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Chapter 395: Huge harvest

Chapter 395: Huge harvest

Raising his right hand, on the black of his hand, there was no longer that black sun that had suddenly appeared…..It was like it had not existed at all. It was as if the mark just now had been an illusion…..Indeed, suddenly having a shocking mark appear on the back of his hand was something that people would instinctively doubt.

It was a black sun that was as dark as an endless abyss.

He suddenly thought of when he appeared in the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins and the Sacred Mark suddenly appeared on his left hand……The Sacred Mark had suddenly appeared like this, but the sacred white colour was the exact opposite of the dark black colour. The appearance was not pleasant like the four pointed mark, but rather was a shocking dark abyss…..

The place he had just gone……

His heart was filled with a deep doubt, but he calmed his heart. He once again raised the Illusory Stone Core and the basket as he locked onto the Red Sheep again. Each Ten Thousand Mile Tracker could be used ten times a day. As long as the Red Sheep did not leave the Lost Continent, it could not escape his tracking. Very quickly, he locked onto the Red Sheep’s position and teleported over.

Instantly appearing and instantly capturing. Although the Red Sheep ran fast, its reaction speed was not even a tenth of Ye Tian Xie’s. Adding in Ye Tian Xie’s fast as lightning attack speed, it was caught the first time and the second time…..This time it was also caught.

If he could let it not die, Ye Tian Xie would try his best to use the method that kept it alive. If this time it could still teleport away……

When this thought came to mind, the Red Sheep in the basket had already disappeared……

Ye Tian Xie raised the basket and he said in a low voice through gritted teeth, “What beast of luck! You don’t take the path of life, then you can only die!”

Putting away the basket and raising the Illusory Stone Core again, Ye Tian Xie locked onto the Red Sheep’s location. He was not in a rush to teleport over this time. After ambushing it three times, the Red Sheep must be filled with vigilance and this time, he did not know where he would be sent. The first time, the place he was sent had almost taken his life. His Evil Dragon’s Soul couldn’t be used right now and if he was unlucky enough to be sent into a sea of flames, a swamp, or the ocean, it would be sending himself to death.

After a few minutes, he felt that the Red Sheep had slowed down and had let down its guard slightly…..The reason why it could live this long meant that its environment was safe. His hand moved and he teleported again.

This time he didn’t use the basket to try and catch it, rather he directly raised the Moment of Destiny and slammed it down.

The Red Sheep could not react as it was slammed down and its several dozen centimeter wide body could not block the force of the Moment of Destiny, as it was sent flying. Its red body formed an arc through the air and flew out seven-eight meters away.


The Red Sheep had thirty thousand HP. If Ye Tian Xie only used normal attacks, he could not take care of it in a short period of time, but if he gave it any time to catch its breath, it would immediately escape. After the Red Sheep was sent flying, Ye Tian Xie did not chase after it. His hand flicked as he threw out an ash gray coloured ball.

Star Bomb!

When the Star Bomb was thrown out, it perfectly landed on the Red Sheep. When he threw out the bomb, Ye Tian Xie also roared, “Xiao Bei, go!!”

The Red Sheep that had just fallen did not even have the chance to stand up before it was sent flying by an explosion. Even the Dragon Rend Slash could send it flying seven-eight meters. This explosion directly sent it into the sky, flying over ten meters.


Most of the Red Sheep’s HP was blasted away and Xiao Bei also activated “*Light” and “Nightmare Claws” on command. He charged out like a beam of white light and jumped high up, flying at the Red Sheep in the air……That flash of light in the air instantly displayed its terrifying attack speed as it send out eight attacks in an instant!

-2010, -2008, -2018, -1996, -2020, -2018, -2008, -2096.

Xiao Bei with both buffs at the same time was even more terrifying than any boss. That terrifying move speed and attack speed would even be hard for Ye Tian Xie to deal with. As for the attack power……not to mention a single Ye Tian Xie, even Ye Tian Xie would be instantly killed. Quickly jumping through the air and two Meow Meow Fists…..It dealt around twenty thousand damage! The Red Sheep’s HP emptied and it turned into a dead sheep in the air.

If he could not kill the Red Sheep, Ye Tian Xie would not have chosen to have it die. If he could catch it and turn it into his pet, that would be a pretty good choice.

But……That endless Sheep Sheep Escape that caused everyone headache made him have no choice but to destroy it. Capturing it alive became impossible.

The Red Sheep fell to the ground and no longer moved. In his ear, the prompt “You have successfully defeated the level 25 Lord Level Boss, Red Sheep…..” sounded and Ye Tian Xie let out a long sigh of relief. He slowly walked over to it.

After accidentally meeting the Ash Sheep and killing it, in less than month, the Red Sheep had also fallen by his hands. If killing the Ash Sheep was accredited to Xiao Bei, being able to track the Red Sheep that had several times the escaping ability was all because of Xing Bao Er’s tracking item. Otherwise, even if he met the Red Sheep a hundred times, he could only helplessly watch it run away like all the people that had been lucky to meet it before.

Just like the Ash Sheep, the Red Sheep did not drop any equipment or items after dying. Ye Tian Xie walked beside the Red Sheep and squatted down to use his “Harvest Skill”.

“Ding……You have harvested the special item ‘Red Sheep’s Pelt’.”

