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One Piece The Overlooker
Author :BlackAshura
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6 Yonko

Logen and Nami went to another clothes shopping, and there they heard about Captain Smoker from the Old lady who sell clothes. After finishing shopping they were walking, when they walk past Luffy wanted poster and saw Navy base and Zoro who come out holding trash can, he was working for Navy, so They pretend they didn't see anything and walk future. Than they heard"A showdown! There's gonna be a showdown!"

"Daddy the Parent's gonna dual somebody!"

"Did he say Daddy the Parent's?"Nami ask.

"Yes, He did say. Did you know him?"Logen answer and ask.

"Daddy the Parent is the greatest gunslinger bounty hunter! Everyone in the East Blue know that!"Nami said.

"Well, I don't know."Logen said.

"Where did you come from? Anyway, I wonder what the idiot who'd challenge him to a duel looks like!"Nami said.

"I hope it not from our group."Logen said.

"Don't even joke that."Nami said and they also went through the crowd, and they saw Ussop standing back to back with Daddy the Parent.

"That how it looks like."Logen said.

"Oh. Like that."Nami said.

"Good luck, Long-nose!" One of the crowd said.

"Don't worry if he beats ya! We already got a place dug for ya!" One said again.

"What are you doing?!"Nami said.

"Nami! Logen!" Ussop said.

"Fighting Daddy the Parent in a dual.... Are you an idiot?!" Nami Shout.

"Ussop, I didn't know you are that brave."Logen said Jokingly.

"S-Shut up! Things just turned out this way! Shut up and watch!"Ussop said.

"You get one shot. Are you ready?" Said the blonde little girl.

"Yeah/ Yeah"Usopp and Daddy said.

"One!" "Two!" "Three!" "Four!" "Five!" "Six!" "Seven!" "Eight!" and Ussop trow smoke bomb and wanted to run but the gun he was holding was shot by Daddy the Parent. Ussop stop running and knell down.

"Man, How pathetic." Said the man next to Logen and Nami.

"What a lame dual." Said one of the crowd.

"I thought he'd have more guts than that. What a disappointment."One of them said again and everyone at the crowd go back to thir respected place.

"I only shot his gun away."Daddy the Parent said.

"What's with you?! Trying to cheat like that! You coward! Weakling! Can't you even fight honestly?!" Said the little girl next to Daddy.

"I- I am sorry! Forgive me! I'm just a lowly, pathetic man! Taking thw-" Ussop said while crawling.

"USSOP, stop it. If you act like that how can you become The Brave Warrior of the Sea."Logen said with visible anger.

"Logen." Nami.

"If you don't want to die than, just say it. But don't run from the challenge, just face it and become stronger." Logen said.

"Logen......Thanks Logen, Forget what I just said! I am sorry for no honouring the dual." Ussop said after a while.

"Ussop... Is your name Ussop, boy?" Daddy the Parent ask.

"Yeah." Ussop answer.

"It couldn't be..... Do you know a man named Yasopp of the Red Haired Pirates?" Daddy the Parent ask.

"Yasopp? That's my old man's name. Y–You've met my dad before?!" Ussop ask.

"I see. So you are his son....." Daddy said.

"Papa?!" Said the little girl.

" I've never once told a soul what happened on that day.... But you are exception. It happened at a hot, dry port town, much like this one." Ensign Masterson(Daddy the Parent) told us about his dual with Yasopp and how he lose and Yasopp spare his life.

" So that's why a navy elite... turned to bounty hunting...." Nami said.

"Papa! You lost to a pirate, Papa?! He spared your life?! Say it isn't true, Papa!" Carol said.

" But that's amazing! Your dad must be really skilled! He even beat Daddy! Plus he hasn't forgo—," Nami said but was stopped by Logen, Nami look at Logen and Logen shake his head at her.

"Ussop?!"Nami ask as she saw Ussop crying.

"Yeah. I can understand how you'd feel....." Nami said.

"No! That's not why... That's not why I am crying! Would you normally do that?! Would you normally tell some pathetic boy like me a story about you shamelessly having your life spared?!" Usoop said.

"Eh?" Carol.

"You told me that to give me courage! Most people would be vain and keep a story like that secret! You told me even though you knew it's make you less cool. Regardless of how brave my old man might be! Right?! Weakling or cowards could never do that!" Usoop said.

"I am surprise Ussop understand it." Logen whisper jokingly.

"Logen!"Nami said.

"Carol! your dad is the bravest man alive! You can find strong guys any old place! But I've never seen a man as strong and kind as your dad before! I... I can't give in either! I gonna be brave, or I'll shame your dad! Daddy! Give me a chance! Fight me in another life or death match! I won't cheat anymore. " Ussop said.

"All right. This will be our real match. Choose the weapon you're most skilled with."Daddy said and Ussop took out his green slingshot.

"Good. Now, then let's see... Try and hit that weathervane." Daddy said and pointed at weathervane at about 100m.

"Weathervane? That?!"Ussop said look at it.

