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397 The True Style of the Evil Monarch

"That… that kind of thing…" Dugu Xiao Yi was feeling very embarrassed. She couldn't deal with the embarrassment when she saw that Guan Qing Han couldn't understand her. So, the little girl whispered, "Good sister… tell me how you did it…!"

Guan Qing Han became petrified when she heard this. And, her eyes shone with a black sheen as she looked-on…

[How… to do that? How can I say about it…? And, how can this little girl ask about such a thing?]

"You… you… Xiao Yi, what nonsense are you talking? You're a girl from a big family. Aren't you ashamed of asking such a question? I am tired. You have your food, and go take some rest!" Guan Qing Han's face reddened to her ears as she reprimanded with embarrassment.

"Elder Sister Guan… you told me that we are all women here when we were at home. So, we shouldn't act like strangers when discussing these matters…" Dugu Xiao Yi smiled as she gathered her opportunity. She had come to her tent to get a feel of the situation. And, she had now come to realize that Guan Qing Han wasn't angry at her. So, she immediately became audacious, and lifted the quilt to peek inside.

"You… don't do that!" Guan Qing Han was startled by this, and she wound the quilt tighter around herself.

"I'll see… what this relationship is this…" Dugu Xiao Yi smacked her lips, and continued with hidden bitterness, "Why is everyone so secretive regarding this matter? I still don't know what this thing is about. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten so flustered today… And, Elder Sister wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the situation…"

[Taking advantages? I took advantage of the situation? This simply isn't done!]

The little girl exerted her strength as she spoke, and forced the quilt up. Guan Qing Han was completely powerless at this time. And, Dugu Xiao Yi's curiosity was extremely strong. Consequently, the little girl was successful in removing the quilt, and got into the bed. Guan Qing Han's body was once again inflicted with pain as a result of this struggle, and she couldn't help but groan as she wrinkled her shapely eyebrows in extreme anguish.

"Let me see where the pain is. I will help elder sister with it…" Dugu Xiao Yi was acting like a mean woman.

Guan Qing Han cursed in a lowered voice as she struggled in the blanket. Then, she started to plead… and, she was soon left to pant… and, she eventually ceased her struggle…

"Oh! How can there be a swelling over there? How can that happen over there? Isn't this extremely scary?" Dugu Xiao Yi cried in alarm whilst they remained wrapped in the quilt. She had been struck by an inconceivable shock. "How's that even possible?" One could imagine from this voice that the little girl's eyes and mouth were opened wide in astonishment.

Guan Qing Han wanted to die from the shame, "Stop… stop… you… stop this… I'm telling you… I'm telling you…" Dugu Xiao Yi's beautiful hair was disheveled. She joyfully got more comfortable in the quilt, and put her head on Guan Qing Han's pillow. She then assumed the appearance of a person who had extended their ear to listen carefully and diligently, "Uh, tell me everything in detail, Elder Sister…"

Everything remained silent throughout the night.

The sky was glimmering with sunlight early the next morning.

There was a burst of fluctuation in the atmospheric winds as Young Master Jun appeared inside his tent after a night of hard-work. He hadn't slept throughout the night. Yet, his spirits were still high.

They were to break camp on this day. But, there was still one matter which Jun Mo Xie hadn't dealt with.

He washed his face, and tidied-up his appearance. Then, he moved out of his tent. However, he attracted attention from near-and-far the moment he stepped out.

The Young Master was like a magnet at that moment. And, all the eyes around couldn't help but be attracted towards him.

Jun Mo Xie was dressed in rarely-worn white robes. His face looked like it was crowned with jade. His sword-like eyebrows were raised, and his eyes seemed gentle and spiritual. He genuinely looked like a handsome Young Master… an elegant and handsome youngster. His expression was consciously-or-otherwise ice-cold, devilish, fierce, and grim.

Jun Mo Xie's mouth was softly closed. But, it was curved upwards at the ends. Yet, the on-lookers couldn't help but feel alarm and abject fear. Everyone could sense that there was a world-shaking murderous aura behind that slightly closed and smiling mouth…

He was smiling as warmly as the spring breeze. But, the vibes that were coming from him made people feel that it was more like a cold gale from a desolate forest…

It was like he had grasped the absolute power and authority to kill. It seemed as if everyone was beneath him. In fact, the Young Master seemed to be high in the clouds… and overlooking all creation.

The killing intention in his aura was like a strong tide, but it was also like a light breeze at the same time.

His jet-black hair was tied up with a blue-green band. Most of it was floating above his shoulders in a graceful manner from the back of his head. And, it left the on-lookers to believe that it was some kind of a free and graceful dust… as if it would float-away whenever the wind would blow. The Young Master also seemed like an individual who was standing solitary on a lofty summit — cold and lonesome.

There was a green-blue belt around his waist. However, the belt somehow seemed like arms that were wrapped around his waist. His robe and sleeves floated upon his tall stature. And, it seemed like he wasn't a regular human being of that world.

A sword hung lightly on the waist of his broad robe. However, that gleam in his eyes seemed sharper than the sword.

He looked like a beautiful and heavenly creature. He looked like someone who would float above the earth at any time. However, any man would still feel that the said-youngster was a blood crazed demon that had been unleashed from the gates of the underworld.

