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883 Experiment...

So what if we are destroying something precious, so what if it might all go to waste? If we can't even get past this danger we are about to face, then how can we talk about the future!

Mei Xue Yan moved aside as instructed. She had just moved away when she saw a stroke of chilling lightning come down. The moment the body of the Blood of Yellow Flame came in contact with the other layer of the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein, it was like a hot knife slicing through a piece of frozen butter!

Whoosh, the outermost chunk of the Spirit Vein, about the length of a palm, silently broke off and fell with a puu. This was the outermost portion, so even if it was cut in such a clumsy and rough manner, it would not affect or harm the Golden Jade Fluid on the inside.

So Jun Mo Xie had no reservations!

Jun Mo Xie activated the Power of Water, condensing the Spiritual Qi in the air of the Hongjun Pagoda right above his head instantly, converging into an azure stream of water that descended downwards.

At the same time, Jun Mo Xie skillfully made a small hole on the side that had been cut with the Blood of Yellow Flame. All the condensed Spiritual Qi filled perfectly right up to its brim.

Although the portion of the length that was cut was about the length of a palm, its horizontal breadth was almost three zhang long. And that small hole was a few meters deep, which was enough for Jun Mo Xie to experiment.

Mei Xue Yan watched him with her eyes wide open, but she saw Jun Mo Xie lifting his hand with burning resolution and ordering, "Flame of Primal Chaos! Appear!"

Then, on Jun Mo Xie's finger tip, a pitch black flame appeared with a pa, dancing gently and silently.

Jun Mo Xie inhaled a deep breath, then exerted his strength. The Flame of Primal Chaos instantly got bigger and burnt brilliantly. Then Jun Mo Xie placed this black-colored flame into that cut surface at lightning speed.

The side of the spirit vein that was cut instantly melted, turning into a layer of shiny fluid that slowly flowed downwards, slowly gluing up the entire tiny opening…

Jun Mo Xie heaved a sigh of relief, as he extinguished the Flame of Primal Chaos from his fingers. He stretched out his hand to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

How could Jun Mo Xie not be nervous?

If the experiment this time succeeded, then the Golden Jade Fluid would practically become a treasure that he could help himself to as and when he wished. No matter when he wished to use it, he only needed to stick a needle into this sealed opening and allow a couple of drips to flow out. Then, he would seal it back up in the same manner and everything will be good!

But if this experiment failed ultimately, then… this plan for upgrading their strength this time would have to be put on hold temporarily for the better!

Looking at that broken piece of Spirit Vein that was already 'sealed up', Jun Mo Xie took in another deep breath and the shining flash of sword light came cutting down again!

The sword descended!

Newly formed Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi condensed into sparkling fluid, flowing out of the two pieces that were just broken, drip by drip, then instantly transforming into misty Spiritual Qi that dissipated into the air…

"It worked!" Jun Mo Xie panted, his eyes gleaming.

"It worked?" Mei Xue Yan did not dare to believe it. "Did it really work? Are you sure? This is something unusual; if there are any errors…"

"There are no 'if's anymore!" Jun Mo Xie exclaimed happily, interrupting her. "The reason why I did not use regular water, but wasted my energy to convert Spiritual Qi into water all for the sake of preventing this 'if'! Even if the Golden Jade Fluid is a fluid formed from Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, it is a lot more concentrated than the average Spiritual fluids and has an even more amazing change within it… But no matter how it changes, its original state will not change! In other words, it'll ultimately still be a fluid!"

An usually fervently glow emitted from Jun Mo Xie's eyes as he looked at the giant Heaven Earth Spirit Vein. "The experiment today is extremely meaningful and significant! This experiment has shown that the Jun Family shall begin to rise from now on and will not fall—forever!" Jun Mo Xie said slowly.

"The Spiritual Qi in the Hongjun Pagoda is thousand times more concentrated than the outside! The Heaven Earth Spirit Vein will develop even faster in here! And the Golden Jade Fluid within will only grow more and more. It is more than enough to last the descendants of the Jun Family for ages to come! As long as they bring their cultivation level to a suitable level, then borrow the effects of the Golden Jade Fluid, they will be able to rapidly advance to a Saint Emperor or even higher…"

"Indeed, as long as you remain here, the Jun Family will continue to be glorious forever." Mei Xue Yan had a hazy look in her eye, but she raised a sharp question. "But, are you really able to? Aside from you, who else in the Jun Family is capable to use this sword of yours to open the Heaven Earth Spirit Vein and is capable of using the Flame of Primal Chaos to mend the opening? Even if there is someone like this, are they able have this Hongjun Pagoda?!"

Jun Mo Xie was stunned. "You're right… I was too excited and had forgotten this important point, but I… will do my best to remain here, until the day I have no other choice but to leave!" He mumbled after a long while.

Mei Xue Yan's words were essentially talking about the fate of mankind. In her heart, even the most powerful legend would not be able to escape death. She had merely raised this fact in an obscure manner.

But what Jun Mo Xie was thinking of was a completely different matter.

