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Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Author:Fenglin Tianxia

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UpdateTime:5/25/2019 8:05:00 PM

Updates:771 Xue Yan Wakes Up!

Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination was unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrifying the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred… He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, sole heir ...
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 1
1 Evil Monarch Jun Xie
2 Jun Mo Xie
3 Jun Wu Yi
4 Second Generation, Third Generation
5 A Ray of Hope
6 Xuan Qi
7 The Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda
8 The Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune
9 Pulp Rending Meridian Cleanser
10 Grandpa Jun Raises a Storm
11 A Complete Transformation
12 The Young Master Tang Losses his Wife
13 Who’s Plotting Against Me?
14 Dugu Xiao Yi
15 Inside the Thousand Gold Hall
16 Li You Ran
17 Good Luck
18 Winning Money...
19 The Gloves Are Off
20 You’re the God of Gamblers!
21 Returning Victorious
22 To Guide Patiently and Systematically
23 Tang Family’s Reaction
24 Grandpa Jun’s Dilemma
25 The Operation
26 Five Kinds of Herbs
27 Show Me Your Real Prowess
28 Aren’t You Useless?!
29 The Ultimate Dare
30 Cut-Throa
31 Layers Of Pressure
32 Homesick
33 A Small Shop Within The Heavy Rain
34 Disagreeable Words
35 Meeting In The Rain
36 Earth Xuan Expert?
37 Murder and Plunder
38 Pure Coincidence
39 Guan Qing Han
40 Xuan Core
41 Shaking The Capital
42 Training Hell
43 To Forge Metal, One Must Be Strong
44 One More Step
45 Meeting Tang Yuan Again
46 Making Insinuations
47 The Blood Caused By Sno
48 Lucky Strike
49 Extortion
50 I Am A Bad Guy
51 Do You Want To...
52 Tang Yuan's Secret Repor
53 Meeting Xiao Yi Once More
54 You Want The Big One, I Want The Small One
55 Behaving Like A Rogue
56 Who Is Following Me?
57 Assassins!
58 Assassinate!
59 Sky Xuan?!
60 Shocking Sky Xuan Expert!
61 Ye Gu Han
62 Professional and Non-Professional
63 Heartache
64 Grey-Robed Elder
65 Doings Of Ghosts And Gods
66 Northern City Clan Under Siege
67 Lucky Strike
68 Deafening Drums In The Depths Of The Nigh
69 Rage Of Despair!
70 Thunder Rising!
71 Heart of the Emperor
72 Dugu Family
73 Massacre In All Directions
74 This Is My Explanation!
75 "Search Viciously!"
76 Qualitative Change
77 Huge Waves In The Imperial Cour
78 Dugu Zong Heng
79 A Blessing In Disguise
80 Gifts From Fatty
81 Reason For Faking Injury
82 Just Do It?!
83 Relief...
84 Not Translated
85 I Really Cannot Figh
86 Terrifying Ability!
87 Getting To The Crux Of The Issue
88 "I Don't Have The Herb, You Have It!"
89 Magnificent Jewel Hall
90 Jade Sea Coral
91 Huge Trouble!
92 Scam You To Death!
93 Blazing Heart Meridian!
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 2
94 Twists And Turns
95 The Heart of a Young Maiden
96 So Powerful!
97 A Xuan Beast Connection?
98 A Man Cannot Be Shameless To Such An Extent!
99 Pursuit!
100 Stealing Secrets
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 3
101 By A Hair’s Breadth!
102 So White
103 Treating The Poison!
104 Accidental Ecstasy
105 Grand Preceptor Li and the Jade Sea Coral
106 Some Families Celebrate, Some Worry
107 What's The Plan
108 Clash Of Grandpas!
109 Trouble Has Arrived
110 Heroes and Legends Bravely Rushing Forward
111 Superb Alcohol Capacity!
112 Dugu Pays A Visi
113 Extortion
114 Insane Decision
115 The Man from Magnificent Jewel Hall
116 Battling with a Sky Xuan
117 The Life doesn't go in Reverse
118 His Deep-rooted Hatred
119 Opportunity?
120 This Life's First Deal's Commission
121 "Faced with this, I can only kill"