Red Sheep’s Pelt: Special Item

It has a strange and mysterious ability. As long as one holds this sheep’s pelt and thinks the words “I am a sheep”, they can turn into the shape of the Red Sheep. This transformation can be cancelled at any time and one can only transform for three minutes each day.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

It really was a being that was born from the same root as the Ash Sheep, even the things it had was the same.

“Ding……You have harvested the special item ‘Red Sheep’s Special Recipes’.”

Red Sheep’s Special Recipes: The records of the most delicious foods the Red Sheep loved. Legends say that after eating this delicacy, one will not feel hunger for a very long time and even their hunger will not increase.

Note: This kind of delicious food can only be cooked with the Red Sheep’s Pan.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Ding……You have harvested the special item ‘Red Sheep’s Key’.”

Red Sheep’s Key: Looks like a key made from wood and it is unknown what it unlocks. The Red Sheep had always kept it on itself.

Ye Tian Xie held this wooden key and his heart skipped a beat…..The wooden key and the wooden toolbox……This key should be…..No, it had to be the key for opening the Ash Sheep’s Toolbox!

“Ding…..You have harvested the Heaven Grade ‘Lucky Flower’.”

Lucky Flower: The Red Sheep was a being formed from a Lucky Leaf from the Wishing Tree. Although the Lucky Leaf is considered a “leaf”, but in reality, it is actually a plant with a complex structure that can be rooted in other plants to survive. However, because its roots are small, the leaf is attached to the root, so only the leaf will be shown. Therefore, it is known as the “Lucky Leaf”. As a complete plant, the Lucky Leaf can also bloom flowers, but because of its short lifetime, it cannot be maintained long enough to bloom. So, the Lucky Flower became a legend that could never come true. However…..From the Red Sheep born of a Lucky Leaf, this impossibility became possible. After being separated from the Wishing Tree for a hundred year, the first Lucky Flower began to bloom inside of its body.

Stats: Can be directly used. Luck +20, cannot be used more than once. If it is specially refined, it will have an even more mysterious effect.

Special Note: The Lucky Flower can exist forever inside the Red Sheep, but after leaving it, it can only survive for fifteen days at most.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

In his hand, there was an extra small three petaled flower with a strange shape. Ye Tian Xie was shocked to see…..Directly using it……meant an increase of twenty luck!!

It had to be known that the set stats of players, luck, charm, and perception added together did not reach ten points. But this little flower actually added twenty luck at one time!!

What did twenty luck mean? Set stats were hard to raise, Gold Equipment wouldn’t increase it by more than one point, Spiritual Grade wouldn’t increase it by more than three points, and Heaven Grade wouldn’t increase it by more than five points……As for this Lucky Flower, it was an entire twenty points!! This kind of luck surpassed the normal players by several times. The advantages gained from this was inestimable!

But…..if one heaven defying Lucky Flower was formed every hundred years, was there only one in the Red Sheep?

“Ding…..You have harvested the Heaven Grade ‘Lucky Flower’.”

“Ding…..You have harvested the Heaven Grade ‘Lucky Flower’.”

“Ding…..You have harvested the Heaven Grade ‘Lucky Flower’.”


The Lucky Flowers had three petals and each petal was a different colour, but there was not a single colour that was repeated. There were was a red, yellow, indigo flower, there was a purple, green, pink, flower, and there was a white, blue, orange flower……Adding it together, they were a beautiful array of colours. Holding a total of seven Lucky Flowers, Ye Tian Xie was speechless for a long time. In the Red Sheep and Ash Sheep’s descriptions, it clearly said that they were beast of luck. If anyone could defeat them, they would obtain heavenly luck……He finally understand what this heavenly luck wa like!! Even if he didn’t obtain those impossible to obtain strange items, just these Lucky Flowers were enough to be considered “heavenly luck”.

Suppressing his surging emotions, Ye Tian Xie carefully put away the Lucky Flower and kept harvesting. The Red Sheep was at a higher level than the Ash Sheep and was puch strong, having escaping abilities that surpassed it…..So, there had to be more precious items on it compared to the Ash Sheep.

“Ding…..Your Harvest Skill failed.”

Failed? Ye Tian Xie was stunned, but he was not depressed, rather his heart surged forth. When the Harvest Skill failed, there was only one possibility……It meant that the thing being harvested was too high level, so high that even his high level Harvest Skill did not have any effect on it!!

“Ding…..Your Harvest Skill failed.”

“Ding…..Your Harvest Skill failed.”

“Ding…..Your Harvest Skill failed.”




One minute……

Two minutes……

Five minutes……

A cold sweat was already covering Ye Tian Xie’s forehead.

If it was an ordinary monster, the corpse would have already disappeared.

After five minutes, Ye Tian Xie had heard several hundred fail prompts in his ear, but he continued harvesting, not planning to stop at all. In his vocabulary, there had never been the words “give up”. The harder it was to harvest, the more valuable it was, only it was impossible for him not to be worried…..The Red Sheep’s corpse, would it disappear in the next second……The consequence of it disappearing would be this strong item would disappear from under his nose, from the Lost Continent forever.

“Ding…..You have harvested the Saint Extermination Item ‘Heavenly Charming Heart’.”

“Ding…..Your ‘Harvest Skill’ has reached the Spiritual Grade.”

Hearing the words “Saint Extermination” in his ear, Ye Tian Xie’s hand trembled. He was so excited that he almost threw out the item he had just obtained.