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482 Mei Xue Yan’s Reaction

The decision to sit under that tree had only been Mei Xue Yan's intuition. There was no specific reason for it; it was merely her Xuan Beast instinct. She had felt that there was something wrong with that place… that there was something strange about it. But, she couldn't explain what was wrong and strange about it.

"I feel that the brat is becoming increasingly mysterious," Green Hunter was with her trusted elder sister now. So, she had let go of her suspicions for the time being. She felt an incomparable sense of security because she was in her elder sister's company. Therefore, it didn't matter to her who she was being followed by as long she was with her elder sister. In fact, she wouldn't feel any fear even if it were the Emperor of the Heavens; she would still remain fearless and unafraid!

"Mysterious? Why do you say that?" The expression on Mei Xue Yan's face didn't change one bit. She had merely frowned slightly.

"That's right. I heard that he had gone into a mad frenzy after we had left at the city's gates. He had used extremely cruel and bloody methods to stop those rumors. Then, he openly and blatantly sent his guards to one of Tian Xiang's major families on the same afternoon — the Meng Family. And, his men plundered and seized everything the Meng Family owned. Then, he killed the leaders of this entire episode even though they happened to be two of the most respected scholars of Tian Xiang. He also killed over thirty other officials that same night! But, Tian Xiang's Imperial Family didn't do anything about it. He then went to the Dugu Family the next day in order to discuss marriage…"

"Discuss marriage?" Green Hunter hadn't even finished speaking when she was interrupted by Mei Xue Yan, "Discuss marriage? Whose marriage did he wish to discuss with the Dugu Family?" Mei Xue Yan's expression had become as cold as ice when she had spoken those words.

"Whose marriage…? He obviously went to the Dugu Family to discuss the marriage between Dugu Xiao Yi and him…" The Snake King stared stunned at her elder sister.

"Oh… I thought it was about Jun Mo Xie's marriage to Guan Qing Han. I was a bit shocked since I thought why he would go to the Dugu Family regarding that marriage… Your speech was very unclear, girl. Why didn't you explain that earlier?" Mei Xue Yan rebuked as she looked at her.

The Snake King's brain short-circuited for a moment. [Why would he go to the Dugu Family to discuss his marriage with Guan Qing Han? Wouldn't that be ridiculous? How could Elder Sister think that? Is it too hard to think of this?]

"What happened then? You've already given away the climax. So, there must be something interesting behind it, right?" Mei Xue Yan asked dimly.

"The men got drunk. And, a brother of Jun Mo Xie — Tang Yuan — was schemed against. In fact, he was pushed into a latrine pit… Elder Sister, you don't know… That Tang Yuan is super fat. I looked at him… He must be at least two-hundred-and-fifty kilos… However, Jun Mo Xie had a flare up at the Dugu Family because of this matter. And, he didn't even care for his relationship with the Dugu Family since he forced his future-in-laws to kill their relative in order to take revenge for his brother."

"… he didn't care for his relationship…" Mei Xue Yan was leisurely gazing at the transient clouds. She then said indifferently, "It seems they're done talking about that marriage…"

The Snake King was again left astonished. [We've mainly come here for Jun Mo Xie's master. The refined pills from the Sacred Fruit are also on the roster. But, why is Elder Sister concerned about the issue of Jun Mo Xie's marriage?]

"It's a pity that your little sister hasn't found any tracks of Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master. I thought that Jun Mo Xie was bound to request his master when facing those huge disturbances. But, I had never expected that this brat would deal with it on his own, and would genuinely end-up resolving everything…"

Green Hunter frowned, "Jun Mo Xie certainly handled everything in a very unscrupulous and lawless manner. But, it made me feel that he has an extremely powerful backer. And, this backer is someone whom no one can mess with. Moreover, it seems that he'll appear anytime and anywhere this brat needs him to.

"Therefore, I believe that Jun Mo Xie's backer is hiding inside the Jun Family's residence," the Snake King came to a resolute conclusion and continued, "Therefore, I had decided to follow Jun Mo Xie, but that brat is very skilled. I had barely started following him from the Aristocratic Hall, but he sensed that I was following him. In fact, I lost his trail after two or three turns…"

The Snake King's face became red, "But, I had been gone for a long time. So, I decided to return. However, I had barely covered half the way when I started to sense that I was being followed. And, that feeling got more intense the moment I was flying over city walls!

"The person who was following me was extremely strong. But, I didn't feel that he harbored any malice towards me. In fact, I could sense that aspect very clearly…" the Snake King lowered her brows as she spoke this.

She had finished speaking a long while ago, but there hadn't been any response from her elder sister. So, she couldn't help but feel weird. She then looked at her side, and saw that her elder sister's face was dull. But, a complex luster was flashing in her eyes nonetheless. Mei Xue Yan's gaze was fixated on the ground at this time. In fact, it seemed as if she hadn't even heard her speak.

The Snake King felt startled by this, and followed her elder sister's gaze. But, she didn't find anything strange. So, she couldn't help but find that even stranger. [What are you thinking, Elder Sister? Why are you acting so strange?]

"Green Hunter… Let's talk frankly for a second — what would happen if we were to injure or kill Jun Mo Xie?" Mei Xue Yan was looking to the front; it seemed as if she was talking to thin air.