122 How do we handle this?
123 Hiding in the fores
124 The Formidable Practice of Habit!
125 A new headache
126 Unambitious
127 A breakthrough within sigh
128 Talking Big
129 Ni Chang Pavilion
130 The Outrageous Debauchee
131 Fear my immortal behavior
132 Killing a chicken to scare the monkeys
133 The legendary jinx
134 A young maiden's hear
135 Surprise
136 It's difficult to do good
137 Open a net and the fishes come running
138 An eight faceted unres
139 Despised
140 Forcing the Hongjun Pagoda
141 Aura Storm
142 Earth-shattering Affec
143 Yin and Yang escape
144 Xuan Beast Advances?
145 The First Knife of Tian Xiang
146 The Envoys from two countries
147 A chance encounter
148 It was you!
149 A mysterious master
150 I drink for the loneliness, not the wine
151 Tang Yuan's medical examination begins
152 Chapter 152 - The Super Amusing Inciden
153 Disowned
154 The Debauchee Alliance
155 Challenges of the Yin Yang Escape
156 Buried alive
157 Business Guru
158 Hai Chen Feng
159 The warriors return
160 I'm not late, you just got here early
161 The eight great masters
162 The competition... had already begun
163 Pushing it to the limi
164 Sky Xuan Apprentice
165 Partnership with the Prince
166 Assassins
167 Torrent of terror
168 Slaughtered
169 Coming out safely
170 Clues
171 You're lucky I'm not killing you
172 Taking her back?
173 Intense infatuation
174 Xue Hun forcefully approaches her!
175 No compromise
176 Different positions
177 Xuan Core comes ou
178 A quartet movemen
179 A Quick Escalation
180 Spirit Xuan experts gather
181 Masters in Confrontation
182 The Xuan Core changes hands
183 Qing Han's fury
184 I want to act as a father
185 A tragedy of exceptional speed
186 Talking tree?
187 Fishing in troubled waters
188 An unforeseen even
189 Lethal flying knives
190 A second time
191 The real objective
192 Chapter 192 - Cheating for victory?
193 Preposterous
194 A taste of one's own medicine
195 Fatally enticing
196 Let's do it like this
197 Jun Wu Yi loses his temper
198 Wu Hui's cenotaph!
199 A real man does not shun his grief
200 The Characteristics of pride
201 'Free Hand' granted
202 Battle in the Maple Fores
203 As it turns ou
204 Burning both jade and common stone
205 Request me! I'll save him!
206 Breakthrough
207 The Hongjun Pagoda and the Good Fortune
208 The Flame of Primal Chaos, and the Furnace of Good Fortune
209 You will wish you hadn't said tha
210 Don't call him your senior again
211 A Great Master's arrival
212 You want me to save him? Let's talk about the conditions first!
213 Join me, you won't regret i
214 Allow me to be your host for one year!
215 Accomplishing the ultimate objective
216 Operating separately
217 The Riddle of the 'Throwing Knife'
218 Remarkable Coincidence
219 Guan Qing Han's doubts
220 A plan to make a fortune
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 4
221 Tyranny
222 The Great Master’s rage
223 Do You Agree?
224 Starting an Enmity is Met with the Regrets of a Vengeful Compensation
225 Master Falcon’s Gloom
226 The Unrivalled Master
227 A Special Picture
228 Jin Yang Gang’s Transformation
229 You Were Using Me as Cannon Fodder!
230 The Twelve Levels of Spirit Xuan, Each Level Scaling to the Sky!
231 Silver Blizzard City’s History
232 Operation Begins
233 Subduing the Spirit Dragon Gang
234 Silver Blizzard City!
235 The Seven Swords of the Silver City
236 Fatty’s Blind Date
237 Strangely Heroic Woman
238 The Troublesome Iron Winged Panther
239 Dreamy Feelings
240 Aristocratic Status
241 The Emperor’s Verdic
242 One Smile Can Obliterate Hate and Grievances
243 Collision in front of the Aristocratic Hall
244 Young Master Jun’s Rogue Tricks
245 I Just Like to Bully You
246 ‘Great Auctioneer’ Tang Yuan’s Interpretation of Aristocracy
