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666 Du Jue Arrives!

From the second day onward, Dongfang Wen Xin and the rest did not turn up. Even Dugu Xiao Yi who was always glued to Jun Mo Xie waited at home. After all, their ability to endure this kind of bloody scene was still rather lacking.

Perhaps the affairs of human life were bound to be unable to peacefully proceed…

An extremely terrifying aura suddenly burst out from the crowd. This aura was filled with shocking rage, and Jun Mo Xie instantly detected its source. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he raised his head and two rays of frosty light shone from his eyes!

Two figures stood out glaringly from the crowd. No matter where they went, the crowd parted like water before a ship.

The person leading was tall and of striking features. He looked to be in his 30s, yet in his 50s at the same time. It was impossible to distinguish his true age at a glance. His face was sallow, and his eyes were as cold as ice. A high hair crown sat atop his head, and he was clad in coarse hemp clothing. Scowling dangerously, he walked toward Jun Mo Xie.

As for the person behind him, Jun Mo Xie recognized him with a single glance. He was Supreme Golden City Three Pearl Thrones' Xiao Wei Cheng!

For someone to walk before him like that, it seems like that person's position is even superior to Xiao Wei Cheng's in the Supreme Golden City!

Although there was still a distance of 20, 30 zhang between him and the man, Jun Mo Xie could already sense his cold aura!

Behind Jun Mo Xie, Feng Juan Yun and the Solitary Eagle both revealed shocked expressions on their faces.

This man's strength had obviously exceeded the two's expectations!

Jun Mo Xie leaned casually against his armchair, and his posture did not change in the slightest. Only his eyes grew more shaded with every step the two took towards him.

"You are that doll Jun Mo Xie?" That person asked expressionlessly, his eyes devoid of emotions. It was as if he was looking at empty air instead of Jun Mo Xie. Such an attitude was akin to a god talking to mortals. It was filled with arrogance and superiority, as if he were saying, "I'm already giving you lots of face by talking to you."

"Oh? You don't know whether I'm Jun Mo Xie? Take a guess then, who am I?" Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and said sarcastically.

"Smart-mouthed brat!" That person snorted and said, as an aura as heavy as a mountain surged forth from his body. This aura was obviously only applied to Jun Mo Xie, and the Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun behind him did not feel even the slightest ripple!

The intricacy of control that this person had over his aura had reached a shocking level that others would gasp in wonder!

Unfortunately, Jun Mo Xie seemed completely unaffected as he continued sitting lazily on his chair. A queer smile hung on his face, occasionally flickering with a hint of devilish evil. He did not launch a counterattack with his own aura, and simply continued sitting calmly, as if he hadn't felt anything.

Attacking with aura? I'm truly scared to death…

With the Hongjun Pagoda residing in my body, this Young Master is least scared of aura attacks!

Even if your aura is stronger, can it be more powerful than the Hongjun Pagoda? F*ck off!

That person only felt his powerful aura gush forth, only to hit soft mud; it was as if it'd sank into the ocean, or dissipated into the air! His intricate control and crushing aura actually did not yield any effects at all. This kind of feeling… was truly difficult to bear!

With a furious wave of his sleeves, the powerful aura instantly disappeared. While his face still remained cold and unmoving, his eyes revealed a hint of shock. "As expected of a man that caught Venerable Mei's eyes. You are quite something."

Jun Mo Xie raised his head and asked in a bland tone, "And who are you?"

His voice, expression, and behaviour was even more lofty than the hemp-clothed fellow. If this person was displaying himself like a god from the heavens, Jun Mo Xie was acting as if he was the Jade Emperor!

"This Seat is called Du Jue!" Du Jue stared sternly at Jun Mo Xie with his blade-like eyes as he uttered each word clearly. "Also known as the Heartless Venerable!" Narrowing his eyes slightly, he raised his hand and pointed a finger toward the stage. "Wen Cang Yu is one of my men."

He snorted arrogantly as he awaited the shocked expression on Jun Mo Xie's face.

The Heartless Venerable, Du Jue!

This was a name that could cause even the clouds and winds to change colors when it appeared in the past!

Although he'd distanced himself from the mundane world for close to two centuries and many people had perhaps forgotten his illustrious name, he still believed that Jun Mo Xie would recognize it for sure.

That was because Jun Mo Xie had a mysterious master that was also a powerful Venerable expert like him!

"So it's Du Jue." Jun Mo Xie's lips turned upward a little. "No wonder the mighty King Xiao does not even dare to breathe too loudly behind you… The Heartless Venerable… how impressive! I wonder what the great Venerable has come for? Please state your true intentions!"

"Release Wen Cang Yu!" Du Jue commanded in an icy tone. "That is someone from my Supreme Golden City; even if he has committed any wrongdoings, it's still not up to you to play judge, much less humiliate him! Let him go immediately! Taking into account your master's face, this Seat will give you my word to forget about this incident and not bear any ill will toward you!"

