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Chapter 417: Assassination in the rain

Chapter 417: Assassination in the rain

“The night of a storm is our best time to move. The storm can cover the line of sights and it can cover up all our sounds. This time’s target is not simple, the five from Thunder Fang died at his hands and they died very strangely, without a sound. That’s why we would let you move under this heaven sent opportunity. Have you made your preparations?”

The tall black clothed man had his hand behind his back as he looked out the window. His face couldn’t be seen, but he was over two meters tall. Just standing there, there was a cold oppressive aura that was being released, making people unable to not feel fear.

The rain had fallen for a long time and did not show any signs of stopping. The sounds of the rain hitting the window were very ear splitting. Behind him, there was a black clothed girl with a black mask. The black leotard was tightly hugging her curves. Her hips where there was no gap at all, her butt that was curved and popping, and her twin peaks that seemed like they could pop out at any moment…..She silently stood there, but she released a fatal attraction that made people’s blood boil.

Hearing the tall man’s words, the girl did not make a sound. The exposed eyes were as beautiful as stars and were as cold as ice, ice that did not contain the slightest trace of emotion.

“You are my Blood Dream Paradise’s strongest ‘Charming Asura’ of this generation, you should understand what responsibilities are on your shoulders. Since the day you became the Charming Asura, you could not have any emotions. I don’t want to pursue last time. You don’t need to know the identity of the person being killing this time, you just need to make sure he’s dead. The five people from Thunder Fang died without any warning, so this mission has terrifying unknown circumstances. The danger is very high, so you should be careful…..”

He raised a hand and coldly said, “Go, go early and come back early. If you cannot accomplish it, remember to keep your life.”

The girl turned around and opened the door, diving into the rain.

The man turned and eyes cold eyes revealed a bone chilling glow.


“Big brother…..” Xiao Xi kept tightly hugging Ye Tian Xie, as if she was afraid that if she let go, he would disappear from her side.

The moment girls lost their purity would be the moment they felt the most unsafe and Xiao Xi was also like this. Her little body accepted the wild storm of attacks from Ye Tian Xie while she moaned “big brother”. That tender voice was so charming that it made people’s hearts tremble.

Xiao Xi’s acceptance already made Ye Tian Xie have no scruples. He hugged her body and continued to go in and out of her delicate body, going faster and deeper. Xiao Xi accepted it all and while accepting the impact, the two points on her chest was also being caressed by Ye Tian Xie. The strong stimulation almost made her faint.

“Master…..Don’t bully Xiao Xi anymore! She’ll break…..She’ll break…..That big of a thing and Xiao Xi is so small…..Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! How…..How can it all go in. Wu, wu……Xiao Xi will really break.”

Guo Guo had already flew down from the window, watching the two of them come together the entire time, letting out shocked, terrified, and surprised cries the entire time. She felt pain for Xiao Xi and even more, she was filled with curiosity. Those wide eyes…..it was as if she didn’t believe that large and ominous thing could completely enter her body.

Ye Tian Xie ignored it all as he grabbed Xiao Xi’s legs, moving her onto her snow white little chest. He changed into a position easier to use more strength and pushed all the way into her again and again.

“Big brother——” Xiao Xi used her little hands to hold Ye Tian Xie arms, as her voice screamed out again and again from what she felt from her body…..Once again, another strong tidal wave filled her. Ye Tian Xie desire was still boiling as he firmly grasped her and pushed in all the way. “Pa!” With this sound, another wave of spring water flowed out. Again and again as he took a long and deep gaze at her. Each time he entered, Xiao Xi would scream, but the screams became shorter as her moans became filled with pleasure. The sounds of slapping went to the rhythm of the rain falling……

Xiao Xi’s body had a shocking ability to accept. Clearly it was her first time, but under Ye Tian Xie’s wild attacks, she accepted it again and again. She had even fainted three times, but she kept welcoming him without retreat.

The sound of the rain on the window did not stop and Ye Tian Xie did not know how long they had been going nor did he know how many times he had gone inside Xiao Xi. It was clear that it was the first time for both of them, but in this strange madness, they had switched positions many times…..He turned Xiao Xi over and thrust deep into Xiao Xi from behind. Or he held her leg and pushed in from the side. Or he had her sit in his waist with her legs around him, entering from the back. Or he had her ride on him, with both hands holding her delicate little breasts, teaching her to sway side to side…..

It was unknown how long it was, but Xiao Xi finally ran out of strength as her entire body fell down against Ye Tian Xie’s chest. Her tiny snow white butt and her snow white chest were fluctuating, as her body was covered in a layer of sweat and even her lips were covered in sweat drops. That snow white body was flushed rosy red and it looked like she was covered in beautiful rain drops.

