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392 Jun Mo Xie“s Magnificent Plan!

The reason wasn't him. It was the Hong Jun Pagoda's aura. It was the bane of that sinister power since it was the purest aura in all of existence. In fact, it was the aura with the most vigor since it was the aura of life. That is… it was the force of life.

The entire world had originated from Primal Chaos. And, nothing can deceive the force of primal chaos since everything had been derived from it. The Hongjun Pagoda inside Jun Mo Xie was the most essential source of this power.

However, it's only natural that one would have to adjust according to the local setting. Otherwise Jun Mo Xie would lose the advantage of the miraculous effects of the Hongjun Pagoda's power.

Jun Mo Xie had always been very enthusiastic about the Tian Fa Forest. And, he suddenly got an idea after he was finished assisting Big Bear and Long Crane with their breakthroughs.

He had never been able to stand the world's clamor. Nor could he live a chaotic life. In fact, Jun Mo Xie was extremely tired of all that turmoil. Young Master Jun's journey had recently come to a start in this world, but he had already begun to hope for a secluded place to lead his life in peace.

[I will fulfill my responsibilities one day. Then, I will find myself a quiet place, and settle down there to lead a peaceful life.]

And, the Tian Fa Forest was an ideal place of seclusion for Jun Mo Xie…

In fact, even the snakes inside the Tian Fa Forest seemed far more pleasant than those high and mighty humans to Jun Mo Xie's eyes.

And, this was because… this place was free of the scheme and plots that had plagued the outside world.

Jun Mo Xie hated the scheming and the plotting. He would indulge in the scheming at times. But, he had always preferred a direct confrontation. [You want to see who' more powerful? Why don't you take a swing at me? Why beat around the bush? Why waste time with the nonsense?]

In fact, Jun Mo Xie's idea could perhaps be considered a grand design.

[I will change the society's rules if I ever become the supreme in this world.]

[And, I will restructure this world with my own methods!]

[No one will go against my rules! Even the Spirit Xuan experts and Great Masters won't be able to become the exceptions!]

[I don't wish to rule the whole world. But, I want the world to understand what I want!]

[The Xuan experts will have to take a test every year. There are different levels within Xuan cultivation. So, each level shall have its specific clothing and color. One shall get a new color of clothing once they would reach a new level. And, they will have to continue wearing their older clothes unless they've reached a higher level.]

[The divisions would be clear if this is implemented… just like they used to be in my previous life… all the way from kindergarten to university!]

[And, the Tian Fa Forest will be the seat of authority. Tian Fa will be the place from where these rules will be issued!]

[And, that's because this is the place of Jun Mo Xie's future residence!]

Jun Mo Xie even thought of prescribing hats to every division of rank. And, this brought a smile to his face. This was because Jun Mo Xie could suddenly imagine a scene where two people meet and wish to fight after they had quarreled for a while. However, they would then see each other's hats… and then shake hands and resolve the issue.

"Ah! You're a green hat? I'm a black hat! I'm far below you in rank! What's that? Let's go. Let's go, and have a drink. It's my treat!"

"Yes it is! Look at how ugly your black hat is! He he… look at how wonderful my shiny-green hat is!"

"I genuinely admire the green hat you've put on."

"You're too kind. You flatter me. He he… you can also wear a green hat one day if you work hard."

"Perhaps I could achieve that with your guidance. Ha Ha!"


Jun Mo Xie thought about the scene, and how he had gotten carried away… he couldn't help but burst into a loud laughter as a result…

This sudden and impulsive thought may have seemed like a joke to him at this time. However, Jun Mo Xie could never have imagined that it would become the premiere law of the Xuan Xuan Continent for the thousands of years to come. It would be called the law of the Evil Monarch!

It would remain unchanged for millennia! And, it would all have come from this…

The Lion King and the Monkey King had started to believe that their incurable injuries would soon be treated. And, they couldn't help but feel relaxed…

Why wouldn't they feel happy and excited? Why wouldn't they feel relaxed?

Jun Mo Xie came back to himself after a long while passed. He then chuckled and said, "We shouldn't delay this any longer if that's the case. Sixth and Seventh, come to me right now. I'll look at you right now… and you will turn back into your human form. That should also help you in drinking wine. Anyway, these beastly forms look very inelegant around the wine table…"

Jun Mo Xie thought… [This is the first time I'm drinking inside Tian Fa. Would I genuinely have to toast drinks with a monkey and a lion? That would be very awkward…! They will still remain a monkey and lion once they transform into human forms. But, they will at least look like humans…]

[Moreover, wouldn't this help in setting the path for the future…?]

Therefore, the Young Master Jun was very proactive at this time.

The Lion King could barely contain his fervent tears. His white hair trembled. In fact, he resembled an excited puppy as he came in front of Jun Mo Xie and crouched down. The Beast King's tail was wagging. But, he was so emotionally moved that his tail wagged at a very high frequency and slammed into the 'wine cup' Big Bear help in his hand. Consequently, the 'cup of wine' was thrown far-far away…

The other Beast Kings burst into laughter. Jun Mo Xie didn't care about it either. However, he didn't waste any time as he raised his hand. He simulated the Hongjun Pagoda with his body's aura, and a lofty Aura burst out with a loud sound. It shone brilliantly in the sky as it did…

The other five Beast Kings recoiled in shock.