247 Jun Mo Xie’s First Abduction
248 The Gong to Start the Show!
249 Who is worse than whom?
250 Locked Onto Their Respective Targets
251 The Prince’s Shamelessness
252 Brother Mo Xie Playing a Handsome Hoodlum!
253 No Relations for the Tian Family
254 Unintentional Leak of Secrets
255 Jun Mo Xie’s prepares for the troubles ahead; Tang Yuan’s lofty Ideals.
256 Brother, Will You Be My Scapegoat?
257 News of the Crossbows!
258 Unexpected Misfortune
259 Desperateness’ Gentleness
260 Little White Arranges a Rescue Squad
261 I Shall Give Up On the Heavens, But Not On My Beloved
262 To Save or Not to Save?!
263 Get Someone Else to Do One’s Dirty Work?
264 You Got Framed!
265 I Will Withdraw When the Task Is Completed
266 Jun Family’s Ancestral Teachings
267 I’m Sorry... There’s Nothing I Can Do!
268 Blood Oath
269 Is It... Is It Him?!
270 Reprimanded
271 You Three Are Very Stupid!
272 The Cold-Blooded Master
273 A Supreme Master’s Rage
274 Intentionally Stirring-Up Some Trouble
275 I Will Seek To Avenge!
276 I’m Not Satisfied Ye
277 The Super-Misunderstanding!
278 Soaring Rage
279 This Is Very Embarrassing...
280 I’ll Show You What Makes Me A ‘Rogue’!
281 The Arrival of the Talented Scholars
282 You don’t have the Money? Use your Granddaughter to Repay the Debt!
283 Fatty Passes the Tes
284 The First Open-Contest!
285 There’s No Harm in Having Fun
286 Elder Brother Will Remain at the Top... Even if the Sky Falls Down!
287 A Very Generous and Easy Target!
288 You’re Very Lucky!
289 I Only Feel Like Stepping on the Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute
290 This is the Next One
291 I Will Abuse You Till I Don’t Die!
292 Attacked by an Assassin!
293 A Sharp Sword on the Verge of Being Unsheathed!
294 Determination!
295 Xiao Family’s Plans and Arrangements
296 The Xuan Beast Uprising in the South...
297 Femme Fatale?
298 The Jade is Running Away...
299 We Fell Head-First!
300 That’s How Ingredients Are Procured
301 We Just Need The Eastern Wind!
302 Alchemy and Progression
303 The Dispute Over the Medicinal Dans, and Guan Qing Han’s Breakthrough
304 Ballad of the ‘Real Man’
305 The Undercurrents before the Battle
306 I Wish To Go Too
307 The Crossbows... Have Arrived!
308 I’ve Come Here to Rob!
309 I Will Only Observe; I Won’t Even Speak
310 We’ve Lost Another One!
311 It’s My Turn At Las
312 Frantically Tortured to Death
313 The Sullen Sky Xuan Assassins
314 Sword Pointed to Tian Fa
315 To Violate the Army’s Disciplinary Laws
316 The Malignant Tumor Serves as the Vanguard
317 Two Girls — Two Problems
318 Turtledove Takes-over the Magpie’s Nes
319 The Yin-Yang Harmony Drug?
320 I Only Seek For My Heart To Be At Peace
321 The Nephew and Uncles Meet as Strangers
322 To Fail Miserably at an Easy Task
323 Jun Mo Xie! You Had the Impertinence to Stab Your Uncle?!
324 Don’t Let Your Fertile Water onto Others' Farms?
325 Dongfang Wen Xin
326 The Biggest Barrier to Xuan Cultivation’s Advancemen
327 Dispelling Erstwhile Resentmen
328 A Grim Situation
329 Thunderous Events in Tian Fa
330 The Unreasonable Lord of the Tian Fa Fores
331 Jun Mo Xie’s Doubts
332 Baili Luo Yun
333 Tian Fa’s Fury
334 To Have the Heart of a Bear, And the Guts of a Panther
335 Tian Fa is Shocked
336 Tian Fa’s Decision
337 They Wish to Entrap Me? They Should Make Preparations For Their Own Funerals!
338 Fortuitous Encounter in Tian Fa
339 The ‘Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons’ Frui
340 I’m Stealing this Sacred Fruit for the Sake of Doing a ‘Good Deed’
341 Tian Fa’s Millions Depend on the Success or Failure of One Person!
342 The Mysterious Master Shows Up, and Has Some Other Plans
343 Whoever Believes in Me Will Live Forever
344 Bumper Harvest!
