One piece: DarkStar pirates
37 Leaving the crew!
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One piece: DarkStar pirates
Author :DemonSect
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37 Leaving the crew!

"Sin!!!" screamed Kuina.

"Y-young master!" exclaimed Ash.

"He's really something"

"Not a step further," said Bill coldly as he aimed his gun at the newcomer.

"Relax, I'm only here to help," said Silver Rayleigh.

"Eh?" Rayleigh suddenly felt a slight killing intent.

"You don't trust me, Kid?" asked Rayleigh.

"You have been following us from the auction house, and only now when our captain is vulnerable did you reveal yourself," said Markus, he eyes were now glowing red instead of blue.

"I just thought that you kids were interesting, Now let me check your captain," said Rayleigh,

'*Sigh*Am getting old' though Rayleigh, he was surprised that he was found by a rookie.



"W-where..." Sin woke up.

"You're on the Shooting star," said Law.

"H-how much did I sleep for?!" said Sin urgently.

"Few hours," said Law calmly.

Sin finally felt relieved, he was afraid to miss the Marinford war.

"Master!" said Perona.

"That old man said that you don't have to worry about your light," said Perona.

"My light? did he really said that?" Asked Sin.

"Yes," she said.

'How did he know?!' though Sin.

"Law did you find any problem with my eyes?" asked Sin.

"I did, but your eyes are perfectly fine now," said Law.

'So it's true!' though Sin happily, he was happy that he didn't have to fear blindness.



?????: Who is it? the pirate empress is busy!

"Mari, it's me Sin," said Sin.

Mari: Sin!! you need to come over to Amazon lily right now!!

"Huh? what's wrong?" said Sin.

Mari: Big sister is dying!!

'Dying? oh no!' Sin remembered his first meeting with Hancock.

"I..." Sin was interrupted.

Mari: Go to Koyo island, I will send a ship immediately!

"Wait...!" yelled Sin.


"What?!" the crew were shocked.

Out of the blue, their captain suddenly saying that he wanted to visit Amazon lily the home of the Kuja tribe that consists entirely of women.

"Absolutely not!" Perona protested.


Kuina slowly unsheathed her sword.

"But it's important!" said Sin.

"We won't let you go, unless you give us one good reason!" said Perona.

"Us?" asked Sin.

Ash, Markus, Bill and jean bert, backed off.

"...Me and Kuina!" said Perona as she glared at the guys.

'What should I say? Ah! the pirate empress is in love with me, or should I say, I'm going to a war between the marine and a yonko, because it's fun!' though Sin grimly.

"Listen! I will give you an explanation once I'm back... Please!" Sin pleaded.

"No!" said Kuina

"Don't even dream about it, you dumb master!" said Perona before summoning her ghosts.

"*Sigh* I didn't want to do this, but you forced me" Said Sin as he activated his Mangekyou.

"Kuina, don't let him leave your sight" said Perona.

"Hn" nodded Kuina.

The star on Sin's right eye began to spin rapidly, and like a black hole it began sucking air in a spiral shape.

"Kamui!" said Sin, and like the air, his body was sucked into the spinning mangekyou.

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