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693 Jun Mo Xie“s Retaliation

Liu Qiu seemed to want to say something, but blood flowed out faster as he opened his mouth. He knew it wasn't time, so he closed his mouth tightly and used Xuan Qi to help with circulation. He then closed his eyes, disregarding all the Xuan Beasts around him and began resting.

He knew that his injury could be fatal and he had no time to lose! Mei Xue Yan was very fierce this time! Although she had been conservative due to Qu Wu Qing, Liu Qiu still couldn't withstand it!

Everyone was shocked!

The blood Liu Qiu was spitting out was fresh. It was blood from internal organs!

It was the end for Liu Qiu.

Everyone became clearly aware that even if he managed to survive, his cultivation would be cut down to eighty percent.

"Venerable Mei, that was merciless!" With only one glance at Liu Qiu, Qu Wu Qing suddenly turned back his head to face Mei Xue Yan. His eyes showed his fury.

"Merciless? No!" Jun Mo Xie smiled. "May I ask what you are up to, being gathered here? I'm guessing you aren't here to enjoy the snowy scenery? Just make it clear what you want to do; stop acting like you're the victim! You're a Venerable, why would you say something like this? It's so laughable! Liu Qiu deserved this!"

"That makes sense. It was indeed my mistake!" Qu Wu Qing was stunned as he looked at Jun Mo Xie with some appreciation. "I'm sure you have a good understanding of the rule of the jungle. But here me out!"

He paused and said word by word, "When you enter the competitive world, you can't act like yourself anymore! There are somethings that you must do, but you still have to find a reason for it! No matter whether it makes sense, there must be one!"

"Of course I know and I agree!" Jun Mo Xie smiled indifferently. He suddenly pointed his finger and said murderously, "So I have a reason to kill him!"

He was pointing at Liu Qiu.

"Let me ask you; will you let someone who has explicitly coveted your wife go?" Jun Mo Xie laughed coldly.

"That's your reason to kill him! Sure!" Qu Wu Qing smiled heartlessly. "But we also have a reason to protect him! We come and go together!"

He looked at Jun Mo Xie with a mild but detectable contempt. "Also, shouldn't you as a man deal with this problem yourself? What are you doing all the time? Hiding behind your wife? You can't even deal with him yourself! Let's end this today. We will settle everything in the Silver City tomorrow!"

"Yes, you're right. But I didn't plan to hide behind my wife! I will kill him myself as retaliation! As for whether I can do it… haha!" Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly and the heavy blood-thirst that radiated out disappeared in an instant. Immediately, his body began to fade.

The eerie scene caught the Venerables by surprise. They could quickly conceal their presence and intentions, but not as quickly and easily as Jun Mo Xie!

His cultivation was indeed mysterious!

Even with a closer look at Qu Wu Qing, one would not see any difference. It appeared that he was standing there like a stone. But his body had actually moved in front of Liu Qiu! Although he despised Liu Qiu as well, he couldn't let others kill him when he was here!

The other Venerables stayed where they were. If all of them went… it would be shameful for them! One Venerable was enough to deal with Jun Mo Xie…

But Jun Mo Xie had completely disappeared.

Mei Xue Yan was smiling faintly and showed no sign of helping out. She didn't look concerned at all.

This made Qu Wu Qing slightly anxious.

Jun Mo Xie was completely gone before his eyes!

He couldn't even detect Jun Mo Xie's existence with his Venerable senses.

It also amazed the other four Venerables! They had never seen such peculiar technique! No matter how fast or tricky, a technique must leave traces, but there were none!

Suddenly, a flash of gold zapped down. Qu Wu Qing's right arm moved and the saber flash blocked the way of an incoming dagger, causing it to fall onto the ground with a loud clang! The dagger had a strange design. The blades were very thin and the curvature was smooth. It laid on the ground and flickered with cold light.

Qu Wu Qing was astounded. The dagger was small, but was sharper than anything he had seen. It even left a cut on the blade of his saber, which would not even bear a small crack even if it was beaten by some extremely heavy hammer!

The dagger was heading for Liu Qiu and would definitely have cut Liu Qiu's throat if Qu Wu Qing had not blocked it!

Then again, the night sky was lit with a golden color. There were countless golden spots!

Qu Wu Qing hollered and the saber flash intensified until it resembled a rainbow. The rainbow flares shoved around before everyone's eyes as all the golden flashes landed on the blade before falling to the ground.

Qu Wu Qing had gathered all the golden flashes and hit them down.

He was again empty handed and still no one saw his saber!

But he looked pale!


The golden flashes were merely gold dust! It was a trick shot!

Indeed it was. A deep and inhuman scream sounded behind him. It was Liu Qiu. "Jun Mo Xie!"

Qu Wu Qing was ignited. He didn't even turn his head and he began brandishing his sword rapidly, covering the two of them in numerous circles of saber flash as his body turned around and around as fast like lightning. There was no escape or anywhere to hide!

Although he couldn't see where Jun Mo Xie was, he knew that Jun Mo Xie couldn't be far as he had just attacked Liu Qiu!

The saber technique was developed by Qu Wu Qing during the previous War for Seizing the Heavens. The invaders were also very elusive, but of course, were no match for Jun Mo Xie.

But no matter how elusive or peculiar, this move would definitely work! Qu Wu Qing had developed this technique on the spot and immediately killed his foe with it in the past!

Storm all around to shake the world!

That was the name of the technique! With a hundreds of years of refinement, it was more powerful than before!

The blade winds hollered. Qu Wu Qing had used his full strength!

Jun Mo Xie was able to hurt Liu Qiu under such protection. It made Qu Wu Qing treat him as a foe of equal strength!

He was young, but he had formidable cultivation!

Jun Mo Xie had used the Yin Yang Escape to vanish. Then, he shot out a dagger, which had become much sharper to the extent that it could even catch Qu Wu Qing by surprise after he had refined with the Power of Gold in order to judge the situation.

Next it was the gold dust. Jun Mo Xie took a piece of gold pellet form his pocket and crushed it into pieces with the Power of Gold before sprinkling them down!

Seeing a similar golden flash would definitely induce a full blow from Qu Wu Qing. He had to use his full strength because he was afraid that his saber would be damaged and that some would go past him and hurt Liu Qiu!

In fact, with what Jun Mo Xie could do now, there was no way he could control so many daggers. If he really could, the power would be so strong that there was no way for Qu Wu Qing to block. But of course, this was a secret known only to Jun Mo Xie.

Qu Wu Qing's reaction was exactly what Jun Mo Xie had expected! He then immediately used Yin Yang Escape again to get to Liu Qiu like a ghost. He remained invisible but kicked Liu Qiu very hard and without hesitation thirteen times! And all of them landed accurately between Liu Qiu's crotch!

How dare you covet my wife! And even in front of me! I can't vent my anger if I don't turn you into a eunuch!

Thirteen kicks and Jun Mo Xie immediately backed off!

As for Liu Qiu, the thing between his crotch was completely crushed!

By now, even if Liu Qiu could survive, he would have to change his title. He would no longer be the Pervert Venerable… how could he still be a pervert without that thing…