345 Extremely Vile!
346 Li Teng Yun’s Persecution
347 This Thought Shall Remain Immortal in the Realm of this World!
348 Don’t Snatch My Husband!
349 The Hero Won’t Be Alone!
350 Internal Strife
351 Wrongly Accusing Li Jue Tian
352 A Frantic Battle
353 The Two World-Shaking Swordsmen — Rainstorm, and Hurricane; Both Great Masters!
354 The Battle Commences
355 A Strange Battle
356 Trying to Steal a Chicken Only to End-up Losing the Rice Used to Lure i
357 Great Master Li Jue Tian’s Tragedy
358 Name Shakes the World!
359 I Will Curse You Till You Die of Excessive Rage!
360 How Can You Be So Shameless?!
361 The Snake King Comes Out to Fight!
362 Lei Wu Bei Fights
363 The Third Battle
364 Four Great Masters Fight Tian Fa
365 A Majestic Battle
366 Defeated!
367 Knife Thrower! Knife Thrower Appears Again!
368 The Killing Blow! The Aftermath!
369 Scatter Like The Clouds
370 The Devil’s Bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos
371 Profits From Disaster, and Breaks Through a Third Time!
372 Breaking Through to the Third Level!
373 What Kind of a Medicine is it?
374 I Want to ‘Cook Rice’ with You, Jun Mo Xie
375 Turning Ordinary Iron into Wonderful Gold!
376 I’ve Come to Cook!
377 I Won’t Play, Would You?
378 Must Have a Clear Conscience
379 As Furious As the Claps of Thunder!
380 Courageous Little Girl
381 A Trace of Guil
382 The Responsibility and Farce
383 I’m a Selfish Man!
384 The Undercurrent in the Capital
385 Tang Yuan’s Strategies
386 Enters Tian Fa for the Third Time
387 Bear and Crane Kings
388 Help the Beast King with the Breakthrough
389 Many Beast Kings Gather to Celebrate with Jun Mo Xie!
390 I Will Do This For Your Reputation
391 Jun Mo Xie's Magnificent Plan!
392 The Ultimate Objective
393 Collision of the Spirit Senses
394 The Nine Xuan Root!
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 5
395 How Did You Eat It?
396 The True Style of the Evil Monarch
397 Instigating a Situation of Chaos and Fanaticism
398 Jun Vents Anger
399 Fight a Spirit Xuan and Show-Case Extraordinaire!
400 Dealing a Fatal Blow to a Spirit Xuan Expert!
401 Help Me a ‘Little’ if You Aren’t in a Rush?
402 Good and Evil Will Eventually Be Distinguished! The Heaven’s Justice Can’t Be Escaped!
403 I Will Never Shirk Away!
404 I Will Protect My Woman Myself!
405 Everyone has their own Issues
406 The Truly Divine Weapon
407 The Blood of Yellow Flame
408 Old Man Jun’s Extreme Joy turns to Sorrow
409 You’re Our Kin?
410 The Matter Is Something like This
411 The Earthquake at the Dugu Family...
412 The Two Military Families Join Hands
413 Xiao Han’s Madness
414 Peerless Magnificence!
415 My Toilet is known as the Silver Blizzard City!
416 Is There Still Room for More Bad Luck in this Situation?
417 Jun Mo Xie’s “Misery”!
418 A Suspicion of Ten Years
419 It’s a Good Sword! It’s a Cheap-o!
420 It’s Not True!
421 Jun Mo Xie Fights Xiao Bu Yu
422 Exactly What Was Desired From The Game!
423 To Threaten the East, and Strike the West Instead
424 Cruel!
425 I’m Not Even Close to Being the Demon That You Are!
426 The Spirit Xuan Expert Falls Apart!
427 The Great Spirit Deterrence Technique!
428 Extreme Humiliation!
429 Keeping a Promise!
430 The Stunning Sword Attack!
431 I’m a Kindhearted Person in Reality
432 My Name is Mei Xue Yan
433 Guan Qing Han’s Suspicion
434 Bone-Tempering Pill!
435 There’s No Way to Survive This Day...
436 Which Side Do You Take?
437 Jun Mo Xie’s Weakness
438 The Thunderous News from the Southern Heaven!
439 Shocked to the Core!
440 Jun Family’s Influence
441 His Unrivalled Prestige!
442 Conscience!
443 Difficulties the Entire Journey
444 Returns to Tian Xiang
445 You’ll Be A Grandpa...
446 Trouble Arrives
447 I’ll Give You Two Choices
448 Cruel Methods
