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One hundred and eight Maidens of Destiny

Author:She’s Cold As Ice

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Updates:Chapter 430: The Third Heavenly Star Falls

“Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!” When the beautiful and heroic young girl in front of him shouted those heaven shattering words, Su Xing was overwhelmed with shock. And so the tale of the 108 maidens of destiny from legends begins. In Liangshan Continent, a genius is defined as a Star Maste...
《One hundred and eight Maidens of Destiny》 Text
Chapter 1: I am your Woman
Chapter 2: Star Masters and Star Knights
Chapter 3: Deviance Star “Red Haired Devil”
Chapter 4: The Silver Blade Reversal
Chapter 5: Relic Blade Legacy
Chapter 6: Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragons
Chapter 7: Solution to the Legacy’s Secret
Chapter 8: The Majestic Star’s Symbol
Chapter 9: The Fallen Star and The Incompetent Leader Star
Chapter 10: Running into a Demoness
Chapter 11: Chaotic Tail Escape Technique
Chapter 12: Seeing Mountains as Mountains, Lakes as Lakes
Chapter 13: Xun Tian Daoist
Chapter 14: None of You Have The Qualification
Chapter 15: Thousand Threads Myriad Silk Binding Technique
Chapter 16: Solving The Riddle
Chapter 17: Crown Prince Gou Zi
Chapter 18: Heavenly Cycle Northern Dipper Array
Chapter 19: Knowledge Star Wu Yong’s Scheme
Chapter 20: I Am My Own Master
Chapter 21: Heavenly Lightning, Earthly Fire
Chapter 22: The One In A Thousand Years Love
Chapter 23: Tandem Dance of the Three Stars
Chapter 24: This Last Bullet Is For You
Chapter 25: The Falling Deviance Star
Chapter 26: A Pair of Beauties Under One Master
Chapter 27: The “Efficacious Star” An Suwen
Chapter 28: Blooming Water Divine Thunder
Chapter 29: The Girl With Clothes Purer Than Snow
Chapter 30: Thunder Fire Sand
Chapter 31: The Art of Weapon Refinement and Pill Concoction
Chapter 32: The “Leader Star” Zhu Wu
Chapter 33: The Iron Coffins Tomb Mechanism
Chapter 34: Ancient Grave Ghosts
Chapter 35: The Tracing Snow Sword and Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor
Chapter 36: Gong Caiwei
Chapter 37: Demon Corpse General Tianwei
Chapter 38: The Panther Head’s Overpowering Pressure
Chapter 39: The Immortal Hero Princess
Chapter 40: Advancement to Nebula Stage
Chapter 41: Water and Land Assembly
Chapter 42: If You Don’t Enter the Dragon Nest, You Won’t Get a Dragonling
Chapter 43: Blooming Water Demon Python
Chapter 44: Blood Rain Pot
Chapter 45: The Most Mysterious, The Most Elegant, The Most Powerful
Chapter 46: Battle Through the Heavenly River
Chapter 47: Image Of A Beauty Exiting The Bath
Chapter 48: Cold Smoke Jade and the Blooming Water Dragon
Chapter 49: Thousand Cold Stars True Technique
Chapter 50: Dragon’s Obscenity
Chapter 51: Spring Dream With No Traces
Chapter 52: Star Duels Second Phase, “Birth Outline”
Chapter 53: Bashful Like Yingmei
Chapter 54: The Best Thief Under Heaven
Chapter 55: The “Thief Star” Shi Qian
Chapter 56: Mo Clan Mechanical Arts
Chapter 57: Traps and a Beauty at the Chest
Chapter 58: The Great Corridor
Chapter 59: The Thousand Machine Gang and The Endless, Winding Corridor
Chapter 60: The Amazing M?bius Strip Mechanism
Chapter 61: The Copper Man Puppet
Chapter 62: The Mo Attack Mechanism Records
Chapter 63: The “Devil Star” Giant in the Clouds
Chapter 64: The Temptation of Four Star Maidens
Chapter 65: Refining Divine Thunder Ovum Water
Chapter 66: A Gentleman is Ready to Die for His Bosom Friends
Chapter 67: The “River Churning Clam” Tong Yao
Chapter 68: Sword Sect’s Little Thief
