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713 Another Crime Added to the Scapegoat!

"No wonder the three Holy Lands lost both soldiers and generals while they were chasing you! If you didn't have such cultivation, it would be too hard!"

Wei Kong Qun smiled lightly and continued. "This old man has been watching out for you ever since I came to the Silver City! I knew that you would definitely appear! As expected, you hadn't disappointed me; however, I'm disappointed in myself. I thought that I had already thought very highly of you, but I've still underestimated you. Indeed, hearing about a man cannot be compared to meeting him in person. The King of Assassins. Well deserved, well deserved!"

He smiled calmly, looked down at his chest, and raised his head again as he sighed bitterly. "I've already made precautions to my best ability, but I've still failed to avoid your sword! What a good sword! What a ruthless sword!"

Jun Mo Xie pursed his lips, his heart filled with depression.

Is this guy crazy? I've already said so clearly that I'm not the Supreme Assassin. Can he understand human words? A guy on the verge of death can still be so assuming, actually saying things like "you've improved! you've broken through!"

I'm truly… just what the heck is this?!

But Jun Mo Xie didn't know that although he was feeling depressed to the extreme, there was someone else who was feeling even more depressed than him; in fact, he was many time more depressed, almost to the point of vomiting blood!

And this someone was currently hiding atop the great hall's roof, watching the entire drama; when Jun Mo Xie unleashed that dazzling sword strike, he nearly could not stop himself from clapping and whooping in excitement! But when he heard Wei Kong Qun's words, he almost vomited blood on the spot, very nearly dying from anger!

He is driving me beyond the limits of tolerance!

You three dogsh*t Holy Lands are dumping sh*t on this daddy's head too smoothly! No matter what matter it is, you just have to blame it on me…

Just like this time. The other guy is standing right before your eyes, and you still say that it's this daddy… Is there still justice left in this world!!

That person had even said very clearly that he was not the Supreme Assassin. Yet, you want to forcefully insist that it's me. Just what kind of dogsh*t reasoning is this?!

Truthfully, Wei Kong Qun was not the only person who thought like this. Nearly everyone present had determined that this strike could only be done by Chu Qi Hun, the Supreme Assassin—no, the Assassin Supremacy!

As for the truth, apart from the person on the roof and Young Master Jun himself, nobody else knew!

"However, you're dead for sure today! You want my, Wei Kong Qun's, life, so how could you not be buried alongside me?!" Wei Kong Qun looked venemously at Jun Mo Xie and shook his head lightly. "Chu Qi Hun, since you've succeeded in the assassination, you should not have showed yourself! Now that you've shown yourself, this Venerable is destined to have a companion in death!"

The moment he finished these words, Wei Kong Qun immediately burst into attack!

This was the last attacking opportunity of his life, the most violent retaliation before his death!

Wei Kong Qun's body seemed to be fall apart as he attacked. However, it was reconstructing itself continuously. Just like that, forming his body in an amazing loop, he struck a killing blow toward Jun Mo Xie!

His left hand sometimes rushed out of the right armpit, but the right hand also grew suddenly sometimes and abruptly shrinking the next. His shoulders, elbows, toes, knees, and even his thighs—all became the lethal weapons for his attack!

His movement was like a violent storm, unceasing and relentless!

The two heaven shocking attacks from that single strike from Jun Mo Xie had caused this Venerable of Life and Death's lifeforce to be completely depleted. He was dead without a doubt!

Wei Kong Qun's heart had already been blasted into muck by the explosion of purple-black Qi long ago! Although his lifesaving technique had managed to create a gap in his body, allowing him to avoid the actual strike, but his heart had merely been shifted away, and it was still within his body! But when the blast of Qi exploded, it had instantly crushed his weakened heart! Even his five viscera and six bowels had turned into minced meat!

But Wei Kong Qun was still a peak level expert who had experienced the tribulations of the heavens! In such a situation, he was actually still able to retain a final breath of pure Xuan Qi, preserving his vitality and allowing him to not fall dead on the spot!

Not only that, he was still able to unleash a final counterattack! Furthermore, his momentum was extremely fierce, no different from a person who wasn't injured at all! An all-out attack from a completely uninjured fourth level Venerable, disregarding his defense!

A powerful fourth level Venerable who wanted nothing but to perish together with the great enemy in front of him!

But how would Young Master Jun let him have his way? Pitting one's life against a person who was already bound for death was surely not the wisest choice. In that moment, he executed his wondrous movement technique and floated away like a puff of formless mist. Although the Venerable of Life and Death was attacking with all his might, it was nothing but the desperate struggle before death!

At this time, an angered roar suddenly rang out and another bout of shocking aura blasted over. The Wandering Venerable had chosen to attack together!

This King of Assassins was simply too scary. Even though the Venerable of Life and Death was burning every single ounce of his Xuan Qi, Mo Xiao Yao still did not have any confidence that the former would be able to take him down. Only by joining hands could they hope to kill this King of Assassins before Wei Kong Qun's energy ran out. But even though the two formidable Venerable experts were acting together, that King of Assassins still did not fall into a disadvantage, happily fluttering through the great hall! This kind of movement technique was simply even more ghostly than a ghost's!

