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520 Big Big Big Big Big...

However, his actions were causing a huge damage to the Bear King's 'image of a great individual'. So, how would he not wish to teach this guy a lesson? The Tiger King hung his head down once the lecture was over, and didn't say another word. Big Bear's mannerism again became poised and graceful. He then smiled at Jun Mo Xie, and spoke-up 'this isn't worth mentioning about' tone, "My younger brother has never gone outside our home. He he, that's why he's still little stupid since he hasn't seen the outside world yet. Fortunately, there's still time to teach him a thing or two with some brute force. So, I brought him along to porter the herbs on the way. He he… Our family's education system isn't very strict. So, Young Master Jun might find this matter slightly ridiculous."

"Oh, there's nothing to worry about!" Jun Mo Xie wanted to laugh until his belly had been damaged. But, he decided to hold it back; this was obviously very difficult for him.

They arrived at the Jun Family's residence after a long and pleasant walk through the city. Then, Young Master Jun politely welcomed the two men inside his residence. Bear King walked-in with the arrogance of a 'senior', and didn't even glance sideways. However, he had shot a look of warning to Earth Cracker. He had intended to convey – [Your etiquettes mustn't fail inside that mysterious master — Senior Feng's — territory. After all, that would make everyone look down on us. You mustn't forget that we are this generation's Beast Kings at the end of the day!]

Earth Cracker understood the meaning, and decided to follow suit. Therefore, he too entered the residence with his head held high, and chest out. Both of them were moving forward with giant strides, and had a serious expression on their faces. They weren't even indulging in casual chit-chat or smiling. In fact, their valiance and enthusiastic made it seem as if they were on a battlefield!

Their demeanor also caused a green-robed figure to flash past in the courtyard in front of them. This green-robed individual was very familiar with these two Beast Kings, and couldn't help but exclaim in surprise in the context of their unexpected arrival. Then, this figure disappeared from there. But, the two Beast Kings weren't even able to discover her presence. Well, they weren't able to do so with clarity at least…

These two Beast Kings possessed enough cultivation to discover that it was the Snake King if they hadn't been so focused on their artificial etiquette. However, these two individuals were very focused on keeping up with the proper standards of being revered masters. Therefore, they weren't able to discover her. Earth Cracker's eyes had certainly turned to look, but he was only able to look at that figure from behind. He then analyzed it in his thoughts — [This girls butts aren't so tiny!]

They were led to Jun Mo Xie's small courtyard, and were requested to take seat around a stone table therein. The two Beast Kings obviously didn't fear the cold weather. Therefore, they didn't think why they weren't invited to enter the dining room. Consequently, they sat down around the stone table in the courtyard without any qualms about anything.

Little Ke served them with aromatic tea. The Tiger King was extremely thirsty due to the long journey. So, he picked up the teacup with his hands, and opened its lid. He then raised his head, and gulped the liquid down to his belly along with the tea leaves. He was obviously didn't the temperature of the hot tea. He even chewed some tea leaves, and stretched his neck to swallow them down. Then, he smacked his lips and said, "Why was this thing a little bitter? Well, how can they put tree leaves in the water? This is a bad habit. I've heard that there's a tasty drink called 'tea'. Why didn't we bring that out?"

The Bear King had a sudden impulse to break out. He tilted his head a little, and squinted at the Tiger King. He had basically signaled the Tiger King to shut up. Then, he elegantly picked up the tea-cup, and softly opened its lid. He then lightly twirled the teacup to stir the tea. He gently puffed at the tea, and said, "The tea is very nice!"

The Bear King had spoken softly after he had taken a small sip of the tea. Moreover, his face made it seem as if he was enjoying the lingering aftertaste of the tea. Even, his posture was as graceful and elegant as a nobleman. He had already gone out into the human world once before. So, he knew what tea was, and what the rules of drinking tea were…

Bear King then tilted his head, and looked at the Tiger King; he had intended to convey: [Look at me, and see how I drink tea! You are very embarrassing!]

[However, I'm somewhat regretful in my heart. The ways of these humans are extremely troublesome. The sip I had to take was so tiny that I didn't even feel my lips getting wet. So, it obviously couldn't quench my thirst.] He couldn't help but envy the Tiger King as this thought crossed his mind.

[Pretending to be a 'senior' is so difficult!]

