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624 Giving Out Pills!

The old madam gaped wordlessly a few times before hardening her heart and saying, "Wen Xin ah, it's not that Mother wants to scold you, but there needs to be a limit to how much you dote on the child… Mo Xie is still young… but this child's cultivation is already higher than mine…"

"No matter how high his cultivation is, he's still my son! Could it be that he's no longer my son if his cultivation is high?" Dongfang Wen Xin continued in an unreasonable manner. Both the old madam and Jun Mo Xie were left completely speechless…

"Grandmother, let me look at these reports." Jun Mo Xie received the stack of documents and pored over them piece by piece. Mei Xue Yan beside him also poked her head over to look with interest. She had the same questions in her heart.

As they looked, the two furrowed their brows deeper and deeper.


Too strange!

These reports had clearly depicted fight between the three Holy Lands, even describing the battle in detail. However, there wasn't even a single word about Jun Mo Xie at all…

Just what was going on?

The two of them had clearly travelled together, walked side by side with each other, were ambushed together, and escaped from the encirclement together!

But here, there was clearly no mention of Jun Mo Xie at all…

How does one explain this?

The two looked at each other and saw the same incredulity in the other's eyes.

Mei Xue Yan furrowed her brows and thought for a moment before transmitting her voice secretly. "The three Holy Lands have probably removed your name from the reports on purpose in consideration for your master… This matter is highly possible. After all, an ambush like this, if they provoked your master's wrath, even the three Holy Lands would suffer… As long as they did not mention you, after this period passed, and you returned without harm, the matter would also dissipate into a minor matter…"

"Makes sense." Jun Mo Xie came to an understanding. With the strength of the three Holy Lands, it was not a difficult matter to manipulate the news like that; furthermore, the battle had happened in the middle of nowhere, and there was no one around to see it. Naturally, the news would follow whatever they said happened…

"Now that Mo Xie's strength had come into maturity, Xue Yan is also his strongest aid! With such strength, it's not difficult to deal with the Xiao Family, or even the entire Blizzard Silver City! Yun Bie Chen has also not appeared for a long time already. There's not much to fear about Blizzard Silver City now. It's also about time for our Dongfang Family prepares to step into the world again… No matter what, the snow-capped peaks… must fall! Wen Qing, Wen Jian, Wen Dao: the assassins that the three of you were in charge of training, how are the results? How many have reached the specified benchmark?"

Dongfang Wen Qing stood up and reported, "For the Sky Grade Assassins, those who currently meet the mark numbers 36! For the Earth Grade Assassins, 71 have met the standards required. As for the Mortal Grade Assassins, there are currently 341!"

"That won't do! The strength we can utilize is still too little, too little! It's completely not enough for big missions! Step up the pace and train them! Even if they die from fatigue, you must train them up! Mo Xie can go towards Blizzard Silver City at anytime; we hold an absolute advantage in the battle of the kings, but if the strength of our pawns cannot match up, how can that be good? I want at least 50 Sky Grade Assassins and 100 Earth Grade Assassins to follow Mo Xie to take his revenge! The assassins must also not be of our Dongfang family's surname. After all, we haven't fulfilled the oaths yet…"

The old madam harrumphed coldly and gave the order.

Even as Dongfang Wen Qing and the others nodded in response, their expressions were somewhat ugly.

Jun Mo Xie's chest grew warm; the reason grandma was so anxious was for the sake of his revenge! Seeing this, he glanced at Mei Xue Yan and nodded.

Mei Xue Yan nodded back in agreement and stood up. She took out a small jade bottle and smiled. "Grandma, Xue Yan has a few good items here; perhaps with these, the problems you are facing won't be so difficult anymore."

"What's that?" The old madam asked tentatively. The Dongfang family was currently cut off from the world, and to date, they didn't even know about the Jun family's production of Divine Pills… Although Dongfang Wen Qing and the others knew about the Ten Years Dan, they only mentioned it briefly when they returned,and didn't talk about it in detail. Thus, the old madam still didn't know.

"This is something that Mo Xie… Mo Xie's master refined. This is a Ten Years Dan. Each pill can raise a cultivator's Xuan Qi by the equivalence of 10 years! There are two bottles here, and each bottle contains 100 pills. These two bottles contain the Bone Tempering Pills, which can be used to refine and remodel a person's body. There are similarly 200 pills in total. The Dongfang family can use them to nurture your younger generation's members…"

Mei Xue Yan smiled and introduced. When she mentioned the few words "Mo Xie's master," she stumbled a little on her words before continuing. "As for these three bottles, they are the truly rare divine pills… This is the Vitality Linkage Pill; regardless of one's foundations, it can forcefully improve the circulation speed of Xuan Qi in one's meridians to three times faster than before! This is the Vitality Congregation Pill: consuming one will improve a Xuan cultivator's cultivation speed to increase by three times! And finally, there's the Heaven Vitality Pill; it can directly improve one's strength by 50 years worth of cultivation… These three pills are extremely rare, and there are only 10 of each. There are prepared specially for grandma and the three uncles. If you want to give them to others, you must remember that only experts who have exceeded at least the peak of Sky Xuan realm can consume them. Otherwise, they would end up self-exploding from the forceful power in the pills!"