449 Let Me See Your Purity!
450 Bloody Events along the Entire Way; Slaughters along the Entire Way!
451 Makes a Strong Entry to the City!
452 Abandon?!
453 The Cat’s Out of the Bag
454 Leave Everything to Me!
455 Advancements and Suspicions
456 Dropping-in to Murder
457 You Will Bring Great Sufferings for the Common People!
458 How Can A Rosy-cheeked Hero Solve the Problems of Lasting Importance if He Can’t Shed His Sentiments!
459 Not One Will Get Away With It!
460 Tian Xiang is Filled with Blood!
461 What is True, and What is No
462 A Battle of Certain Death
463 Three Assassins
464 The Consequences of Being Forced to Loose Weigh
465 Tang Yuan’s Agony
466 Ye Gu Han’s Epiphany
467 Visiting the Dugu Family
468 What is Pagoda Suppresses?
469 Old Lady’s Persecution
470 This Is the Way to Go About i
471 I Can Cure This Illness!
472 A Joke... Or A Set-Up?
473 No One Can Insult My Brother!
474 A Despicable Conspiracy
475 Brothers!
476 Only Blood is Capable of Washing Away this Humiliation!
477 Tang Yuan’s Romance
478 Throw Away the Nine-Hundred-Million, But Don’t Forfeit Conscience!
479 Tracking and Reverse-Tracking
480 Sees the Two Pretty Women Again
481 Mei Xue Yan’s Reaction
482 Threatened You; So What?
483 Fights Mei Xue Yan!
484 Takes Advantage and Suffers Losses
485 Assaults Mei Xue Yan Indecently
486 I Will Follow My Own Desires
487 Any Condition!
488 The Battle for Seizing the Heavens, and the Fierce Trinity
489 Horrible People of the Strange Race
490 Indignant at Injustice
491 A New Wave Rises Before the First One Settles
492 Three Great Pills
493 Concocting Pills
494 Treacherous Countermeasures
495 Tian Fa Sends a Batch of Herbs
496 Huang Family’s Supporter
497 Interrogation
498 Knocking at a Widow’s Door at Nigh
499 Knocks Into a Big Plank
500 Chops a Great Master in One Strike!
501 You’re Accusing Me Wrongly...
502 Pleasant Surprise Follows after the Ambiguousness...
503 Huang Ancestor Moves into Action
504 The Days of Escaping for their Life
505 Huang Tai Yang
506 The Fatal Combination of the Falcon and the Snake!
507 Huang Tai Yang’s Tragedy
508 Stunning Sword Strike!
509 Dies Like This!
510 You Should Take Responsibility Towards Me!
511 Even A Fraudulent Man Can’t Be So Fraudulent...
512 Supernatural Foresigh
513 Wishing for an Unstable Situation
514 All These Sins? Who Will Bear the Blame? Whose Mistake Was It?
515 End of the Demons of the Heart!
516 The Second Prince Wants to Scramble Over the Herbs?
517 I Want To... Do This!
518 Country Bumpkins Enter a Big City
519 Big Big Big Big Big...
520 The Greatness of a Good Man’s Passion!
521 You Guys Should Do This and That...
522 Experts Gather; Ning Wu Qing!
523 Tit for Tat; Measure for Measure
524 This Divine Pill’s Effect Can Contend Against the Heaven’s Creation!
525 The Terrifying Ratio
526 Unstoppable Like Wildfire
527 Disputes!
528 Astronomical Numbers!
529 Using the ‘Tale of the White Snake’ to Entertain the Women...
530 The Coercion of the Three Holy Lands
531 Others Will Get Because They Want. But, You Want Too? No!
532 A Man Can’t Be Too Shameless
533 Suspicions
534 Conspiracy!
535 Venerable Mei... I Had Recognized You Long Ago...
536 Fatty Sets Weight-Loss Record
537 Fatty’s Bad Luck
538 Under Pressure; Can Only Strive To Do The Utmost!
539 Mei Xue Yan’s Happiness
540 Guan Qing Han Incites Passion
541 The Four Essential Traits!
542 Mei Xue Yan’s Grievances
543 Miss Mei, Have I Offended You in the Past?
544 Elder Sister, I Wish to Spar With You...
545 Enhancing Strength
546 Grand Ceremony!
547 The Jun Family’s Reputation
548 Gives Swords to the Beast Kings!
549 What Is Brother-in-law Trying To Do?
550 Threatens While Confronting the Heroes of the Entire World!
551 The Worry on Li You Ran’s Mind
