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Chapter 419: Controlled

Chapter 419: Controlled

Three very small blades were clasped between the black clothed person’s fingers. The pressure behind her shocked her, but the second Ye Tian Xie’s footsteps stopped behind her, the black clothed person had already taken a breath and turned around. The three ice cold glows drew out three ice cold arcs that were incomparably fast and ruthless. The three cold points were like the terrifying fangs of a beast, symbolizing certain death……

The Blood Dream Paradise did not have Power Users, but accurately speaking, there was not a single one. But these people, there were a group of truly strange ones among them. After being developed for countless years, the Blood Dream Paradise added up only made several hundred people, but each one of these people were terrifying in the eyes of normal people. They had all been selected by the Blood Dream Paradise and trained since they were young, becoming killing machines amidst blood and death. Without innate talent and the perseverance of not wanting to die, they would only die there, becoming an offering to a true expert. The Blood Dream Paradise would bring back countless talented people each year, but there would only be three people remaining in the end.

Power Users had innate abilities and their abilities were fostered under this brutal environment. When it reached a certain degree, it would be several times more terrifying than innate Power Users. They lived to kill, so they focused on killing people with a single hit. To reach that peak of “killing with a single hit”, what was required was an earth shattering explosive might……

The black clothed person’s body had been tumbling, but the explosive force she displayed a shocking attack that not even demons and gods could escape from.

“Si la…..”

With a tearing sound, Ye Tian Xie who moved his body back as fast as lightning was hit by the three silver lights and the only layer he was wearing had three long streaks on it. If the blades in the black clothed person’s hands were five millimeters longer, they would have hit Ye Tian Xie’s chest.

When he heard the tearing sound and felt a cold breeze coming from these three streaks on his chest, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes turned cold. That attack just now, it was almost enough to break him break out in a cold sweat. He found it hard to believe that in this world, other than himself, there was someone else who could attack with such speed and force…..It had almost directly hit his body. It had to be known, a bullet from five meters away and a sniper rifle bullet from thirty meters, he could easily dodge those. The speed of the attack just now, it actually surpassed that of a bullet!

The attack of the black clothed person had forced Ye Tian Xie back and she had already stood up. She did not continue attacking, but rather with incredible speed, she turned to run. Ye Tian Xie was shocked by her attack, but it was unknown how many times more she was shocked compared to him. Her attack that had never failed had finally failed today……This, was under the situation where the heavy rain was impairing his senses.

Even for insults in the most simple language, Ye Tian Xie would also enact cruel retaliation, not to mention an assassination against him. How could he let this person escape…..But, he had to admit that this person was the fastest person he had ever met. With their running speed, they could easily open a gap between them.

He did not immediately chase and just stood there, looking forward. Taking a sudden breath, he bent down and used all his strength in his right foot as he suddenly stepped off the ground.

The tenacity and strength of Ye Tian Xie’s body surpassed even that of the fiercest beast in the world. The power of the dragon, even if he could only use a tiny portion, it was not something a normal life form could compare to.

Although his speed could not compare to the black clothed person, the speed that erupted from his strength surpassed the human limits by countless times.

With a heavy boom, a deep hole appeared in the firm ground from his strength and Ye Tian Xie flew out like an arrow. He flew right at the black clothed person, instantly closing the gap.

The black clothed person could feel a breeze behind her and she was shocked. Before she could turn around, the sharp blade in her hand had already stabbed out, only being faster and not slower than the last attack. How could Ye Tian Xie fall for this move again after being prepared. In the darkness, his eyes revealed a cold light that made people’s heart skip a beat as they saw everything…..The black clothed person’s movements, the three silver glows, and even the rain falling and the air currents…..There was not a single thing his eyes missed.

Ye Tian Xie’s body remained in the air as his right hand reached out as fast as lightning, grabbing the black clothed person’s wrist with incomparable accuracy and instantly stopping those three silver streaks. His wrist slightly turned and with a “kacha” he dislocated the black clothed person’s wrist. When he fell down, his right hand also grabbed her right hand and he threw her forward. That giant force sent her body flying five-six meters away and the two of them slammed against the ground.

Whether it was her dislocated wrist or being slammed down, the black clothed person did not let out a single cry of pain. But Ye Tian Xie’s power was too powerful and when the black clothed person felt her body shattering after being slammed on the ground, feeling hard to stand up for a while.

Her right hand which she lost feeling in weakly dangled down and three silver blades fell one by one. When she looked up, those cold eyes looked at that terrifying person and her left hand was already gripped by an ice cold thing. From her first assassination mission, there were countless people who had already died by her hands. She never remembered who she killed or how many people she killed in total. She already learned to ignore death because she could easily decide life or death by raising her hand. In all these years, she had never failed before.

Today was the first time.

They only knew three things, the first was killing and the second was escaping. This was her first time failing and escaping had now become hope.

As for the third thing, it was the most evil assassin weapon…..

Only with a single glance, she saw his eyes again. They were eyes that were cold, sinister, curious, and mostly taunting, but there was no anger. It was as if this assassination did not count for anything to him and it seemed like an amusing game to him. Other than that, she saw a light that she couldn’t understand that was like a flame deeply burning within his eyes.

Without knowing why, she who never hesitate could not open her left hand that would let them perish together in this moment…..Because she suddenly understood why those eyes seemed so familiar. It was because this was the only pair of eyes that could deeply touch her heart. These eyes, she had seen them many times, but she was still shocked, frightened, confused, and perplexed…..