The four remaining Venerables also rushed over. The strength of this person was simply too scary. If they could remove him, the consequences might really turn unimaginably dire! Simply facing the Jun Family and the Xuan Beast horde was already extremely difficult. Now, there was the addition of a King of Assassins who could even kill Venerable realm experts!

The Xuan Qi in the great hall suddenly became as violent as a tsunami. The great hall that had been made entirely from ten thousand year old Xuan Ice actually began to sway like a drunk person, emanating teeth numbing creaking sounds!

Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly, and a swordlight flashed as his sword disappeared. His body rushed upward like a white crane, shooting straight into the sky!

A bright gleam flashed in Wei Kong Qun's eyes, which were previously as calm as a dead lake as he roared, "Where are you fleeing to? World Cage!"

Wei Kong Qun had not dared to use the World Cage earlier as he was wary about Jun Mo Xie's miraculous movement technique and it needed a bit of time to cast. Although the time needed was short, it was enough to cause a fatal opening. With Wei Kong Qun's current state, if he got hit with another attack, he would be thoroughly finished. But with five great experts to assist him, the space that Jun Mo Xie could move in had been greatly restricted. Thus, this was naturally the best time to use the sure-kill technique and kill the enemy!

An even more violent spatial ripple surged out, as if it wanted to cut the space in the great hall apart and turn it into little pieces of separate space!

However, Jun Mo Xie's figure which should have been completely trapped suddenly disappeared at this exact time!

The white robe that was just fluttering before everyone's eyes had vanished!

Young Master Jun had trained himself to defend against Mei Xue Yan's signature entrapment technique a long time ago. After breaking through recently, he could even sense the most minute disturbance in the air around him ever more keenly. The instant he felt the binding force appear, Young Master Jun had already dodged into the Hongjun Pagoda!

Before the Hongjun Pagoda, even the powerful World Cage that had never failed before was useless!

The instant those the two words left his mouth, a line of red blood uncontrollably ran down Wei Kong Qun's mouth! He was already mortally injured, so using this grand technique was undoubtedly hastening his death.However, he still forcefully executed it!

Wei Kong Qun stared resolutely upward, anticipating the pitiable sight of his enemy's body trapped in midair. Even if he had to die, he still had to have his vengeance, dying after his enemy!

However, he was fated to be disappointed. The eyes filled with the pleasurable rush of revenge instantly turned into shock and disbelief!

The World Cage never missed!

As long as it was against an opponent weaker than himself, no one had ever been able to avoid it!

Something as weird as this had never appeared before!

Just what is going on? Could it be that I'm having a bad dream?

But these things are clearly happening before my eyes!

All of a sudden, the Venerable of the Broken Sword, Hua Feng Wen, suddenly cried out loudly. A broken sword fell from his hand, clattering loudly to the ground. His eyes were wide open with disbelief as he fell backward. An arrow of blood spurted from his chest with a pu sound, shooting high into the air, even boring a small hole through the roof of the great hall!

Unknowingly, the Venerable of the Broken Sword, Hua Feng Wen, had been stabbed through the heart by Jun Mo Xie's sword!

The Venerable of the Broken Sword had truly lived up to his name, battling with a broken sword!

Mo Xiao Yao roared madly, his voice tearing and turning hoarse with rage. "CHU QI HUN!!! YOU MUST DIE!!!"

Just at this time, a white shadow fleeted past the entrance of the great hall, and a human figure dashed out with a clearly mocking laughter. The laughter seemed to be filled with pleasure, as if it was challenging those experts in the great hall!

Wei Kong Qun shouted angrily, and the blood trails that flowed from his body turned as thick as a column. Without a single word, he pursued the white figure; Mo Xiao Yao howled with rage as well and followed closely after like the wind.

This was truly too shameful!

All the peak level experts had been gathered here, but the opponent had still managed to assassinate a fourth level Venerable and a second level Venerable, before retreating without a single loss!

Mo Xiao Yao felt like his old face had all been thrown onto the ground and ruthlessly stomped upon by the feet of countless people!

How could this be endured?!

In that moment, he swore to kill the bastard; otherwise, he would have no more face to stand between the heavens and earth!

But he had only just chased his way out when he saw yet another unbelievable sight!

A white shadow flashed a few times, appearing several tens of zhang away in the blink of an eye. Wei Kong Qun, who had just smashed his way out of the hall, was about to continue onward again, when a strange weng sound rang out. Yet another odd white shadow suddenly appeared from above the roof of the great hall. A sword flashed out, stabbing into Wei Kong Qun's back with a pu sound!

Just a single one had caused the entire heavens and earth to turn upside down inside the hall. But there was actually another super assassin hidden here!

This white shadow accomplished his deed in a single strike and retreated immediately like the wind. However, it did not forget to give Wei Kong Qun's body another kick, sending him flying backward into Mo Xiao Yao. Thereafter, it fled swiftly without even turning back. The white shadow's speed was extremely quick, seemingly not beneath Wei Kong Qun's own!

The only sound that lingered in the air was a voice filled with extreme anger and annoyance. "Damn all your dog eyes! This daddy here is the real Chu Qi Hun! Pinning things that I haven't done onto this daddy's head? This daddy shall make it real this time for once! Assassin Supremacy? Is it a great thing?"