552 Atrocities Can Transform People in Such a Way!
553 What If I Were The Emperor?
554 I’ll Give You A Big Gift!
555 A Great Enemy Arrives at the Doorstep!
556 Prepared For A War!
557 The Snake King’s Might!
558 A World-Shaking Supernatural Entity!
559 The Tragic Emotions of Desperation!
560 Shrouds the Sky and Appears!
561 Supreme Intimidation!
562 Burns Half-bodied!
563 Three Holy Lands, I’ll Come to You!
564 I’ll Bury The Entire World With Him If He Dies!
565 That Was Very Worrisome!
566 Recovery? Or breakthrough?!
567 Breakthrough! The fourth level!
568 New Power, Power of the Five Elements!
569 Xue Yan’s Heart!
570 Emotions!
571 The Suspicions Of Jun Mo Xie
572 If you move, you are a beast!
573 Growing stronger together!
574 Who's Hunting Who?
575 Assigning duties
576 Bobsled and Tender Sentiments
577 Tricks don’t work? Use force then!
578 Your thoughts are too dirty......
579 Torture All of You to Death!
580 Kill the Supreme!
581 Jun Mo Xie's Real Strategy
582 If I say you are a guilty, you are guilty!
583 Oppressing them with Vigor!
584 A smell belonging to Evil Jun
585 Again, defend and kill!
586 What I want is true love
587 Tender sentiments and the opportunity to kill!
588 Miscalculated!
589 The Fight of Thunder and Hell!
590 What is true love?
591 Where is my true love?
592 Attacking the Heart with an Edge of a Blade
593 Two battlefields!
594 Please send me on my way!
595 Xue Yan’s concerns
596 If you treat me well, I can give you anything!
597 Agent’s Repor
598 Zi Jing Hong’s Conclusion
599 The Plan at Tian Guan Lin!
600 Before Tian Guan Lin
601 I am Jun Mo Xie!
602 Tian Guan Lin, Cries of the men!
603 Military spirit forever here!
604 So, how did I scold you?
605 A well-stamped fingerprint!
606 The depressing story of a Scapegoat Supreme
607 Cycling battles! Tire her out!
608 Four-Season Ultimate Blade!
609 Cruelty!
610 Dual Destruction Battle Technique!
611 Ultimate Scapegoat!
612 Amazing Chu Qi Hun!
613 Old Madam Dongfang
614 Unfailing as the Sun that Rises from the East, I am Undefeatable!
615 Tears Of A Loving Mother!
616 Ask the Heart! Have no Regrets!
617 The Power of Wood! For My Mother!
618 As a Daughter, a Wife and a Mother, You Must Wake Up!
619 Getting Injured? It's Worth It!
620 I Finally Have a Mother Who Cares for Me
621 Is that a Lie?!
622 Dong Fang Family's Intelligence...
623 Giving Out Pills!
624 The Trick To Raising Children...
625 Revenge on the Three Holy Lands Begins
626 Snowing Hotel
627 Everything Was Strange!
628 Collaboration of the Two Supreme Killers!
629 Every Blow is Fatal
630 The Misty Illusory Manor
631 Confrontation!
632 Who is The King? First Fight!
633 Battle of the Kings of Assassins!
634 Falling Without Fighting?
635 Alliance? Or Opposition?
636 I'll Give You One Needle!
637 Assassinations!
638 I'll Kill You After Your Internal Fights!
639 There’s Nothing Underneath?!
640 Merciful and Heartless, Two Venerables!
641 Bestowing Mercy!
642 Fully Deserved!
643 Schemes!
644 Mountains Collapsing and Earth Splitting!
645 Advance to the Blizzard Silver City
646 The Song of No Regrets
647 Clap Our Hands to Make a Promise
648 The Killer Leng Ao
649 Boss, We are Celebrating for You!
650 Xue Yan's Anger
651 Rapid Progress of Tian Fa!
652 Destroy the Silver City When the Flowers Blossom in Spring!
653 Mistress???
654 Winners Are Kings and Losers Are Villains; I Don't Regret!
655 Princess' Feelings
656 Please Help Me this Final Time!
657 Pathetic Cruelty!
658 Drifting, Withered Petals in the Snowy Night!
659 Everlasting Love!
660 Revenge Begins!
661 Destroying the Blood Sword Hall!
662 Humiliation! They Couldn't Even Choose Death!
663 Kill Them Slowly!
664 You Are Loyal But I Will Insist!
665 Du Jue Arrives!
666 Gaining Great Fortune From a Grunt!
