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483 Threatened You; So What?

Mei Xue Yan waited for a while, but saw no sign of movement. So, she sneered and waved her hand. A strong wind silently blew out as a result. There were many tall and thick trees in the vicinity. In fact, they were so thick that it would require several people to fully encircle their girth. However, they started to tremble with a 'whooshing' sound under the wave of her palm. Then, they started to crumble in silence…

It started with the roots. And then, the trunk started to follow… The bottom of the trees started to transform into a pile of powder. In fact, the upper body of the trees continued to sink and turn into fine powder until the huge treetop had also been brought down.

Eight lofty trees of that dense mountainous forest vanished within a moment. And, they had been replaced by eight piles of fine powder; they appeared like grey piles of ash. Each one of them was conical in shape. Each was around three meters in height. No sound had been issued from them during the process of transformation.

It seemed like those eight trees had never existed in that mountainous forest. Moreover, it seemed that these eight piles of powder had remained there since antiquity…

Jun Mo Xie sucked cold air. [What technique is this? She merely waved her hand in order to bring about such a huge transformation! This Mei Xue Yan is terrifyingly strong!]

Mei Xue Yan's white dress fluttered lightly at its edges as she insipidly said, "Jun Mo Xie, you still don't intend on coming out? Did you see that? Who in your Jun Family can match the power I possess? I'll count to three. I'll fly to Tian Xiang City if you don't appear after that. And, I'll kill Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi! I know you had once said that you don't like taking threats. But, I'm threatening you right now! Your mysterious master may be my equal. But, do you think that he'll be able to protect your Jun Family his entire life! Can he protect everyone from me?"

Her eyes were apathetic as she looked up to the sky. Her red lips moved slightly as she said in a faint manner, "One!"

Jun Mo Xie was still hiding in the tree. However, his mind was in a state of utter shock at the moment. [How did she know that I'm the one who's hiding here? And, how is she so confident about it?] Jun Mo Xie had genuinely felt very nervous when he had heard her call out his name.

Mei Xue Yan had spoken the truth. She was skilled enough to kill anyone she wanted dead. In fact, even the Eight Great Masters wouldn't be able to stop her!

He hesitated — only to listen-on as Mei Xue Yan continued in a faint tone, "Two!"

She slightly raised her beautiful face, but remained gazing at the sky. She looked like an innocent young girl who was trying to count the stars. But, the murderous intentions that were being exuded from her body were nothing short of being exceptionally resolute.

"It seems like you don't plan on coming out," Mei Xue Yan sighed, "That's also good! I'll go and kill Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi! I hope there's still some time for you to stop it. Ah, you can stop this! Hurry up and go to your master for help! And, I hope he makes it in time!" she stood up after she had spoken this. Her face filled with killing intention, and the temperature of her surroundings suffered a dramatic drop. Her body then flashed, and transformed into a white line in the sky. She had already crossed over sixty meters in one second!

She was headed towards Tian Xiang City!

Then suddenly…

"Stop!" Jun Mo Xie shouted from behind her. Mei Xue Yan stopped, and slowly turned around. She then saw that a youngster was standing tall and straight where she had been sitting a moment ago. He was looking at her; his gaze was cold and sharp.

"As expected… it's you! It is you!" Mei Xue Yan's lips curled into an ice-cold smile. She gently tucked her hair behind her ears as she softly floated down. She then walked back in a slow and leisurely manner.

"How were you certain that it was me? I'm sure that my master's technique doesn't have any flaws. No one can see through it!" Jun Mo Xie didn't intend to hide matters since he had already shown himself. So, he sat down where Mei Xue Yan was previously seated. He then grinned, "Its still warm here… my ass feels very comfortable. Truly very comfortable…"

Mei Xue Yan became cold. Her expression was fierce as she glared wide-eyed. But, the depths of her eyes were brimming with traces of embarrassment as she lightly spoke, "You told me that yourself."

"I told you myself?" Jun Mo Xie was baffled by this.

"Your secret technique is precisely as exceptional as you say it is. Perhaps there's no one in this age and world who can see through it. But, the uniqueness of that technique is a give-away… I had observed your moves when you were fighting Xiao Bu Yu. Everyone knows that your moves are exceptional and ever-changing. In fact, they can't even determine where you are. You're suddenly at the left… or at the right… or at the front or at the back. But, I noticed that your techniques have already transcended the basic laws of the mortal body. That's because your corporeal body would go into some exceptional form every time you vanished. So, it would seem like you had disappeared! And, you weren't merely hiding either. Nor were you concealing yourself at a great speed! I'm sure about this much!"

She smiled faintly, "I can't track the Snake King even if I use my entire strength. That's because her innate skill comes from the heavens. No one can ever track her. However, someone was able to follow without revealing themselves. I believe that only your master's disciples are capable of achieving this with the help of the techniques that he had passed on; no one else can do this.