Earth Cracker — Tiger King — stared blankly at first; [Is this thing what they call 'tea'?] The Tiger King had only learnt about drinking human wine. And, he figured that tea was also the same. [But, how did the Fourth Brother learn about drinking tea? And, how on earth haven't I seen him drinking tea like this on the way here…? In fact, it seems that even his buttocks are seated on the wooden chairs in an orderly manner…]

A white figure gently came over at this moment; it didn't even make any sounds while it walked. Then, this individual asked in a deep voice, "How on earth have the two of you arrived here?"

Big Bear was holding the cup while sitting in an elegant posture when he heard this voice. He suddenly felt that this voice was somewhat familiar. So, he casually turned around and said, "This senior loves to travel free and wide in this world of mortals. He appreciates the beauty of rivers and mountains. So, how could he not arrive here…"

Suddenly, he saw the approaching figure with clarity, and his entire body started to shiver as a result. Then, he jumped in fright as the sounds of scream came from his mouth. The teacup fell to the ground with a 'pop', and broke into pieces. His complexion turned deathly white, and beads of sweat started to roll down from his head. His hands and feet shivered as he tried to open his big mouth. But, it seemed as if he was weeping and smiling at the same time. He then stammered, "Big… Big Big… Big Big…"

Earth Cracker was startled by this. He thought, [Has Fourth Brother Bear seen a ghost?] He then turned around with a look of dissatisfaction on his face, and said, "Fourth Brother… why on earth are you stuttering like this…"

He hadn't even completed his sentence when he looked up. However, his mouth fell wide open as he looked at the beautiful and charming woman in front. Her face was so beautiful that it seemed as if it had been carved very meticulously. But, he also couldn't help himself from letting out a shriek as his complexion turned deathly white in an instant. His lips started to tremble, and he was left bewildered. He then followed in Bear Big's suit, and started to stutter out loud, "Big… Big… Big Big Big…"

This stuttering turned out to be contagious!

These two tall and strong men were looking like a pair of idiots at the moment. And, they were only saying one word in a loop. In fact, they had been frightened to such an extent that they couldn't even complete their sentences.

Jun Mo Xie frowned and shook his head. He thought to himself – [What are these two doing? Why are they repeating 'Big Big Big' in a loop?]

However, Young Master Jun wasn't aware of the conflicted thoughts that were spiraling inside the minds of these two simple-minded Beast Kings… [So, the Big in our family should be called 'Big Sister'? Or should we still call her 'Big Brother'?] Therefore, the two of them continued to say, "Big… Big," for a long time… But, they couldn't complete their sentence after this 'Big' part…

"You two are a pair of idiots. You have no understanding of etiquettes. Don't you know how to address the 'Big Sister'? You are making a joke of yourself in front of strangers for no reason! What is this 'Big Big'? Did your brains get smashed between the doors? Or are they clogged with water instead?" the Snake King's voice was heard at the right moment, and it came as a perfect solution for both of them.

"Big… Sister!" Big Bear wiped his sweat and shouted out loud. He didn't even pay any attention to the fact that he had been mocked by the Snake King a second ago. After all, he was able to say this proper term of address out loud because of it. So, wasn't her mockery worth it? It must be said that this Senior Beast King from the Tian Fa Forest could speak-up without any inhibitions even if he were to be confronted with countless people. After all, he was capable of turning the world upside down. However, even saying a few 'big' words had left his entire body to sweat at this moment!

"Big… Big Big…" The Tiger King was still under the spell of the shock. He was obviously very desperate at heart, and wanted to shout these two words –'Big Sister'. But, his mouth didn't seem willing to obey his commands, and he continued to yell 'Big… Big…' in a loop for a long time. He then lifted his huge hand, and ferociously landed a slap on his own face out of annoyance. Then, he shouted, "I will call you 'Big Big'…"

"You stupid Tiger! You are extremely embarrassing!" Snake King got so furious that it seemed as if she wanted to teach that idiot a lesson!

"Oh! I don't want the two of you to be conducting yourself like this again. Any damage to your reputation is equivalent to a loss in prestige for our Tian Fa when you're out in the world like this," Mei Xue Yan waved her hand in a dignified manner to gesture as if she didn't care about it. Then, she came over, and sat opposite to these two men. She then gently wrinkled her eyebrows, and asked, "Hurry up and tell me… What are you guys doing here? Oh! And, how are you…"

What kind of a person was this beautiful woman named Mei? She had instantly sensed that Bear King's strength level had increased. She had obviously sensed that he had made a successful break-through as well. His new-found strength was still far-short of her own, but she assessed that it had surpassed the Snake King's strength by a margin!

