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484 Fights Mei Xue Yan!

These two had launched attacks on each other a moment ago. Mei Xue Yan's attacks had been very fierce. But, they weren't fatal for Jun Mo Xie in any way. Those attacks would've at most crippled him even if they had struck their target. Moreover, her attacks had provided for a lot of leeway. However, each one of Jun Mo Xie's attacks had been fatal!

The hunter had become the hunted in a split second. Mei Xue Yan had already been brought to the gates of hell twice. In fact, she had been forced to activate her Xuan Qi since she was left stunned by the sharpness of Jun Mo Xie's attacks.

[I had never expected that this seemingly angle-like handsome youngster would unleash fatal attacks on me even though my strikes weren't intended to kill him!]

"We're on the same boat! But, you won't get another opportunity!" Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly and coughed. He had made a mistake a moment ago. But, this thrilling exchange had left him fearful in his heart. After all, he had just faced three or four instances where he could've been crippled.

[I would've been doomed to lay here forever if I had shown any leniency towards her. She would've crippled my legs, and blinded my eyes. I would've had to live the rest of my life in darkness!]

[This beautiful woman is very dangerous!]

"I'm not going to let you off either! But, let's not use our Xuan Qi. Let's have a fair fight to see who emerges the victor!" Mei Xue Yan snorted and stretched her body. She had been renowned for her dexterity even before she had become a Beast King. In fact, her speed and dexterity was the one and only of its kind even amongst the millions of Xuan Beast in the forest.

However, she had found herself at a disadvantage when she had exchanged blows with that brat. In fact, she had been forced to use her powerful Xuan Qi to shake him off. This was unimaginable for her. And, it was also extremely humiliating…

[I must redeem my honor!]

[There's no turning back on this!]

This was no longer a battle of anger; it was one of honor now!

Jun Mo Xie wasn't even remotely timid in front of his extremely powerful enemy. He lightly chuckled as the expression in his eyes became ice-cold. He was as calm as the snow, and as silent as the glaciers. But, Jun Mo Xie moved into action the instant Mei Xue Yan's body showed the slightest trace of movement.

The Young Master's long and jet-black hair suddenly spread out behind him as he charged forward with vigor. This gave rise to a 'crackling' sound. But, this sound hadn't even gotten the time to subside, and the two opposing figures had already become entangled.

The two individuals had become entangled so closely that they seemed inseparable. Their figures seemed to form one white image. 'Pop''Pop' sounds echoed everywhere. And, no one could tell how many strikes each of these two individuals had produced within this split second.

This kind of close quarter hand-to-hand fight is dictated by a person's reflexes and agility. However, the fight between these two couldn't be considered one of life and death anymore. Instead, this hand-to-hand combat was only a means for these two individuals to vent their anger at each other.

Mei Xue Yan was gloomy; very gloomy. She was so gloomy because Jun Mo Xie had dared to threaten her. Moreover, he was merely an insignificant human who hadn't even reached the Spirit Xuan Realm. She didn't care much about the threat itself. The thing was that Jun Mo Xie had nothing to rely on… apart from those pills from the Sacred Fruit. He obviously hadn't told her this, but she knew it nonetheless.

Therefore, Mei Xue Yan felt that she had suffered a loss. Moreover, that loss couldn't be absorbed. And, this had only made her more sullen…

But, it didn't matter how gloomy she felt about it. After all, she'd be compelled to submit to that threat since she didn't have a choice.

And, how could Jun Mo Xie not feel gloomy? He was equally gloomy. In fact, he was feeling extremely gloomy. Jun Mo Xie was accustomed to being at an advantage. He was used to having the upper hand over others. He had fiddled with the Great Masters even when his strength had been feeble in the past. He had the Beast Kings of Tian Fa in the palm of his hands. How could someone so outstanding accept someone else's threats?

However, he had no choice but to come out after Mei Xue Yan had issued that threat. He couldn't ignore that threat; he couldn't refuse to care about it. And, that was because this threat had been issued against two of his closest relatives. He had only known those two relatives in both of his lives. These were the two people he cared the most about. The Young Master couldn't replace those two…

Consequently, he felt that he had suffered a loss. So, he was extremely and equally sullen.

But, it didn't matter how gloomy he felt about it. After all, he'd be compelled to submit to that threat since he didn't have a choice.

The mood of these two entangled fighters was quite similar despite the difference in their reasons. And, both of them were trying their best to beat the other, and neither was willing to accept defeat. In fact, they were ready to get beat up, but they weren't prepared to give up on beating up the other person.

Any other pair would've smiled and called it quits by now. However, these two were going toe-for-toe, and weren't willing to accept defeat. Both of them had suffered hidden losses even though they were evenly matched. But, both of them still believed that they could win.

However, they were still using their strikes to venerate each other in a way when it came to it. After all, they wanted to see who would fall first, and who would laugh in the end.

Moreover, these two were bound to have a cooperative relationship because of the Sacred Fruit of Tian Fa, and because of Tian Fa's matter with the Holy Lands. But, the outcome of this battle would decide the relative positions of these two people. And, it would also decide how much weight their words would carry.

Therefore, the two of them were employing their unique skills to the pinnacle in this hand-to-hand fight.

