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Chapter 418: Complete defeat!

Chapter 418: Complete defeat!

It was clearly summer, but what hit his face was an bone chilling cold wind. That cold glow came in an instant, moving at an incredible speed. From the window breaking to the cold glow piercing out, it was only a short period of time. This speed and coming this suddenly…..It far exceeded the reaction range of a normal person.

But it was a pity…..that Ye Tian Xie was not a normal person.

That dagger was only twenty centimeters from Ye Tian Xie’s neck and it would only take less than 0.1 seconds to penetrate, slicing his throat. Also, Ye Tian Xie’s hands were currently holding Xiao Xi who had just been covered in a blanket…..A cold glow flashed in the eyes of the black clothed person in the dark. With this distance and with this speed, he already could not dodge it and could not use his hand to block it.

But…..in the next instant, those eyes suddenly shrank.


That full force dagger did not penetrate flesh, but like it had stabbed into a giant rock, it let out the sound of metal colliding. A strong reflected force passed through the hand and almost shattered the black clothed person’s hand. She was shocked to see that hand that couldn’t be taken away…..was actually grabbed onto her dagger.

That dagger she stabbed out with explosive might had actually been grabbed by him and she could not move forward an inch. With a flash of lightning, in that extremely short instant, she saw her target’s face…..It was an outstanding face and his eyes were currently staring right into hers, while he had a strange evil smile of disdain. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat……Those eyes, why did they seem so familiar.


With an ear grating sound, the dagger crafted of steel was broken by Ye Tian Xie’s hand. At the same time, an irresistible power was released as the black clothed person was blown away like a withered leaf as they flew out the window that had been broken.

The broken dagger fell from Ye Tian Xie’s hands as scrap and there were two lines on his hand, but there was no blood flowing at all….Perfectly unharmed! But, in the blink of an eye, danger came again…..

When that black clothed person was about to fly out the window, with the sound of the rain falling, a bullet flew out……When the black clothed person was flying through the air, they made an incredible turn and shot with a tiny pistol. It had been rushed, but the bullet’s aim was incomparably accurate…..It flew right at Ye Tian Xie’s eye. Catching her dagger with his hand and even shattering the dagger, it could be imagined just how strong and terrifying his body was. The most optimal choice she had was going for his eye.

In front of Ye Tian Xie’s unconsciously enlarged pupil, the bullet passed through Guo Guo with a shocked cry from her and flew at his right eye…..If Guo Guo did not have the ability to not touch real world items, it would have penetrated right through her.


The bullet was caught by Ye Tian Xie’s incomparably fast right hand. From the force of the bullet, Ye Tian Xie flew back until his back touched the bedpost. When he stood up, the black figure was already gone and there was only the sounds of the rain and wind.

Ye Tian XIe’s right hand felt a faint pain. It was a good thing it was a bullet with weak power, otherwise from this distance, perhaps it could have injured him.

The bullet was ground to dust by Ye Tian Xie as a bone chilling glow appeared in his eyes burning with desire. He used the blanket to cover Xiao Xi before he draped himself with his clothes. Standing up, he jumped out of the window.

Although the sound insulating was good and adding in the sound of the rain, the sound of the window breaking and the sound of the ineffective pistol had been vaguely heard by the awake Su Fei Fei.

“Little sister, did you hear anything?” Su Fei Fei shook Chen Xin beside her, speaking in a somewhat anxious voice. She was afraid of rainy nights, but with Chen Xin and Chen Xue here, she was embarrassed to go into Ye Tian Xie’s room like last time, so she had Chen Xin and Chen Xue sleep with her. The three slender girls on Su Fei Fei’s large bed did not feel crowded at all.

Chen Xin was awakened and she rubbed her eyes, sleepily looking at Su Fei Fei. A beauty that had just woken up had a kind of lazy charm.

“Chen Xin, did you hear something just now?” Su Fei Fei asked again.

“No…..It just seems like it’s rain.” Chen Xin blinked, speaking with a clear sleepiness.

“……I should have heard wrong then.” Su Fei Fei said in small voice before fixing her pyjamas and drilling back into the blanket. She leaned up against Chen Xin, “Chen Xin, are you afraid of thunder?”

“Wu…..” The drowsy Chen Xin had already fallen back to sleep.


A large rainfall could affect movement, eyesight, hearing, and other senses. With the rain becoming bigger, the effect was becoming stronger, otherwise with Ye Tian Xie’s senses, that black clothed person would not have only been discovered when they were this close. Of course, the noise he made with Xiao Xi was also one of the main reasons.