"Injure him? Kill him?" The Snake King Green Hunter jumped scared. "We can't do that, Elder Sister…! Didn't I tell you that our Tian Fa's Sacred Fruit is in the hands of that brat's master? We'll have no hope for ourselves if he decides to keep the fruit in case something happens to Jun Mo Xie. Moreover, his master possesses extremely great strength! Our Tian Fa forest is anyway going to face those Three Holy Lands. So, we can't afford to have another powerful enemy!"

"You're right. Our Tian Fa can't afford to have too many powerful enemies in these troubled times. But, we still need to put pressure on Jun Mo Xie. And, that pressure should be enough to threaten the safety of his life. After all, he'll have to ask his master to come out if that happens… Isn't this what you also want? Jun Mo Xie's master will never appear if he's able to settle every matter by himself!" Mei Xue Yan replied slowly.

Mei Xue Yan's words undoubtedly made sense. In fact, the method she had proposed was the most effective means they could use under these circumstances. But, the Snake King still felt extremely baffled by this proposal. [Elder Sister acts strange whenever Jun Mo Xie's name is mentioned. She wants to injure him if she's not already talking about killing him! And, now she wants to exert huge pressure on him! Has that brat somehow managed to offend her …?]

Green Hunter had even felt her elder sister's heart stir with anger when she had mentioned Jun Mo Xie. She had sensed that Mei Xue Yan's mood had become chaotic. But, the latter had forcefully suppressed it.

Moreover, all the plans to torment Jun Mo Xie while they were travelling from Tian Fa had come from Mei Xue Yan…

[What's all this about?]

"Okay… Elder Sister… what sort of pressure should we put on him? It must be moderate in my opinion. It won't have any effect if it's too little, and it may have side-effects if it's too much. After all, we're looking for that mysterious and skilled person at the end of the day," the Snake King asked with caution.

"I've determined one thing for sure! Jun Mo Xie will invite a lot of people in a few days if my estimation is correct. He's going to hold a huge banquet. Then, the Imperial officers will make an announcement to the entire world. They'll declare that Jun Wu Yi has taken Guan Qing Han as an adopted daughter — that'll be an opportunity for us. Moreover, that Dugu Xiao Yi had appeared in front of the city's gates with that big belly. So, the Jun and the Dugu Family wouldn't want to delay the matter of their marriage. And, they'll undoubtedly hold a large ceremony once these two are related by marriage. In fact, they'll at least get engaged very soon even if they don't get married right away — that's also… an… opportunity for us…"

Mei Xue Yan's beautiful eyes were usually filled with the arrogance of a hegemon. However, a cold light flashed in them as she said, "Isn't he being allowed to embrace two great beauties with a relaxed mind? Isn't he enjoying his great luck with beautiful women whilst his heart is at ease? Aren't things becoming too easy for him? How can something like this be allowed to happen in this world?! That dirty brat doesn't deserve this!"

The Snake King felt that this was extremely preposterous. She thought; [What is this? We had originally come here to draw support from Jun Mo Xie's master! Our aim wasn't to set ourselves against the master-and-disciple in hatred! But, Elder Sister's proposal is directed against Jun Mo Xie's women! Does she intend to embarrass him? Is this how she wants to put pressure on him? But, doesn't this look like a bit of jealousy…]

However, she absolutely wouldn't say it. She'd never dare to do it…

She couldn't have imagined that Mei Xue Yan was thinking… [You filthy brat! Our account from Tian Fa still hasn't been settled… And you're already taking a wife? You seem very pleased with yourself! Humph! Wait and see how I torture you!]

"You go and prepare our meal. I'll sit here for a while," Mei Xue Yan spoke calmly as she looked up at the sky.

The Snake King stood up. She hesitated a bit as she thought of something. But, she didn't say anything. She eventually flew away like a gust of wind.

However, she didn't even remotely feel that she was being followed at this time.

The gentle mountain breeze continued to brush against Mei Xue Yan for a long time. She then suddenly muttered in a calm manner, "You've been here for a long time. You've also heard our conversation. And, I think that's enough. So, you should come out now."

She had still been looking at the sky in a calm manner while she had spoken this. In fact, even her posture hadn't undergone the slightest of changes.

Jun Mo Xie snorted coldly. [This Young Master is using the Yin-Yang Escape right now. So, he can walk uninhibited since no one can see through it. And, neither can you! You think I'll come out just because you told me to? Who do you think you are to believe that you can spot me? I only require one second of free time when you leave this tree trunk… I'll trick you by quickly escaping into the Hong Jun Pagoda when that time comes! Just you wait and watch!]

Jun Mo Xie had previously taken Mei Xue Yan to be a delicate and timid woman. However, he had now realized that she was an outstanding Xuan expert with a cultivation that was much stronger than the Snake King's. This Mei Xue Yan was the only one who could be compared to the Tian Fa Forest's Venerable Mei when it came to the aspect of strength. In fact, their strengths might not have differed by much.

[The Tian Fa Forest has another person with such a terrifying character! I must reassess Tian Fa Forest's strength because of this!]

However, Jun Mo Xie was confident that she wouldn't be able to find him since he was using the Yin-Yang Escape. Therefore, he wasn't worried.