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751 The Nine Nether First Young Master“s Letter!

Jun Mo Xie, who had only just seen that scroll with those first five words spring out of nowhere, was already shaken to an unimaginable state!

From the scroll and the handwriting alone, they were clearly antiques! Furthermore, the Nine Nether First Young Master… this person was a legend from at least ten thousands of years ago!

The ancestor of Xuan Qi in the entire Xuan Xuan Continent!

A legendary figure!

How could a person like this know of someone like Mo Xie, who existed after ten thousands of years? What is his relationship to me? To even know of my name from my previous life! All this, everything… was unfathomable! Too difficult to comprehend!

Could it be true that some people had attained a divine level to be able to understand the past and predict the future with absolute accuracy—to such a shocking extent?

As the scroll continued to unfold itself, lines of neat handwriting began to appear before Jun Mo Xie's eyes.

The handwriting was still that unrestrained, untamable, arrogant and haughty script!

Just looking at this handwriting alone was enough to imagine how this legendary Nine Nether First Young Master, this crazy ancestor, was uninhibited and tyrannical!

Every single word shows extraordinary gifts, and every word was like drawn daggers!

Along with that confidence was a sense of untamability and unaffectedness, as if the heavens and earth were for him to walk upon freely!

And Jun Mo Xie's attention was completely captured by the contents of this scroll!

"Why? Could you have been frightened? Hehehe… Little thing, don't feel despaired; after all, I've never met anyone in all of history not frightened in the face of this young master! I believe that you are the same!" The arrogance and mocking intentions behind this paragraph were almost as if the Nine Nether First Young Master was standing right in front of Jun Mo Xie, looking down at him condescendingly.

"F*ck! Did you seriously think you could scare me with these couple of ghostly scribblings? You're too damn wrong; did you think I'm like those ordinary folk? You're thinking too highly of yourself!" Jun Mo Xie couldn't control his temper and shouted at thin air, as if he were really facing the Nine Nether First Young Master.

Although he knew that incredibly arrogant fellow clearly wasn't in front of him, Jun Mo Xie could feel an odd sense of hostility! To be looked down upon by some ghostly scribblings…. A feeling like this really got Jun Mo Xie riled up.

And to be honest, he really was frightened earlier…

"Good lad! You have the guts to scold this young master! I'm really regretful; if I could stay till now, then I could come before you, strip you of all your clothing, hang your naked self high up before all your lovers, and harshly cane your white bottoms! You dare to scold this young master? You f*cking have the balls! This young master has never met anyone as ballsy as you! But you came ten thousands years too f*cking late! This is your greatest fortune!"

The Nine Nether First Young Master's message seem to have fully and completely predicted all of Jun Mo Xie's actions and what he was thinking…

"You f*cking dare? If I catch you, I'll strip your pants and drag you to parade around Tian Xiang City while exposing your d*ck!" Jun Mo Xie hollered angrily, fury in his eyes.

Why did this Nine Nether First Young Master's way of speaking sound so much like a hooligan's? Wasn't it a little too vulgar? Almost like we came from different place and are the same!

This was naturally also one of the greatest doubts in Jun Mo Xie's heart!

This manner of talking is clearly that of a hooligan's—which part of it resembles a master of his time, a legendary figure? From these few sentences, Jun Mo Xie could picture in his head, the Nine Nether First Young Master holding chopsticks in one hand while grabbing his foot with the other. Occasionally lifting it up to his nose to sniff… a wretched and vulgar image like this.

This was vastly different from the legendary figure of the Nine Nether First Young Master in Jun Mo Xie's heart!

And was even more different than the Nine Nether First Young Master in the legends!

"Are you wondering about the way this young master speaks? Little Jun Xie, wasn't this young master forced to do this by you?! With my talent and flair, it's not difficult for me to write an entire passage of incomprehensible talk, but I was worried that you would probably toss this scroll into the fire when you're not even halfway through reading it! Completely uninterested in continuing to read it! So, you can say that this young master has taken great pains for your sake! But never mind that you don't feel the least grateful, but to even call this young master vulgar…."

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but sweat in his heart. This Nine Nether First Young Master was very right about himself. If he had really written an essay… even if it were written superbly, it would probably be tossed into the fire by Mo Xie now….

