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Chapter 400: *!

The Mysterious Merchant did not reveal any anger and just gave a calm smile, “He, come then.”

His voice was very calm and filled with indifference, it was like he did not care about Ye Tian Xie did to him at all.

Ye Tian Xie suddenly knit his brows.

He heard a deep disdain in the Mysterious Merchant’s calm voice.

This kind of disdain was something he had shown to others. With his violent pride, he could not withstand others looking down at him at all. Among the players, he was incomparable Xie Tian, Tian Mo Xie recognized by the world as the legend of the east. People’s expressions changed when they mentioned him. He was recognized as the fearful “Undefeated Evil Emperor”, standing at the peak for a long time. Those people that offend him or look down on him, they all learned what was regret by his hands. And…..there had never been anyone that had shown disdain towards him.

His dignity had been offended and he was enraged!

If he was affected by wrath of the seven sins, he would have beaten the Mysterious Merchant without any hesitation.

He patted the Star Picking Glove and Ye Tian Xie revealed a cold smile. He coldly said, “Do you have no fear because you’re confident in your skills? He, you’ll immediately know the truth soon.”

From the abilities the Mysterious Merchant had just displayed…..His strength was at least in the shocking Heaven Grade! And the items he had, not a single one was simple.

With this difference in level, their strength being heaven and earth apart, and the strong items that were hard to steal…..With these various factors, if Ye Tian Xie wanted to steal anything from him, it would be very hard even if it was the most common item.

He shouldn’t think about those strong items at all.

That was on the premise that Ye Tian Xie had a normal luck value.

However…..The Mysterious Merchant wouldn’t know that Ye Tian Xie’s luck was not normal at all, rather it was very unusual…..His current luck value was twenty three, so even a person with max innate luck would only have ten points, which wasn’t even half his luck.

The effect of this luck that far surpassed that of a normal person would not just simply increase his chances by one or two times…..Comparing this, if Ye Tian Xie’s luck was five and the Mysterious Merchant’s luck was nine, his chance of success would be zero. If Ye Tian Xie’s luck was ten, his chance of success was one. If Ye Tian Xie’s luck was twenty, after cancelling out nine points, it was a success rate of eleven.

Zero to one to eleven…..This change in success rate was not simple addition, rather it was an increase of several folds.

The Mysterious Merchant did not respond to his words. He remained there motionlessly, obviously not thinking that he could use the Star Picking Glove to take anything from him. Although he had struggled desperately, with his current strength, the Wishing Tree Vine was enough to hold him for at least ten minutes. Ye Tian Xie even felt that using thirty seven steals in ten minutes was using too much time.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a cold smile as he reached out with his right hand that had the Star Picking Glove. He grabbed out at the tied up Mysterious Merchant that was like a stump.

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Ye Tian Xie knit his brow and continued with his second and third attempt…..

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”


One fail, two fail, three, four…..five times all failed. Moreover, it failed so simply.

“There is too much of a difference in strength between us. Your strength is not enough to even steal my most normal item, so stop wasting your strength. If you escape now and use the Star Picking Glove on others, you can still obtain a bit of harvest.” The Mysterious Merchant said in a cold and disdainful voice.

The tone of his voice once again filled Ye Tian Xie with rage. His lips curled as he said with a cold smile, “Is that so…..You better remember clearly that in this world, there is nothing that is absolute! I am that kind of person, one that can turn the impossible into possible when I go all out!”

He put his hand down and summoned out a red, yellow, and indigo petaled flower from his inventory. He put it to his mouth without hesitation and swallowed it. Instantly a red, yellow, and indigo light simultaneously appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s body……

“Ding….You have used the Heaven Item ‘Lucky Flower’. Your luck has been permanently increased by 20.”

The Lucky Flower could permanently increase luck by twenty, but the effects could not be stacked. Ye Tian Xie did not immediately use it because he clearly remembered a special line in the description. If it is specially refined, perhaps it will have an even more mysterious effect.

But now, he could not wait for that “more mysterious effect”. He directly swallowed the Lucky Flower.

With the three coloured glow, Ye Tian Xie’s luck increased by an entire twenty points, letting his original twenty three luck explode to forty three!

Forty three luck! This was a luck value that far surpassed the upper limits of a player’s luck, a terrifying two digit number!

Forty three luck…..What reason did he have not to obtain anything from this person! Even if he can’t take anything precious, at least he had to earn back the cost!

His hand reached out again and continued using steal on the Mysterious Merchant…..Perhaps, this blatant behaviour couldn’t be called “stealing”, but rather naked *!

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

“Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Purple Crystal Coins’.”

Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile and that Mysterious Merchant’s expression finally changed.

The Star Picking Glove could only steal one-two items at once…..However, this was an “item” and not a simple “one”. Each item could take up a space and consumables like medicine and scrolls would form a stack with a maximum of one hundred…..The crystal coins were the same. This was equal to taking an entire stack which was still considered taking one item.

So, Ye Tian Xie directly obtained one hundred crystal coins.

“You!” The Mysterious Merchant spoke up.

“You shouldn’t mind me since even a single one of your herbs can be stolen.” Ye Tian Xie tauntingly said. When he spoke, he continued activating the steal ability.

“Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

“Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Scarlet Crystal Coins’.”

“Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Dry Hot Pepper’.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Holding those peppers that were releasing a terrifying choking smell from far away, Ye Tian Xie almost threw them away…..Ye Tian Xie thought about Su Fei Fei’s diet weakness…..She wouldn’t eat spicy things, not touching them at all.