Jun Mo Xie had used a swift and powerful method in order to facilitate a quick-fix in this instance. In fact, he had gone to the extreme of his limits. It was going to be morning-time soon. However, he didn't have much time to waste…

This extreme method obviously wasn't similar to the one he had used when he had helped the Bear and Crane Kings with their breakthrough. Their breakthrough had been very gentle. However, the aura surged through the Lion King's meridians at a very fast pace, and took him past the breakthrough-barrier in an instant. And, the unimaginable and tyrannical impact of this violently surging aura left the Spirit-level-equivalent Lion King to raise his head and give out a blood-curdling screech as his mouth spat-out blood like an arrow…

After that, the pestering-cold aura that had remained accumulated inside the Lion King for the past sixty years was expelled from his body. In fact, his condition seemed like that of a dog that had been beaten by a beggar's stick, which had then resulted in a thin arrow of blood to splash out from his mouth…

The violent aura that had surged between the heaven and earth was done with its mission. It then cycled warmly through the Lion King's meridians to ensure no cold aura was left inside them. And, it removed any sinister aura that had still remained there. The very able Young Master then raised his head, and pushed the Lion King aside even though the Beast King's eyes were still closed. He then spoke-up in a cold voice, "Next one!"

His manner of speaking was cold and tyrannical. In fact, it was like that of a doctor who had gone to elementary school for an 'immunization program', and had called for the next student even though the needle wasn't yet out of the previous one…

[What? It's already done! This is miraculous! Isn't it very miraculous?!]

The Monkey King trembled as he came to Jun Mo Xie. He then occupied the place which had previously been occupied by the Lion King. However, he wasn't prepared when he felt the pressure on his shoulders. Moreover, this pressure was as heavy as a mountain. The Young Master had already placed his hand on the Monkey King. So, the pure aura had quickly entered the latter's body…

The Monkey King felt a fit of comfortable sensation and wanted to groan to express his elation. However, he was unaware that a gut-wrenching and devastatingly painful sensation would shoot through him the next moment… His teeth almost broke-off as he screeched, and a black arrow of blood shot towards the trees from his mouth as this happened…

[This is painful… extremely painful… how can such a painful and torturous method be used to treat an illness? This is too extreme a method!] The Golden Monkey King was in the midst of thinking this when he suddenly heard a shout of ecstasy from his side.

He was very preoccupied, and in extreme pain. However, he still looked to his side from the corner of his eyes. And, what he saw… left him to open his eyes wide. In fact, they had been opened to their very limits. [My God of Beasts! Good mother of God!]

[This is a miracle indeed! This is truly a miracle!]

A strange yet familiar white-clothed tall figure was standing beside him. [This, this is Lion King?! My God! This method work so quickly! This is such a quick result!]

The Monkey King felt envious and relieved at the same time. [This pain isn't a problem as long as my injuries can be healed. What's this insignificant pain if my injuries can be healed? Let the pain be fiercer!]

The Monkey King suddenly forgot the excruciating pain he was feeling at this moment. Instead, he started to feel ecstasy; enrapturing ecstasy. He couldn't help but feel very happy, and started to laugh in a very wild manner as a result. However, that sound of wild laughter startled the other Beast Kings. In fact, even the heavenly aura which had been flowing from Jun Mo Xie's hand fluctuated to some extent…

[Why are you laughing, buddy? Have you gone mad from the excruciating pain? You won't kill me, right?]

The Monkey King was laughing in ecstasy even though he was in excruciating pain. One could say that his level of forbearance had transcended to mythical levels…

[He's really… a great man!]

That dark aura left the Monkey King's body along with the black blood he soon spat out. Jun Mo Xie then said, "Great! Now everyone can drink the wine properly!"

Jun Mo Xie then looked up, and saw that the six Beast Kings were looking at him with baffled expressions. He recalled that this expression was something similar to the one he had seen in the eyes of the Himalayan pilgrims in his previous life.

It was full of… fanaticism!

It was indeed fanaticism! Extreme fanaticism! It was like a Buddhist monk had gotten to see Buddha himself! Or… a Nazi who had suddenly seen Adolf Hitler…

He was their idol now!

He was like a God to them!

They were whining and whimpering… they were extremely touched…

Jun Mo Xie looked at the six Beast Kings in their human form as they stood in front of him, and felt very satisfied. He could've easily forced them to stop thanking him by saying one phrase…

[Do you think I helped you for your 'thank yous'?]

And, those simple words… those very simple words would've left the six Beast Kings to ponder…

[Yes, that's right! There would be no words to thank him for such great kindness! Words of thanks to express my deep gratitude would carry the weight of a feather. What meaning would they even have?]

[This very able and helpful person may come to our area again. And, all of us must do everything in power to give him any assistance he needs if he ever asks. We won't stint even if we end up losing our lives for his sake! Why would we put our feelings in words and ruin this atmosphere?!]

The Beast Kings were feeling the exact same way. Hence, they came-up with the same train of thought as well. Therefore, none of them expressed their gratitude in words. However, all of them were expressing their gratitude towards this mysterious and skilled man with their actions and expressions.