Chapter 69: Heaven Concealing Parasol
Chapter 70: The Thief Star’s Kiss of Heaven and Man
Chapter 71: “Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book”
Chapter 72: The Kiss Contract and The Maiden Mountain Sisters
Chapter 73: Sworn Brother and Sister, The Emotional Suwen
Chapter 74: Bian City’s Secret Rumors
Chapter 75: Clear Void Hall, The Dragon Gathering
Chapter 76: Dividing The Dragon And Relic Blade Sand
Chapter 77: Sanctimonious, Villains Collude Together
Chapter 78: Magic Sealing Sword
Chapter 79: Arctic Star Serpent Spear (One Star)
Chapter 80: Water Parting Dragon Binding Net
Chapter 81: Shi Yuan is in Trouble
Chapter 82: The Man Shi Yuan Fell For
Chapter 83: Yellow Rank Spear Technique: Long Blizzard Nights
Chapter 84: The Heavenly Calamity Talisman
Chapter 85: Magical Fire Cutting Down Baili
Chapter 86: Three Beauties Serving One Master, The Alliance of Ten’s Chase To Kill
Chapter 87: Gains
Chapter 88: Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Star Five Elements Sword
Chapter 89: The Shooting Star Whip and the Small Transfer Magic Circle
Chapter 90: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan
Chapter 91: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan
Chapter 92: Princess Ling Yan And The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear
Chapter 93: The “Savage Star” God of Death
Chapter 94: Eight Years Old And Already Drinking Blood
Chapter 95: The Divining Star Platform, Yan Poxi
Chapter 96: Polishing The Mirror
Chapter 97: The “Steadfast Star” General of Double Spears
Chapter 98: The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword
Chapter 99: An Infant Cries When Met With Danger
Chapter 100: Green-feathered Storm, A Man And A Woman Together
Chapter 101: The Princess’ Nephrite Warmth and Fragrance
Chapter 102: The Thousand Year Pact – Intertwined Branch Swords
Chapter 103: Take Possession of A Decisive Opportunity
Chapter 104: Spirit Green Bamboo, The Clear Sky Feather
Chapter 105: The Hard-to-kill Prehistoric Demon Type
Chapter 106: The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon
Chapter 107: Li Shishi’s Heavenly Star Recruiting a Master
Chapter 108: Language Passes Three Checkpoints
Chapter 109: Willow Pond Locked In Smoke, Clogged Town Building Burned in Fog
Chapter 110: A General Achieves Renown Over the Dead Bodies of Ten Thousand Soldiers
Chapter 111: Military Slays Six Generals
Chapter 112: Climactic Confrontation of Nebula Cultivators
Chapter 113: Ghost Cavalry King And The Heavenly Star Maid
Chapter 114: The “Skilful Star” Wanderer Yan Qing
Chapter 115: The Matchless Realm, Ghost’s Godsbane
Chapter 116: Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow
Chapter 117: The Birth Outline Opens
Chapter 118: Star Duels’ Secret Rumors
Chapter 119: Plundering The Birth Outline
Chapter 120: The “Inferior Star” Living Goddess of Lightning
Chapter 121: The Most Tender Under The Moon
Chapter 122: Clinging Fire Domain Sword
Chapter 123: Yan Wudao
Chapter 124: The Cool And Elegant Pilgrim Of Jingyang Ridge
Chapter 125: The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus of the “Harm Star”
Chapter 126: The Four Styles School, Ju Yueke
Chapter 127: Purple Star Paradise, The Life-Extending Peaches Of Immortality
Chapter 128: White Hands Gently Play The Flute ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 129: Fire Beacon Chariot, Tang Lianxin
Chapter 130: Fire Dragon Whip, Ruan Hongxue
Chapter 131: Weapon Removal Scroll, Four Schools Deep Arts
Chapter 132: Crazy In Love
Chapter 133: Majestic Star VS Skilful Star
Chapter 134: Qiankun Tomb, Bagua Profound Theory