667 Meat Pies Dropping from the Sky!
668 Du Jue's Concern
669 Lawless And Brazen, Grave of the Affectionate Couple!
670 Murong Feng Yun
671 The Suspicion of the Master of the Blizzard Silver City
672 Han Yan Yao on the Snow Capped Peak
673 The Blizzard Supreme, Han Feng Xue
674 You Can Get Married?
675 Conquering the World in No Time and Unifying Everyone for Centuries!
676 Mei Xue Yan's Pep Talk
677 The Masters of the Three Holy Lands!
678 Jun Mo Xie is the Biggest Scourge!
679 Decided! Kill Jun Mo Xie and Obliterate Mei Xue Yan!
680 Driving Out All Xuan Beasts from Tian Fa!
681 World-shocking!
682 Arriving in Tian Xiang!
683 Onward to Silver City!
684 All the Way to the North!
685 What is a Supreme?
686 Venerable and Sain
687 The Unbelievable Nine Nether First Young Master
688 Six Venerables!
689 Imminent Turmoil in Tian Xiang City
690 The Pervert Venerable
691 Battle between Venerables!
692 Jun Mo Xie's Retaliation
693 I Won't Let You Die So Easily!
694 I Want to Kill All of You!
695 Murderous Words
696 Fight to Death!
697 Trap and Kill!
698 It Must Be Done!
699 The Might of the Heaven and Earth!
700 Breakthrough!
701 Because I Am Unresigned!
702 I Want To Break Through Too!!
703 Through the Endless Rounds of Samsara, Only Love is Eternal!
704 Night Exploration of Silver City!
705 Conflicts within Blizzard Silver City
706 True Cruelty!
707 Hate and Conflicts Have Their Own Reasons!
708 What A Way To Uphold Justice!
709 We're Indeed Rebelling, So What!
710 This is a Real Peak Level Sword!
711 One Sword Crushing Heart!
712 Another Crime Added to the Scapegoat!
713 Ascending the Snowy Sword Peak Alone!
714 Sour Gentleness
715 This is Your Responsibility! You Must Carry It!
716 This is the Pugilistic World!
717 This Is The Pugilistic World! 2
718 Prepare to Beat the Drowning Dogs!
719 What a Letter of Challenge!
720 Driving the Power of the Five Elements under the Snow-capped Peak!
721 Finally Here to Court Death...
722 The Collapse of the Snow-Covered Sword Peak!
723 A Poem of the Collapse of Heaven And Earth!
724 The Arrival of the Great Army!
725 Despair! Regret!
726 Bear Humiliation and Blame!?
727 Is Being Kind a Crime?
728 I Never Take Risks!
729 The Rule of the Evil Monarch
730 Illusory Manor Emissary!
731 For the Sake of the World, Please Accede to My Request!
732 Let You All Deal with Yourselves!
733 That Incident Back Then!
734 The Death of The General
735 Ten Years Apart and We Meet Again!
736 Fresh Blood of the Enemy to Worship the Loyal Souls
737 Hongjun Pagoda's Desire!
738 Talk about Marriage!
739 Difficult to Step Even an Inch Away
740 Tian Xiang! The Saint's testing!
741 First Stage, Dugu Xiao Yi!
742 It's Really the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?
743 Jun Zhan Tian's Countermeasure!
《Otherworldly Evil Monarch》 Volume 6
744 Mixing Truth and Lie!
745 Heaven Defying Shock!
746 Blows!
747 Giving Further Thought and Discussing it Later
748 Treacherous Traversing in the Ground!
749 Bizarre Encounter
750 The Saints’ Operation!
751 The Nine Nether First Young Master's Letter!
752 The Land of Nine Nethers!
753 I'll be Back to Find You!
754 The Nine Nether First Young Master's Treasure Vault!
755 Warm Jade Core Silk!
756 One Mind, Five Tasks!
757 Returning from a Rewarding Trip! Back to Tian Xiang!
758 Deadly Threat!
759 Kill Mei!
760 Saint King Pill! Dead End!
761 Fight to the Last Breath!
762 Madness!
763 You Don't Deserve It!
764 If the Heavens Want You to Go, Then I Shall Defy the Heavens!
765 To Die! To Return to Heaven!
766 Jun Zhan Tian's decision!
767 Could Longevity be Possible?
768 Jun Mo Xie, Li You Ran!
769 A Stratagem for You: To Destroy the Holy Lands!
770 I'll Send You to the Top!
771 Xue Yan Wakes Up!