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433 My Name is Mei Xue Yan

The Third Master Jun had been relieved of his deep hatred since their animosity with the Silver City had been sorted out. However, he had then heard about that inconceivable secret. And, his lively, vigorous, and bright appearance had again dimmed as a result. In fact, it was like a thick layer of impossible-to-rid-of dark mist had started to haunt his aura.

But, the Third Master Jun was still the Supreme Commander of the army. So, he adjusted his emotions before he returned to the army. This battle had left the army disorganized. Therefore, he would need to reorganize the army as soon as possible if they wanted to get on with their journey in a timely manner.

The Solitary Eagle and Young Master Jun didn't return to the army right away. The Solitary Eagle had made great use of the opportunity of getting to fight with the Seven Swords. They surely joined hands against him. However, they had only helped him in practicing and perfecting his skills. They weren't genuinely a match for this battle-craving maniac. However, this fight had yielded great benefits to him in any case…

The Solitary Eagle had been forced to face the combined strength of the Seven Swords and Xiao Bu Yu in the end. And, that had surely left him in a desperate situation where he had suffered some minor losses. However, the overall benefits of this battle had far exceeded the losses. Therefore, the Solitary Eagle went his usual way once everything had finished. And, he decided that he might as well meditate on the spot to recuperate. Moreover, it was also help him imbibe the insights he had gained from the battle.

The Young Master had done the same. It had been around half-a-year since he had come to this world. He had fought many times in the past as well. But, none of those fights could be considered a proper battle. However, this fight with Xiao Bu Yu could genuinely be considered as a battle of life and death. The fight may have looked simple from the outset… but it had held an entirely different meaning for Jun Mo Xie in reality. After all, he had fused most of the techniques from his previous life with the ones he had learnt in this life!

The Solitary Eagle had started to meditate and imbibe his gains. The army also required some time to reorganize. Thus, the Young Master also sat down for a moment.

Some time had passed when an order was issued from behind. The camp had been set up since it was already late in the evening. The meditations of the Young Master and Solitary Eagle had also come to an end by now.

"Please wait. What would we do if you also leave?" Jun Mo Xie and Solitary Eagle had gotten up to return when they heard a delicate and shy voice address them.

The two men were stunned as they turned around. They seemed to recall that there were two other women in the tea house where the people from the Silver Blizzard City were resting. Moreover, these two women had been in the middle of some dispute with the Xiao Family when the army had arrived.

The Young Master and Solitary Eagle looked up when they heard this voice. And, they couldn't help but stare blankly at what they saw.

A green-clad girl stood not too far from the two men. She seemed a bit nervous. Her small hands were strenuously twisting and twinning at the hem of her robe. Her dark-skinned face didn't stand out much. Only her eyes shone brightly like a full moon. In fact, they were rather pleasant to look at. However, there was nothing special about her apart from her eyes In fact, she'd even seem somewhat ugly to some eyes…

Jun Mo Xie was aware that he had never seen that woman before. But, he couldn't tell why she still felt somewhat familiar to him.

He had the mind of a top-notch hit-man. In fact, he was the King of killers of his generations. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie would never overlook a matter even if he had the slightest of misgivings in his heart. He pondered carefully for a moment. And, a silhouette flitted across his mind with a flash of divine light; it was the Snake King's figure! However, he couldn't tell why the silhouette of the Snake King faintly resembled that of the girl who stood in front of him. In fact, this was extremely outlandish…

The Solitary Eagle was also going through the same thing, and he was also thinking of the Snake King. The two men couldn't help but look at each other. And, they saw the same incredulous expression in each other's eyes.

They had seen the Snake King in the battlefield outside the Southern Heaven City. She had worn a green dress, and had flaunted a seductive figure. But, her face had appeared beautiful and charming. Moreover, her movements had been invulnerable and strong. Even her expression had reflected arrogance and dominance. The Snake King's demeanor was that of someone as strong as a Great Master in the human parlance. So, how could this insignificant country-side maiden compare to her?

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Jun Mo Xie looked at her rather suspiciously. The Young Master Jun had already overruled the idea that this girl could be the Snake King. But, those two women were alone in this area. And, this point was enough to keep him on guard.

"My elder sister and I are from Tian Xiang. We had come out with our guards to get some medicinal ingredients. But, we hadn't expected that we would encounter so many beasts like we did a few days ago. Then, we were unexpectedly separated from our guards…" The green-clad girl continued with a pitiful manner, "My elder sister and I managed to escape with our lives after suffering untold hardships. But, we ran into those repulsive men when we came here. They wanted to snatch us away to be wives in their family. They had even said that they would force us if we don't come on our own accord. They were very frightening…"

The green-clad girl still sounded as mournful as before. But, Jun Mo Xie detected something strange in her tone. [Doesn't it feel like she finds it funny… or disdainful?]

