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80 Gifts From Fatty

"Thankfully, you didn’t die. Otherwise, I would be left alone. What would I ever do without you?" Fatty Tang wiped away his tears. After that, he drank a cup of tea that Little Ke brought in and called out. "Come quickly! LIft and bring in the gifts that my Tang Family has prepared for Third Young Master Jun!"

Jun Mo Xie turned his attention to the outside, he was curious as to what kind of gifts did this brother prepare. He had even used the word "lift" for the gifts, what kind of gifts could it be?

Two big boxes were carried into the room by two men, their faces showed expressions of extreme difficulty. Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie’s bedroom was completely occupied by Tang Yuan and the two big boxes. Even Little Ke did not have any space to occupy; she could only try to shrink her legs as she sat on the chair.

Tang Yuan waved to get the two men to move out and laughed. He moved around with a mysterious aura as he giggled and glanced at Jun Mo Xie. After opening the box, he moved away allowing Jun Mo Xie to see the contents within. Upon seeing it, Jun Mo Xie nearly fainted.

The box contained high-grade medicines, boxes after boxes, bottles after bottles, packages after packages… all of them were perfectly packed and the smell of medicine assailed one’s nose. One look was enough to ensure that the things inside were all valuables. Jun Mo Xie wondered, "did this fatty sweep up all the medical shops in the capital?"

These medicines would certainly prove useful for the common injured folks. In fact, these medicines were important. Also, even if one has money, some of these medicines might be impossible to obtain. Yet, the problem here was… Jun Mo Xie is not an ordinary person, he required none of this medicine.

These items were no different from garbage in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. At the very least, it was only chicken ribs!

Jun Mo Xie groaned and spoke feebly, "Fatty, you’ve had it tough. Even if I were to get injured every day, these medicines could probably last a lifetime. Are you here to visit me or to curse me to get hurt more?"

Tang Yuan slammed the cover of the box and spoke in a triumphant demeanour, "Third Young Master, what do you think of your brother’s technique of acquisition? As long as the medicine is available in Tian Xiang City, regardless if it is holy or pinnacle grade, all of it is now in these two boxes!" After saying that, he stealthy moved closer to Jun Mo Xie and whispered furtively, "Third Young Master, those in the bottom layer are the ones that I’ve spent a huge amount of effort in acquiring. Those are very rare items that are very difficult to find so you must hide them carefully."

"What is it?" Jun Moxie became interested; his eyebrows were raised as he asked.

Tang Yuan gave a furtive glance, smiling indecently, at Little Ke and replied, "They are those that you will be most interested in, treasures that make females strong, Joysong Grass, Kinky Lady, Chaste Breaker, Golden Spirit Spear, Infallible Rod, Wall Piercer, Hundred Jin Hoist…

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Jun Mo Xie was shocked, "What in the world are all those weird stuff? What is that… Hundred Jin Hoist, just what is that?"

"Hundred Jin Hoist, hahaha…" Tang Yuan let out another obscene smile. Pointing at Jun Moxie’s crotch, he whispered. "It means when you eat that item, then your d*ck could hoist up a hundred jin (60.5 kg)… oooh, good stuff!" Hearing Jun Mo Xie use the words ‘stuff’, Tang Yuan decided to follow suit.

"Bloody Hell! Don’t do this to me, that is simply too uncouth!" Jun Mo Xie felt himself having a headache. "Hurry! Move it away! If my grandfather were to see it, he might decide to just cut my d*ck off! I want to take it with me into the afterlife! Don’t bring such calamity to me!"

"What are you afraid of? As long as one is a man, he will certainly appreciate this ‘stuff’. If I am not mistaken, Senior Boss Jun should have this as well. After all, there is nothing to scoff at his age. Without the help of this ‘stuff’, even with his glorious bearing, he may not be able… hehe…" Tang Yuan laughed out recklessly. Suddenly…

"What ‘stuff’ do I also have?" A deep, profound voice sounded out and Grandpa Jun stepped into view just outside the doors. A puzzled expression was on his face as he glanced at Tang Yuan before looking at the cramped room. "What is going on? What were you just talking about earlier?"