"Miss it, and..."Daddy pointed his gun at him and said.

"Y–Yeah! You can shoot me right through the heart."Ussop said.

"Ussop! " Nami said.

"My life is on the line for real this time!" Ussop said.

"There's no way he can shoot that far with that thing...."Carol said and Usopp short at it but there was no reaction from weathervane.

"You missed!"Nami said.

"No, Papa! Don't shoot him! Papa!"Carol said as she hug her father.

"No, he didn't miss, he shot right through its crown! " Logen said using his Observations Haki.

"It's that true, Papa?"Carol ask her father.

"Yeah."Daddy said.

"H-He really did! Right through the crown!" Nami said looking at it with the telescope.

"Usopp!" Carol said and Usopp knell down with a breath.

"You're an excellent shot. I'd expect no less of Yasopp's son. Never forget that bravery. You'll someday became like your father! Go to Grand Line. I'm certain Yasopp is there. " Daddy said.


"You're are pretty good, old man!" Carol said and give him goggles.

"Aren't these..." Usopp said.

"It's okay. So long" Carol said.

"See, I told you that if the poster have your pictures, their parents will use your pictures to scared their kids 'not to talk to strange old mans like that'."Logen said.

"Logen, Y–YOU...." Usopp started punching Logen.

"Even when people say he's a disgrace behind his back now, he's fought all this time to protect the one he loves."Nami said looking at Daddy's back.

"I'm going to be a brave man like Daddy, too. I'm gonna become a real warrior and stand before my dad someday!" Usopp said.

"Can you?"Logen ask.

"OF COURSE, I CAN." Usopp shout.

"Our captain want to meet Shank, so you should become warrior fast."Logen said.

"Why?" Nami ask.

"I think he got his hat from Shank and some promises."Logen said.

"It's that so?"Nami said.

"Yeah, and Shank is one of the Yonko."Logen said.


" The Yonko are the four most notorious and powerful pirate captains in the world. They are not allies nor are they strictly enemies of one another. Rather, the four prefer to remain autonomous under most circumstances.

These four individually reside within the second half of the Grand Line, exerting impressive influence and control over dozens of other pirate crews and self-governing islands. They make up one of The Three Great Powers.And Shank is one of them."

"I didn't know Shank is that strong." Nami and Usopp said.

"Well, let stop talking about the Yonko, You will know when you cross half of the Grand Line." Logen said. After going for a while we ran into another crowd again.

"What a crowd! I wonder what's going on....." Nami said an we go through the crowd.

" Hey! Hold on a sec! Look! Look at that!"Pointing at Something Nami said to Usopp and Logen to look at.

"That's Sanji!"Usopp said.

"Yeah."Nami said.

"Hey! Hey! Ichiji, Niji, Sanji!"Usopp called, weaving his hands.

"Sanji"Logen called.

"Sanji-Kun!"Nami called.

"Nami—san! You came to give me your support?!"Sanji ran at them and ask.

"Not really. I was just passing by." Nami said.

"But why in the heck are you participating in a competition like this?"Usopp ask.

" Oh, Ussop, Logen. I didn't realize you guys were here." Sanji said.

"We were the one who called out to you first!" Usopp shout angrily.

"Yeah."Logen also said.

" What Sanji?, Are you interested in East Blue No.1 Cook?"Logen ask.

"No, It's nothing like that. I just wanted to cook that fish." Sanji said pointing at the first prize.

"Oh Yeah, that fish dose look different from others." Nami said.

"Well, it looks good."Logen said.

"Thought that fish's secrets can't be obtained so easily..." Sanji said.



After going through Sanji was at the final with the girl named Carmen.

" Hey, people are really excited." Usopp said.

"Yeah."Nami said.

"Well, in your dual, people were also excited too, but were disappointed."Logen said to him with a smirk.

"Logen, You... " Usopp wanted to say something but didn't say anymore.

"Hi!!😍"Sanji was weaving at Carmen.

"Hmph!"Carmen turn away.

After they finished cooking.

"The winner of this year's Cooking Championship is... San–" The judge was interrupted by Carmen.

"Wait." Carmen shout.

She stand up and went in front of Sanji and said.: "I can't forgive..."


"I can't forgive myself!" Carmen.

"What?!!"The crowd.

"I always wanted to compete against you some day. So I've trained like crazy! I wanted to be on a level with you.... But ten years later.... your dream hasn't changed! I can't forgive myself for being stupid enough to think that I could defeat you.... Your dishes are delicious. You're the No. 1 cook in the East Blue, Sanji." Carmen said to Sanji.

"Oh... To think that Carmen—san is giving me such a compliment.... I'm so happy!" Sanji get up and said with open arms wanting to hug her but was smash with pan in his face by Leo, Carmen First disciple.

"What'd you do that for?!"Sanji said and kick Leo flying.

"I'll withdrawn for now, but be prepared when we meet next time! I definitely won't lose."Carmen said.

"Yeah, if it's challenge from you, I'll happily accept it any time."Sanji said.


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