Chapter 135: Bagua Terror Inflicting Array
Chapter 136: Five Spirits Magic Sarira
Chapter 137: Kissing Goodbye
Chapter 138: An Abrupt Wind Rises, A Breeze Causes Ripples In A Springtime Pond
Chapter 139: White Night Dragon Carving Lance
Chapter 140: The “Forward Star” Tong Hua
Chapter 141: The “Longevity Star” River Dragon
Chapter 142: Demon King Of Chaos
Chapter 143: Yan Yizhen, Yin Yang Palm
Chapter 144: Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword
Chapter 145: Bitter Struggle
Chapter 146: Cool And Elegant As Frost, Breathtaking As Snow
Chapter 147: That Song For The Dead, She Is Softly Singing
Chapter 148: The “Healthy Star” Yu Baosi
Chapter 149: Kagoshima Market Square
Chapter 150: The Daoist Cang Jing And Daybreak Frost And Snow Essence
Chapter 151: A Weapon That Could Not Possibly Appear In Liangshan
Chapter 152: Chise Sakura And The Ghost Martial Cultivator
Chapter 153: Managing To Fill Clothes With Fragrance of Flowers
Chapter 154: The Beautiful Ladies Return
Chapter 155: Noblewoman “Wealth”
Chapter 156: The Graceful And Lovely “Noble Star”
Chapter 157: Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder
Chapter 158: The Astronomical Figure On The Chessboard
Chapter 159: Together To Hell With Chai Ling
Chapter 160: Purple Star Grade Birth Outline
Chapter 161: Five Dragons Protection Palace
Chapter 162: The Unbelievable Three Star Destined Weapon
Chapter 163: Kill The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon
Chapter 164: Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill
Chapter 165: “Featherless Arrow” Zhang Qing
Chapter 166: Collapse
Chapter 167: Wu Siyou
Chapter 168: Join Hands, Obtain Treasure
Chapter 169: Who Leaves And Who Stays, Who Lives And Who Dies
Chapter 170: Five Stars Dancing Together
Chapter 171: The Miraculous Bodhi Tree
Chapter 172: “Dragon In The Clouds” Gongsun Sheng
Chapter 173: The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow
Chapter 174: Beauty Draws The Bow, The Star General Assassin
Chapter 175: Secret Rumors of Song Jiang And The Gains
Chapter 176: The Birth Treasure Outline And The “Earthly Solitary Star’s” Great Void Golden Lotus
Chapter 177: Refining The Metal Element Sword “Heaven Tearing”
Chapter 178: My Heart Is Yours Alone
Chapter 179: Most High Indifference, Your Concubine Is Unnamed
Chapter 180: Long Blood Stronghold
Chapter 181: Xunyang Restaurant’s Qijue
Chapter 182: The Red Lotus Fairy
Chapter 183: Zheng Yanran, Hair Like Snow
Chapter 184: Poison Pool Toad
Chapter 185: Gongsun Sheng Has Fallen Into Dire Straits
Chapter 186: Lady Snake Scorpion
Chapter 187: Auction Of Gold
Chapter 188: Gongsun Huang
Chapter 189: Falling Dragon Mountain’s “Crying Star”
Chapter 190: The Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies
Chapter 191: Great Sage Falling Sky
Chapter 192: Qingci, Wanyue, and Longkui
Chapter 193: Sealing Gods And Capturing Demi Kings
Chapter 194: The “Fiery Eyed Suan’ni” of Princess Yan
Chapter 195: The Princess Becomes A Slave
Chapter 196: I Am Willing – Six Beauties Serving One Master
Chapter 197: The Name Of The Married Couple With Wu Siyou
Chapter 198: Danxia Banquet
Chapter 199: Thousand Bells Immortals Dew
Chapter 200: Banquet To Murder A Guest
Chapter 201: Golden Immortals Linked Life Ring
Chapter 202: The Feast At Hongmen, Five Poisons Mountain
Chapter 203: Poison Dragon Swamp
Chapter 204: Jade Dragon Misfortune Snow, The Fair Skinned Gentleman
Chapter 205: Disciple, Saber Draw Water Cutter
Chapter 206: The Deep Valley Has A Deity’s Flute
Chapter 207: Toad Black River
Chapter 208: Murderous Desire
Chapter 209: Green Lotus Peak And The Thousand Li Divine Light Escape