"You arrived at the most critical time. Those evil people were fended-off… thanks to your arrival. You're a savior for us sisters!" the green-clothed girl continued in a melodious voice, "You're the young hero who saves a lone young lady from the ruffians. A story about such circumstances is extremely moving…"

"Er… So, you're saying that the Xiao youngster wanted to kidnap you and make you his wife?" Jun Mo Xie was stunned as he looked at the dark-skinned girl's face. He then coughed a bit and said, "This Xiao Family's way of doing things is exceptionally different. It's very uncommon."

"Not me! My elder sister! Her…" the green-clad girl replied in a shy manner. However, she had nearly let out her Xuan strength, and exposed her identity… [I will kill this repulsive snob in one move! I will teach him a lesson even if I don't kill him in the end!]

"Ah, no wonder… Hehe… I only meant to say that this Xiao Family's brat has met beautiful women. Beggars can be choosers… ah… what I mean is… I'm not saying that you're ugly…" Jun Mo Xie smiled.

The Snake King was graced with a delicate and beautiful body. However, she was extremely enraged at Young Master Jun's words. In fact, she was left to tremble in rage. [This explanation is more annoying than no explanation at all. It's not a lie that this brat is the number-one debauchee in Tian Xiang. I finally get why Elder Sister doesn't like him…]

She had previously considered him to be a caring and righteous man. In fact, she had believed him to be a man of importance! Therefore, she had harbored a decent opinion of him in her mind. But, that 'good impression' was swept away from her mind when she saw him judge her appearance in that manner. In fact, she almost broke her silver fangs in anger. One of the Beast Kings from the Tian Fa Forest had been brought to the verge of tears due to excessive rage…

Jun Mo Xie secretly observed her reaction. He figured that the Snake King would've either become mad… or wouldn't have cared about his lowly words. However, she would've never become teary-eyed like this girl. This was the behavior of a normal girl…

The Snake King was one of the senior most Beast Kings of Tian Fa. However, she had still taken the appearance of a twenty-year-old girl. Therefore, everything of hers would become like that of a human after she had changed her appearance. Jun Mo Xie obviously wasn't aware of this fact. Moreover, her intelligence was normally far superior to that of a regular person. But, the Green Hunter's present temperament was that of an eighteen or nineteen year old girl. Therefore, the degree to which she could endure wouldn't necessarily be much greater than a girl of the said-age unless she were to use her true powers…

This was one of the main differences between the Level Nine peak Xuan Beast and the true Xuan Beast Kings. This was one of the reasons why some Level Nine peak Xuan Beasts were only Xuan Beasts and some Level Nine peak Xuan Beasts had become Xuan Beast Kings…

However, which woman doesn't cherish her appearance? The Snake King certainly knew that she had only disguised her appearance at that moment. But, her heart was still aggrieved by his words…

All men believe that they can entice a princess's love if they get rich. All women are also the same. They hope that a man would discover their inner beauty, and not just remain attracted to them because of their outer beauty.

Rich men always want women to come for them, but not for their money. And, beautiful women always want men to approach them, but not for their outer beauty.

And, everyone would always believe that to be true love…

But, this topic is digression…

The beautiful white-clothed girl had been sitting at a distance. However, she suddenly got up and walked over slowly while everyone was talking. Even a man of the Solitary Eagle's determined power was also dazzled when he looked at the magnificence of the white-clad girl.

In fact, it seemed like the bright moon had descended onto the mortal realm…

Solitary Eagle stared dumbstruck for a while. He then looked at Jun Mo Xie. [Could this youngster with such less experience in love have ever seen a woman as beautiful as her? He might commit a huge social blunder… or stare dumbstruck at the very least… In fact, it won't be abnormal even if he were to start drooling over her! That chap from the younger generation of the Silver City wanted to make a move to marry this girl. But, it's not every surprising given her beauty…]

Guan Qing Han was an exquisite beauty, but this woman magnificence was unmatched. Dugu Xiao Yi was fresh, pure, and adorable… but, this girl was at the peak of the human world.

Her beauty was second to none.

That white-clothed girl had risen above the rest of the world in that regard…

However, things turned out very differently from how the Solitary Eagle had expected. Jun Mo Xie appeared tranquil at this moment. It was like he hadn't even looked at this beauty who could bring the downfall of humanity. In fact, she seemed like any ordinary person in his eyes.