[All three of them used to be at the same level not long ago. But, Fourth Brother Bear King's strength has surpassed that of the rest of the Beast Kings now. This is a good thing when it comes to the Tian Fa Forest, but it is still a troublesome matter. After all, the Bear King's had been stuck at the bottle-neck for many years. Therefore, this accidental break-through must've happened because of some happy encounter.] However, Mei Xue Yan had been obstructed from asking about this by the presence of a stranger — Jun Mo Xie. This was astonishing news, but she couldn't enquire about this now. She had been astounded by this realization for a second, but she had managed to cover up very quickly. In fact, none of the many people present on the scene were able to notice it.

"We came…" Both the Beast Kings finally returned to their senses, and hurriedly sat upright in a respectful manner. In fact, they were now seated in the same manner primary school students sit when they suddenly see their class teacher enter the classroom. But, they recalled their leader's question soon after. And, the two big Beast Kings suddenly jumped up as a result. They then grabbed those huge parcels in a flurry, and tore them open in a hurry as they said, "Big… Big Sister, take a look, take a look at this one… And, this one… And, that one…"

Earth Cracker blinked his innocent eyes and cried out, "We came… We came to do this…"

"To do this…?" Mei Xue Yan's eyes suspiciously swept over that pile of herbs on the table. Then, she suddenly got agitated, "What is this? Give me a clear answer. I asked you… why did you come here? What are you doing here? You came for this!? Are you messing with me?"

A "Poof" sound was heard as Earth Cracker tumbled to the ground. His complexion had turned deathly white, and lips had started to tremble. In fact, he had gotten so scared that his brain had short-circuited. He nearly started to weep, "No… No… I… I wouldn't dare to mess with you… We… We came to do this…"

A power that had been accumulated for centuries had pressed down upon them. Consequently, the Tiger King had gotten so foolishly frightened by his eldest sibling's violent anger that he had almost thought of reverting to his original form… He wanted to do this so that he could shake his tail in order to beg for forgiveness…

"Oh! So, you came here to deliver these herbs," Mei Xue Yan finally understood the meaning behind the words they had spat out with such difficult… She then let out a faint smile, and both the Beast Kings relaxed to some extent. But, she then raised her eyebrows in suspicion once again, and asked, "How on earth did you know that you have to deliver these herbs? I obviously didn't send any information back…"

The Beautiful Mei still hadn't completed her sentence when her mind set into action. [I still haven't sent any information about this place. But, they've already arrived here to deliver large quantities of herbs. This is strange. There must be some other reason behind this. And, what's with this accidental break-through of Big Bear's? Does it have some connection with this?]

She was very intelligent person. She had even analyzed the entire incident through eight or nine different angles in an instant. And, it must be said that her assumptions weren't very far away from the reality!

Bear King's tongue finally got untied, but he still remained stunned. He tweaked his ears and scratched his head in anxiety. After all, he didn't how to speak about this. So, he considered some ways of speaking out this, and prepared for a while. He then mumbled, "Big Sister, you don't know about this. This is about Third Brother Crane and my encounter with Senior Feng. I had told you about that Senior's remarkable powers, right? We were able to enhance our strength in a very smooth manner because of his help. He had come to the Tian Fa Forest at that time. And, he also told us to collect herbs for the remarkable medicines he is preparing for us. He had asked us to deliver these herbs to the Jun Family's residence… His pills will increase our strength! He is too amazing. He helped us in advancing our levels. Moreover, he also cured the Sixth and Seventh Brother's old problem. So, they can turn into their human forms now. His magical powers are simply remarkable… He is simply… one of a kind in the entire world. In fact, I believe that even you wouldn't be able to match up to him…"

Snake King didn't like this when she heard it, "Fourth Brother Bear, what nonsense are you talking about! Are you saying that this 'Feng' guy is stronger than the Big Sister!?" That 'Feng' guy had snatched the Thousand Evil and Ten-Thousand Poisons Fruit from the Snake King's hands. That matter was certainly a good thing for her, but her heart still harbored some resentment in that regard.

The Bear King quickly realized his mistake. So, he rushed to remedy it, "I didn't mean that. I wanted to say that Big Sister stand no chance in front of Senior Feng. Sorry. I'll repeat… Senior Feng is far better than Big Sister…"