"I have to say, this way of speaking really feels great! Saying whatever you what, scolding when you feel like this; this is the highest state of following one's heart! A whole mouthful of literary jargons, an entire essay of leading others to doing good… Even if you don't wish to read it, this young master is also unwilling to write it! This young master hates those hypocrites the most, always blabbering about ethics… so in a rage, this young master burnt all the ancient books and records in the world! F*ck their granny's balls! That bunch of people all look sanctimonious and dignified, always talking about morals and values, but always end up going into brothels to have some fun when night comes… Remember, when you meet people like this, you have to eliminate them completely! Because this type of hypocrites is even worse than those gangsters on the streets! Even though gangsters aren't good either, at least they are open about it…."

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but clap in admiration, his face radiant with delight. This person's temperament was the same as his own's! He truly understands me! Pui, why is it so sour? Is it because it's too to my taste?! If he is still around, perhaps I would burn yellow paper and cut the heads of a chicken, bow eight times and become sworn brothers!

"…. cough cough, this topic has deviated… I know that you're still confused, so this young master shall help you clarify your doubts…"

Jun Mo Xie frowned, finally realizing that this Nine Nether First Young Master had a particular catchphrase: this young master! He didn't address himself as anything else: from start to end he had always simply used: this young master!

You're at least ten thousands years of age, a genuine standard old monster, but you have the cheek to address yourself as 'this young master'?… This doesn't really seem appropriate, right?

Jun Mo Xie criticized in his heart, but he continued to read the scroll.

"…. If you little asshole still dare scold me, this young master will make this scroll disappear instantly! Do you believe me?"

This sentence left Jun Mo Xie completely speechless! This old ancestral figure of ten thousand years ago was really… unconventional!

"… This young master can live forever without aging; even if I reach millions of years in age, and the heavens and earth fades away, I will still bare that same look of an eighteen year old! Why can I not address myself as this young master? Did you want to see this young master address himself as this old man? Why don't you imagine, an eighteen year old baby face calling himself 'this old man'? How would you feel?"

Jun Mo Xie sweated aggressively.

What.. what is this? This Nine Nether First Young Master's amazing way of thinking really stunned him! He kept saying that he was going to explain, but until now nothing was explained and he was just talking about useless things!

Isn't he just leaving me hanging?

Even then, even if I scold you right now… You also don't have the capability to make this scroll disappear instantly… Did you think it's still ten thousand ago?

"… Nevermind, we are all clever people; this young master probably can't scare you enough to stop you! But it is very rare for this young master to get an opportunity like this to tease his juniors, especially teasing you after a period of ten thousand years. This gives this young master great sense of satisfaction, and I'll take it as you are respecting the elderly! Obedient little Jun Xie, just continue to look on patiently."

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and felt like fainting. This person really had a bad taste! If he really wanted to be polite and respectful to an eternal eighteen year old baby face, then….

"…. Stop guessing blindly, I know what you little fellow is thinking about, doubtful about, but this young master is going tell you seriously that you are a stupid fool! Extremely foolish little brat, you've guessed wrong! Completely wrong, gravely mistaken, way off!"

Jun Mo Xie really had an immense urge to rip this scroll into shreds… Facing just a mere scroll, he had been scolded for almost an hour…. What the f*ck is this!

"…. You're definitely guessing this young master probably came from the same place as you! Wahahaha! You're wrong!! This young master is too extraordinary for a good obedient little boy like you to be able to guess! Do you feel depressed? Aggrieved?"

Jun Mo Xie's breathing became heavier, and the veins on his forehead popping out… To think that I am belittled like this….

"This Young Master comes from the Nine Nethers! Do you know what the Nine Nethers is? Good boy, this young master will slowly tell you all about it' you must be patient, there is no need to rush, there is no use if you are impatient…."

Young Master Jun bellowed angrily, standing up and landing a heavy punch onto the stone wall on the five words of 'Nine Nether First Young Master'! He was really enraged by this fellow's teasing!

After venting it out, he panted heavily before sitting back down again. Just as he had expected, the stone wall did not even budge, and not even a chip fell off. This was not because the stone wall was too hard, but because the Nine Nether First Young Master had used some unique methods to make it like this…

"Gagagaga… Sure enough, you couldn't bear it… Little obedient child, your temperament still needs quite a bit of polishing…" At the sight of the weird laugh on the scroll, Jun Mo Xie felt like he could see the image of a young looking person laughing uncontrollably, his entire body shaking back and forth.

Don't get angry, don't get angry…. I won't get angry! If I get angry then i'll be falling for his scheme! Absolutely, must not get angry! Jun Mo Xie chanted in his head, taking in a deep breath before focusing again.