Why is my luck so sh*tty! Tang Yuan was stunned, he was perspiring profusely, his eyes rolling about in disorder. The floor below his obese body had, in an instant became a pool of sweat, "Oh, my pitiful life! If Old Master Jun heard those words I said…"

"What is all this stuff?" Grandpa Jun was annoyed. "Quickly move this mess away!"

Tang Yuan immediately straightened himself up, nodding his head like a chicken pecking on grains. "Yes, yes! I will take them out immediately! These are just some common herbs and medicine, nothing special."

Thereafter, Grandpa Jun spoke again, "Fatty, what was the item that you said I have?"

Tang Yuan’s face suddenly became contorted, his complexion turned white, then red, then green. His fat cheeks trembled uncontrollably and his thigh quaked…

"Uh, Fatty was talking about your imposing aura, he even mentioned that His Majesty’s aura could also be felt from you, but decided to stop because the subject was too taboo," Jun Mo Xie quickly stepped in to resolve the matter. Watching the poor Fatty’s pitiful figure, he estimated that Fatty would probably turn to stone from just another word by Grandpa Jun.

"What is the subject so taboo? Why do you need to be scared to such an extent? This senior simply possess a grand, imposing and heroic aura that would never fade, that is a fact!" Grandpa Jun looked at Tang Yuan with an expression of disdain and continued. "In the future, don’t invite our Mo Xie to those shady places anymore. Back then, he has led astray because he followed you all the time."

"Ah!?" Tang Yuan became shocked, "Old Master, how could you flip right and wrong to such an extent? Back then, I was the one who followed your grandson and turned bad as a result…"

Grandpa Jun snorted. His grandson will always be a good grandson in his heart. As for all the disappointing things which happened back then, the could obviously be due to this bad apple of a friend…

The bodyguards came in and lifted the two boxes up. Tang Yuan then urgently said. "The second box…"

Jun Mo Xie started to sweat, "Could it be that the items in the second box are even more unbearable than the first? Are you trying to get me killed…"

Grandpa Jun waved his hand, commanding the men to carry the two boxes of gifts away. Little Ke followed them. It was only then that the both of them let out a sigh of relief.

An old man with white hair and beard walked in; his face was one of kindness and harmony; he was carrying a small medicine chest. Tang Yuan was shocked; he quickly bowed in a respectful manner and saluted, "Sir Fang."

Sir Fang was none other than the Chief of the Imperial Doctors, Fang Hui Sheng. Those within Tian Xiang City also gave him a resounding nickname, "Death Warding Fang!" The meaning behind the name was that regardless of how grievous one’s injuries was, once the Imperial Doctor Fang treats that person, that person will not die! This description towards him may have been exaggerated, however, his expertise in the field of medicine was indeed indisputable. If Hua Tuo was resurrected, then he would probably be his equal.

In the past, Tang Yuan was seriously ill and all the doctors in the capital were unable to cure him. At the most critical moment, Sir Fang appeared and treat him, saving him from the brink of death. Thus, Tang Yuan showed a great deal of respect towards Sir Fang. After all, he was the one who saved his life.

Fang Hui Sheng nodded and gave a gentle smile. Without speaking, he sat on the bed and his hands grasped onto Jun Mo Xie’s wrist, feeling the pulse on his wrist. He carefully observed Jun Mo Xie’s complexion, pulling up his eyelids and asking him to extend his tongue out for observation.

It was at this instance that Jun Mo Xie’s had an idea popped into mind.

Using his internal energies, he exerted control over the qi flow of his body. It suddenly moved, causing his meridians to pulse in an abnormal manner.

No one could detect this method as it was something that this world had no knowledge of.

Fang Hui Sheng’s face gradually turned serious. He had originally assumed that Jun Zhan Tian was simply making a mountain out of a molehill by dragging him here. However, after examining his patient’s pulse, he realized that this youngster before him was in a dire state!