If the first time was considered luck, then the second time and third time…..

The originally calm as a well Mysterious Merchant suddenly had his aura become visibly chaotic. He began to secretly use his strength to break free of his bindings, as his body began to sway side to side from his struggles.

“Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Green Crystal Coins’.”

Losing two hundred crystal coins, in the blink of an eye, he had however obtained three hundred crystal coins. Ye Tian Xie’s mouth almost became crooked from his smiles…..Of the thirty seven chances, he had only used twelve of them. After those first five failures, his luck had suddenly risen in the next seven attempts…..He had succeeded four times! His success rate surpassed 50%!

It had to be known that Ye Tian Xie with forty three luck had a basic success rate of 129%! It surpassed 100%. The fact that the Mysterious Merchant’s powers could suppress it to this point was already very shocking.

If that bamboo hat fell at this time, Ye Tian Xie would have seen an incomparably ugly face. Losing three hundred crystal coins in the blink of an eye…..The crystal coins were already very rare, appearing in areas with a source of energy or brutal environments. Even for someone like him that collected crystal coins, it was unknown how long it would take for him to collect three hundred crystal coins.

The thirteenth time – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Fourteen – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Fifteen – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Sapphire Crystal Coins’.”

Another hundred crystal coins entered his hands. Moreover…..His forty three luck was not limited, he had obtained different kinds of crystal coins in the end.

Ye Tian Xie’s smile became even more proud. In his excitement, his right hand released dark shadows which continued to fall on the Mysterious Merchant.

Sixteen – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Yellow Crystal Coins’.”

Seventeen – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Eighteen – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Sacred Spirit Herb’.”

Nineteen – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Evil Spirit’s Water’.”

Twenty – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Twenty one – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Sapphire Crystal Coins’.”

Twenty two – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Twenty three – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Mineral Water’.”

Ye Tian Xie looked at all the extra things in his inventory…..His lips curled as he almost broke out in laughter.

A large gain!!

He had earned it all back!!

They were all things that couldn’t be bought no matter how much money one had…..Now, they were coming in stacks of one hundred!!

One hundred Sacred Spirit Herbs and one hundred Mineral Waters…..It was unknown how many times his life would be saved! If he casually took one out to auction, it would be sold for an astonishing price. In the blink of an eye, he had obtained six hundred crystal coins, six hundred!!

Ye Tian Xie began to feel that “wasting” the Wishing Tree Vine and the Lucky Flower was too worth it!

Twenty four – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Twenty five – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Twenty six – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 10 ‘Fire Cloud Stone’.”

Twenty seven – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Twenty eight – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 100 ‘Purple Crystal Coins’.”

Twenty nine – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 1 ‘Divine Brilliance Stone’.”

Thirty – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Thirty one – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 1 ‘Water Evading Drop’.”

Thirty two – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Thirty three – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 1 ‘Divine Brilliance Stone’.”

Thirty four – “Ding…..Your steal has failed.”

Thirty five – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 10 ‘Fire Cloud Stone’.”

Thirty six – “Ding….You have successfully stolen 1 ‘Divine Brilliance Stone’.”


From thirty six steal attempts, he had obtained a total of two hundred Sapphire Crystal Coins, one hundred Scarlet Crystal Coins, two hundred Purple Crystal Coins, one hundred Green Crystal Coins, and one hundred Yellow Crystal Coins, a total of seven hundred crystal coins. He had also obtained twenty Fire Cloud Stones, three incomparably precious Divine Brilliance Stones, one Water Evading Drop, one hundred Dry Hot Peppers, one hundred Sacred Spirit Herbs, one hundred Evil Spirit’s Waters, and one hundred Mineral Waters……This harvest was inconceivably large, it had already exceeded his expectations. The added value of these items were impossible to approximate.

However, the three items he wanted the most and could be considered the reason why he was so shameless towards this Mysterious Merchant…..he could not obtain a single one. This was because these three items were all very high level and adding in the strength of the Mysterious Merchant, even with Ye Tian Xie’s current luck, it was still not very likely for him to steal them.

There was one last chance to use the steal ability. His hand stopped and his eyes drifted.

Items, he could not care about, but having all these crystal coins stolen, the Mysterious Merchant’s face had turned black and his aura became much more intense. However…..no matter how he was secretly plotting against Ye Tian Xie, Ye Tian Xie would not bow his head. He looked at Ye Tian Xie who was erratically looking around and his voice was calm and cold as he spoke, “I know what you want…..However, even if you are a hundred times stronger, it is impossible for you obtain those three items…..Quickly escape before I am free, otherwise….you, will, feel, regret!!”

Ye Tian Xie wasn’t moved by his words…..His hand remained in midair and didn’t move at all.

The remaining uses of the Star Picking Glove: 1/100!

If it was anyone else, with this incredibly harvest, their mouths would have been crooked from laughing.

But with a heart of greed, how could he be satisfied like this…..How could he give up the things that he wanted the most!

In his eyes, even if he added up all the things he had obtained, it could not compare to a single Vermillion Bird’s Plumage!

Ten seconds, twenty seconds…..thirty seconds……

One minute……

His brows knit as he looked forward, not moving at all. It was clear that he was thinking about something. Finally, he looked up and vanished on the spot.

He had returned to Falling Wind Town!