Chapter 210: Wind Rolls The Clouds
Chapter 211: Purple Cloud True Star
Chapter 212: Destroying The Ancestor
Chapter 213: Harm Star VS Different Star
Chapter 214: Bewitching Siyou
Chapter 215: The Thousand Corpse Queen Spider
Chapter 216: The “Bright Star” Iron Flute Deity
Chapter 217: Enviless Of The East’s Carefulness
Chapter 218: Pansi’er’s Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Calamities Web
Chapter 219: Zhong Qi Of The White Tiger Territory
Chapter 220: Supervoid Cultivator
Chapter 221: Wind And Moon Unmatched
Chapter 222: The Jade Alum Palace, Pansi Array
Chapter 223: The “Prestige Star” Huyan Zhuo
Chapter 224: Double Clubs Retreats In Defeat
Chapter 225: Psychological Tricks, Xie Zhen Meets With Misfortune
Chapter 226: Stars Falling Dragon Sword
Chapter 227: The Gu Demon Is Born
Chapter 228: Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror
Chapter 229: Qi Xia Banner
Chapter 230: Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array
Chapter 231: Your Servant Is Here, How Could She Allow You To Humiliate Lord Husband!
Chapter 232: The Four Symbols Seal And The God Transformation Talisman
Chapter 233: Nine Dragons Seal, The Killer Star
Chapter 234: Vying For The Gu
Chapter 235: The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda
Chapter 236: The “Thousand Buddha Star” Chao Gai
Chapter 237: An Uninvited Guest Turns Up
Chapter 238: Meditative Mind Lotus Flower
Chapter 239: Tang Lianxin Exposed
Chapter 240: Heavenly Gem Valley
Chapter 241: The Great Saint Of The Devil Star Palace
Chapter 242: Heavenly Gem Duel
Chapter 243: The “Short Star” Forest Emerging Dragon
Chapter 244: The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo
Chapter 245: The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword
Chapter 246: The Boundless Bell
Chapter 247: Emperor Liang
Chapter 248: Liangshan True Dragon
Chapter 249: Half-Destroyed Landscape
Chapter 250: The Thousand Year Tears Of Empress Wa
Chapter 251: Hanyan Also Restrains Feelings
Chapter 252: Blowjob ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 253: Four Styles Solitary Path
Chapter 254: The Sea Of Lava
Chapter 255: The Quiet Path, The Profound Silence Crystal
Chapter 256: The Nirvana Ice Chief
Chapter 257: Nüwa Jade
Chapter 258: Mirror Image Talisman
Chapter 259: The Fifth Spirit
Chapter 260: Empress Tu’s Earth Book, Seven Beauties Serving One Master
Chapter 261: The Four Styles School’s Star Master
Chapter 262: The Dragon Daughter Of Crystal Dragon Palace
Chapter 263: The Time Of Opening Evil Smiting Hall
Chapter 264: Cutting Ties
Chapter 265: Perfect Harmony
Chapter 266: Cannot Cut Ties
Chapter 267: Investigative And Succeed
Chapter 268: Death Path Kiss, The Third Watch Classification
Chapter 269: Yingmei’s Inseparable Love
Chapter 270: The Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit
Chapter 271: The Beauty Emerging From Within The Lake ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 272: The “Damage Star” Zhang Yuqi
Chapter 273: Urgent Sea White Spirit Python
Chapter 274: All Rivers Reach Seas
Chapter 275: The Little Whirlwind’s Thoughts
Chapter 276: The “Guardian Star” Mu Duiying
Chapter 277: This Assassin Is A Bit Dumb
Chapter 278: The Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly
Chapter 279: The Unmatched Qingci
Chapter 280: Longkui – Wild Dance Of Demons And Gods
Chapter 281: People Walking Different Paths Cannot Make Plans Together
Chapter 282: Restraints
Chapter 283: Pure Minded
Chapter 284: Farewell Hua Rong
Chapter 285: The “Hero Star” Hua Wanyue
Chapter 286: The “Little Marquis of Wen” Lü Fang
Chapter 287: Matchless Blood Demon
