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262 I Shall Give Up On the Heavens, But Not On My Beloved

Ye Gu Han's sword had shot out and pierced the armpit of the black-clothed man whose sword had pierced his lower abdomen. The black-clad man exerted himself to draw his sword out of Ye Gu Han's body. But, it did not budge. Ye Gu Han was actually using his own muscles to jam that person's long sword!

This was a real fight.

The blood-red sword in that assailant's armpit had started to move upwards within this short pause. The black clothed assailant was scared out of his wits at this. He then made a prompt decision to abandon his sword in Ye Gu Han's abdomen.

He dodged and prevented his entire body from a miserable death of getting slashed into two. Unfortunately, it was already late. His arm didn't receive the luxury of that narrow escape. The blooded sword went forth and separated the arm from his body; and the half of his shoulder. The sword went a little further and pealed-off the layers of his skin — all the way up to his facial muscles. What was left behind… was terrifying to behold — his white bones were bared; his twisting-worm-like veins could be seen very clearly… along with the wisps of blood that flowed inside them.

This person screamed a blood-curling cry as he retreated; it sounded more beast than human. His eyes were exposing the shock that had been bestowed upon his conscious, "My hand! My face! Ah!"

However, Ye Gu Han recovered his sword at an incredible speed. He then quickly took advantage of that moment and stabbed again; it was lightning fast.

Ye Gu Han's actions; his lack of hesitation in getting hit by the enemy — it had all been for this one moment.

This one blow…

Ye Gu Han knew that his strength wouldn't hold out in a drawn-out battle. He knew that he wouldn't be able to face the combined strength of these five Sky Xuan assailants. Therefore, all he could was fight with everything he had. However, Ye Gu Han was a very experienced fighter. Anyone could tell that all five of them were Sky Xuan experts. But, he could clearly sense that the Xuan Qi of two of his enemies was unstable. He could sense that they had sustained serious injuries in the past and hadn't healed yet.

He himself was now a spent force. So, the most he could do was take the two of them down with him. However, the remaining three attackers were in good condition. Therefore, he couldn't be as sure about dealing with them. Therefore, those two injured enemies were his primary targets. In fact, they were his only targets.

Ye Gu Han's sword stabbed him repeatedly. But, the palms of one of the enemies hit his chest. He was happy that he had dealt such a blow to the enemy, but hadn't expected that his own ribs would be shattered. However, his chest now resembled a whirlpool as it sucked in the enemy's palms, and held them in place.

That person was aware of the danger and was vigorously tried to free himself from Ye Gu Han's grasp. He was about to succeed when a cold light rose from Ye Gu Han's sword, and made its way towards his chest.

The sword of death!

A blood curling scream escaped that man's mouth as he desperately tried to evade the oncoming attack. But Ye Gu Han's sword swooped-up in a moment, and pierced him right up to its hilt; it didn't pierce his heart. However, the Xuan Qi attached to that sword left his five frail visceral points in shambles!

However, Ye Gu Han had finally run out of steam now. He had stuck his sword into his enemy's chest, but didn't have the strength to draw it out this time.

One of his remaining opponents bellowed. However, Ye Gu Han didn't even have the strength to pull his sword out. His right hand was cut-off by his enemy's sword. But surprisingly, no blood flowed out of that wound — the blood in his body had already flowed out by now!

His face was reveled in a mocking smile. Yet, his eyes were still full of tender affection as he looked in a particular direction…

… the direction of the Imperial palace;

One of the black clad people leapt-up and kicked Ye Gu Han hard. His body was sent flying-up in the air. Ye Gu Han fell down heavily. But still, Ye Gu Han stubbornly turned his body over. Suddenly, there was a loud and terrifying sound; the sound of his ribs being crushed. However, there was not a single sign of pain on his face.

His eyes had never so proud before; neither had they ever been so desolate…

They were full of inexhaustible gentleness and yearning…

Not a lot remained of his life, yet he couldn't see his beloved. So, looking at the place where she resided… the direction in which she was… would have to do…

He had hidden his feelings for a long time, but all of them came gushing out. [I think of you, Xiu Xiu! I think of you! I… think of… you…]

Ye Gu Han's mind was suddenly hit by an incomparably-bight light, and many memories from the past started flooding it. He was already in a state of trance, but these images inside his mind were lifelike; this dream seemed real. And then, he heard a gentle voice. It was lightly reading a small poem again and again. It seemed to go on endlessly; like a tiny thing that was floating in a vast area — it was just like a dream.

[Don't regret such deep affection,]

[I willingly fall and wither into loneliness;]

[The regret of my beloved can haunt an eternity,]

[I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved.]

These were the parting verses which Ye Gu Han had written for Murong Xiu Xiu; eighteen years ago.

[I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved.]

[I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved.]

Ye Gu Han couldn't speak. However, his lips still opened and closed slightly. And if one were to pay close attention, they would notice that he was repeating the last line of that poem.

[Xiu Xiu, I had left eighteen years ago, and I lost you forever. I had left you with this poem… And you cried incessantly as you read the last verse. I remember to this day… the way your long hair was disheveled in the wind then…

[Now, I'm leaving once again. And I will never return after I leave this time. You may become aware later… that just like before… I was recalling the last lines of that poem in my final moments…]

[I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved.]