Hugging Xiao Xi’s sleeping form, Ye Tian Xie was still together with her, but he held back and no longer moved.

The baptism of lust was terrifying. Even with Xiao Xi’s efforts, the flames of desire in Ye Tian Xie still wanted to burn…..

But Xiao Xi……

“Wu…..Master, is Xiao Xi fine? Master, what did you two do? You clearly used that thing to penetrate Xiao Xi’s body…..Why did Xiao Xi seem like she wasn’t in pain and seemed willing…..Master, what did you two do?”

Guo Guo had already asked the same thing three times at least. But Ye Tian Xie did not have time to reply to her at all.

Guo Guo went from her initial worry and surprise to becoming more and more curious about Xiao Xi’s reaction……Now, she was completely filled with curiosity. This was because it seemed like master wasn’t bullying Xiao Xi…..and Xiao Xi seemed like she was willing. Just what were they doing……

Ye Tian Xie slowly picked up Xiao Xi’s body and slowly separated her from him…..Over these days, she spent three fourths of her time asleep, so it could be imagined just how weak she was. She could not accept this kind of devastation at all.

With the two of them separating, a strand of white liquid slowly flowed down Xiao Xi’s delicate jade like legs…..This movement still did not wake Xiao Xi as she had already used all her strength and she was sleepier than if she had fought an earth shaking battle……

“Yi? Master, what is that? There is something dripping down.” Guo Guo all of a sudden saw the white liquid flowing out of Xiao Xi and slowly flew over, looking at it curiously.

Ye Tian Xie suppressed his desire and looked at the clock on the wall. He was surprised to notice that he had been venting on Xiao Xi for three hours……But that terrifying desire still did not fade. He could not imagine how Xiao Xi’s immature body withstood it all.

So, no matter what, he could not move on Xiao Xi any longer.

Hearing Guo Guo’s voice, Ye Tian Xie breathing became heavier as he revealed an evil smile, “Un…..That is the Dragon Essence you mentioned last time…..Guo Guo, didn’t you want to eat it the entire time?”

“Yi? This is the Dragon Essence that flows from master’s body, really?” Guo Guo was first surprised before being filled with excitement. She actually flew between Xiao Xi’s legs and lowered her little head, taking a strong sniff.

“Yiya! It’s true, it’s true! This is the smell……Elder sister told me back then that this was the smell.” What made Ye Tian Xie surprised was that Guo Guo actually let out an incomparably excited voice as her eyes suddenly lit up like two stars in the sky…..That expression, even when Guo Guo met her favorite food, she was not this excited.

“Then I want to eat it!!”

Ye Tian Xie: “………….”

After Guo Guo said this in an excited voice, she first dipped her finger in it and put it in her mouth. Then her eyes sparkled with a glow that was even brighter than the most radiant star in the sky. Then…..She dived between Xiao Xi’s legs and began to slurp up large mouthfuls like she was eating the most delicious thing in the world.

Ye Tian Xie was stunned as he looked at Guo Guo in the daze, being unable to come back to his senses for a while.

Guo Guo, she actually. She actually really…..really…..

“Wa oh! So tasty…..No wonder elder sister said Dragon Essence was the most delicious thing in the world. It’s true, it’s true. Wu wa…..I want more, I want more…..”

Ye Tian Xie: “@!#¥%……

“Your…..Your elder sister let you eat this?” Ye Tian Xie said with a breath that he couldn’t exhale.

“Wu, wu…..Un, un, elder sister said this a long time ago. She wanted me to eat a lot of master’s Dragon Essence because it is the most delicious thing in the world and elder sister would never lie to me.” Guo Guo earnestly slurped while saying in a vague voice.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

He stared at Guo Guo in a daze, temporarily even forgetting what he wanted to do.

No wonder…..No wonder Guo Guo asked if she could eat Dragon Essence last time, it was because…..of her elder sister. Was it Xian’er? But why would Xian’er……

With the sounds of swallowing, Guo Guo finally flew up. There were still white dots of liquid on her face and hair, but she licked her lips in satisfaction as she said in a relaxed voice, “Wu…..It’s really tasty. Master, do you have more? I still want to eat!”

When she spoke, a faint glow surrounded Guo Guo’s body and she released a layer of white light.

“Yi?” When Ye Tian Xie saw this strange scene, Guo Guo also noticed that her body was changing. Letting out a curious sound, she looked down at her body.

In that moment, Ye Tian Xie’s mind suddenly. In an instant, the window suddenly broke as a dark figure mixed with raindrops and cold wind flew in like a dark arrow. The sharp cold eyes in the dark made one’s heart beat fast.