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739 Difficult to Step Even an Inch Away

We already have three at home; if you're not proactive enough, it's your loss… We're not in a rush!

"When children grow up, they will always look for someone they fancy. Lady Jun, that son of yours…" Xue Shuang Qing coughed awkwardly. "Has also given you trouble in this area, hasn't he? Also when they grow up, they'll have to marry…."

"This son of mine has always saved me from worrying from he was young; even now, he still does. Especially when it comes to affairs concerning marriage, he would handle them on his own… I am more worried that it might be getting too much… The one beside Mo Xie, Tian Fa's Venerable Mei, is my first daughter-in-law; this one beside me, Qing Han, is also my daughter-in-law, they've already consummated… We still have Dugu Family's daughter, Dugu Xiao Yi back at home. Haha, this son of mine; he is not too shabby in terms of his looks and he is extremely honest. He don't know how to not be too showy, so he couldn't help but attract the attention of ladies. These three girls are the official wives that I am aware of, but I'm not too sure if he has anymore. I've already reprimanded him numerous times on this matter. Always makes my chest hurt from anger…"

Dongfang Wen Xin may sound as if she were begrudging, but an extremely proud expression sat upon her face. Anyone could tell that this mother was showing off. Who couldn't tell from her honored tone…

Of course a mother would feel proud that her son was so charismatic! Or not was she supposed to look forward to no one to asking about her son?

On the side, Jun Wu Yi has clearly reached the borders of breaking down anytime. Sister-in-law is too amazing; although what you said is not too far from the truth, but considering what sort of reputation Mo Xie had back in Tian Xiang… this… has gone too far off…

Xue Shuang Qing felt the corner of her mouth twitch. Are you lamenting about your son? Why does it sound like you are so proud of it? Taking a look at Mei Xue Yan and Qing Han, they both don't seem lesser than my daughter in anyway… and there is one more at home… and the possibility that there may be more than these three?!

What should she do? There were already three! And their statuses were not low—just take Venerable Mei, for example. She alone was someone Blizzard Silver City could not touch! Did she really have to marry her daughter to become his concubine? That was not acceptable!

Just as Xue Shang Qing was deep in her thoughts, Dongfang Wen Xin continued, "So with so many daughter-in-laws, it's really troubling because it's a matter concerning who is the official first wife. Everyone comes from reputable families and they also hold high statuses. Especially Mei Yan, who is an overlord of a generation… Regardless, there's no logic for making anyone of them the mistress…."

"Yes, yes, that's very true." Xue Shuang Qing agreed immediately.

"I've been so vexed that some hair has turned grey. But I finally thought of a solution."

Dongfang Wen Xin lowered her voice mysteriously, "That is, to not make any difference in terms of their status or position. Everyone shall all be sisters in terms of their age.. Isn't that great? Like this, the distinction is already made and everyone becomes closer, so everything else becomes easier to settle. There would be no problem even if there are more wives. Furthermore, I'm not trying to praise myself here, but I am not like one of those cynical mother-in-laws; I will always find a way to please them, right? As parents, it's really tiring for us, even if the least worrisome child has something that makes you worry. But what would that little beast Mo Xie even know of the woes of being a mother…"

Dongfang Wen Xin had lowered her voice, so Xue Shuang Qing also followed suit and hushed her voice. It seemed like if this was the case, then it shouldn't really matter… Furthermore the Jun Family was now a super-family, and clearly Yan Meng had deep rooted feelings for Jun Mo Xie. Why would she become the villain here? Besides, if it ended up like Han Yao Yao, it would just be a dead loss!

Coughing to clear her throat, she spoke, "This.. Lady Jun, what do you think of my younger daughter?" Xue Shuang Qing finally went straight to the point after going in circles. "Is she worthy of your son?"

"Um? This… Naturally I do adore Meng'er, but… If Yao'er is to marry Wu Yi, Wu Yi is Mo Xie's blood uncle… the seniority will be all messed up…" Dongfang Wen Xin pretended to be shocked…

"What problem can seniority pose? The pugilistic world is full of messed up seniorities….." Xue Shuang Qing laughed nervously.

"If that's the case, then you can leave this matter to me. We have to let them have their wishes! Ai, I'm really too soft-hearted… I cannot bear to see the children suffer…" Dongfang Wen Xin was confident. They're already calling each other "little wife", "mistress" already; how could she have misunderstood?

Furthermore, the more daughter-in-laws, the more grandchildren! It would be best of each of them could give birth to ten or more… Taking a sideway glance at Han Yan Meng, Dongfang Wen Xin thought that the girl seemed to have a body that was likely to conceive a son…

"That'll be ideal!" Xue Shuang Qing was elated.

