One in a million : REWIND
10 Chapter 10: JAN 12 2004 11:45
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One in a million : REWIND
Author :Janevrghs
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10 Chapter 10: JAN 12 2004 11:45

@@I had a bad fever and also I had my exams. I don't pray to god. Not that I don't believe in him, it's just that, he is there, let him be there. But she called me up and said "how are you feeling." I said I was fine but was worried about fever and the exam. She said "don't worry I have prayed to 4 gods, I pray only to 3 gods daily but since yesterday I dint pray for myself, that is for me to get a good guy, you know with all the looks I asked for, I have that one pending so I used it for you today… You will clear the exam easily" I dint know I would say this but I did "Sam, I don't believe in god, But I believe in you when you pray for me, Thanks a lot. You will get the best guy in this world. i promise!!"

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