One hope is enough: a hidden passion
1 Losing u, mom is the hardest pain everything else is just novels
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One hope is enough: a hidden passion
Author :wangbessa
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1 Losing u, mom is the hardest pain everything else is just novels

Waking up from bad same routine, repeating itself every day, a brutal father suffering domestic violence, my mother the only thing that makes me bearing, the most loving caring mother when she hugs me I forget every cruel moment leaving in Brazil with her French father and Chinese mother.

Lima Anna 16 years old girl the top in her class, long hair, with mix features from her Chinese mom, with her father western looks, she is the most gorgeous combination, big almond eyes, amber colour, flawless, white porcelain skin, but her clothing style and the glasses that she wears makes her features look average.

This was her last year in middle school, just three months remain for high school entrance exam, working in a grocery shop every day to get her needs for school.

Her mother has been ill for almost 2 years now, so Anna was the one who did everything in home trying to make her mother feel a bit comfortable, Elizabeth her neighbour and her mother best friend always helping ana and her mother Li wanwan, paying Anna school tuition, she most supporting friend in wanwan life.

Her father Lima Charlie a bad person in every meaning, always coming at home drunk, hitting his wife and daughter every time he got the chance, living with zero affection from her father never knowing what the feeling or the meaning of father love, but she never cared she has her mother the most important person in her life.

It was finally the day of the exam Anna is the top one in her school, she was trying to find any to get back to China leaving this country, just to flee with her mother from their miserable life, searching for scholarship to complete her high school in China, she just needed to be the first in the city that's what the teachers told her, it was an easy task for her teachers sported her a lot she was their proud the most outstanding student, knowing five languages French Chinese Portugal English and Arabic, in her delicate age a genius student .

In the meanwhile her mother laying on the bad coughing hardly, she spits out a mouth full of blood her friend next to her

" Elizabeth, please take care of Anna when I'm going to die, she still young, she needs you next to her to support her, she just wants to go to China, I know that she is doing this for me, the doctor already told that I'm in the last stage of lunges cancer, i can't leave long, her father never loved us, I left my home for him, my decision to be with him was my biggest regret in this life, he promised me a lot of things "cough_cough_" but everything was in vain "

with her eyes full of tears

"don't worry darling you are really the sister that I never had, your daughter is my daughter, I will do my best to support her "

then she hugged wan wan tightly, crying so hard.

On the other side, Anna completed her last exam and on her way back to her house, she was leaving in a poor neighbourhood, their home was barely livable lacking everything.

she knocked on the wooden door, Elizabeth opened the with her face full of tears, her eyes red, Anna felt panicked her heart racing, her chest felt tight.

"Aunt what's happening, mom is she okay "

with a hoarse voice, Elizabeth said " U need to stay with your mother she is not feeling good"

Anna her tears were falling without stopping she couldn't control her feeling she felt anxious, she hurried to her mother

"mother are you okay let me take to the hospital they will treat you, they will make u feel better, please don't make feel scared mom.."

wanwan opened her eyes with a radiant smile on her face and her tears falling

uncontrollably " Anna baby don't cry I sorry that I am going to leave you all alone you are a strong girl I know that you can accomplish anything you wanted "cough_ cough_" be a strong baby, I am sorry that I am going to leave you, it's my fate, my condition is severe, take care of your self honey "

" don't say that mom please you are the only person I want in this life I don't want anything I just want you, don't leave me please mom mom"

Wan Wan closed her eyes while she was holding her daughter hand, smiling like she is in a deep slumber.

Anna was screaming crying nothing benefited her holding her mother in her arms for all day and night, then she stopped screaming, Elizabeth tried so hard to take her mother from her hands to make a proper funeral for her friend, Anna finally was willing to give her mother away her eyes looked like she was in daze, she didn't speak to anyone, her father didn't show up for almost a week, he didn't know even his wife death.

After a month Anna was leaving with her mother's friend, she left those days like a corpse, no talking, no eating just sitting and crying silently, her father was missing, he never came back some saying that he stole money from some gang and flee away...

After so much consoling Anna, and trying to make her feel better, Anna finally spoke

"Aunt Elizabeth do you know, The pain of losing my mother is the most severe one, everything else was just novels... "


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