"Let bygones be bygones and not bear any ill will toward me? How generous! And you're even giving my master face?" Jun Mo Xie suddenly laughed. "Could it be that senior doesn't know who my master is? You're considering his face? So it turns out that my master's reputation is so great? Even a great Venerable like senior is willing to give him face; what an honor!"

Du Jue's face instantly turned black. He looked steadily at Jun Mo Xie, not saying a word.

At the same time, a heavy aura began to gather, causing everyone in the crowd to feel a suffocative feeling.

The Solitary Eagle took a step forward and his hair flew behind him.

With the Heartless Venerable before him, not only did Solitary Eagle not retreat or turn fearful, he actually took the initiative to step forward!

On the other side, although Feng Juan Yun had not moved, his white robes were fluttering without the presence of wind. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword, and his five fingers gripped firmly around it! His eyes blazed with a sharp gaze!

Du Jue curved his mouth with disdain and stood quietly, not making a single movement. His eyebrows did not even twitch, but a terrifying aura surged from his body like a volcano on the verge of erupting!

The density of his aura was so frighteningly high that it was nearly discernible with the naked eye!

Even a normal person would be able to see the air distorting if they paid close enough attention.

The Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun did not move as well, but their foreheads were lined with sweat.

Even the two of them had not imagined that this Heartless Venerable would have such a godly level of cultivation! He hadn't even made a single move, but his aura alone was able to affect the energies of the heaven and earth, pressuring everything forcefully!

This kind of might was not something that they could stand against.

The might of a man was limited. How could they contend against the heavens?!

This was no longer just some simple aura anymore. This was the result of Du Jue's comprehension over many years, using the essence Qi of his own body to achieve a temporary resonance with a type of miraculous energy with the Power of Heaven and Earth. In this state, he could control the Power of Heaven and Earth to launch attacks as he willed!

This technique was Du Jue's ultimate trump card, and against Jun Mo Xie, he naturally had no need to use such extreme measures. But Du Jue was clear that he was not just facing Jun Mo Xie alone! Although Jun Mo Xie's strength was not weak, it was still not sufficient to enter his eyes! This level of power was only demonstrated for one person to see—

Jun Mo Xie's master!

Du Jue wanted to let this mysterious expert know one thing. It's would be as simple as flipping my palms if I wanted to kill your disciple and wipe out the Jun Family! But, I have come down personally today, and have been merciful toward your disciple because of you!

No matter whether the other party appreciated the gesture or not, he'd at least made his stance known. Normally, when things reached such a point, both sides would take a step back each. Du Jue would take his man and leave, while the Jun Family would forget about the matter.

I've given you sufficient face, shouldn't you give me some face as well?

This was Du Jue's plan.

Towards the legendary expert of the Jun Family, Du Jue still held a some caution and fear.

Although he was a ruthless person, he was not stupid!

The 90 powerful experts from the three Holy Lands dared to try and kill Venerable Mei, let alone him, Du Jue?

But this kind of lineup was completely destroyed under the might of the other party!

Du Jue was definitely not a match for that!

Although he appeared incredibly domineering right now, experts of the same level as him would know clearly that Du Jue was actually expressing his good will!

To be able to make his stance clear, and also not worry about losing face, this was simply getting the best of both worlds!

A strange look flashed through Jun Mo Xie's eyes. It seemed to be both accidental, and… not. After that, his face turned heavy in an instant, and his posture that was previously relaxed against the chair finally moved. A look of shock and fear appeared on his face as he lifted his eyes up and looked at Du Jue! Although he gritted his teeth and forcefully attempted to cover it up, a perceptive person would be able to see through his act with a glance.

Du Jue snorted and raised his eyebrows lightly, "How does it feel? Is it enjoyable?"

Jun Mo Xie seemed to be in some pain, and even the veins under his skin could be observed to be squirming slightly. It was as if they were barely able to endure something. Forcing a calm expression onto his face, Jun Mo Xie smiled and replied cooly, "Enjoyable ah, truly too enjoyable, no, it's delightful! Extremely delightful!"

Du Jue raised his lips slightly and made an oh sound with his mouth as he laughed coldly. "Is that so? Then, I'll have to make it even more delightful for you!" Saying that, he raised the pressure once again! However, he felt somewhat strange in his heart; why hadn't that expert appeared yet?

Du Jue had ten thousand reasons to believe that that supreme expert was currently within Tian Xiang, inside the Jun Family! Otherwise, would a mere Jun Family dare to execute a man of the Supreme Golden City in public? What a joke!

Could it be that I'm not pressuring Jun Mo Xie enough? Just this level of strength is not enough to demand his presence? Is he really that confident in his disciple?

Jun Mo Xie groaned lowly, and even his head seemed to have been pushed down somewhat by the pressure. Even his veins on the back of his neck were protruding obviously.

Although this was just a suppression with aura, it was tangible and real! This was something that only a few Venerable level experts could display!The Jade Emperor is the supreme deity of Chinese tradition and he governs the cosmos and resides in a magnificent palace in the highest part of heaven along with his large family and entourage of ministers and officials.