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641 Merciful and Heartless, Two Venerables!

He was a classic example of a gullible gentleman!

But anyone who knew him knew that he was as poisonous as a rattlesnake!

He looked like a gentleman, but he was not!

He shed crocodile tears better than crocodiles and was more ruthless than wolves!

Bloody gentleman, deadly good guy; these were both his nicknames. His name sounded even nicer: Zhen Ci Bei

This name was not only nice, but also funny, yet no one dared to laugh at it!

Not even during casual conversations!

Because Zhen Ci Bei was not even slightly merciful. A mayor offended him two hundred years ago. He was surrounded by an army when he approached the mayor. Then he was infuriated, so the city saw bloodshed for three days and nights! He slaughtered the whole city single-handedly!

That city was small, but still had a population in the hundred thousands! There were soldiers, Xuan practitioners, officials, and civilians, but Zhen Ci Bei did not care at all. He killed everyone. Three days later, nothing lived in the city, and not even a dog escaped or survived…

The most extraordinary thing was that after the killing, he did not hesitate to carry a large vat full of human blood and wrote a few big words on the wall with the blood:

The heavens are merciful, so am I; I kill in the name of the heavens to show its mercy!

He even called himself merciful and righteous after killing hundred thousands of people!

How ridiculous!

A normal expert would be shaken by the time he had killed dozens. But Zhen Ci Bei did not even wince when he killed so many! And he still thought he did the right thing! How merciful!

The whole world was shaken instead. Many experts vowed to take his life, but he was too powerful. In the end, the Elusive World of Immortals approached him and the master of the Elusive World of Immortals himself dealt with him. He was said to have gone missing afterwards, but he actually joined the Elusive World of Immortals and took up such an crucial position!

Zhen Ci Bei rubbed at this beard and sighed in dismay. "Chu Qi Hun is such a monstrous figure. We kill by the will of the heavens; we definitely have to kill such monster for the heavens and for its people."

Another middle-aged man with a tall hat in hemp robes came forward. He had an elongated face similar to a horse face. But he actually looked more like a donkey. He also had small and long eyes that looked like two blood-thirsty slits. Through these slits, he stared coldly at Zhen Ci Bei and said, "Zhen, are you trying to pretend to be a gentleman again? Are you going to show your mercy again?"

This man was not slightly scared in front of such murderous figure like Zhen Ci Bei. Instead he even seemed to be on par with Zhen Ci Bei. Zhen Ci Bei was not angry either.

This was the third master of the Supreme Golden City. He was famed for his cold-blood. His name was Du Jue!

This was a cool name, and its owner was really a cold-blood. He was so to his enemy, but also himself! Legend had that when he was tired practicing, he once pierced his own thighs with his sword to push on!

Someone that was so cold to even himself… his way of dealing with others was apparent!

Du Jue and Zhen Ci Bei were real experts! They were Venerables!

The Merciful Venerable Zhen Ci Bei and the Heartless Venerable Du Jue!

Whoever met Zhen Ci Bei would be shown mercy; whoever met Du Jue marked the dead end of their life!

"Gentlemen will do whatever they say. So how can you say I am pretending? When the world begs for mercy, we will follow the will of the heavens and give peace back to this world again," Zhen Ci Bei said with a sympathetic and solemn voice. With his white hair and beard, he looked very authoritative.

But his words sent shivers down everybody's spines.

At this moment, there was a sound of wind and a blurry figure came dropping down from the sky like a meteor! It was fast like lightning!

Du Jue glared at it and yelled at it. He did not move but levitated up. He went head on, and sent out his palm. Without a wince, he gave that "meteor" a few palms!

And all of them hit the target!

The object immediately blew up into pieces!

"Bravo! Venerable Du is really good! What a nice hand!" Many licked his boots.

But as Du Jue came down, his face was really red. There was anger, but more gloom!

WIth a thud, a ball-like skull hit the snow meadow and bounced up. It rolled around and finally faced upward. His eyes were open and his skull was skinny. His face looked really old.