[Xiu Xiu, I could never turn my back on you all my life! I have never turned my back on you!]

Zhou Jian Ming roared like a mad-man and rushed to cut Ye Gu Han's body into pieces. But Lei Jian Hong called-out to him in a loud voice, "Enough! His Xuan Qi is already exhausted, and his five visceral points are done for. We need to pick up the injured fourth and fifth, and capture that little girl! Hurry; we need to move quickly! We can't stay here for long!"

Zhou Jian Min and the female combatant were very angry. They screamed their frustrations out. Then they each picked-up their fourth and fifth brother. They then departed like lightening towards the direction where Princess Ling Meng had escaped…

Meanwhile, Princess Ling Meng was being pulled by her two sisters. They were trying to force her to escape. But, she kept looking back at the raging battle. However, when she saw Ye Gu Han covered in blood from head to toe — she collapsed. The Princess then suddenly turned towards that direction, and screamed in a wild fit, "Uncle Ye!" Her voice was extremely sad and shrill.

The Princess' feet were rooted to the ground as she refused to move even half-a-step. Suddenly, she unintentionally welled up, and tears started gushing out of her eyes.

Uncle Ye had always protected her since childhood. To her… he was unrivalled in his generation. She knew that he had felt desolate and heartbroken every day of his life; he was a sad and lonely man. And today… he had fallen… just to protect her…

Princess Ling Meng suddenly felt a searing pain in her chest. She felt as if her lungs had been split open.

There was no bonding in the Tian Family.

She knew that her father, the Emperor, was very fond of her; she had known this since the day she was old enough to understand things. In fact, he would go to the extent of spoiling her, and indulging in her appearance. However her father, the Emperor was too dignified. Even when she missed him, and acted spoilt in order to be embraced by him — her father would give her a cherished hug… but he never held her for long. He would always have some matter to take care of. He would then return to being the dignified Emperor once again.

Father and Emperor. When these two are considered together — the Emperor would always be given more importance than the Father. Father, the Emperor… Her father would turn into the Emperor whenever the need arose. Then, she couldn't act like that person's daughter.

Ye Gu Han felt more like a real father to her. She could act like a spoilt child in front of him without any inhibitions, and could throw small tantrums whenever she felt like. So, even if she called him 'Uncle,' she considered him her father.

He would always pamper her. However, he would scold her without mercy if she made a mistake.

[But he was really nice to me!]

[He has always been guarding me in silence. He never appeared in public. He never strove for anything. He never even demanded anything for himself! He just stayed in the shadows. And he seemed very satisfied.]

[But he was the first one to appear and defend me whenever I faced any danger!]

[He was the first one to stand up to my brothers when they bullied me.]

[He would give his all to look after me! Even now, he lies fallen for my sake. He has finally collapsed… in all these years… he must've become very tired. Uncle Ye, do you want to rest?]

[Don't you want to see your little Ling Meng? Do you have the heart to cast away your little Ling Meng and leave? Do you have the heart to…? Do you have the heart to…?]

[Uncle Ye, you know that in my heart… you will always be my father…]

[Father! Please don't leave me… ]

Princess Ling Meng stood there motionless. She didn't know what she was doing or thinking. Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei tried their best, but she remained motionless…

[Why hasn't my father, the Emperor arrived yet? Why?! Why hasn't he showed-up when Uncle Ye is doing his best?! He ought to come!]

[If Uncle Ye truly leaves me… I will retaliate! I will go crazy and take revenge against everyone!]

[I will dedicate my life to my revenge!]

Princess Ling Meng roared in her heart, and it seemed that her chest was about to explode with anger. However, she was unable to say it out loud. Tears blurred her vision and it seemed that a five thousand Kg rock had blocked her throat. Her hands and feet were cold. Her entire body shuddered as if she had been transported to a world of ice and snow.

The three black-clad assailants with masked faces overtook them. Lei Jian Hong angrily rushed towards Princess Ling Meng to capture her. However, Princess Ling Meng just stood there with a blank expression. She didn't react to this situation in any way.

Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei threw themselves in front of her. Their bodies were glowing with a golden light…

The fact that they had reached the edge of the Gold Xuan level was quite remarkable; especially when one considers their ages. The two women took out a knife and a blade, and prepared to fight.

However, the opposite party's strength…

"F***k off!" Lei Jian Hong waved his hands, and the two women were thrown back, "I don't wish to kill you! Don't force me!"

"Who are you? Who are you?!" It seemed like Princess Ling Meng had just been roused from a dream. She didn't feel frightened… she had to avenge her Uncle Ye.

Her eyes were full of hatred, "Who are you people? Why am I so important to you? Why did you kill my Uncle Ye?!" the Princess had roared-out the last sentence.

The loud shout startled Lei Jian Hong. [Such a delicate and frail woman can issue such a sharp and resounding sound…]The five visceral points. This refers to the five main organs in a person's chest cavity in traditional Chinese medicine. The organs consist of heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. This will obviously raise a doubt with the fight sequence. His sword doesn't pierce the heart. But the energy in his attack still shattered the organ.