He was totally indifferent…

Moreover, this wasn't an artificial reaction either. After all, deliberate actions would've never resulted in such natural expressions…

"This brat is abnormal! I see him looking at such a beautiful woman… and he doesn't even blink! Is it because the battle was too strenuous on him…? Is he on the verge of dying?!" the Solitary Eagle started to mutter mindlessly.

However, Jun Mo Xie wasn't completely indifferent towards her. That girl had come over to thank him. But, the Young Master hadn't sensed a single ounce of gratefulness in her attitude. Instead, he felt a bone chilling coldness…

The beauty of that white-clothed girl was admittedly peerless. But, he couldn't tell why she seemingly emanated such an indescribable hostility. She had tried her best to hide it. But, Jun Mo Xie had lived in a state of 'ambush from all sides' in both his lives. So, how could he be caught unaware?

[This kind of feeling, ah… It feels like I've committed some grave offense against her. Don't tell me that the hatred of some family from my previous life has also passed through to here? It's impossible, isn't it? Moreover, no one should know that I am Jun Xie even if some hatred has passed over from my previous world…]

The Young Master Jun was genuinely puzzled.

"The Young Lady's beauty is heavenly, ah! But, what is this sweet lady called? And, why has she come here?" Jun Mo Xie searched all over, but he didn't find a trace of Xuan strength in either of the two women. Therefore, he skillfully asked this question.

The green-clad girl had already answered that question a moment ago. However, Jun Mo Xie had repeated the question in order to see if either of those women would make any small mistakes…

"This young woman's name is Mei — Mei Xue Yan. And, my younger sister's name is Mei Qian Qian. We thank the Young Master Jun for the assistance he has provided to us," the white-clothed woman's face reddened as she answered in a soft voice.

"It was a coincidence. I had some scores to settle with the Xiao Family. So, you could say that I didn't help you on purpose. Therefore, the Young Lady needn't be so polite. Your name is Mei Xue Yan. That's great! A flower blossoming in the snow… Such a beautiful name can only befit a girl of such beauty! Ah, your younger sister's name is also quite good… Mei Qian Qian. Ah, not bad… not bad…" Jun Mo Xie's eyes widened as he spoke those words.

[Did he misspell my name to 'Qian Qian' as in 'No Money'?] A black line spread across the Snake King's face. It seemed that she wanted to bite his face off to let him know which person he had dared to make fun of…

"It doesn't matter whether the Young Master Jun intended to help us or not… the fact remains that he has rescued us," the white-clothed girl spoke-up in a harmonious manner. However, she didn't respond to Jun Mo Xie's jab with regard to her sister's name.

"The Young Lady is very polite. Ah, how does the Young Lady know my family name?" the Young Master Jun asked in reply.

"Those hoodlums had taken the Young Master's name during the fight. Also, we sisters obviously know the names of Tian Xiang City's famous Young Masters," the white-clad girl replied in a nonchalant manner.

"You're also from Tian Xiang… Ah… we're fellow townsmen in that case. That's great! It seems that we have truly met the Mei Young Ladies by the hand of fate," The Young Master looked distracted. [This tone is beginning to sound more familiar.]

The white-clothed girl flashed a secretive smile. [Met by fate? You and I have indeed met due to fate. And, I will make you regret this fateful meeting for the remaining of your life!]

The white-clothed girl, Mei Xue Yan proposed a request as the conversation continued… they wanted to accompany the army back to the Tian Xiang City.

Jun Mo Xie's eyes turned as he agreed to their request. However, his heart didn't have any feelings of lust. [A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. However, she will lose her beauty in some years. In fact, would anyone get to see a beautiful face once the night-lamp has been extinguished…?]

[However, this peerless beauty in white could help me get to Guan Qing Han…]

[It's possible that Guan Qing Han may open-up to me again if this beautiful girl makes her nervous. Wouldn't that be great? Moreover, it doesn't matter if these two girls have any other secret motives behind travelling with us. After all, they don't have the slightest trace of Xuan strengths around them. So, what troubles could these two women cause?]

He gave a quick look to Solitary Eagle. The Great Master thought for a moment, and eventually replied with a confident nod. Jun Mo Xie then became determined. [It's still understandable if I don't recognize a great power in this world. But, won't it be weird if the Great Master Solitary Eagle isn't able to do it either…?]

[One has to be as strong as the top-four Great Masters if they wish to hide their strength from Solitary Eagle. Perhaps they'd have to go even further and possess the terrifying strength of Venerable Mei instead!]

[Besides, these two young women don't even look twenty years old. But, if they truly have the strength to be at par with the Great Masters… then I will take this old Falcon home… and I will eat him alive!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie invited the two sisters — Mei Xue Yan and Mei Qian Qian — inside the carriage.

However, something strange happened in the middle of the night on the very same day…