Overlord of Sin
102 New Day Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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102 New Day Finale

'I guess I will talk with the Phoenix Queen after I train with my family and the White Dragon, oh wait her name is now Daenerys, sounds like a familiar name... Nevermind,' Drakos over at Daenery who was now slowly unzipping her maid outfit, her black corset bra was almost seen. She was going to put on her combat gear right in front of Drakos's family!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Shouts Reza in shock, she didn't want Drakos to see another woman undress in the house! Her whole adorable angelic face was now flustered and red as an apple.

"Hey! Not here! Change in my room!" Drakos order Daenery as he quickly covers up her boobs.

Drakos puts on his black snow boots and a combat jacket that had golden belt buckles around his arm sleeve and collar, he had forged this jacket himself with his own crafting skill from his Overlord System.

This jacket he made was an assasin cloak that acted like powerful durable armor but in the form of a light-weight leather jacket!

[Assassin Cloak]: Increases Defense: 40 Stealth: 50 Speed: 40, this cloak has the ability to make you invisible. Invisibility will last for how long you hold your breath!

'Hm a normal human can only hold thier breath for about 45 seconds to 1 min until they have an intense urge to breathe. So most humans can hold thier breathes for 1min, but not me. I am not a human, more like a demi-god demon, actually, I don't even know my real bloodline... Anyways if I increase my stamina I could hold my breath longer, for now, I can hold my breath for about,' Drakos holds his breath.

"Um, what are you doing brother?" Reza said with her cute crimson eyes furrowed and her arms crossed.

Drakos puts one finger up singling 'Just one minute.' as he continues to hold his breath.

"Ahhh!" Drakos breaths out for air. 'Dammit just 4mintues I can hold my breath, I have to increase my stamina all my stats fast if I want to beat the Phoenix Kingdom in a clan battle! Wait a second! I have an excellent idea!' Drakos turns over and looks at Reza, Daenary, Kara, Katarina, Ryuu, and Elana with a huge smirk on his face.

"Um what's with that face?" Asked all of the beautiful maidens who were standing in front of him.

"How about for training all of you fight me," Drakos lifts up one hand and it moves back and forth. This meant 'Bring it on'.

"WHAT!?" All of the fairs maidens screamed in shock. None of them wanted to hurt Drakos. But Drakos really wanted to fight to gain levels and of course stat points.

"We can't hurt you!" Reza shouts with worry in her face.

"None of you go easy on me," Drakos crackles his knuckles and neck and got into a fighting stance with both fists up.

All the girls nod thier heads and put aside thier weapons and also get in a fighting stance.

It truly was a new epic day!


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