she couldn't find her mate anywhere.

���Hmm?' The voice asked.

"My mate! Where is he?!" She asked in an accusatory tone.

'Ahh the wolf?' It asked.

"Yes! Where is he?"

As soon as she asked, the right side of the cave lit up more brilliantly. A space was now visible which was more or less hidden before. Elize could see someone sprawled on the floor inside it. Recognizing the golden brown of hiis hair, she rushed forward in haste.

"Zack!! Oh Zack!" She shouted, relieved.

Zack lay there on the white alabaster floor, naked and in a pool of blood. Though the small cuts on his body had vanished completely, the huge wound on his chest was still open to a great extent. Blood poured out of it like a stream, pooling around him.

"Zack wake up!" She shouted, taking hold of his shoulders.

There was no movement. it seemed that he was completely unconscious. Elize's heart started beating fast with anxiety. Placing her head against his chest, she listened for his heart beat.


His heart beat against his chest faintly. Elize sighed, relieved.

"Hello?!!! is anyone out there?!" She shouted, looking around.

'What is it that you seek?' The voice asked.

"Please! I need help. My mate -he's injured! Please save him!" Elize begged, clutching his hands in both of hers.

'Is that your wish from me?' The voice asked with a hint of joy.

"Yes! Yes please save him!" Elize replied with haste.

There was a relieved sigh from somewhere around. The voice then said, 'Carry him into the pool of life. The water will heal him. In return, you will be my master from this moment. Our bond has been sealed, you shall retrieve me when the time comes.'

"Huh?" Elize asked confused. What pool of life? She looked around. She could only see an empty room which was once again made of the white stone. She couldn't see any water body anywhere near.

'To your left, Chosen one. Carry him into the water.' The voice said, sensing her confusion.

As soon as it was said, the corner of the room lit up, displaying a pristine pool which gave off a slight glow from within. Elize gasped at the sight. She had never seen a water body so beautiful. As she stepped closer to it, she could see that there were steps leading towards the depths of the pool. Supporting Zack's unconscious body with all her strength, she stepped into the pool along with him.

The water was warm unlike what she had expected, and the deepest end only reached till her neck. It was sufficient to cover Zack's wounds. There was a pleasant scent to the water, unlike anything that she had ever come across.

"Now what?" Elize wondered aloud.

There was a soft hum and the water grew warmer. The voice once again spoke, 'Believe in the power of magic. Remember my name Chosen one. I am the Tohar Sehlah.'


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