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One hope is enough: a hidden passion
Author :wangbessa
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2 Secret dairy

Anna was feeling sad ,she couldn't accept that her mother is dead now, it was a big shock for her, never imagining living her life without her, she was the reason for all her hard work, studying learning languages, everything was for her, but her motivation disappeared, her love, she felt her heart empty.

Elizabeth tried every way possible to pursued Anna, to leave the house, to go out, to gain a bit from what she lost, to gain back her spirit, but everything she did was in vain, Anna was a really stubborn girl.

" Anna can you please listen to me, you need to live again, time will make you forget, you need to go on with your life, your mother will never like your condition like this just remember what she told you "

"aunt, please can you stop, let me with my thoughts, let me think about this pain of mine, leave with my sorrow alone I will be fine, I want to stay in my mother home don't flow me"

" Your exam results, they are already announced, you are the first one in the capital, and ranked 5th in the country, you will get the scholarship that you dreamed for, in addition, you get a grant to, and the teachers get you an acceptable amount of money that will make you complete your high school days without suffering, your mother dream will come true "

"hmmm "

" Just do what you want, I can't force you or convince you any more you are grown up and you know the best for you on your own "

Anna went to her home directly, smelling her unique scent, sensing her presence, her tears fall uncontrollably, going to her mother room, she opened her mother closet.

it was an ordinary closet, with an acceptable amount of clothes, they look a bit old, their colours look pale, she smelling them, hugging them tightly, looking at them carefully, Suddenly she found a dairy it was her mothers dairy.

it was an ordinary book with timeworn papers, she opened the book slightly, the words written on the book they are in Chinese, it looks really old on the inside and outside, on the first page her mother wrote.

'This is for you Anna darling is this dairy all the important things that happen in my life, my regrets, my decisions, my hidden secrets, I hope that you will forgive me, for letting you leave this wretched life I love you, Anna,you are my reason, my motivation, my precious daughter "

Anna with her eyes full of tears, full of sadness, she felt her world collapsed, her only reason to live has gone, reading her mother words, word by word, trying to understand what her mother, what her mother wanted to tell, flipping the first page of the dairy, page by page, she read her mother words, every that her mother experienced, her first love, her family that died when she was only 18, then how she met her husband Anna father...

' My first love my best experience I never had the courage to confess to him, hi was the most gentleman, the crush of all my high school when I tried to approach, I heard that he only likes independent beautiful girls that have a noble family, a rich one too, but look how is my condition look like average girl...

everything averages my looks my height even my family, and when I lost them I gave up for everything, studied in the communication department in college, my crush got another speciality, I become an orphan...

, with a sensible character, then I met my husband he promised me a lot of things but every word was a lie...

every word was left with the wind...

vain promises...

but he was really a good man the beginning, he liked me a lot, but his heart was not faithful as mine, I couldn't leave I couldn't breathe but, in the end, my heart became cold indifference never caring, I did forgive too much but as the saying when some do something he will never stop it, when we go to Brazil I found a job there and so he, you were only 3 years old when your father changed from bad to the worst, he quite his work start gambling, I gave a lot of chances when I decided to leave him, he started to hit me and threatening me, I endured a lot, honey

she completed reading her mother words every story, her mother life from the beginning till the end.

On the last pages, she said

'darling don't you ever repeat my mistakes be a wise person and pursuit the one your heart thumped for when you love you will forget a bit of family pain, make me proud of you be successful, don't you make the other suffer from your decisions, I sorry I wanted to give you the best life I didn't want to leave like me without family but I guess fate is stronger than human decision ,honey, even I am not around any more you have a life ahead of you leave it with its good things and bad things take care of your self and never depend on others I love you so much '

your mother wan_wan

Anna nodded to her mother

' mother I will make you proud of me '


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