Chapter 288: If You Turn Against Me, Then I Will Turn Against You
Chapter 289: The Red Luan’s Stirring Heart
Chapter 290: First Wife Lin Yingmei
Chapter 291: Void Dragon False Phoenix
Chapter 292: The Yin Yang Carps And Gentle Little Yi
Chapter 293: A Spring Scene Cannot Be Contained ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 294: Hanyan Enters A Dream
Chapter 295: Top Luan Inverted Phoenix
Chapter 296: Whether We Are Friends Or Foes, That Is All A Matter Of A Single Thought
Chapter 297: This Feeling Is The Most Intimate ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 298: Ice And Snow Bloomed ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 299: Meeting Suo Qingshuang Again
Chapter 300: Lord Husband
Chapter 301: “Dragon In The Clouds” Gongsun Huang
Chapter 302: Fiend Star
Chapter 303: Duel Of Two Dragons
Chapter 304: Dragon Breaking Bloody Slaughter Saber
Chapter 305: The Knowledge Star’s Evil Smiting Hall
Chapter 306: Make Love Like Fishes In Water, Your Cheeks And Lips Are Dyed With My Scent For Life ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 307: The Maiden Of Ice And Snow
Chapter 308: The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox
Chapter 309: Comparable To Rengui, White Clean Tears
Chapter 310: Dazzling Light Mind Image
Chapter 311: Undress For Your Lord
Chapter 312: Hua Xue And The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain ( ?° ?? ?°)
Chapter 313: The Peaceful Queen
Chapter 314: Siyou The Wife
Chapter 315: The Three-Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast
Chapter 316: Guanghan Red Hare, Guan Sheng Is Here
Chapter 317: The “Brave Star” Guan Ying
Chapter 318: Crisis
Chapter 319: Entering An Ecstasy, Disturbing The Heart
Chapter 320: Trials And Tribulations Can Reveal The Heart
Chapter 321: End Of The Road
Chapter 322: Riches And Honor Come From Danger, But A Defeat In A Millenium
Chapter 323: Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield
Chapter 324: Clear Skies After Rain, A Woman Is Sighing
Chapter 325: Passionate
Chapter 326: The Ecliptic Palace
Chapter 327: The “Divine Mathematician” Jiang Shuishui
Chapter 328: Sow The Lotus Seed, Bloom To See Buddha
Chapter 329: The Thief Star Wins Her First Battle
Chapter 330: The Loli Is Fierce
Chapter 331: Qingci’s Uprising
Chapter 332: Buddhist Verse And Buddha Kingdom
Chapter 333: The Happiness Together Courtyard And The Dafan Temple
Chapter 334: Threesome
Chapter 335: Su Xing On Buddhism
Chapter 336: If You Do Not Enter Hell, Then Who Will Enter Hell
Chapter 337: The Man Who Dared To Spit At Buddha
Chapter 338: Thousand Buddha Star And Buddha West Approaches
Chapter 339: Chan In The Rain
Chapter 340: Meeting Xiao’er Again And The Absolute For All Eternity
Chapter 341: If There Is Connection, We Will Meet Again
Chapter 342: The Evil Star “Faceless”
Chapter 343: Pigeon Loop
Chapter 344: The “Jade Qilin” Lu Xiao
Chapter 347: All Things Contrived Are Like Dreams, Illusions, Bubbles, Shadows
Chapter 348: Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda
Chapter 349: The Trial
Chapter 350: Set Down
Chapter 351: The Starry Heavens Above Me And The Moral Law Within Me
Chapter 352: The Heavenly Solitary Star
Chapter 353: Lay Down The Butcher’s Knife, Become Buddha On The Spot
Chapter 354: Heavenly Nymphs Lewdly Mesmerize All Things Net
Chapter 355: My Wife Says You Must Die
Chapter 356: Wind Does Not Come From An Empty Cave Without Reason
Chapter 357: The Sea Of Bitterness Is Boundless, Yet A Turn Of The Head Is Not The Other Shore
Chapter 358: The Other Shore
Chapter 359: Can’t Say
Chapter 360: Victory Or Defeat?