In this period of time, Jun Mo Xie had refined quite a large number of these pills, and they so happened to be useful now. The pills that Mei Xue Yan took out was actually just a small portion of his collection. With the Dongfang family's current strength, they wouldn't be able to use the pills even if he gave them more. Just this amount he'd taken out was already more than three times what they could use…

As Mei Xue Yan introduced the pills, the old madam, Dongfang Wen Qing, and the rest all sucked in a breath of cold air at the start, and their mouths grew wider and wider towards the end, as if they would never close again.

To them, pills like these with such miraculous effects was simply something that'd never appeared, even in the legends! However, they were being pulled out one by one like rabbits in a hat before their eyes.

Dongfang Wen Xin's face was extremely agitated, and her eyes glowed with even more hope. Miracles seemed to abound endlessly around her son… Did that mean that he might really have some kind of divine ability?

Could it be that… everything that Mo Xie had told her was true?

Although she said that she believed his words, she was still quite skeptical about it deep in her heart. In fact, she'd mostly said that she believed him just to not let him down. After all, a concept of raising someone from the dead was an incredibly unimaginable thing, how could it be taken so lightly!

But right now, in this moment, her heart, had a bit more confidence in her son!

Her hope had truly been ignited…

The old madam's face was also incredibly agitated. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head. "Mo Xie, these things… are far too valuable! How could we use them?"

"Grandma, you are treating me as an outsider with those words. I, Jun Mo Xie, am a grandson of the Dongfang Family; everyone here is family, what's there to be polite about? Besides… if we talk about value… in this world, what is valuable than family?" Jun Mo Xie smiled suavely. "So, if we must talk about worthiness, it's me who is unworthy of such a great family. I even feel that these pills… are too little in value compared to you all!"

"Good! Well said, this sentence is too well said! In this world, what can be more valuable than family?" The old granny smiled and sighed. "Just with these words, Mo Xie, I can say that you've truly grown up! Wen Xin… you should be proud of your son. He may be young, but he knows even more things than you. You need to follow the example of your son…"

Dongfang Wen Xin's face turned red, and she lowered her head in shame… However, she felt extremely glad in her heart.

Because, that's my son…!

Although Mother had scolded her, she was still praising her son. That alone made her even happier than if she was the one being praised…

"Mo Xie, do you have any proper plans with regards to Blizzard Silver City? How do you want to carry out the attack?" The old grandma kept the jade bottles away carefully and asked with seriousness.

"Blizzard Silver City? There isn't any plans ah…" Jun Mo Xie scratched his brows lightly. "It's just crumbling the snow-capped peaks, flatten the Silver City, and drag the members of the Xiao Family out one by one and put them to death! What plans do we need?"

"This is still called no plans… if you had a plan, wouldn't the entire snow mountain be trampled clean by you?" Third Uncle Dongfang Wen Dao said with a shock; he was sucking in the cold air so hard that his teeth hurt.

"In all things, you must always plan first before taking action! It is better to be safe than sorry, you must not be rash; don't think that just because you are stronger than others, you can step over others easily. An over-inflated self confidence will instead blind yourself! There is always a sky above a sky, and a man above a man; there will always be someone stronger than you!" The old grandma advised painstakingly.

"Grandson understands; I plan to stay here for a few more days, and then leave the Dongfang family and return to the Jun residence to make preparations for attacking Blizzard Silver City." Jun Mo Xie promised and said respectfully.

"Oh? That's good as well! Wen Xin, what about you?" The old grandma turned and looked at her daughter.

Dongfang Wen Xin fell silent for a moment before saying, "I naturally want to follow my son back… I'm still the Jun Family's daughter-in-law ultimately. For so many years, I haven't fulfilled my duties to my parents-in-law at all, which is very unfilial. Now that I've woken up, I need to make up for these 10 years of absence, bit by bit. Otherwise, how will I be able to face Wu Hui? How will I face my two poor children…"

The old madam breathed out a long sigh and raised her face to look into the distance. After a long time, she closed her eyes and said in a forlorn voice, "That's good too!" She lowered her head and looked at her daughter. Her gaze was filled with tenderness and protectiveness, full of longing and unwillingness. However, she still steeled her voice and said sternly, "Dongfang Wen Xin, since you've made your decision, Mother will not stop you. However, you must remember this! You are a mother, and you must firstly, not let down your own mother, your in laws, and Heaven and Earth! After that will be your son, your daughters-in-law, and your future grandchildren… I don't want to see you being carried back here again in an unconscious state again! Do you understand?"

Dongfang Wen Xin smiled and her eyes softened. "Mother, please don't worry; your daughter has thought things through already, I will never bring shame to the Dongfang family again."

"If that's the case, good!" The old madam closed her eyes and said no more.

That afternoon, Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan took a trip around the Dongfang family training ground, accompanied by the three uncles. He provided many useful training tips to improve the family's training regime. With his experience as the King of Assassins and detailed pointers, every word was noted down by Dongfang Wen Qing and the rest as if they were precious treasures. They were just short of taking a pen and paper and following behind him, writing down every single word that came out of his mouth.

After that, Jun Mo Xie prepared and wrote out a training plan and passed it to Dongfang Wen Qing; this was his own training regime in his previous life, with a few things cut out. Jun Mo Xie was confident that with the Dongfang family's foundations, if they used this training plan as the base for the future, the day when the family would rise up again in the pugilistic world will be near!

The Dongfang family prepared a huge feast that night, and everyone gathered together joyfully. Jun Mo Xie took the chance to raise his request for the little tree. Even if he didn't want to bring it up, it was impossible ah. That little fellow has already ran into my body and refuses to come out… what can I do?