However, this effect was mutual. It affected Ye Tian Xie and it affected the black clothed person.

Since this person dared to come, Ye Tian Xie did not have plans to let her go, otherwise he wouldn’t be Ye Tian Xie. But whether it was her ability to hide, her explosive strength, or that shocking shot from that impossible angle, it all made Ye Tian Xie shocked. At this time, there was a faint pain in his right hand. For it to reach this degree, that black clothed person’s identity was not simple. No, it should already be strange to be that strong. They definitely were not an ordinary assassin.

After the black clothed person was thrown out the window by Ye Tian Xie’s strength, they staggered after falling before immediately running. That face to face sure kill move had actually failed. When her heart was filled with panic, she immediately chose to run away. If the first kill did not land, then they would run away, this was the first rule of being an assassin. Not to mention that the other side was such a terrifying person…..Compared to all people she’s fought, even compared to the Sacred Domain’s master, Murong Hong Yi, he was even more terrifying than them!

Although hindered by the large rain, the black clothed person was incomparably fast. This speed had already clearly surpassed the limit of humans. When she was over twenty meters away, Ye Tian Xie also jumped out of the window and chased with a frown. Although his speed was much faster than normal people, it was inferior to the black clothed person and the gap between them gradually increased.

The sound coming from behind made the black clothed person turn her head. She opened her ice cold eyes and her right hand flicked backwards…..

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

With the sounds of four gunshots that was submerged in the cover of the rain, four bullets flew out in four different directions. They flew respectively at Ye Tian Xie’s head, neck, and right and left chest.

With four thumping sounds, the four bullets all landed on Ye Tian Xie. The top hit his forehead and the bottom hit his left and right chest, only the one aimed for his neck was grabbed by Ye Tian Xie. The large rain had weakened the might of the bullet and Ye Tian Xie could easily block them, but the force of the four bullets made him stop moving and had even forced him back to steps, almost slipping on the ground…..And in front of him, the black clothed person who sent out four bullets couldn’t withstand the force and was sent back with the force, increasing the distance between the two of them.

In the darkness, that black form was already getting further and further away, as the three bullets landed at the same time. Ye Tian Xie narrowed his eyes and did not keep chasing, fixing his eyes on that figure getting further and further away. Raising his right foot, he suddenly stepped off the ground.

With a thump, that incomparably firm ground was shattered to pieces by his foot, even splashing out. Ye Tian Xie’s eyes did not turn and grabbing out, he grabbed several pieces of rock flying out. Turning around, he whipped out his hand in front of him…..His lips raised back into a sinister smile.


That sound breaking the air and the rain sounded like an ear piercing bullet flying through the air. It was like a meteor flying out as it accurately flew at the black clothed person.

When the black clothed person heard this sound behind her, her first reaction was…..It was the sound of a sniper rifle bullet!

Her body revealed a terrifying agility in this moment. The body in full sprint suddenly displaced as she used her right foot as a fulcrum, turning at an incredible curvature, with her body also displacing at the same time. This kid of speed, even if it was a bullet or even a sniper rifle bullet, it was possible to dodge it. Instantly, that stone flew over her and a flash of lightning came at the right time. When she saw what the thing flying over her was, her heart was filled with amazement…..

How terrifying was his arm strength to be able to throw a normal stone with this kind of speed.

This person……

While she was thinking, a feeling of danger hit her. She turned around and did not have time to react as a swift wind hit her. The only thing she could do was to stop it from hitting her vitals and then using all her strength to resist it.


A second rock following closely behind the first one landed on the black clothed person’s right shoulder, before the stone shattered to pieces. The black clothed person gave a muffled grunt as she was actually sent flying by the impact, flying out three-four meters.

Even though she used all her strength to resist it, the power behind this attack far exceeded her expectations. The moment she was hit, that giant impact almost shattered her consciousness to pieces. When her body fell, her shoulder was filled with incomparable pain. Although she didn’t receive a flesh wound, there was internal bleeding. For a second, she could not gather her strength, not even being able to gather the strength to stand up.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta……

The calm footsteps came from behind her as if he wasn’t worried that his prey would escape. He walked slowly and each step was like a step falling on her heart. When the sound of footsteps behind her stopped, she felt a pressure she had never felt before…..Even when faced with the Emperor Asura of the Blood Dream Paradise, she never felt a cold aura like this. However, thee aura coming from behind her actually made her heart beat faster. This kind of feeling, was the first time she was feeling it in her entire life.

After all, just from that short exchange, the feeling he gave her was just too terrifying!

This person, could he really be called a person? Even the strongest Power User would not have such a terrifying body and mind.