In his previous life, he had never believed that there were immortals, or ghosts, or demons, or immortality and longevity; but in this life, especially after obtaining the Hongjun Pagoda, he believed it! The reality was right before his eyes, how could he not believe in it?!

If my strength reaches a level where this world can no longer accommodate me, then I definitely will have to leave! The Nine Nether First Young Master left this place since he was probably sick of it, but also because his own strength was too overwhelming!

Maybe, all those legends about people suddenly rising up to heavens in the day were perhaps real existences! Who knows!

From the two broken pieces of the Spirit Vein, Jun Mo Xie picked up one of them and cut a piece closest to its center out of it, about the size of a palm. He handed it to Mei Xue Yan. "You keep this piece. If there comes a day where I am not by your side and you are injured, just scrap some powder with a small knife, mix it with water and drink it. This piece is already showing some characteristics of Soft Jade; it is a quality good that is similar to the Heaven Earth Holy Milk."

Mei Xue Yan responded and carefully carried that piece of jade in her arms.

Jun Mo Xie was amused by how careful she was being and couldn't help but chuckle. "There's also no need to do that careful; this is just a temporary stop-gap measure. There may not be a time where you and I have to be separated. Even if we are not together for a couple of days, you may not sustain injuries anyway."

"There is no absolute in this world… There will always be someone who will be injured. Surviving in this world, especially for high level experts like us, has gone beyond the restrictions of the legal systems. It has always been survival of the fittest… Passing through everyday between life and death, there's no logic in not getting injured." Mei Xue Yan lightly sighed, her mood a little down. She forced a smile and said, "The laws of humankind and Xuan Beasts, the both of us have already gone past them now…"

"Indeed, that is how the world is!" Jun Mo Xie said. "Humans… are really a weird kind of species! Before humans came into the world, everyone had to obey the rules of the jungle—natural selection, survival of the fittest. The strong fed on the weak. Although it was cruel, but it was also the fairest. But after the appearance of humans, they started to fight for power. For what? It was all for the sake of unification, for their desires. Laws came about under this premise… The appearance of laws was originally for the sake of letting everyone be equal, and also for the country to be easily managed… But after laws were implemented, the ones who were restricted are still those at the bottom, the weak and powerless… and equality is only obtained between the weak, and merely the weak…"

He let out a deep sigh and continued. "… ironically, it is after obtaining a certain power or position that the rules will no longer abide by the basic laws, but return back to that ancient law of the jungle. The strong survives, the weak perishes… Take the fight between the Jun Family and Li Family in Tian Xiang Country, for example. Or the fights between the various families in the capital. The laws of the country… are it really effective? The most crucial thing is still which of these family is more powerful and influential, that's all…"

"As to the dispute between the strong like the Holy Lands and Tian Fa, it is the case of the strong devouring the weak! In other words, humans, regardless of strength or power, when they achieved a certain level and position, would undergo a complete change and turn into wild beasts! Which makes me curious; then all the blood that was sacrificed in the scramble for power to become civilized, or implement so-called peaceful laws… in the end, what was it all for? What meaning is there to it? Is it all for the sake of returning back to the law of the jungle at the end?"

Mei Xue Yan laughed. "I didn't expect you to have so many feelings on this matter."

"Feelings? Not necessarily. But I really do have my thoughts and confusion. But it's a pity, it seems no one can give me the answer to my questions!" Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly. "Thinking of all these matters, the world is really f*cked up! The ones that really need fairness and equality are unable to get it. But those that have it will ultimately abandon all of it. Don't you think its funny?"

"It's not funny! Not funny at all!" Mei Xue Yan chuckled and said. "Actually there is never fairness in the world. In the past, a wise person once said, 'The prince will be punished by the same law that governs the people if they were to commit an offense'. But one thing was not made clear in this sentence. And that is that laws are determined by people! Be it the person who created this law or the person who is carrying it out. They all enjoy a certain extent of privilege! And these are the rules! And this rule is the same as the Beast King privilege in the Tian Fa Forest."

Mei Xue Yan chuckled charmingly. "The strong devouring the weak happens practically everyday in Tian Fa Forest. And us, the Kings, will never interfere or ask about it. We just let it happen. But there is only one rule: There cannot be any battles between species! We don't care about anything else. But if there is a conflict between the Beast Kings, the battle between the species will just take place if they want, even if it is against the law… The law still has effect, but we look at who was the one breaking it! Naturally, the Kings of Tian Fa Forest can be unrestrained by the laws they decided."

"Actually, mankind is just another group of Xuan Beasts, a even bigger Tian Fa Forest, that's all! Just that the privilege Xuan Beast Kings enjoy are acknowledged by all the Xuan Beasts. If you are not stronger, then you have nothing to say! And every Xuan Beast, as long as they work hard, will be able to reach this position. So all of them have hope. But humans… these privileges are not disclosed nor admitted… or rather, they are also don't admit to their own privilege so they can continue playing the role of the law-abiding citizen, but that is just hypocritical and shameless…"