Chapter 361: Su Xing’s Peerless Sophistry That Shocks The World
Chapter 362: Five Dragons Colored Glass Lam
Chapter 363: Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck
Chapter 364: Everything Is An Illusion
Chapter 365: The Meeting Of Three Five Tiger Generals
Chapter 366: Engulfing The Supervoid
Chapter 367: This Is A Star General Of Maiden Mountain
Chapter 368: Mind-steeling Smoke And Rain
Chapter 369: A Pair Of Glittering Stars
Chapter 370: Shaqing
Chapter 371: I Would Turn Into A Stone Bridge, Endure Five Hundred Years Of Blowing Wind, Five Hundred Years Of Shining Sun
Chapter 373: The Temple’s Faintly Ringing Thousand Year Bell Shakes Awake The Dreams Under Heaven
Chapter 374: Connecting Heaven
Chapter 375: Nothing But A Dream Of Golden Mille
Chapter 376: Splitting Your Forces Down Three Paths
Chapter 377: Bai Yutang, The Tang Of Candy
Chapter 378: Fortune And Misfortune Are Interdependen
Chapter 379: Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix
Chapter 380: Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion
Chapter 381: The “Horn Star” Zou Ke
Chapter 382: Be
Chapter 383: Psychological Trap And The Kiss Of The Ling Yan
Chapter 384: Nine Nether Demon Star Stone
Chapter 385: The Female Yaksha’s Murder Inn
Chapter 386: The Thousand Year Intertwined Branches
Chapter 387: Pain And Pleasure
Chapter 388: One Person All Alone
Chapter 389: The Star Of Guil
Chapter 390: Ten Feet Of Blue’s Watery Grief
Chapter 391: Another Fallen Heavenly Star
Chapter 392: Deep Sea
Chapter 393: White Wave Raises Golden Wind
Chapter 394: Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er
Chapter 395: Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill
Chapter 396: Moonlight Beauty
Chapter 397: Han Bing
Chapter 398: Gen Wu Divine Iron
Chapter 399: “Heaven Shaking Thunder” Ling Feixue
Chapter 400: Thunder Clap Fire Rain, White Treasure Monkey
Chapter 401: The Boatman
Chapter 402: Gangster Elder Sister
Chapter 403: The White Tiger Territory’s Star Master
Chapter 404: Niangzi’s Feelings
Chapter 405: Little Huang Battles Seven Stars
Chapter 406: Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue
Chapter 407: Xi Yue’s Deep Feelings
Chapter 408: Pay The Bridal Price Seven Times
Chapter 409: Ten Slashes And Bailian
Chapter 410: Orange Jasmine
Chapter 411: Drunken Lord Husband, Little Wife
Chapter 412: Ten Beauties Serving One Master, The Limit Of Contracts
Chapter 413: The Sisters Are United, Seemingly Drunk And Stupefied
Chapter 414: Guan Ying
Chapter 415: The Palace of Empress Wa
Chapter 416: The Beautiful Scene Of Queen Jinglun
Chapter 417: “Nine Tattooed Dragons” Shi Jinglun
Chapter 418: Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearl
Chapter 419: Seeing Your Boyfriend In Your Best Clothes
Chapter 420: “Sword Star” Ruan Jin’er
Chapter 421: Undercurren
Chapter 422: Black Turtle Temple
Chapter 423: Aurora Bottle And Jade Flagpole
Chapter 424: Dreams Of A Butterfly
Chapter 425: Double Starfall
Chapter 426: Joining Hands
Chapter 427: Don’t Use Your Life To Make A Deal
Chapter 428: Dual Modes Ruler And Gold Qilin
Chapter 429: Incompatible As Fire And Water
Chapter 430: The Third Heavenly Star Falls
Chapter 431: The Great Saint Of Killing Stars