[Obey me, or die by my hand

[I will wreak havoc upon the world! I will kill the Kings of men. And, I will also kill their Gods!]

This visual was very confusing and contradictory. And, it undoubtedly gave rise to a very strange feeling.

[How can such contradictory personalities reside in the same man? This is impossible!]

Moreover, that unique personality had somehow appeared inside the Young Master Jun. It was something like the sight of water and fire on a burning stove. It seemed as if Yin and Yang were intertwining inside one person in a seamless fashion.

This had happened for the first time since Jun Mo Xie had appeared in that world.

And, it was the first time that the Evil Monarch's demeanor and style of movement had reflected in Jun Mo Xie. This was the first time that the so-called 'bloodthirsty and terrifying murderous aura of the Evil Monarch' was being released into that world in a free and unrestrained manner…

[I will no longer endure in silence! I will no longer pretend! I'm the Evil Monarch from this day forth!]

[The Otherworldly Evil Monarch!]

Jun Mo Xie took a step as he slowly walked into the distance, and towards a tent.

The three surviving members of the Baili Family were residing inside that tent.

The Young Master Jun's next target was Baili Luo Yun.

The Baili Family hadn't sent many men to this battle. In fact, they had only sent five people. They were being led by the Spirit Xuan Baili Xiong Feng. The rest were Sky Xuan experts… except for Baili Luo Yun since he was at the Jade Xuan realm. However, the barely Jade Xuan peak Baili Luo Yun had surprisingly survived the battle with the Xuan Beasts unscathed, while two of the Sky Xuan experts of the Baili Family had lost their lives…

Baili Xiong Feng had been left confused and depressed by this. The Baili Family had picked their experts after careful consideration. They were well-aware that those two Sky Xuan peak experts could lose their lives in this battle when they had sent them to Tian Fa. However, the Baili Family had picked them since their deaths wouldn't have brought-about any instability in their Family's structure. However, this didn't mean that they wanted those two Sky Xuan peak experts to die. In fact, their deaths were a price they almost couldn't afford to pay.

The Baili Family was strong. But, it wasn't an extremely strong family. How many Sky Xuan peak experts could they have in their ranks?

The agreement Jun Mo Xie and Baili Luo Yun had made before the battle still hadn't been fulfilled. But, everything had come to an end now. The Jun Family had become a force no one would dare to provoke. So, it was time to dispel any misgivings Baili Luo Yun may still possess…

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had chosen this moment to fight.

[Baili Luo Yun is a one-in-a-million genius. His Family may not like him. But, the attitude which entails that 'I'm the best in the world' is still ingrained in his bones!]

It was common sense that one would have to break the pride of someone as talented as Baili Luo Yun before they could take-him-in as an underling. Otherwise, the said-underling wouldn't listen to orders properly, and won't be made of use easily.

The Evil Monarch's murderous aura and arrogance had been spreading out for a long time. Every man could feel it in their very bones. And, this was something Baili Luo Yun simply didn't possess…

Baili Luo Yun had a stubborn pride that was rooted into his bones. In fact, it was rooted quite deep. And, it would rebound even under such pressure.

However, the Evil Monarch's pride was that of an entity who stood alone at the top of the world.

These two parties couldn't be compared on any accord. Jun Mo Xie's strength wasn't the greatest in that world at this time. But, the Hong Jun Pagoda gave him the confidence which made him feel like he was genuinely standing at the summit of the world.

If there was ever a God in that world… he would be looking down on the entirety of creation.

And, Jun Mo Xie believed himself to be such an individual!

[Who will it be — if not me?]

The reason Jun Mo Xie had warmed-up to Baili Luo Yun was very simple. It was because he had found a special temperament in Baili Luo Yun. Moreover, this was a temperament which regarded life or death as nothing. One could even say that Baili Luo Yun would remain calm and tranquil even if the world were to collapse right in front of his eyes.

It wouldn't be surprising to find such a temperament in people of old age… or those who had suffered hardships for long years. But, Baili Luo Yun was barely twenty years old. And, this was noteworthy. To suffer at the hands of his own family was one thing. But, his personality was something else!

Such a person possessed the certain disposition of a killer. And, an extremely adept killer at that! In fact, he was someone who could even rival an assassin such as Jun Mo Xie!

The so-called assassins who were previously dispatched by the Blood Sword Hall were nothing in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. And, that was because they were merely a group of fighting men. They weren't true assassins. In fact, the Young Master Jun had only found two men who had the temperament of a true assassin ever since he had come to this world.

The assassin he had met at the palace's doors during the Scholars' Feast was someone whose lightning-like attacks still left some post-traumatic fear inside Jun Mo Xie's heart. His attacks were nearly unstoppable, and could strike their target without fail. In fact, one couldn't even spot the place where they had come from. Such should be the style of a true assassin!

It was a pity that the-said assassin was an enemy…

And, the other one was Baili Luo Yun!

The Jun Family had a military background, personal strength, intelligence from the gangs, and external aid of individuals whose strengths were nearly at the top of the world. The only thing they lacked was… people from Jun Mo Xie's previous line of work…

A group of assassins!

Heavens know how much effort one can save if they have a group of assassins at their beck-and-call! Assassins have always been the kings of darkness! They have always been the ultimate solution to settle any dispute!