"The Snake King said that she had sensed someone following her. And, she wasn't able to find who it was. However, that was enough to ascertain that you were this mystery pursuer! After all, your master wouldn't be bored-enough to do something like this!" Mei Xue Yan looked at Jun Mo Xie in a calm manner, "And, it turn out that my guess was correct!"

"Why did you threaten me if you had guessed that it was me? Do you know what you said has already crossed that 'bottom line' for me! You must know that every individual who has crossed that bottom line has paid a terrible price for their mistake! And, nobody is an exception to that!" Jun Mo Xie was feeling very gloomy. So, he spoke in a bad mood as well.

"That wasn't a threat. My words were very likely to come true! That's because I would've killed those two if you hadn't appeared," Mei Xue Yan continued, "I wasn't joking with you! I don't need to use threats when it comes to killing! Killing isn't a big deal for me!"

"Are you forcing me?" Jun Mo Xie's expression became extremely sharp as he gave a grim look to Mei Xue Yan. He then spoke, "Are you forcing me to oppose you? Do you think you can trifle with me?"

Mei Xue Yan laughed loudly at first. Then, she looked at Jun Mo Xie in an arrogant manner as her sleeves floated like a cloud. Her expression was one of disdain, "You? Oppose me? I don't understand where you get such confidence from? Did you get it from your imaginary master?"

Jun Mo Xie's expression was of a man who had seen a beautiful Empress, but still wasn't interested in her. He spoke slowly and coldly; he didn't hold back, "A real man will only use his own strength. He won't rely on anyone else's. But, Mei Xue Yan… do you think that I won't be able to kill you because you're a woman of considerable martial skill and unmatched magnificence? Or do you think that I won't kill a woman?"

"Is that so?" Mei Xue Yan tilted her head slightly. Her snow-white cheeks seemed translucent in the sunlight. One look at her would leave any man to believe that he was having an unreal dream.

"Men and women are nothing more than husks of skin to me. You look very pretty right now. But, you'll become a mere pile of bones after your death! And, this Young Master has no interest in a pile of bones!"

Jun Mo Xie's body emitted a demonic aura. His glare slowly became like a sharp sword or a keen knife… He was looking at Mei Xue Yan with a gaze that reeked of viciousness. Then, he spoke in an unhurried manner, "Woman, it doesn't matter who you are… or what kind of robust strength you possess. You must remember one thing — you must never cross my bottom line! Otherwise… you'll regret it! You'll have to pay a price you can't afford! In fact, you won't even be able to imagine it!"

"Are you threatening me now?" Mei Xue Yan looked up. She didn't have any expressions of anger on her face as she asked in a faint voice. In fact, she even found this slightly funny. After all, Jun Mo Xie's strength was like that of an ant in front of her. But, he had still dared to threaten her!

"Threatening you? I don't think I was threatening you. My words were very likely to come true! Anyway, so what if I've threatened you?" Jun Mo Xie sneered, "What will you do about it? Or, are you like me now that you can't tolerate threats?"

Jun Mo Xie had landed this counter-attack without batting an eye.

It was the same threat. Mei Xue Yan had threatened Jun Mo Xie, and that had made him angry. So, Jun Mo Xie threatened her in return. But, that left Mei Xue Yan to feel very humiliated.

After all, the massive disparity in their identities didn't allow her to be threatened by someone like Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie's voice had barely faded when he saw the snow-white image flash in front of him. Her palm swept with a 'whoosh' as it came towards him; it was aimed at his cheek. The air also echoed with a "whoosh" sound…

It couldn't be avoided. He had never expected that Mei Xue Yan would possess such great speeds. Jun Mo Xie's expression suddenly became cold. But, he didn't try to dodge. Instead, he merely struck back with his hand. He was up against the most beautiful woman in the world. However, he had shown her no mercy!


Mei Xue Yan looked upwards as Jun Mo Xie's palm brushed past her cheek. However, Jun Mo Xie was also able to avoid her strike as a result. The two of them had moved in a similar manner. Both of them had moved their legs backwards…

Mei Xue Yan's leg moved like lightning as it kicked Jun Mo Xie's knee.

Jun Mo Xie's right leg moved similarly as he aimed a kick at Mei Xue Yan's dantian.

Mei Xue Yan's hand circled above at the same time. Her fingers then curled into hooks as she grabbed at Jun Mo Xie's eye.

Jun Mo Xie's fingers also turned into an eagle's claw as he grabbed his target; but, his target was Mei Xue Yan's throat!

Those two experts had started fighting to vent the anger they had been accumulating inside. They were tangled together, and neither was willing to give in.

Jun Mo Xie didn't have a choice. After all, he knew that his strength as well as the level of his Xuan Qi was far inferior to that mysterious woman's.

Therefore, he could only resort to using such a method.

However, Mei Xue Yan unexpectedly realized that she was coming up short. And, that made her ponder. [A woman would always be at a disadvantage in a close-fisted fight.]


The two fighters flew back at the same time. Jun Mo Xie staggered back a step, and stood still. But, Mei Xue Yan's beautiful face had turned pale in anger, "You're a very ruthless man at heart, Jun Mo Xie!"