"It's Ma Jiang Ming! How did he get so high up in the sky that he only came down after so long?" The men from the Supreme Golden City exclaimed with great confusion. This guy who was literally dissected by their third master was their ally! But that was all they said, they did not dare to speak any more.

Everyone put on an awkward face, because Du Jue looked really depressed. His face seemed to have been pulled even longer and he was coated with killer intentions!

It was supposed to be a cool move and it took him a lot of strength! He wanted to show off before his men, but in the end he chopped his own ally into pieces… that was really awkward!

"Hahaha… What a nice palm chop from you, Venerable Du! With a wave of your hand and you chopped him into a dozen pieces. How cool! How heartless! That was really befitting for your name!" Zhen Ci Bei laughed and said with a serious tone. It was as if he was not slightly sarcastic.

Du Jue snorted and held his palm sideways; a silent palm chop went straight at Zhen Ci Bei.

Zhen Ci Bei laughed and wielded his sleeves. The palm chop was directed right into the snow!

Zhen Ci Bei and Du Jue were both stunned and stared at the snow as if pondering.

"You lot, go settle those corpses. Bury them well!" Zhen Ci Bei said, showing a lot of dismay on his face.

A few men in white came forward to settle.

"Everyone, clear all the snow from this valley!" Du Jue said coldly. All the snow definitely weighed like a mountain, but Du Jue's orders were irrefutable! It was even put in a way that it sounded like it was an easy job like sweeping dust!

Ten experts from the Supreme Golden City came forward and their bodies started to expand. With a holler, they sent out their palms together!

The wind they sent out was solid, forming a gigantic shovel and dug out the whole field of snow. Immediately, hundred square meters of ground was cleared. And then another 45 men came and with a large sound, all the snow were being shoveled up and dumped outside of the valley!

How did they manage to simply lift and dump all these snow? They must have weighed many tons!

Finally, the dirt ground emerged beneath. They literally dug three meters deep!

Du Jue and Zhen Ci Bei put on a cold face and ordered without any facial expression, "Continue!"

Of course they could not only let one group do all the work. The Elusive World of Immortals and the Illusory Blood Sea also rotated to do the job. This group of men, with the weakest being a Supreme, was so powerful! With a few rounds, the whole valley was almost cleared!

It was an almost impossible job, but in such a short time, it was almost done. At this rate, completely clearing the whole valley would not take much longer!

There was a continual thundering noise. It was the noise of throwing all the snow out of the valley! The whole ground below was shaking, as if shaken by what they were doing!

With their Venerable Spirit senses, Du Jue and Zhen Ci Bei detected that there was something abnormal below the snow! Or else, how could seven experts be killed so easily by Chu Qi Hun, who was fleeing so pathetically?

It would be possible if they were facing Venerable Mei!

But… Chu Qi Hun? What could he even do?

Even if the eight experts were fighting each other, Chu Qi Hun would not have a chance!

Not a chance at all!

Looking at all the snow removal work, Zhen Ci Bei said without even turning his head, "Bai Wu Xin! Come here!"

Bai Wu Xin had a thick layer of bandage on his head. He was still in great pain as he was biting his own lips. His bones were shattered by the sword. Being able to bear the pain until now was already a miracle!

Bai Wu Xin quickly came forward and answered exceptionally respectfully, "Yes. What are your orders, second master?

This second master really had a bad temper. It was even worse than the master himself. The master would only punish them by detaining them. But the second master… would show his mercy…

"Describe what had happened! Don't miss out anything! Even if it's something very weird and unbelievable." Zhen Ci Bei said in a low voice.

By then, the other two leaders, Zi Jing Hong and Du Jue also came forward to listen to what Bai Wu Xin had to say. All the three Holy Lands suffered greatly from the recent battles and they really wanted to know what really happened!His name sounds like 'really merciful'.Both "cold-blood" and "cool" are "jue" in Chinese.