Jun Mo Xie had a custom that he would always put his entire effort; it didn't matter how weak the enemy was. He always wanted his first move to be such that he wouldn't need to make a second one — the same way a lion puts his full strength behind every pounce whenever he attacks a rabbit. After all, the ability to kill the enemy was the best way to protect oneself. He had always practiced that golden rule. In fact, this was the greatest experience of the King of Assassins.

However, Mei Xue Yan was being very tactful. And, her tact was allowing her to repel Jun Mo Xie's attacks. Then, she'd move to counter-attack. In fact, Mei Xue Yan would even manage to counter-attack in-between strikes if Jun Mo Xie attacked with a closely-linked series of maneuvers. Consequently, their fight continued to become increasingly intense…

The speed of these two figures became increasingly fast as the fight dragged on. It was like two tornadoes were winding together. In fact, it was unclear as to who was who. The Snake King had stealthily returned to the vicinity by now. However, this scene had left her stunned.

[There are many kinds of Xuan Beasts in Tian Fa Forest. In fact, it's full of strange things. But, no one has ever been able to match Elder Sister's agility! Even the renowned Long Crane and I won't be able match Elder Sister's moves despite teaming up against her! And, this brat is only a mere human! But, he's somehow a match for Elder Sister! In fact, some of his attacks are even pushing her back! How can this be possible?]

[He… what is he?]

Mei Xue Yan was becoming increasingly gloomy. But, this gloom was different from the one she had felt some time ago. And, that was because this one had sourced from the threat of Jun Mo Xie's skill-set. [This brat is very fierce! Every move and every stance of this brat is fatal. Moreover, his attacks never land at the place he initially makes it seem like they would! It doesn't matter how well I dodge. And, it doesn't matter how sharp my counter-attacks get… this brat always figures the spot that's most vulnerable to a fierce counterattack in advance!]

However, the fact that had left her speechless was that he didn't care that his opponent was a woman; and, that too an extremely beautiful woman! Moreover, he was entirety indifferent to whether the areas targeted by his attack were taboo or not. He didn't care whether he attacked her guts, chest, abdomen, eyes, or throat. Instead, he was prepared to attack every place which would leave his opponent to worry…

His moves were fierce and crafty. He would attack important joints of the body in case he wasn't trying to land a fatal blow. Mei Xue Yan knew that even a Great Master would feel extreme pain if they weren't careful and were struck by his moves in return.

[Even I won't be an exception!]

[How can he be this skilled?] Mei Xue Yan had realized one thing while fighting Jun Mo Xie — each of his moves had only one purpose. And, that purpose was to kill — to kill his enemy.

Humans may have never liked the Xuan Beasts. However, such a degree of fierceness was still very rare.

But, Jun Mo Xie was displaying it right now!

Mei Xue Yan was confident that her innate agility was much greater than that of Jun Mo Xie's when it came to the subject of raw skills. But, Jun Mo Xie's fighting style had been vicious from the start. And, he had also been using mean tricks in addition to his viciousness. Therefore, it was becoming somewhat difficult for her.

That was because he could attack her while defending his vital points. It was like he was a hedgehog; she couldn't pick a spot to strike him at. His attack and defense fit-in very seamlessly. In fact, it seemed as if he could see where the openings in his defense would arise when he would launch an attack. So, he would correct them in advance. In fact, he would secure those spots before he'd even make a move. Therefore, that 'opening' would turn into a trap if Mei Xue Yan were to attack it. In fact, it would turn into a fatal trap for her!

It was a terrifying tactic — a perfect move!

Mei Xue Yan had faced against innumerable enemies over the course of her lifetime. But, she had never seen such a fierce person. He was very clear about his advantages, and even clearer about his weaknesses. And, he would attack even more sharply whenever he noticed an opening in the enemy's defense…

[This guy is a monster!]

[I could hit him twice. But, I would fail to hit any of his crucial parts… Well, I at least wouldn't be able to strike the parts that would cause him any serious damage. However, he would easily be able to strike me during the time I'd strike him twice. And, his strikes would certainly leave me in a very uncomfortable position afterwards…]

[He would pay no attention if I were to strike him twice. He could endure it. But, his return-attacks would be fatal for me! In fact, the most useless of his attacks would render me incapable of fighting back!]

[I could obviously crush his entire body if I were to even strike his toes in case I was using my proper strength. In fact, it wouldn't matter even if he were to use his full strength to defend. But, I had said that we shouldn't use our Xuan Qi in this fight when we had started. Don't tell me that someone of my status would have to go back on my word against this brat?]

Mei Xue Yan didn't know that this was very unpleasant for Young Master Jun as well.

Jun Mo Xie was whining inside. [This woman is too much. And, I don't mean that for her body alone. She's tough — mentally and physically. Her agility skills are also formidable. It's like she's a fish that has been dipped in oil; she's so slippery that she doesn't stay in my hands. So, how am I going to hit her?]

Suddenly, a divine flash appeared in Jun Mo Xie's mind in the midst of fighting. He then withdrew and shouted, "You were the one who was scheming against me throughout the journey from the Southern Heaven City?"

Mei Xue Yan's cold and beautiful face didn't undergo any change of expressions. In fact, she charged-in like a whirlwind when he retreated. She then showered him with nineteen fists, thirty-four palms, thirteen elbow strikes, and thirty kicks. She even jeered as she unleashed those attacks, "You're realizing that now…? You're indeed very slow of thought! Did you like the taste I gave you during the trip? Was it memorable?"

Jun Mo Xie's expression became calm as a dark light flashed in his eyes.