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Overpowered Sect Building System
Author :RedPringlesYT
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2 Tianji City

3 hours later.....

George finally saw Tianji City. As he was going to walk in, a guard stopped him and said "Halt! Before you enter, pay the fees!"

George stopped and said " How much is the fees?"

The guard said "50 copper coins!"

George felt that it was too cheap (for him). Because 100 copper coins = 100 silver coins = 1 gold coin. But he did not bother anything about it. George then flicked a gold coin over to the guard and said "Here yah go. Oh and keep the change too"

The guard then said "Okay young master this way, this way" He then instructed the other guard to open the gates. George then entered.

"Hey did you see that? Don't fight with nobles like him." said the guard to the other guard. The other guard then nodded. But what he didn't know that he was not a noble.

George then saw beautiful scene. There was buildings everywhere and vendors that sell things to travelers. George then asked people where the closest inn.

The closest inn was called "Fish Inn." It is known for it's seafood so that's why it is called "Fish Inn." George then entered the inn and rented a room for a day. George then went up to his room and locked the door so he could have a peaceful enviroment for cultivating.

After securing the door, he then swallowed the [Body Strengthening Pill.] After swallowing the pill, he could feel his bones craking and his face changing.

George said to his mind "System can you activate the [100 Year Cultivation Time Travel] now?"

"Ding! Yes! But first cultivate the [Divine Dragon Qi Cultivation Method]"

George then took out the [Divine Dragon Qi Cultivation Method] and cultivated it. After cultivating it, he felt that he is on an another world. He could see many dragons inside of that world and releasing their qi for him to absorb. After he finished cultivating it, he then said to his mind "Activate it now system!"

"Ding! Activating the [100 Year Cultivation Time Travel].... Done!"

A cocoon then wrapped George and his qi was rising .... Mortal Disciple. BOOM! ... Mortal Grand Disciple. BOOM! .... Mortal Master. BOOM! ..... Mortal Grandmaster. BOOM! .... Mortal King. BOOM! ..... Mortal Emperor. BOOM! Deity Disciple! The cocoon then dissapeard and George finally came out of it. He then said "WAHAHA! Deity Disciple! I can now fly. (When you get to Deity Disciple you can then fly)" Just as he was speaking about it, all the people in the inn was feeling suppresed, some people said "Stop who ever that is! Please withdraw your aura! Please we beg you!" And some people said "Stop! Do you wanna die?" too.

Hearing that voice, George then withdrew his aura and started to sleep.

On a farway land


A black clothed man was standing in a mountain peak and seemed to be looking for something. The black clothed man then said "Oh? A mere Mortal Kingdom (Information: Mortal Kingdom - Its Emperor is only a peak Mortal Realm. Deity Kingdom - It's Emperor is a peak Deity Realm. Immortal Kingdom - It's Emperor is a peak Immortal Realm.) has a Deity Being? And he seems like in his 18's too."



George finally woke up. He first wore his [Starter Armor and Starter Sword] because he wanna find a suitable place for his sect to build, and he wanna find suitable disciples for the sect with the help of the system.

George then went out of the Inn and said to his mind "System! Find me a suitable disciple that have an high potential." He then heard a sound saying "Ding! Finding suitable disciple.... 40% ... 80%... 100%. Completed! Host, all those blue markers are suitable disciples for your sect!"

George then saw a big map inside his mind and there were 50 blue markers or so. George then started to walk to the blue marker. He then saw a kid playing with other kids. He then scanned the kids, a menu showed up inside of George's mind.

[Potential: Deity Disciple:]

[Chance to recruit 20%]

George then said to his mind "Recruit!" He then heard a sound ... "Failed!"

George then got angry. George calmed himself and tried to find disciples that have a higher chance to recruit. After a hour of searching, he finally found one.

[Potential: Deity Grandmaster]

[Chance to recruit 99%]

He finally found a disciple. But question is where can he hide him from the time being. Feeling helpless he asked the system "System! Where can I hide him from the time being?"

"Ding! Host, I suggest you buy a Void Disciple Palace. It can hold thousands of disciple. You can bring it to, you just have to hide it in the void where there is nothing."

"How can I buy one then?" said George

"Ding! Host, You can buy them with points in the System's shop. You can get points by completing a mission."

"Show me the shop panel!" said George

Then a panel showed up in George's mind
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