"You can rest assured when Meng'er comes to my place. Haha, in-law, I'm pretty good at taking care of children." Dongfang Wen Xin said warmly, directly addressing Xue Shuang Qing as 'in-law' already…

Jun Wu Yi completely broke down. Sister-in-law, you daresay you are good at taking care of children?

Xue Shuang Qing, on the other hand, nodded her head continuously, replying more passionately and addressing the other party as 'in-law' as well.

I marry the older sister, my nephew marries the younger sister… so do I call Mo Xie brother-in-law? Or should he call me brother-in-law? We will both have to address Xue Shuang Qing as mother-in-law…. but if we have children…

Third Master Jun felt like his brain was not enough to process all of this. He should just faint…

Dongfang Wen Xin was already plotting in her head; if she wanted to accomplish this matter, there shouldn't be any issue with Jun Mo Xie and Dugu Xiao Yi as well. She was still clueless about everything and can be easily pacified with a few pieces of sweets…. The most important matter to settle was Guan Qing Han and Mei Xue Yan. Those two girls were very obedient toward this mother-in-law and had a pretty good relationship with Little Meng'er. And there's also Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao; it shouldn't be too big of a problem….

Hehe… Dongfang Wen Xin relaxed after sorting out these matters in her heart, even fantasizing about how to get a few more grandsons…

Thus, with no one else's knowledge, these two mothers had made such a big decision! And it was a big decision that concerned the happiness of both parties!

Someone clearly was still out of the loop, completely unaware that the little wife he had made for himself from a prank had now become reality…

Jun Mo Xie was currently talking to Han Feng Xue in a extremely friendly manner, clearly trying to get chummy much like the stickiness of a chewing gum. This left Han Feng Xue at a loss as to what to do. This fellow was demanding justice a moment ago, but in a blink of an eye, he went through a complete change in attitude?

Could this fellow really have some sort of ill-intentions, or…. that sort of preference..? Even if he was like that, there were so many muscular men around… it makes no sense to come for an old man like me even though I'm still young at heart, handsome, and gracious…..

But little did he know, the Jun Mo Xie, who was harbouring ill-intentions, was even more frustrated! You think I wanted this? Who would want to act chummy and talk nonsense with an old man like you! I'm in a hurry to return to Tian Xiang, but… that thing in my head doesn't allow me to!

So the young and the old continued their stiff conversation. Jun Mo Xie kept trying to look for conversations, and Han Feng Xue tried his best to counter, but he was truly at a loss as to what to do.

Mei Xue Yan was facing two other people: Yun Bie Chen and Peng King.

Although Yun Bie Chen had used some underhanded methods in that incident back then, it was a fact that both of them were a good match in personality. Yun Bie Chen roamed the world at his own pace, and the Peng King had a personality with no attachments. Otherwise, the Peng King wouldn't have been tricked so easily, and even remain so obedient after knowing that he was tricked…

Those two had very indifferent characters, aloof and detached about the world, and were heading toward a lifestyle of a hermit not shackled by anything.

As such, they instantly matched and became partners, roaming the world…

With regards to their reappearance, Mei Xue Yan only said one thing. "The Peng King betraying Tian Fa was unforgivable! I have no intentions to do anything to you both, but the ancestral decree of Tian Fa cannot be violated! Whether you are a hero or a coward shall be determined in the War for Seizing the Heavens! The two of you can do whatever you want, become hermits or make a comeback! But the only condition is that the Peng King can use his martial skills and strength, but he is never to utilize that Kingly aura that belongs to Xuan Beasts!"

If this condition was broken, he would be killed without mercy, even if he was miles away!

Mei Xue Yan may have sounded merciless, and even emphasized on the words 'War for Seizing the Heavens'. But did she wished to be so heartless? If the Peng King could really aid in the War for Seizing the Heavens… she would give him another chance.

These were Mei Xue Yan's intentions; although she had not clearly stated it, but she knew the Peng King understood what she had meant.

Yun Bie Chen and the Peng King both let out a long sigh and agreed on this condition. Then the two slowly made their way off. The Peng King wanted to go and bid farewell to the Xuan Beasts before leaving, but he felt intense animosity when he was approaching them. So he turned his head and left in resignation.

Mei Xue Yan turned around after she had resolved this matter, only to see Jun Mo Xie playing ruffian with Han Feng Xue, who was wearing a helpless expression. She couldn't help but feel angry and amused by the sight. Walking over, she said, "Mo Xie, things here have been resolved; she should rush back to Tian Xiang now, the situation there…"

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes. Lady, did you think I don't wish to go back? I want to go back more than anyone else! But the problem right now… I really can't leave! Looks like if the Hongjun Pagoda in my head doesn't get the secret from Han Feng Xue's body, I'm destined to find difficulty in stepping even an inch away…